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Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of yearning for a law firm in order to meet loss of handle data and avoid becoming a ha ha. They stress the importance of reflecting on the words of the Prophet and not just highlighting negative consequences of doing so. The speakers also touch on the negative consequences of hopelessness from death and the importance of forgiveness and strength in obeying the law. Proper planning is crucial for a transitionary phase of life and preparation for death is crucial for strength in obeying the law.
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Alhamdulillah Hinata

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Pharaoh when are all below him in shuru and fusina woman say Marina, Mayor de la de la mejor little fella Haryana when a shadow and either in de la una sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh my body aku turbo Katana for an image evil for Conan, Hamid

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shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Men can you call a law firm in law?

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So the law team

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honorable orlimar respected elders and brothers.

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Today in my discourse, I'd like to discuss the closing verse of Surah tilaka have which is recited every Friday.

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Allah says, feminine kana Yabu there are a B he fell in Yama laminam saw

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whether you should be reverted to be a Haida.

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He who wish to meet a law, he aspires to meet a law. He who yearns to meet the loss of Hannah Montana. Allah says, Let him do good in this world. And let him not ascribe any partners until a law in any of his actions.

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It's a very powerful verse to reflect on.

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And that's what I'll just discuss today.

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Allah says yearning he who yearns to meet the law. The question I need to ask myself is, do I want to meet the law?

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Do I want to be in the company of a loss of handle data?

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Do I aspire to meet the loss of handle data?

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As humans, we yearn for different things in life.

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A boy and a girl are fixed.

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The date for the nigga is fixed.

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And as the time draws closer, the yearning becomes more intense. You can't sleep at night, thinking about your beloved,

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turning and tossing.

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you're sharing your life ahead with your partner. And as the day comes, you you are making sure that everything is prepared and everything is ready to the tee. The hall is hired. The catering company is up to standards, everything the invitations are sent out. And as we get closer to the time

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of NACA to how according to her, you're yearning for your beloved intensifies. And when you meet the person who say oh my word, this is that they have been waiting for. It took so long, it took forever to come. And today Finally we are united.

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This is yearning for your beloved. It's natural as human beings to yearn for somebody that you are attracted to. a youngster studying at Campus, after a few months is returning home. His yearning for his family intensifies as the time gets closer, like why his brothers and sisters in Islam, we are in this world. And our final destination is a law.

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Our yearning for Allah intensifies each day that the law for whom we sacrifice our life, that the law for when we woke up on the cold winter's morning from the cozy bed to make the booboo and come to the masjid. And the next day we woke up again and we did the same. And the next day we woke up and we did the same for that alarm, who we spent our money for that alarm. We gave our sacrifice for that law. We sacrificed everything. Today the day's coming to meet a law firm in Cornejo to the call of B when I read this verse, The Hey, my body states

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because Ally's asking a very pertinent question. He who aspires to meet a law, he who desires to meet a law, he who yearns to meet Allah, Allah says he should do good in this world.

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And the amazing thing if we look closely to this verse,

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Allah says, For men, whoever the word men in Arabic denotes that anybody and everybody is included in this verse, young and old, male and female, the buyers and the sellers alike.

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Allow me to reiterate that the buyers and the sellers alike.

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Everybody is included in this verse.

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And the reason why I'm dwelling on this point, because shaytaan knowing then pushes us to the state of hopelessness. He makes us feel unworthy, that we are not worthy of standing in front of Allah. But Allah says, Who ever look at the words of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he of nerdom

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lo, Bella guru, Kannada, sama, sama stone, certainly number one,

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or son of Adam, if you were to perpetually send and fotis earth through the sky,

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and then turned to me in repentance, of losses out forgive every sin of yours, every sin of yours will not Oh Bernie, and I will not.

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And the Hadid goes on to say you have na indicato attorney before opting out of the hot outside of RM if you were to bring this entire Earth filled with sentence.

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How long would a person had to live to send so much? How long? 100 years, 200 years, 1000 years, Allah says bring the entire Earth filled with sins. From monotony, LA to Sherry poopy she attained

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a law

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or son of Adam, if you then were to meet, ping and seek forgiveness from me, provided you have not ascribed partners and to me, I will bring the earth

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to repentance for you.

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I will bring this entire Earth filled with Maschera and forgiveness for you.

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Nobody is outcasts.

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Nobody is written off in the eyes of Allah. Nobody is pushed away from the mercy of Allah. Allah opens his doors for everyone, for sinners like you and I, we all have opportunities on a daily basis to come closer to a more. So the verse says, For men who ever who ever male or female, young or old sinner or pious person, whoever aspires to meet a law

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let him do good in this world.

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So the second part of the verse of law says, yo God,

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he needs to aspire the criterion

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is to have the yearning, the burning desire to stand in front of a law.

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And every person needs to reflect, every person needs to do some introspection, including myself, am I ready to meet my own law?

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am I excited to meet my law?

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Am I aspiring to be in the company of a law firm?

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And naturally, if you are yearning to meet a more diverse go on goes on to say phenomenon solid. Let him do good in this world.

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So two things, aspire to meet the law and secondly to good in your in your life, and it will secure you a meeting of a law. Sara COVID of Nairobi Rahim. Allah will greet you quantity of gamma by meeting Sara to

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enough herbal gentle Yoga fishable In fact, a one on one as well. Don't be relearned in Ireland, Aurora Tachyon.

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Well, on my own, Allah says for them is everything in general. But to get there, we need to aspire. That's the first step that we need to create within his life.

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And what are the signs of yearning for a law? What are the signs?

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Number one,

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he does not despise death.

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We don't ask for death.

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But at the same time, we don't despise death. We understand death is a means of connecting us with a loss of hanadama the only barrier between a person in a law is death.

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Elmo to just thrown us Cyril Habib.

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Death is a breach which connects one beloved to another Beloved.

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So sign number one. You do not despise death. We look forward to meeting more. You are Yes, death is scary for anybody. But at the same time we comfort ourselves by saying it is through this phase of

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life where I would meet my law, where I will stand in front of a law that is the first sign of a yearning for Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second sign is that the person understands that his life in this world is temporary. It's a transitionary phase.

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It's ephah Maru, its pleasures are short lived. He understands that I am here to prepare for my asset. And I'm here to prepare for my meeting with my own law. On the day of Yama, I'm going to be standing in front of my Creator.

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The next sign is that he prepares for the after I mentioned he acknowledges his short span of life in this world. And the fourth sign is that he understands that he needs to prepare for an era, like how I gave you the example of the boy and the girl who are about to get married. In part of the preparation, they do whatever they need to do to groom themselves, they hire out the venue, etc, etc. Likewise, in preparation in meeting the loss of habitat, we've been paid in terms of or are, we prepare in terms of victory, we prepare in terms of Salah we prepare in terms of our laugh and dealing with people. All this forms part of our preparation for standing in front of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala.

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saved in our beloved naraba it'll be a low tide on who he is in his final moments of his life.

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He's in such a rotten mood.

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And his wife looks at him pretty ugly. And she says, Wah wah, wah, wah.

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Oh what difficulty My husband is going through? Or what sadness or what a calamity My husband is leaving me. My husband is going this sadness indeed. So he replies Loretta Puli was was Nah. Oh, my wife don't say what calamity. Say truly. Wow, wha wha Ha. say Oh, my beloved wife. What a momentous occasion. What a beautiful occasion. What a happy occasion. Why? Rather knuckle

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Mohammedan was haha.

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Hi, I'm going to meet my Allah. I'm going to meet my friend Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his companions. I'm going from this world, to make my own law to meet my companions. That's where I'm going. Don't say what a calamity. Full Cooley word for Ha. And that's how a believer should lead his life. That he diligently fulfills his orders towards his creating this world. But when the time comes to depart, he says I'm waiting.

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I'm waiting anxiously to meet you. Oh my Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah have mercy upon Allah. The Prophet of Allah is in his final moments, and is looking up towards the sky and he's saying, Allahu, Allah, Allah, Allah, I wish to meet you.

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Ally wish to meet you, or lie wish to meet you. After the toiling and the torture and the hardship of muckety muck karma. And the trials and tribulations of Nebraska have a line ready to meet you now.

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I'm ready to meet your mama.

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Just like how the Prophet of Allah was yearning to meet his creator. Every person sitting here, without a doubt, also yearns to meet his creator in sha Allah.

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And just like how we learn naraba

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after going through all the hardships in muckety muck aroma after being traded in the under the burning scorching sun of muckety muck aroma, and after the last day and night, finally, that moment comes to meet the law. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine the excitement? Can you? Can you imagine the pleasure, beloved, naraba is experiencing as he's meeting Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah says it's so beautiful in the ladee recall, or buena la thrombus de Palma, that unnecessarily human melodica

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wherever she will be the gentleman that will let you

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when to stay and Cousteau

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law says when you lead your life

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preparing for afra How do I receive you? How do I receive you? The Quran says it

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angels come down with clear tidings from a law saying, alert a powerful weather officer. No, don't worry. Don't panic.

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Don't be apprehensive.

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Well appreciate Oh bill Jenna, glad tidings to your servant of law for you Jelena awaits the gender that Allah has promised you. And amazing again, a wonderful panel Darla says, Those who brought the man in a line to put it Allah did not single out a fraction of the community. Allah did not say for the pious people only Allah for anyone who led his life according to the

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latter half. So no Don't worry, don't panic. Perhaps you will Jenna Jenna awaits you.

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Now have no Odia

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dunya Villa Hara Allah gives such comforting advices and such comforting words to this person was depart in this world, we will want to in this world and we will not deserve to in your journey to Africa, we will be worth you.

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our law ends of the first this is a welcome from a forgiving load of years.

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This is a welcome from a forgiving, compassionate kind load of yours. So much of hope in

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so much of kindness in these verses, Allah is extending his hands towards the servant and I'm lysing Who is there? Who is there to meet me who is ready and preparing for his destination. So brothers the message is simple. And the message is very pertinent. Allah asks a very important question for men currently yo God apart

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from Yama dominance or whether you Shrek very bird at Europe, he he

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he who aspires to meet the law, he who yearns to meet the law. He who wants to meet a law, let him prepare in this world the life of his and let him not ascribe partners and towards law.

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Practice. The dean of a law is easy for every person sitting here. Let not the devil push us to the state of hopelessness. Let not the devil make us believe that we are unworthy of loss forgiveness encompasses everyone.

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There is turn to Allah in unison in Toba. Let us ask the wall for forgiveness. And let us ask the world for strength to obey Him. And let us ask the law. The ability to come closer to Him every day on arlena May the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala bless us all.

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