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Subhan Allah. So the whole point of today's discussion, my brothers and sisters, is to remind us that yes, Allah is in control. And everything happens by the world permission, power and decree of Allah without a doubt. But part of the decree of Allah is that he's given you and I, a certain scope of choice, a certain leeway. He's guided us. He's given us a brain. He's shown us the path and then he said, walk on this path. And all you had to do is work on it. We choose not to work on it. And then we say, but it was Allah. people choose to murder they choose to cause disaster they choose to oppress. Within our homes. We have disasters with the in laws and outlaws. Within our homes, we have

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disasters with brothers and sisters and siblings and parents and children, whoever else it may be within our homes, we don't even follow the instruction of Allah. People are complaining, they're suicidal because their parents don't want to get them married simply to people who might be of a darker complexion or a lighter one. Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us and then we want to blame Allah. And then we want to say Allah was unfair, Allah was unjust. When we were shown the path by Allah given the brain by Allah told and reminded again and again that we are going to go back to Allah and yet we just continue on earth like that's not going to happen. Where were you before you

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were born? You were nothing zero not even mentioned. I was nothing completely non existent.