Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 03 – How will I know that my wife is expecting a child

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The use of Islam in various fields, including marriage, politics, and culture, is discussed. The use of Islam in creating people through technology and parents is also emphasized. The importance of writing a scripture and not being a sexist or gay person is also emphasized. The use of the title "the internet is a light," which is not a storytelling one, but rather a way to convey the message of Islam.
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What's going on feeding Kitabi?

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Allah be Anika Cooney hola moussaka at Tierra what are the available to me Nikki barium at? Order kozelek partner of Buka who earlier Hey in order to come in Tabu Adam Takushi Sadat Allahu La even before I endeavor to translate let me remind my listeners and viewers brothers and sisters like I always do in my discourses of the Quran connect with the Quran. It is just riveting. It is just love it in the connection the inspiration is in finite and unending

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while atika Hadith Musa in chapter 28, Allah subhanho wa Taala says and have you heard about the deal of Musa alayhis salam? The Scholars say yeah, that is diff homies lick the sweet right show what are you sugar coated Sharif is to inspire you to motivate you to instill within you that passion. So we concluded verse number seven. And we said that the glad tidings were conferred upon Zachary Alehissalaam that a child will be born to him. Of course, we left it on the note to say how is this going to happen? How is this going to happen? Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam said Robbie areni caverta Hail Mota. Allah I know you are going to revive the dead. That's a reality that's

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irrefutable. A person asked a great scholar. Mufti Muhammad Rahim Allah asked him that is His resurrection or reviving of the dead in the grave possible. So he answered possible for me possible for you or possible for Allah? Of course it's impossible for me it's impossible for you and absolutely possible for Allah and if you don't believe that, then there's no Eman for Allah subhanho wa Taala everything is just the sheer intention of the Almighty is existence. So Allah subhanaw taala then told say the night Brian Halligan salat wa salam for Jose arboreta minute pirate fissara Hoon II like regarding the four birds and the scholars say what birds they were to slaughter them

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and place them on for hilltops and then to call them out de una casa. Yeah. And they will come running towards you. And Allah Aziz and Hakeem and remember Allah subhanaw taala has absolute power, might authority and full of wisdom.

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So Zacharias Alayhis Salam himself asks the question in the verse just recited before you Carla being an ER cannoli, Hola, Carla being an eco nollie Hola. Oh, my Lord. How will I have a son? Not Well, I you have approved it and I know that's going to happen. Curiosity, anxiety, what will be the format of the completion and the fruition of my supplication? What kind of timber it is? The reality on the ground is as follows. My spouse, my wife, my partner, my better half is Arthur and she is barren worker the beloved to Minelli, Kibera and metea Sunsail. She was 98 years of age, the wife of Zachary Alayhis Salam was nice. Of course the Quran doesn't say that. But the Quran is quite clear

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that Zakariyya Alayhi Salatu was Salam was extremely old wakad Bala to mineral key berry tea, RI T. Yeah. And I have reached the pinnacle of old age, which many say is 120 120 years of age, logically, medically, scientifically?

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Gynecology, whichever way you want to look at it, whether how is this going to happen? But this is the wisdom and this is the power of the Almighty. So in other words, the question was, am I going to marry someone else will I become young? Will my wife become young? Will Ya Allah subhanho wa Taala answers it in verse number nine. Karla Coholic. Allah cathodic. The angel said to him because it's mentioned in the in Surah Imran the angels were conversing and of course they were conveying the message of the Almighty Allah candlestick the angel said, it will happen the same it will happen in the same so shall it be meaning you will remain in the age in which you are your spouse will remain

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an Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless your spouse, your wife with a child she will conceive. This is the power of the Almighty. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has created the world as as above where there is cause and effect, but Allah subhanaw taala is not bound by that system. And throughout the times there are so many incidents that Allah subhanahu wa Allah has brought about the fruits without the intervention of the means.

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Of course, as believers, we've been told as humans, we've been told that we need to adopt the means we need to adopt the means. But Allah subhanaw taala is not bound by means this is the key thing. So the person who designs the phone, the person who designs the phone, he needs to use the phone, like the end user is going to use it. The person who designed the car, he needs to drive the car, like it's just a criminal for him. purposes of understanding. You know, there is no correlation between the tie Allah is what the whole method will Allah Allah

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della Gervasi term feeling Allahu Taala literally be sure to Allah Jaco Namaha definitely shot me here for protocol a jello Allah, Allah wa Boadilla himself has mentioned in by Andrew Quran, its academic scholars would have appreciated it. Okay. So a person who created who designed a car he needs to drive it in the same way. It's not because I designed it so you know what I can I can start the engine without the key or without the use of, you know, I can use it different to others. No, he's designed by that he's subjected to the same formula and the same manual that others have to Allah subhanaw taala is what I will What All right, and like I said, this is just an example for

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understanding purposes otherwise, there's no tie between the two. Allah subhanaw taala has adopted a system in place for insaan for you and I, but Allah subhanaw taala is not bound by that system. Allah can do with means without means and against means as we are always taught and told. Color of color Gallic Ranger said it's going to happen in the same way. Carla Booker who I layer Hagen and you know what's the best part? Your Lord has said? It is easy who were that earlier upon me? Hey, it's easy. Maha poco Malabar for Camila can have seen Wahida to create the entire creation give death to everyone and resurrect everyone is like creating one soul.

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So many people can do a thing on a small scale. But if you give it on a macro level, they lose it. You find a particular chef who's great she or he culinary skills, amazing, phenomenal, brilliant, but it's only if you cook it for 10 people as soon as it's more than 10 Well then you know what the curry is no longer the same. can bake one cake at a time that's it as soon as it becomes on a larger scale, then unfortunately, the texture of the cake is not good. The taste is not right the mixture is not right the ingredients etc. For Allah subhanaw taala to create one soul or to create the entire creation is the same to create a child through the medium of parents in the regular common

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way and to create without the intervention and the medium of parents for Allah subhanaw taala is the same color of Buka who are la Hey Yin, your Lord said it is easy for me, what are the Halacha Tuca and I have created you before whereas you are nothing. So this is the reflection year. year it is to bring into existence something from mo Jude. There are two humans, right this is how the scholars explained and from these two humans to create a person who wasn't there. And Allah subhanaw taala had created you as the Korea you were my doom halotolerant Insert Hainault Minack Dahari lamea con Shay a makura. A time a period had passed over man he was not mentioned nobody knew about him.

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Nobody had any clue and Allah subhanaw taala created him. So Allah has approved the request the DUA the supplication the Taleb, the ultimate of Satan as a courier. Alayhis Salam is anxious to know his wife is 98 He is 120 Allah said it's going to happen. Verse number 10. Carla be John Lee, I cannot be jolly. i Okay. Oh my lord, can you give me a sign? Because obviously it's not not going to be the regular format. It's not going to be the consumerization of the relationship and the subsequent conception of the fetus and the embryo. How is the whole procedure going to unfold cannot be jointly I averse number 10. Oh, my Lord blessed me with a sign that I know my wife is pregnant. Medically

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you would know once there is you know, she would realize that the first sign is that of course there is no monthly cycle. And then of course there's a nausea that builds up and then you feeling unwell. And then of course there are so many other signs that will follow the after. What would be my sign Oh my Lord, what would be my point that I know my wife has now conceived gonna be generally when we talk of The Quadra the greatness, the power the magnanimity of Allah. I say to you, my brother and my sister don't despair. And I know there are many couples out there and my heart goes out to you. I have in my own capacity been counseling

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In so many couples, and may Allah reward you for your patience, may Allah reward you for your perseverance who are optimistic of children. Just recently, a very good friend of mines was blessed with a child in his union after 18 years. And I was so delighted, elated, ecstatic for him. You know, it was just a euphoric moment. And I shared the good news with so many other couples and I said, See, just just keep your hope. You never know when that prayer will be answered. Or I'll be jolly Robbie jolly Aya Okay, so what is the sign conferred upon Zachary Alayhis Salam, Karla aiya Touka Allah to Kelemen Nana Salah Salah Yan in so we are, your sign shall be that you will be unable

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to speak to people for three nights, even though you will be healthy, healthy. Okay. So you would realize and observe at some point when you would want to converse and communicate, you simply won't able to communicate with people. The word to Kelim and NAS to speak with people indicates that the tongue will be restricted or unable to make human conversation, but the tongue will still be allowed to glorify the almighty etc. So it will just be that when you try to speak to humans and interact, then that will not be possible. You're in this chapter of the Quran Chapter 19 Surah Meriam Allah subhanho wa Taala says salah, Salah Yellin three nights and in chapter three in Surah Imran Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says Salah said a yam in three days, so combine the two and we discovered that it refers to three days three nights so we are you will be healthy ma Becca Becca Moon wala Hara soon, it's not like you're going to be mute or you're going to have speech impairment or you're going to be done. Now, that is the sign that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed. So you will be healthy your faculties will be intact, but you will just observe on that moment when you will try to speak you will be unable to speak and then that will be a sign that your wife has conceived in Surah Imran referencing the same thing in LA Runza. But of course you will able to talk to people with sign

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language with sign language. So you can gesture them you can make an expression etc. And under that is in Maori for Quran. Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah has elaborated on the fact that the Quran references sign language. And Sign Language is a big language today. And it is worldwide people use it and communicate. And I often think that amongst the people that we have not recognized enough, or those that have urine impairment, and speech difficulty, I remember doing a workshop in Birmingham, where I was invited by a lovely Brother, brother Maroof, who focuses on people with speech impairment. And then I had a one on one session with them. And each one of them asked me through sign language and

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of course, interpreted via the interpreter. Do I have any of my lectures sign? So we have things on Braille for the visually impaired, but I believe unfortunately, we have not done adequately we have done we have not done adequately, like I often say, I often say

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we have days to recognize the challenges of people, right? You have autism day, and and rightfully so, of course, one day is not enough. first of April, if I'm not mistaken, marks, will autism day there are different levels of autistic kids, etc. And it is a challenge and it's a reality. But however, there's a day to supposedly understand the crisis of the child, then you have this day to mark this event and that event, but rarely have we heard about any form of recognition for single parents. And I deal with this so often and my heart goes out beat a mum or a dad, a single parent, have we as a society as a whole, I think we have failed, we have failed and I'm pointing the failure

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to myself first. How much recognition are we putting out there to salute to acknowledge the challenges of single parents? Well, anyway, on a subtle note here Runza a shout out. You can gesture you can express that makes us understand that sign language has also been referenced in the Quran. That's the depth and that's the beauty of the Quran. So verse number 11, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Sahaja Allah comi Minalima haram and I make a dua for all single parents out there and for everyone, may Allah reward you my brother, may Allah reward you, my sister, you're a man it's difficult to be a woman. You're a woman, it's difficult to be a man. There are certain things needs

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of a child a father can fulfill their certain needs a mother can fulfill and when one parent

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needs to play both the dual roles is very very daunted. May Allah reward you may Allah grant you the strength may Allah make it easy for you. I mean your bladder been verse number 11 For Harada Allah told me he may not he may Allah be for OHA ailing him behind the curtain washing. So Allah subhanaw taala say when that day finally came for holiday, Allah told me, the courier Ali Salam came to his people from his sanctuary, the place in which he would worship Allah subhanahu wa taala. And as he exited, and he tried to communicate, he was unable and he realized that my wife has now conceived, I don't have the words of any language to begin to imagine the ecstasy of Zachary Alayhis Salam, I

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know the joy and I say this with humility to the Almighty. When I when ALLAH blessed me with my first child,

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and I'll humble Alhamdulillah has blessed me with my first grandchild. It's just like, there's no words to describe what happens to you. Every development every turn, every twist is such a joy. It's such an excitement. And again, my heart goes out and I make this sincere dua that any brother and sister who are listening at this moment who are viewing at this moment and are hopeful of children may Allah subhanho wa Taala answer their prayers are Gielan Leila ideal instantly, instantly, Amin and ask everyone out there to say mean, can you imagine the joy the euphoria the happiness in the heart of Zakaria Alayhi Salatu was Salam and that of his wife, knowing that they are now past the

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century mark and year, she has conceived for holiday he exits Allah comi upon his people Minami Herat from his sanctuary for Ohio, a shout out la him, he then justice to them because he's unable to communicate and said Behold, book rotten, where Ashiya that glorify Allah in the morning and the evening.

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Either this was his daily practice where he would come out to his people and remind them to worship Allah in the morning in the evening, amongst other times, and hence he repeated the same practice but not verbally, but rather by sign language, or it was an added expression that Allah is blessing me who is your Nebby with a child, so increase in the worship and the glorification of Allah. While many have also interpreted sub Bihu like other places in the Quran, as the observance of prayer Salah submucosa, how you said before QSB literally means to praise and glorify, but many experts on the exegesis of the Quran at different places have interpreted

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the word Deus be as a form of prayer, and sub Bihu book Ratan, washy, glorify the almighty perform prayer morning and evening. Okay, verse number 12. Like we always say the Quran is a book of guidance. It's not a storytelling. So your Allah told you about zaccarelli, Instagrams, desire, passion, and Allah subhanaw taala also included, the reason why he asked Allah we're in NYSIF to him Awali I'm afraid of my relatives, I don't see anyone there that I can assign this responsibility. And then he asked Allah for a child, and then how he asked Allah for what type of a child etc. Now Allah goes direct to the point where the boy has been born and he's grown up into a point of

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maturity and understanding. So Allah fast forwards the narrative Allah expedites the tale, Allah subhanaw taala does not go through the stages and the phases of pregnancy and birth and delivery and the early years. Allah goes to that point why the Quran is a book of guidance. It's not something to be sensationalized. That's what we want to do sensationalize the tale and the narrative and then this happened and then he came and she came and they met and ops and the rest continued, Know Allah subhanho wa Taala fast forwards to the point where this young lad was born, whose name was given by the Almighty and He had read sinner should rule

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you know point of understanding Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him yah, yah holding Nikita Bobby Oh, wha wha attained Hakuna Sabi. Oh, yeah. Hold on to the Scripture with firmness. Hold on to the Scripture diligently. We granted him wisdom in his childhood. That is verse number 12. So quick reference reflection over this. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, Whoville Kitab now he's grown up, Allah fast forwarded and then he

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We're still hold on to the book. The book here refers to the toe rot because the injeel was revealed much later. Allah subhanho wa Taala impressed upon him to hold on to the book firmly. Now this is another thing if you're looking to the Quran, my brother and my sister, Allah has not only told us to hold on to the Quran, but Allah has told us to hold on to it firmly, diligently, diligently in a loving manner, you must see Khun Abdel Kitab those who hold on to the Quran firmly, Allah subhanaw taala said to Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam for who the hobbit what in what a motorboat Okay, yeah, who will be accenting ha. Oh Musa hold on to it with firmness. Allah don't say that. Yeah, in this

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verse that we've just recited now. Verse number 12 of chapter 19. Allah subhanaw taala said, oh, yeah, hold on to the book firmly. The the messenger SallAllahu Sallam told us I lost Eileen Harbin, Nevada, hold on to my practices firmly. What are they now? Who will hook Masabi? Yeah. And we blessed him with wisdom in his childhood. Guess what, and I've read this in many of our seed, as a young boy as a child and this is also included in the discussion of semiya. He had certain unique qualities, unique qualities.

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For example, hasura hasura means one who did not inclined to a female, of course, not in a haram way, but not even in the permissible way. Hassoun. Satana Yeah. Alayhi Salatu was Salam. That was his outstanding quality Allah had made him that he did not incline in any way.

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You know, what? Towards a female, and then likewise, I think, you know, who will help him as Serbia we had blessed him with wisdom in childhood as a child, the children called him and said, Yeah, hey, come, let's play. He said, Ma, Holy Quran, Ali. Larry, we've not been created to play. I mean, today's adults, we don't know that. As adults. We don't know that and this is the child. Okay, so we conclude on verse number 12. What's the takeaway message today my brother and my sister? The takeaway message is the concluding verse. Hold on to the Scripture with firmness. Hold on to the Quran with firmness, Allah Shapira, Mother Earth ammonia Rahima Hola. reference in the Quran. As the

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Hadith says we're hamdulillah it is the rope of Allah. He says Allah ki resi chewed sectie Head to toe in his SACD the rope of Allah will never break. Yes, it's possible you lost grip, but the rope of Allah will never break. Hold on to the Quran with firmness and that is your guaranteed salvation. I mean your blood I mean, or suddenly love him or send a man and a beat you know Muhammad. While early he was happy here Jemaine well Hamdulillah. Oh blimey.

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