Omar Suleiman – Angels in Their Presence S2 #10 – A Marriage Proposal From Above

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various prophecies of Islam, including a woman named J installations by Selim and a woman named Kari, as well as a woman named Kari who brings her back to her home in dance. They also mention a woman named Kari who brings her back to her home in dance. The speaker also touches on the importance of the Prophet's actions and their impact on the world, as well as a woman named Hope who would spend a lot of time with the Prophet and her impact on the world. Finally, the speaker mentions a woman named Kattia who was found in her presence and given the option to stay among her followers on Earth.
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So Jibreel writing Salam has already come to give salam, specifically to the woman that the prophesy son loved most, the best woman of this ummah, the jewel of the Allahu anha. And give her the glad tidings of her home in paradise. Now after she passes away, we know that this was a period of great sadness for the messengers of Allah and he was salam. Ala Rasulillah Salam did not get married for some time. And eventually whole level the Allahu anha comes to the Prophet SAW Selim and suggest to him to get married to two women.

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So she brings up soda, or the Alana who's old and who can be motherly to his children. And she's also particularly distinguished with her laughter and also I Isha while the Allahu Tada Anna, who she introduces as the daughter of the most beloved person to you, okay, so it was kind of the Allahu anha, who first came to the Prophet slice Allah, and suggested it shall have the Allahu taala. And however it would be some time before the prophets lie, some would marry it shall the Allah and have because it would be until she would reach her age. However, there is another dream that the prophets lie Selim says, and in that dream, the prophets lie some sees Djibouti, and it has Saddam once

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again. And Djibouti Rouhani has Salam approaches, the prophets lie some in this dream. And he shows the Prophet slicin. I'm a green cloth made of silk. And on that green cloth made of silk is an image of a shell of the Hola, Juan and Djibouti and it has Salam says in the Javi, xojo toka, for dunya will after this here is going to be your spouse in this dunya and in the hereafter. So Subhan Allah wa salam who just gave Khadija the Allah and had the glad tidings of what she's going to, is now telling the prophets lie Selim what comes next for him. And that would be it showed the lowdown on her who would spend so much time with the Prophet slice element, of course, would be his joy. And

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with documents the life of the prophet saw some in such detail for us. And this would be the woman that would be around the Prophet slice alum. In his moments of privacy and his moments of worship in so many different moments where he's interacting with God it is and I'm so you just think about the amount of times she would have interacted with the angels in the presence of the Prophet slice, um, during his piano, which she narrates more than anyone else. And there's a specific narration where I was telling my mom that I'm on, he said, I asked her I show the law on her, how would the Prophet size some start his prayer? So she said, when he used to get up and he would pray at night, he would

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start his prayer with the words Allahumma Raba Gibreel Huami II was a Salafi faultiness. Somehow it was old animal LaVey was shahada and attack como Beanery Baddeck a female candle fi telephone, Dini, Nima photography mental health indicator handyman Tushar. He is the author of stalking. So Oh Allah, the Lord of Djiboutian and mica, Eden is Rafi, creator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen, you are the one who judges between your slaves concerning that which they differ over, oh Allah guide me to the disputed matters of truth or through those differences to the truth for you are the one who guides to the straight path. So I actually a lot of time is narrating

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the way that the prophets lie. Some is calling upon Allah, and invoking Allah, first and foremost before the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the angels and naming these angels in particular. Now, did you believe it Saddam ever himself interact with it? So the Allahu anha I shall have the Allahu Taala and she says that the prophets lie Selim once said to me, yeah Isha or Isha Heather Djibouti, Jaco alayka Salam Jibreel ARIA Salam is here, and he sends us Salam so Djibouti Radha has Salam specifically named inshallah the Allah and to send salam to her, and Esau the Allahu Taala and her response and she says why it is Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakato and upon him is

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Salam and Allah's mercy and His blessings and she says yeah to sort of Allah, Tala Amma Allah Allah, O Messenger of Allah, you see things that I don't see Subhanallah ice you are seeing this and I don't see it. This was to be ice and I'm coming in his angelic form. There are also times that I saw the Allah and how would see Djibouti it it has Sudan and human form which we will talk about from a distance however, so this is the woman who Jebediah snom would come to the Prophet slice and in most in her presence, and this is something the Prophet slice and I mentioned as one of the Fulani, one of the virtues of it shall have the law and has that there is no person who Gibreel Alia Salam came

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to him and in her presence in any human beings presence, like you saw the Allahu Allah and of course, even to the very moment of his death.

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When the prophets lie Selim his body and soul was perched against the chest of each little the law and in his last moments while the prophets lie, some was having that conversation, would you believe it has Sudan where he was given the option to stay amongst his followers on Earth, or to join the highest companion, it would be in the hands in the arms of the shuttle, the Allahu taala. And with the Prophet slice alum responding and his soul leaving his body so I actually alone has experienced a mighty journey of interactions with God in Iceland. And she used to mentioned this as well from her fullblood from her virtues that Djibouti lady has Sudan was the one who proposed on her behalf,

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that Allah sent Djibouti Rouhani his Salam with the declaration of her innocence, that debate is not used to come to her with Salam wa salam used to come to the Prophet slicin with Revelation frequently, while she was in his presence. However, she also notes that there's one person that surpassed her in this regard. And so in one of the narrations where she says, Well, law, he I was never jealous of any woman the way I was a teacher. And she starts to mention that the profit slice and I'm used to mention how the God alone has so much and the prophets I said I would not sacrifice except that he sent something to her friends. And then she mentioned at the end of this narration,

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and Allah sent Djibouti and it has salaam to give her the good news of having a palace of close love and Paradise. So even though I shall only allow her on her, encounter Djibouti rice lamb and had the experience of having Salam delivered to her from Djibouti and it has Silla, she did not have what Khadija will the low on her head of the bush law, the glide tightening of that particular palace of Casa in paradise

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