Qiyamah and the End Times 02: Minor Signs Continued

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Allah Allahu Allah shaped on the regime. Spinarak Nana Rahim hamdulillah blood Amin or salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sadie now Muhammad Ali he also changed mine so don't worry kumara la Yoba Gatto

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I was the first day of the PASA

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firing people see the imagery is low. Tomorrow up to is really difficult tiring as imagined new efforts will give the Jawan difficult that is Heinola Oh My Allah reward us and grant us.

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You know, give us you know, His mercy through this difficulty. as the month goes on, it will become a little easier. So this difficult period at the beginning, use it as you make the ICR Allah it's for you. I'm suffering and struggling and read for your psyche, Allah, please increase us in goodness. I mean, we continue with our sign Kiana and we talk we're speaking about the minus signs that the Prophet SAW Selim had mentioned will occur before the coming of Chiara one of the minus signs Allah mentioned in the Quran, the splitting of the moon, an interesting Hadith, which we ended off last night, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, before the coming of the hour, you will see six

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signs, count them, six of them. Firstly, number one, the death of the enemy says I'm going to die. And then number two, you will conquer Jerusalem. And then number three, you will find that there will be a plague, a plague that would kill many of you. And number four, you would have a lot of wealth. A lot of wealth will come into the OMA to such an extent that it you'd want more and it won't be enough. And then number five, there would be a a tribulation, a fitna that would afflict every household everybody will be involved in this fitna. And then number six, a great war between the Muslims and the bunny. As far as the yellow skinned people, meaning the Caucasians, the

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Europeans, there'll be a great walk between Muslims and Europeans and these are the of the six signs, some of them will go into detail this evening in sha Allah, another sign of Qiyamah then a resource of them says the owl will not be established. Until people the ummah will go back to worshipping idols, Muslims will go back to worshipping idols, and they will appear fatigue, liars, the tea, liars, all of them claiming to be prophets there'll be 30 False Prophets, In another Hadith that says, there will be 50 DeJay saloon Kazakh goon city, mini that Giles calling themselves prophets, until the last of them being the main that gel the gel means a deceiver, Elia and

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imposter. And so you will find city, false prophets emerging and intrapreneurial. If you look at the history of Islam, from the death of Burmese Salam, automatically they arose they sprang up many, many so called prophets, who say that Mother Leia was the first of them, who came with some kind of Quran. And in the days of the Sahaba, the Sahaba had to deal with him, and he died at the hands of the sahaba. And they were many, many false prophets that followed. And until today, you have groups like the Qadiani is the families who follow a prophet that they claim to be a nubby after Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam whereas we believe without any doubt, that the Prophet Muhammad SAW

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Salam is Hartman Nabin he is the finality there is no more why Allah subhanaw taala no longer appoints prophets of the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in fact, this point is so important, because as we get closer to piano, you will find people with more strange claims and having fantastical abilities. And when we talk about the general you will have abilities he will have abilities, and some of the time Abu Hanifa Rahimullah Bouhanni, the Hanafi madhhab there was a man who claimed to be a prophet, and he had some kind of, you know, abilities, and people would go and see. And Abu Hanifa Rama said that anyone who goes and asks this man, to show me of your

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miracles, just to ask him makes you a Kafir. Why? Because you doubting the words of Naveen Salam, you doubt the words of Allah and Allah said that there is no Nabhi after Muhammad salallahu Salam so even to ask even to go and look and expect unless, of course, you're trying to disprove this person, but we should be scared we should be wary. As we get closer to Kiama you would find more and more people have verticals. And if you look at other religions, if you look at the big priests, in Christianity, for example, many of them are so called prophets, healers, people who communicate with God and outside of Christianity as well in the Hindu faith. And this we should be very, very afraid

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of within Islam because this phenomenon will occur more and more and more May Allah protect us. As an IV some said the Muslims would conquer Jerusalem And subhanAllah at the time when he mentioned that the Muslims were few and insignificant, and they could not have imagined that they

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would conquer Jerusalem which was a province of one of the greatest in the Roman Empire, the most powerful empires of the time, and Subhanallah it is, it would be as if though, more far fetched, if then Elisa has told us now, within the next two, three years, we will conquer liberate Palestine from Israel. We think that this is a bit far not possible, it was even more impossible for the Sahaba yet we know in the 16th year, the hijab 16th, you have the hijab, five years after the recent passed away, when Jerusalem was conquered, without any bloodshed, they surrendered. And they called Satan, Amara, the ALLAH and he was the Khalifa in Medina, they said to Him, we will not surrender

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the city to anyone except to ALMA to Khalifa. And one of the beautiful story, we say nominate himself came on foot to Jerusalem, him and his servant, they took turns riding on the camel, and they only had one camel between the two of them. So they shared it. When they got to Jerusalem. It was the turn of the servant to write. And so he said to sit down with the Army meaning there is no way we can enter the city where I am writing the camera and you are walking you are the Khalifa everyone is expecting you. So he said no, no, no, that's our agreement. And that's how the Khalifa into the city. He served on the camo and said normal walking in and he was dressed in such

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Subhanallah basic clothing that the genitals called normally they said yeah, I mean, when you cannot come to like this in front of the Romans, they expecting Ramada HotJobs great man. This is why I'm any unlike that say no matter the Alon, the city of Jerusalem became a Muslim city and it was a Muslim city until the last 70 years Han Allah under Muslim rule. With a little break between the Crusaders they will be for about 100 years. But since then, until now Subhanallah it has been under the domain of Islam as there'll be Salam had prophesized. And other prophecies like the conquest of Persia, there was another Greek empire the Persian Empire completely disintegrated under the time in

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the time of Satan Ahmadiyya lon, a very, very famous Hadith, where the numbers are numbers on the hijra, escaping for his life from Makkah sneaking out of Makkah, and he was almost captured by a hunter called Soraka. And there'll be some suits to Soraka How are you still a non Muslim? Soraka one day you will weigh the jewelry of the emperor of Persia. Soraka said What are you talking about? I'm going to waive the jewelry. It's like someone says you are going to wear the jewelry of Vladimir Putin. How are you still not speaking Russian? What are you talking about 10 years 15 years later, the Muslims would conquer Persia and the treasure of the Throne Room of the Persians was brought to

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the masjid of Medina and see not only the school Soraka come as an amusement prophesized you would wait the bracelets of the emperor of Persia Subhanallah these prophecies could these could not have come from anyone other than a newbie who Salam was meeting with the tribal chief idea or the ALLAH and he wasn't even Muslim as a Christian and it comes to Medina and he says that IV salam how is it that you are right look at you, you people are like so backwards, so poor, where we have the Romans and the Persians How is it possible that you could be on the hook and they are not on the hook? So the prophets of salaam said Just wait, you will live to see and close to Qiyamah this Deen will

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become so established that we will rule over the entire Arabian Peninsula, a lady would walk from Yemen to Makkah all by herself on Hajj, and she wouldn't feel anything at that time, women were even killed, buried alive. And this came through adding love to say and now I see it coming to the truth. As Islam became more and more established in the land, people would freely move between different cities, then Subhanallah one of the signs of Qiyamah actually, is the death of seed normal.

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For the FDA, and in this whole science of what is the college what is is the ecology, right? We're talking about the science of piano, but in times the sahabi that knows the most about this is so however the name of the font, or the font or the alarm or data for the first is that the Sahaba the other Sahaba asked about the good things what the correct Messiah make how many records Masonic year, but I asked about the weird things, but the journal about Kiama I asked about those things because I wanted to know about the strange stuff. And so he would have information so so it normally asked for references while we're sitting with Omar Ahmed is the Khalifa now we've conquered Persia

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we conquered Jerusalem so I say normally it's the Khalifa is the man. He says Who amongst you say normally is asking Who amongst you remember the words about the Navy. So I'm talking about the fitna the tribulations and so forth, they face it, the affliction that they will be a man will be afflicted in his family and he's for Allah will test him and his family. Allah will test him in his property and his children and his neighbors. And what would save him from all these tests? Is he Salah and his Zakah and doing good deeds. So, so enormous Donna talking about those, you know, individual tribulations and talking about the big affliction meaning the big things, the big signs,

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the afflictions which will move like the ways on the

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Ocean so for the for the Allowance hate to say normal Why are you asking about this? Don't worry about it oh, I mean for the for the for those afflictions upon the Ummah are locked behind a door. They are waiting to come out but they are locked behind the doors and we saw them told me that they basically behind the door and somebody said, Well that door be broken or will it be opened? So forever said no, yeah, it is going to be broken. Once it's opened, it can't close again. And then it will never ever close again. So, we so that so the FBI is telling students, when the students asked a Hodeidah did Omar know about this door what it means. So, are they asked me what they did they

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know that this the idea of the door is obviously a metaphor for what? And so when they first said yes, say no one knew what I was talking about. Yes, I know that they will be a night before tomorrow morning. They said because this was narrated to him. So they asked what is the door, say now, through they first said the door that is preventing the fitna is Omar, when he dies, and he was when he assassinated, that's when the fitna and the Tribulation will begin. And so it is just as the prophesy predicted, when say normal was eventually was assassinated by a non Muslim, the tribulations began to for the Muslims. And since then it has just escalated from there. The plague,

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the NABI Salam spoke about this plague that would affect affect the people. And in our 1400 years, they've been a number of plagues. The most famous plague was at the time, the Sahaba, it's called the plague of Alam was where many of the Sahaba have been worried many of them passed away in this plague during the conquest of Satan ometer the plague of unwashed, and it's the plague that he gets the most attention in the books of history. And they mentioned this is the plague that we spoke about. But there was a plague that followed, which was far more devastating, what like COVID-19 know, the Black Death, right? The Black Death, which occurred, you know, about 700 years ago, we're

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1/3 of the world's population died, the bionic plague, the Black Death. And as time goes on, we know that these plagues become more and more, the occurrences increases, of course, mates and also increases, but then we saw none predicted a huge plague would befall the Muslim world and many, many would die. It could be the plague of alarm was we could be the Black Death, or it could be something else. Allah Allah knows best, then it still says there'll be two, there'll be a huge battle between two sides to Muslims, and they would be unified through Hassan Rhodiola and say, no, no visa syndrome is performing Jamar and in walks the into the military, the small his grandson, Hassan,

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small boy, and he falls down and then it sort of stops the Juma and he walks down and he picks his son his grandson up and he says, My alma, this is a sade amongst you. Because you will bring unity to the Ummah at a time when there will be a major civil war and close to piano, there will be the Civil War. And as we know, unfortunately, very sadly, between the Sahaba there was a civil war between say an ally and send them out on the lawn. And eventually how did the Civil War come to an end, Hassan Rouhani Hola. And he brought unity to both sides, and that is of the signs of Kiama. We jumped to the number 10 to number 11 And then we'll go back to number 10. We change the order

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the Mongolian invasion that at least loses the our will not be established Kiama is not going to happen until you fight the Turks now. Turks Turkey is not really stuck with Turkey, the country Turkey was was originally its European and the Romans the bison times the Constantinople is a European city. But the Turks are a group of people that live around Mongolian area. Eventually they conquered we'll talk about this now. They conquered Istanbul and they say to the and they made it into Turkey. So when the result is you will find the Turks are talking about Turkey that we know what Turkey now the Turks were people that lived around Mongolia. So there'll be some says the owl

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will not happen until you fight against basically Mongolians. They have small eyes and read faces and they have flat noses. Their faces are like hammers and shields. And again the owl will not be established until you fight these people and they are wearing shoes that are made afer now Subhan Allah, one of the dates you need to remember 1258 1258 was perhaps one of the most devastating moments in our history. In our history, one of the worst moments in our history, our capital, Baghdad, it was the the New York of the world. At that time, the Khalifa was the biggest libraries in the world where the the best technology was the and then Chinggis Khan or the descendant ECCS the

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sons, they came to Baghdad and they demanded the city be handed over the Khalifa who was elegant said to them, there is no way you barbarians would ever conquer Baghdad. But of course, as Allah had decreed the Mongolians were a completely different type of enemy. And as the enemies of had mentioned, they basically surrounded and besieged

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to Baghdad, and they entered it and they destroyed the city within 40 days, they had killed 1 million people with a sword. And they had trampled khalifa to death. And the Euphrates river ran raid with a blood of the people and eventually black with the ink all the books that they found in the library they dumped at the Baghdad was Baghdad was the most populous city in the world overnight, basically, in one month, it became ruins completely. And so this was one of the big catastrophe. In fact, the Obama at that time, believed this was a huge, huge, they said this is a huge amount huge. We cannot fight them, we cannot defeat them. Every city that they came from

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Mongolia, all the way to Egypt, they destroyed every Muslim city Subhanallah but the Muslim ummah would revive. And now we go back to number 10. Because basically 200 years after that, the Muslim ummah had survived, and many of those Mongolians, those Turks became Muslim, those same Turks would eventually become Muslim. And it's this group of people that will eventually form the Ottoman the Romani Empire, and in 12, in 1458, beats aren't important. But in 1458, the first the for the army of the Sultan, Muhammad, the first those of you went to Istanbul would know that they base they took over the city of Constantinople, and the from the time of going to be Salam. He had mentioned one of

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the signs of Qiyamah would be that Constantinople would fall to the Muslims Constantinople is the like the mecca of Christianity at that time, and even the Sahaba had tried to conquer it, but not a single army for 1000 years could conquer Constantinople. And then Allah subhanaw taala allowed Muhammad Muhammad refer to the second in 1458, to conquer the city of Constantinople. And today we call it Istanbul. Those of you who go there, you'd see the Hagia Sophia, which was the biggest church in the world for almost 2000 years. Subhan Allah hamdulillah is still standing, we didn't destroy it, it remains in its place. And so the signs the signs could not have been mentioned by

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chance or by luck, but these are things that the NABI Salam had mentioned precisely And subhanAllah as we go through we'll get to Inshallah, other signs which we are seeing happening in our time, as we said, the Allah ma have shown that there are certain signs the prophet had predicted you would see unfolding in your lifetime and for the first time many of these things has only been happening in the last 3040 years and Allah protect us and so inshallah we continue with the signs tomorrow evening Allah we will move to the the spot price the quiz so last night we asked

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the Prophet Salam said count six things which indicate the approach of Qiyamah which of them is not one of the six so we said the number which one is it see the number seven didn't say splitting of the moon that is in the Quran, and so whoever filled out the price we can see between the brothers and the sisters so let's start here up the up the rocky

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you know

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it's my

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it's my show

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my show how you win you win.

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Let's see for the sisters

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the Little Sisters yes planula

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oh look for nice handwriting. Okay Wahiba Weyba Friedrichs

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okay yeah, okay Masha so Mamoon you can get the price and then inshallah the question for

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put tonight's quiz the right question is on the board

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which here okay.

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In which year did the Muslims conquer Constantinople?

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1353 1453 5053 or 1653.

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Which year it was conquered Constantinople, inshallah Muhammad the first or the second which he had to conquer Zakharova was Allah say now Muhammad said I want to compete again.