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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of strength and weakness in one's life is discussed, with examples of weaknesses and successes used to describe the negative and positive aspects of weaknesses. The segment also touches on struggles of woman named Shara Timpana who lost a job and sought success in a weak position. The segment ends with a mention of a woman named Shara Timpana who struggled with her desire to be strong and successful.
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in academia Mooji would arbitrarily solder us polyamory will have the Tamil assignee of our holy duck Malachy for the introduction, I don't deserve it. We are lost fantana make me better than what people think of me and forget to forgive what they don't know about me is so interesting. I was really excited to go to this conference to attend I heard a lot about it. It's beautiful to have all these sisters together I was told this 1000s attend Toronto and April's not too cold meet all these beautiful sisters. But Allah subhana wa tada as he always taught us enter to read one read Allah who you follow me, you want and I want and a lot does what he wants. So al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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it's all here. And I one of my viewers, this may makes you laugh. But I oh really asked Allah pantalla to keep the internet and keep Corona away from the internet. So at least we can still have this al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen I find it personally, there's a lot of higher and goodness coming from all this test. We are going through a lot of it. One of it is this and there's much more as we dig in inside ourselves and see what our last pantai that gave us by taking away from us. Some things that hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen I was asked to talk about strength in weakness, and it's a beautiful titles Panama we all all not only Muslims, not only woman, not only men, I will say

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humanity and this earth is actually living now, living in reality, day by day, this topic, strength in weakness or weakness in strength. You can look at it in two ways. How can I stay strong? When everything around me is shattered? And where I am absolutely out of my comfort zone. What I lived all these years, and I'm so much used to everything around me is almost the way I want. If and I'm not talking about big things, I'm talking about small things. If I want to go to the supermarket, I just hop in my car or walk and get there and get wherever I want. What is the big deal of going out to walk wide? I've never thought of wearing a mask of course for me, I'm used to it. I deliver

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babies and I do surgeries. But for most people, what does it even ask me and allow for his wisdom. And Allah is a hacking. Allah is the wise decided in a moment to turn our life upside down and took it away from us, everybody. It's so interesting. The fact that this is affecting every single human being, every country, if you look at the earth, everywhere, no one is spared, young or old. Muslim non Muslim, speaks this language or that language, it doesn't matter.

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There is a reason he wanted us to move out of our comfort zone. And most of the people in the natural response to be very honest, his weakness

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uncertainity brings the weakness in me Illa Mara hammarby, except very few of us. Lack of me able to plan and execute my plans makes me uncomfortable, and makes me feel I am weak. But where is the strength in them? There is a strength in this and I always say this to myself before anyone else to learn anything in this life for us Muslims look at the origin. Look at the source. What did Allah pantalla through his words, taught me and you and what did he taught us through a Rasul Allah hisar towards surah. And where they are examples where their lives were shattered, and turned upside down, and then they found weakness that they fail, that they succeed. Before I go to this, I wanted to

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teach myself before anyone What does the word strength mean? And what does the word weakness mean? islamically in the Quran, it's very interesting I found out that someone actually had

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he did the thesis thesis about strength in the Quran. What interesting is this. So strength in general what it can be, this can be strength in my body, so I'm strong. Unless pantalla put this in the Koran and set it on SWAT we'll have one coordinate the man of the two horns, Mama Kenny here are behind for our unit, the whole world. What ever Allah will make it easy for me helped me with the strength and the body strength. The biggest example is seda Moosa, so you know more so and if you want to know about saving the most

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Personal life, read Sora to assess the strength,

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the strength of state numbers I'm sorry, Serato kasasa the stories and in it, the one of the daughters of saved Nashville I described saved nimasa away, you'll I mean, a strong buddybuild and the trustworthy and his his strength actually made him push him to make the sin. And then they he had to leave

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where he was, and then at last pantalla made him a prophet, so strength can be in my body. Strength, and to me, this is dear to me, is a strength of the heart, strength in my heart. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said this to say now you're here, john. Yeah, who did you kitabi take the book, strength. Where is the strength, the book is light, strength. Take it. So always and one of my teachers used to teach us when we were memorizing the Quran, when she see that we are getting weak. We're, we're finding it difficult. She always used to say I hear hodl keytab

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take it with strength, your heart. This came in the Koran, came in the Quran, number of people, schoolwork. And this is in Salzburg, also, the Queen she said, the people of the Queen of Sheba. They told her we are people of strength, we're too big, we have everything. And this is what we were probably three or four months ago, we felt we're strong. We have everything, whatever I want, I can do it. And the most important strength in the Quran is the strength of Allah. Allah in Arabic Allah we Yun Aziz are in the law, how can we Yun Aziz in more than one place in Allah? Verily, Allah is a are we, the strong, has ease the might. So who were always always externally is positive. But also

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in the Quran came in a negative way, in the story of our own. When our own was the rich man and he was so arrogant, he thought he had everything. And Allahu reminded him, don't you know, this is also an apostle. So the stories don't you know, we have ruined the people before you. They were much stronger than you. You and me, don't really remember the influenza pandemic, the Spanish flu. So who were in general, is strength is usually positive, unless it will make me and you the human being arrogant. If my strength, whether it's a knowledge, whether it's power, status, whether it's money, whether it's beauty, if it makes me arrogant, it becomes weakness becomes weakness, and it will take

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me down the hill. Weakness on the opposite is what it's usually negative, its lack of power, its state of lack of strength, or firmness. And interestingly, Allah did not use it a lot in the Quran. He used it to beautifully describing you and me our life journey, soar to Rome. And Allah said, Allahu Allah Kakuma lauf Alok greeted you from weakness, weakness, * and then we come babies week to medallion embody komati and love to medallion in Baja de la fille over then he changed and turned the weakness to strength, we become adult we become youth or young healthy of money have power body and then what happens to Magellan embody co working boffin or shaybah then he made out of

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this strength weakness and white here

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so it usually came in negative and a lot with a statement reminded you or enemy lack of a basic statement or holy Paladin some body fat human being was created weak We are weak specially here this verse so sore to me sir it's usually our desires we are very weak that what our desires and desires could be food could be chocolate could be milk could be something I like I want to buy shopping week and the third place Allah use the word week is so what will Hajj well Allahu reminded you and me and so aplicable these days is yeah your nurse will do it by methadone festa Mia Allah people a Powerball has been set forth for stimula listen

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in alleviated om Indu Nila healing Jaco Baba. Those who you call a side of

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From our last pantalla, they will not be able to create a fly, what your snowboard will do, Bob will say, Elias Don't be the woman. And if the fly, take away from them anything, they cannot bring it back. Corona is not even a fly, we cannot even see it. And lots of balls of volleyball match.

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week week is the one you pursue. And the pursuer, both are very weak. So strength and weakness in general, only positive weakness. And this is why I'm trying to change the way we look. Because a strength is positive but can be negative. If I am arrogant. And weakness is definitely negative, but can be positive. If I show a law, my weakness when I turned to him in supplication, and I will end up with that supplication, when I tell a lie your alarm weak, I can do it, you can do it. And I wanted to share with you two women, two women were externally One of them was very weak, and how Allah gave her the strength through difficulty, and the other one externally was very strong. And

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then felt very weak. And then Allah gave her a strength at the end. And these two are last pantalla mentioned them both at the end of sorts of time. modaraba, Lahore methylene levina Armand. Murata furong own is quite a topic near in the cabezon religion and Allah set forth a parable to the believer. The wife of Pharaoh is quiet or bumili ng Jacobite and Phil Jana, er Allah that's her da which should be yours and my yard law. Please build for me a house during the

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interview with you. Phil Janda in Jana and scholars very nicely say say she chose the neighbor before the neighborhood. She wanted the house with a law before where is it when a genie mean for our own family saved me from federal and all what he is doing when a Jimmy not only avoiding me and save me from the wrongdoer the people who are doing wrong. Next the idea is the other woman it's very interesting surah to to him I highly recommend all of you because it is personal. There's a lot of talk about woman starts by talking about the wives of roswaal A salatu salam and what they did out of weakness, and ended up with a description of for a woman to wrongdoers and two. Amazing if I

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want to use the word righteous woman. One is the one I showed you Next is mobile, mobile and one Maria Magneto a moron. Mary, I'm the daughter of Enron from the people of Enron, let us on it for a jaha she saved her private benefactor NaVi Hema Rohini we blew in it from our breath from our soul also became a matter of beer. And she believed in the words of our Lord, what cannot mean our quantity, and she was devoutly obedient to Allah. So let's take their story. I'll take first of all, the story of Asya

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This is what we know from the commentary. Her name is Asya bento mazahub. Who is she? Who is she she was actually coming from a very noble family. And Pharaoh of Egypt, married her.

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And she was living in comfort, not comfort. She was living in absolute, absolute everything. If you want to use the word, everything, she has power,

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money, wealth, she was the queen. So prosperity, everything around her. Then she heard about most and you know the story she brought Moser, and he said unto the house, grew up with them to cut the story short because of the time limit I have. Basically she believed she believed. And Pharaoh heard about it. Now I need you to feel the story. Look at the weakness. Look at the strength. Now when she believed she became very weak, no power. No one is supporting her. Everyone is against her And Pharaoh, the king Pharaoh around with all the power, the man who said hon como la, the man who said, I am your Lord. The man who said all these four is for me, all these gardens for me, rivers flow

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under me.

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She's the only one stood up in his household in his household and said I believe in Allah

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What do you think he did? Now she's very weak strength is here.

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And he starts torturing her. And if you read the torture, basically he puts her outside, he tied her arms on the side, legs on the side, pull the the, to the poles, and then they, he ordered people to throw huge rock on her as the rock was coming. Number one, he didn't put the rock writer where he left her out for a while. And son under the sun. And if you read the commentary, they say when he goes away, Allah send the cloud on her to call her to feel cool. Then when he's find out and he looked at Tony, she was smiling. Now that she has no power, absolute weakness, but there's a strength of believe. And he used to look at her and she's smiling. That's when he got absolutely

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upset and said that's it. I'm killing her. I'm gonna throw the whole rock on her. As the rock is coming. She looked up and she saw that the DA she said you're a law she knows she's dying. Zilla, build the house with you in Jana. And they say as she said, This da as the walk is coming down. She actually died a lot took out her soul before the rock hits her. So she doesn't feel the pain.

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That's asked you that's a woman. That's a woman. Where is the strength came in weakness, the strength of belief. The strength of a man. That's where I knew come. That's what we need. This Deen this religion is all about empowerment. I'm not gonna say empowerment of women. Only I didn't give it its due right? It's empowerment of the human being. The freedom of the human being from the desires shackles of desires. If I wanted I don't have to have it, I can control it. That's what faith gives me. I'm not afraid of dying. My relationship with Allah is very strong. Corona was not shake me staying in the house will not shake me Lee laid off and no income will not shake me because

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I know Allah will take care of me. strength comes in the moment of weakness strength come and next will be sad there Marian Please forgive me I may be going a little bit too quick. It's just again, out of respect to the next speaker after me. And what I will share only one hadith of Rasul Allah is Salatu was Salam about the woman who are the best of the woman in done that, and this is a hadith of Swati salatu salam. And he said, Satan, Abdullah of non bassy. Now writing in he said, we were sitting with him, and he put four lines, he drew all four lines. And he said, Do you know what is these four lines? They said, Dr. roswaal, Allah, Allah and you know, more than us. And he said,

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these four lines are the best for a woman of Jannah. Best for a woman of Ghana, and I'm going to give you the names and see where is their strength and what made them the best people of Jana, the best woman of gender. I see the Haider

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fault Fatima, the daughter of Sade Nam Hamad Asya, the wife of Iran, the one I just shared with you, and see them around for what's sheers what all of them share in common is test and difficulty, test and difficulty and I highly recommend you go and read these stories about the woman that's what I bring my strength. Let's come to see Dr. Maria Seder. Miriam, what's so special, the only woman that assume a whole chapter in the Quran named after her, no other. The only woman only woman and name with a whole chapter in his *. She was very weak, she was an orphan. Her father died before she was born. And she grew up. Basically someone took care of her which is seen as a career to kill off

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her. And then they noticed that she is she wasn't strong outward. On the contrary, she was quiet and she was always in devotion, always praying, always obedient to Allah Satan as a career and children saw earlier Enron and now like he had he always found find that she has food. He said Where do you have this from?

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quality Adam Lang de la. It's from a law in Ohio Masha.

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Allah give sustenance to whom He wills without counting. Don't say how I will eat

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I lost my job. I'm a single mother. It's true is reality, but I need to have what she has what she had, she was an orphan alone, nothing. And then comes the test, where a loss pantalla and you all know the story and Sora Timonium, Allah gave her the test.

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pregnant, and I'll share this beautiful story. Look at look at the strength, look at their strength. So she was actually in, in her place of worship, there was a man who used to come and clean.

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And he knew his name.

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And he saw that his religion prevented him. But then he was really, really interested in knowing how did she get pregnant? So look at the question and look at the answer.

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Both in weakness, this one is weakness in his strength. And and he said,

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Do you know if any possibility actually comes out without a seed? He asked her this question. Is there a possibility? A seed, a tree comes in without a seed? Is there a possibility that there is

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sun will be created without a father? She didn't tell her you're pregnant? Where is this? Just asking her?

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She responded. strength in weakness? She said yes. Usually trees comes from the seed. But who created the seed? And where did they come from? And usually, child or a newborn comes from father and mother. But who created the father and the mother

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he believed and loved her. And when she was delivering the baby, look at the weakest point in her. You feel the weakness here, quality late and emit to cobbler harder, or come to an assignment. See, I wish I was done for this moment, and no one will remember me. She felt so weak, so weak, because here you are. I mean, those of you. This is my job, and most of the woman know what it is at the moment of delivery. how weak the woman is, how painful how tiring. Now add to this. You are alone. McConnell also Yeah, she's by herself in a place of nowhere. She is delivering alone. Now not only worried about the delivery and the pain and the baby who's going to come who's going to take care of

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him? Even worse, what will she tell her people coming back with a baby with a newborn? quality are late and emit Tocopilla harder I wish I was dead deaf or continuous. geomancy I am completely forgotten. No one will remember me. Neither Hammond Tatia? He called her and most iscala tells you say nicer he spoke faith.

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If you look at me, so you will of course a nice talk to her and she's a Seder Maria, I will answer and I say she became a seed Emporium by her devotion. And by her act of worship, and by her putting a loss of Hannah wattana number one in her life. And if you read surah, Allah Emraan will give you that side of her. My strength is my strength come from Allah subhanho wa Taala alcovy the strong will give me the strength that I will need it I may not see it. I may not feel Armstrong but it's gonna come to me through him subpoena and the woman what I needed most. And that's exactly a Seder. Maria. She, she didn't think she was very strong. Otherwise she wouldn't have said I wish I was

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dead. But the result of her devotion to Allah pantalla attached to Allah only not to material things. At the moment of the bottom, rock bottom weakness, Allah told her, let him speak and look at her faith. She believed a baby will speak that said Allah said he will speak He will speak and she went back to her people very confident. Because Allah told her point to him.

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To Shara TV, she just pointed time they said our how our baby is gonna speak. And then he spoke strength, my beautiful sisters. Number one comes from the source of strength which is Allah, Allah kawi

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The strong the weakness is also from a law but Allah can easily blow away my strength, not necessarily changing things around me. Only thing I need to change is my feeling inside me and what I feel

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how I look the ones around me, I will end up if you allow me will do do ours and I need You make me

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in these days and the first draw is by and how can it show you buy so it may be weak but I need you to know the meaning of it. And you'll see it's for sure it's a hadith of Allah Swati salatu salam and the had in the DA is alone in nearby for your Allah I'm weak for kawi period Walker boffi. strengthen my weakness by you being pleased with me.

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Your law I am weak for how we feel about Gaddafi. Give me strength. by the fact you are pleased with me. Well, you're hiring me now see it and take me to goodness through my forelock. What Jalil Islam amantha hurry Oh boy, and make Islam my utmost goal that I want to, I will be pleased with to win. And look now you are telling Allah Who are you who I am, Allahu Allah in your life. You're alone. I am weak for her when you make me strong. When neither you. I am amazed. I'm humiliated for eyes any give me dignity. We're in the 40 year. I'm poor for Alderney I am poor, make me a

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give me richness here. Number one, your bionic eye will end up with the job of the weakest moment of Rasul Allah hisako. Sara, most beloved draw to me, especially these days, he went to boys. After stadia, his wife died and his uncle died, went to the four Fs city north of Makkah, calling them to Islam did not believe in him. Not only that, they actually humiliated him, made fun of him, send the children around, throwing rocks on his noble leg and bleeding. And he looked stood looking at maca. And he made this da and the DA stays like this that Doha is like this. You're along. La or LA to you. A school laughed at you y'all a lot you I complaint, my weakness? What can I do to heal it and

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lack of my resources or sources? Well, Hawaii alumnus and I am being of no value to people, your hammer Rahimi, the most the most Merciful of those who have mercy under our hammer Rahimi, you are the one who is most martyrs

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of those who have more mercy it Amanda Cooney, who are you leaving me to who you are leaving me to? This is Swati Sato So who are you leaving? To whom you are entrusting me to someone distant that attacks me or an enemy, that you gave him control over me. And this is the part illumio can be Kahala boon Allah Allah Valley. If you are not,

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if you are not unclosed with me not pleased with me. If you are not angry with me, then I don't mind. I don't care. But however, your production is much better and more unpolished to me much bigger. I seek protection in the light of your face. I will do be naughty logic. I seek protection in the light of your face, which illuminates the darkness and through which all a fear is in this life and the hereafter become right? made never made it never that I should incor incur your rife Your wrath may never that I will incur Your wrath or that you should be displeased will with me. Look at the last part. I will appeal to you. I will appear to you This is a roswaal is not to sit on

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my beautiful sisters. This is a roswaal hisar to center what all in you should say. I will this is the continuation of the DA I will appeal to you. Till you are pleased with me. There is no power. There is no way except through you. Run a hole Lola quwata illa Allah May Allah spawn Tada. makes these days easy for everyone.

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In my last panel Darla forgive or our sins now subhanak now Konami no madine or alive no Lord but you we were all wrong doors, your locker file on your Allah He lift up this test and trial from the Muslims and the non Muslims in all your earth bring us back to where we were but bring us back much better human beings much more obedient to much more submitting to you your biani Subhana kilimo behind the eyeshadow and lakita hyla and stuff hirokawa today sallallahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was hired me to Sleeman kathira does akmola for hire and please forgive me if I want to over my time.

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