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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © A woman talks about her desire to learn Spanish and her desire to educate the rest of the world about Islam. She talks about her experiences with her father's acceptance of Islam and her desire to change. She also talks about her desire to become a doctor and educate the community.
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Ready? Yeah.

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All right, let's do this.

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I hope everyone is well. I'm with a good friend of mine and amazing person. I wanted to share him with the rest of the world. Last time I did this with brother Eddie from the deen show, I just picked up my camera and did this raw interview. So I want to do the same with brother Mujahid here. I'm gonna have him Tell me about Islam and Spanish real quick inshallah, two out of this is off the cuff. We're not what none of these questions are prepared or anything like that. So I'll give you a minute and a half. Okay? Tell me or tell the world what is not in Spanish is Islam in Spanish came out of the need to educate especially Latinos about Islam in the Spanish language. This happened

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three months before September 11, when I embraced Islam and my parents wanted to know about Islam, but we found that there was no material in the Spanish language. So

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when I became Muslim, my girlfriend accepted Islam. We got married a month later. And then my father started looking into Islam and he accepted Islam.

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Close to like three months later, and then September 11 happened. So my dad turned to me and he said, Well, there's no material in Spanish, you should make it. But I said, What do you mean? And so he said, I'll help you, him and I came together, I went to the Art Institute of Houston for media. And today Today, we not only created Islam in Spanish is the number one trusted source of Islamic multimedia and products worldwide by us. We've created over 250 television shows and more than 500 audio books that are distributed worldwide. Awesome, awesome. Amazing, Mashallah. I'm here at Islam in Spanish. And I can tell you, everything you've heard about this place is doesn't do it justice,

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like the feeling you get here is amazing the environment that they've created. And most importantly, it's about the people that are here. So for me, the place is secondary to the people that are in the place. And I feel like in the law knows best. But the feeling that I get is that y'all put a lot of effort into making this place. Not only like beautiful physically, but also like spiritually beautiful in the sense that, you know, a sister just walked in, and she's like, as my as my first time here and ever been here for, you know, I've heard about or whatever. And you're like, welcome, thank you for coming. Whenever there's something well, you know, you know, whatever. And that was,

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that was great. That was awesome. hamdulillah. And that's why I really want the world to know about you. I'm alone, actually, this being here the last couple days, I've been inspired to learn Spanish. And I often say I'm like, I'm gonna learn this and learn that and one time I said, I'm going to learn sign language. Because I was, you know, did an event with some deaf Muslims. I make a lot of promises. Hopefully I can do it. And hopefully hope he'll motivate me inshallah, Dad, I'm gonna ask him one more question. And this may be a hard one. But we'll see how he does he tell the top three advices that you would give to someone who recently accepted Islam.

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Learn Islam from its sources, which are universal in nature, of course, and in the sun.

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Find good people who are actually practicing Islam based on those principles. And take it one step at a time. Because in order for anyone to change, it's very gradual. If they really want to, you know, change over a period of time, many of us when we become Muslim, we want to change overnight, and many people break or they feel that Islam is too much for them too, too perfect for them. But we really, when we learn those sources, we're around good people. And we have patients with our change. Eventually, it can be transformational. handler. That's, that's awesome. Awesome, awesome advice. And once again, I wanna say, Zack law head. Is there anything that you want to plug is there? Where

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should people go find you?

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You know, Islam in is a resource that anyone can refer people to. If you go to my public page, which I have Fletcher, you can find me. We go all across the US and in Latin America will be in Colombia in like three weeks. We partner with so many different organizations and individuals that want to do the good regarding educating Latinos about Islam. But all in all, I mean, we spoken at Harvard University records, we speak in the English language. So if there's anybody that you know, wants to collaborate for the general good, Senator, our liability will tuck well we will work on all that is good and God consciousness, and we're so very happy to have had side to slim here in

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these last days in our production studio, film in

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media, we love to communicate, and we hope that our ancestors who may have been Muslims in Spain that endured some persecution in the Inquisition or period

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Maybe from amongst those people, they may do our for the sentence of theirs in the future to remain Muslim and for me to have become Muslim

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a little bit before September 11 I feel that I'm indebted to Islam. And we should work together as Muslims and as people in society you know, just to be able to do the good hardware we can so that's that's the general message that I have for anyone and you want to do some good, we're open for it. Awesome and Mashallah, we get down.

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And then I'm glad to be here. It's really awesome to be here. hamdulillah these last couple of days and I hope to come back and tell it to ATA and if you're ever in Houston, just come by it right? Yeah, come by, check out the place. And Spanish central Islamic er, which is Islamic Center in the Spanish language, awesome. But it's multicultural people. We have about 52 people become Muslim in one year here. So we've been open so you're amazing. It's like like a duck. Okay, I won't hold you to as long as I was good to speak to you and Greg, good to see all as well. See y'all soon. Take care.

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