70 Men & A Bowl Of Milk

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Tonight inshallah I have a beautiful Hadith

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Narrated by Abu Huraira or the Allah Han

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and the Hadith started by Abu Huraira the Allah Han, swearing and saying,

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ma who led the La ilaha illa by Allah, the One who was not Allah except him. I used to fall on the ground on my abdomen from hunger.

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I used to tie a rock on my belly out of hunger.

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And one day I was starving, starving. So I sat down at the door where the Sahaba are exiting from the masjid from Burkina Faso to who I mean kita Billa were Nasser al to who allegedly you should be irony

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of a book that came out and I asked him about an AI from the Quran to explain it to me.

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And I only asked him so he can tell me about it. Why don't we go and we'll discuss it over dinner over lunch so I can eat something

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu and explain the area and continued summer Rama pasa el to one min kita villa. When I sell to ill you should be irony. And then Omar came out that I did the same thing and I asked him about an AR Ahmad what does this area mean and I know what the area means. I just wanted to tell me Let's go and eat something when I'm your fan for her Raja Abell Collison

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from Allah Allah.

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Then rasool Allah fie Salam came out

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for another Las Vegas summer RF.

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He looked at me he smiled, and he knew

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that Yeah

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Even though his operator is already a nickname, he made the nickname of the nickname that yeah, that said the baker Rasulullah

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follow me ill Hackney.

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Rasul Allah say salam went with Abu Hurayrah get to his house for dinner. He asked for permission from his family for me to come in. Do we have anything in the house to eat?

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They brought a bowl of milk.

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Had he Hadiya um, so the

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lawsuit was always asked, is it the sadaqa?

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Or it's a gift was a sadhaka. What happened?

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He doesn't touch it. If it's an idea, of course, it's a gift, then he will use it and share it with others. They said laka Phoolan. So and So brought it as a gift for you.

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So he said, yeah, by

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the baker era sort of Allah. He said, Go get hello so far.

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I've already generating the Hadith. So Salam said, Go get all the people of suffer. What are the people have so far? We spoke about those before. They are very, very people, poor people. As a matter of fact, in the Hadith, a Buddha said

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when a man they have nobody and they wait for someone in the masjid after they leave, come with me let me go take you home and nothing poor, extremely poor, and how many at that time, there was 70 of them. Cebu Buck who said I looked at the ball and I'm starving, and I'm gonna go get 70 people for state attorney for step two Lima call me I felt like you had a soul Allah, I'm starving and you're telling me go get 70 people. But listen, this is a *head of the Hadith. He said, like in love with them in PA to learn.

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But there's no escape from obeying Allah and His Prophet. He went and he got 70 People

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for the new feather Kallu flagella so they all came in. Not one of them said, You know what, I will pass everybody came in. Are you coming to the house of a soulless Isilon so the old came and the old sat down. Yeah, by the baker jasola serve them. Serve them all. Sort of love. So he said, I said I took the bowl of milk and they went one by one. They drank until they were full. And then when he finished he goes to the other guy. He drank until he was falling, because the sooner as we will see later, is when you are serving, you should be the last one to serve yourself and he knows the sun. So he's looking at the ball as he's serving them and he is like we said before he's starving. So

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after everybody had they were all completely saturated with milk. Not just took a sip Subhanallah

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After I finished, Ross Ross SLM said,

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nobody's left.

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And no one has left except me. And you

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know, there's only me and you left. I'm starving. It's an issue of fishery, a shrub fishery, a shrub fishery. A shrub will lead the batha capital, Huck, Matt, as you do know who must

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be the one who sent you the truth, there is no more space. That's it. I'm done for acha del Baca, and it was a Salem that some were hammered Allah were shut up, machete, Belford Allah, then he said Bismillah Alhamdulillah, and he drank whatever is left.

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And that is ended here.

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So there are a few lessons Subhanallah

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there are many, by the way, for key issues. Like for example, like we said, if you're serving you should be the last one to drink or to eat when you're serving people. When you go to someone's house, you have to wait for them to take permission from their family to let you in. When when you are

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eating, all of them were sitting down as a matter of fact, before he gave him the the drink, it would sit down, he sat down. And then he drank. There are many issues in there is it's allowed. Somebody might say how does this it's contradicts the hadith of three. So 1/3 for your stomach 1/3 for drinking and 1/3 for eating. So that here, so as I said, I'm kept on telling him to shut up until he was full. So being full is allowed, but not all the time. It's much more when you're, you're new, constantly saturated. But every once in a while if you get fooled from eating is nothing wrong with that.

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But there are two things I want to bring up number one,

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the kindness and the love of Rasulullah salam to His companions.

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Subhanallah and he looked at him immediately look at how the leader

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can feel what his people are going through. This is the true leader.

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And we have seen that in many situations with our sort of loss isolation. And subhanAllah Imen came to him you would think he is he is is everything in Islam and everything. He's also lost. I sell them. He's the one who's making the Sharia. He is the Mufti. He's the Imam. He's the chef. He's the Commander in Chief. He's everything.

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And the man comes to him and he says, I'm hungry.

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Now you come to any leader right now and you tell him you're coming to me Tell me I'm hungry. Go to my guys go to look how much they trusted him and how they felt comfortable with him that they even that to say I'm hungry. They felt so good to come to him and say we are hungry and the story And subhanAllah he said I'm hungry. He went to his house. He did not find anything. The house of a solar system nine homes, they have not one by two food. Then he asked the man to come and serve Him and the man went to his wife and he said Do we have anything? She said we have nothing except the food for the kids. He said put them to sleep and turn off the light and he brought the guests and they

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pretended that they are eating in front of the guest and Allah solace. I said in the morning he said Allah was so happy of what you have done last night. So

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a woman the lady said that she had some mental illness. She said she came to mention Yara Sol Allah I want to talk to you. He did not leave me alone come I'm gonna take care of her Subhanallah he said pick any where in Medina and tell me where do you want to meet and I'm ready. And this is the way the leader dealt with his people Subhan Allah and many, many, many other occasions. The other point which is Subhanallah it's amazing and I wish we can learn from from this is that he is starving and he is willing to starve and die from hunger but never disobey Allah and His Prophet

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Rasul Allah is seldom said Go get the people of sofa.

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He did not negotiate. He does not ask your rasool Allah with all due respect. I'm starving here. And by the way, we said that before, anytime somebody tells you with all due respect, what happens after that? There's no more respect.

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I collect Rami there's no more later on after after the statement. They started disrespecting. So he said go get them. He went and this is the lesson. Whatever whenever we hear called Allah Who akala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the hadith is authentic. We do not sit down and negotiate and what if maybe, and we start using our intellect this hadith does not make any sense because Abu Huraira did not make any sense this bottle of water of milk for 70 people did not make any sense but

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This is one of the miracles of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, go get the people I go get the people, the Sunnah, whether it makes sense to me or does not make sense I follow it. Logically, it doesn't make any sense to wipe on the sacks from the top logically, you wipe from the bottom because the bottom is getting dirty, not the top. Right. But we all know that the wiping is from the top Summit. Now while we listen and we obey. You do not use your intellect or think that oh, I'm not finding the wisdom behind this. Yeah, habibi. I'll give you a very good example. We all know Rasulullah sallallahu said if you have a bowl of soup, or a bowl of food, and a fly fell into it,

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right? He said what to do. Right? He said, Take the fly. And what?

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Dip it back again, eel, be careful to E we have suffered a lot as you

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be very careful when the social Selim says something, especially the kids say, Oh, what is this? This is disgusting. You want me to dip back again? Right? Russians and I'm saying if that is the only food you have, and you need that food, take that flight and dip it back again, take it out and eat right now.

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Does not make any sense. SubhanAllah 2009. We all know the study, they found that one wing has the virus and the other wing has the cure. So I do I have to wait for a guy maybe he's worshipping a cow to tell me what is right and what is wrong. And then I would say Ah, WA salatu salam was right. It's supposed to be the other way around. Whatever he says that he Salatu Salam is right. And I'm waiting for people to prove it.

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But 100% I have no doubt in my heart.

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When to to Yahoo. Ah, that I do. If you obey Him. Allah said if you obey Him, then you will be guided. When I attack him, rasool Allah Ananda Hawkman, who fintel Whatever the Prophet came with, whatever he told you to do, take it, do it. And whatever you told to stay away from stay away from this is how the Sahaba SubhanAllah.

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We think that wealth is what makes me famous and what makes me known. Let me ask you a question, who was the richest man on earth in 1954?

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Nobody knows. Nobody cares. But we are still remembering Abu Hurayrah after 1400 50 years, even though he used to fall on the ground out of hunger, not a penny.

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Why? Because of his own because of his love to Rasul Allah. Allah elevated him

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Subhan Allah so you want to be elevated? It's not about how much money do you have? It's how much you have of the obedience of Allah and His Prophet. May Allah subhanaw taala gathers with Abu Hurayrah and also the loss of ally Salam and the Sahaba May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds. Now last word Ilaha illa Allah tomorrow's Friday make a lot of Salam Rasulillah Salam and we see your professor at 615 summary

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what goes along fee a young

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is now really hilly many dunkel what double long our oh and Lancome Isla de to show on