Alkhdhlan, When You are Abandoned

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Hey y'all

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Hey y'all

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In the hands of the law who want to stay you know who want to study he want to stop when I will be lying in Saudi embassy in Oman sejati Imani Anna Maria de la who philomel de la oma yagni follow her the Allahu wa Chateau La la la la hola Sheree Cara wa shawanna Mohammed Abu also Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahumma Sleeman kathira I'm about to praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family's companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, we noticed from ourselves and people around us something very, very interesting and sad in the same time, which is that you find from yourself sometimes the ability to do so much and to offer so much.

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And to be so committed. New find sometimes your heart completely turning away and your shot off.

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You'll see people that they're so happy when the giving even more happier when they donate then then when they receive

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but not everybody like that. You see people when the Salah time comes this so happy to pray, and so excited about prayer. And there is others, they drag their feet and they feel it is just something I want to not that I want habit second get read from, you know, all worries, no a Salah itself, it's a worry that I want to get turned off.

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You'll see people RCM it's a joy for them. While other it's just suffering.

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You see people when they are told there is a class to learn to attend. They're happy, excited, one to learn one to you know, increase their elemental knowledge. And there is other people are so bored. can take it.

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I understand the look, we put this point out, I understand completely, that this is not only to one factors, but to so many factors. Sometimes the speaker is borning sometimes the time is not the best time I'm sleeping I'm too I understand all this but that's not what I what I think is the core of the issue that I want to judge you it is something from inside you really make you even see all these obstacles are is nothing and you can overcome them sometimes in some people have the same reservation that you have, but yet they still so committed. What is the reason behind that? Why that is people will open the heart that they love Quran and they love to recite and they love to listen.

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And some people they're hard. They're not they're

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you know, some people keep telling you, oh, you know, I'm not cut for that. That's not my thing. Why those people say that? Why do people feel that? Is it really? Allah created us differently? that some people cut for this and some people are not

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the answer, absolutely not. Because Allah Subhana Allah told us

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Decreasing the all upon the same fitrah the same way of loving Allah and loving the deen loving the fair, loving good and hating evil and bad.

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But what happened as we grow as we live, as we live our life, and we start practicing our live and behaving in this dunya things change.

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This concept is known in the books of theology as the concept of a trophy,

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a trophy will Allah bless you, when Allah Subhana Allah guide you, when Allah, Allah, open your heart, when Allah subhanaw taala give you that, enter zeal and excitement and commitment

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to good and make you so you know, no interest in evil and bad or have the ability to control yourself and to direct yourself to do what's correct.

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And it

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is when Allah subhanaw taala leave you for yourself.

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He doesn't give you that aid and support. He just leave you to your own.

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You deal with it in your own, know that extra help from Allah subhana wa at that.

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We know that's hard, that's difficult, where he come from under the and sort of common baddie. Allah said in the Quran, if Allah helps you, no one can defeat you. But if he denies you help, then who else can help you?

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Who else can bring the help and an excitement turning your heart?

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I think there's a big question here. Why would a las panatela abandoned someone? And I mean by abandoned, maybe the better word why lost whether I would leave someone to his own self

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was apparent Allah will do that to someone will leave you just in your own.

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He's fair. He's just, he's wise. And I will guarantee you right now that I'll also have that Elia abdon illa de Silva with me, Well, let me say let me fairly, Allah will never, ever leave you to your own except for the result of your own actions.

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When you do certain things that when Allah subhanaw taala leave you for yourself.

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It is your own action. What distance you from Allah subhanaw taala What are these actions? I will show the four important ones and see and based on how much you have of them how much you're drifting far away from the guidance on the help. Could lemme Canada Canarsie Manhattan, Albert Aqsa, Kula Makana, Boudicca, Angela hackathon

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was run in LA hillock.

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Number one, it took about an hour number one to follow your desire.

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And you prefer your desire over what do you know it is correct as true. You know what is right, but your desire, you know, telling you now don't do this, do that fulfill that

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you know what this right and wrong is not the lack of knowledge, but you still prefer your desires over what is correct over what is beneficial, even if it is harmful. Even if it makes no sense. Even if it is wrong, I still want to follow my desire

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and a person just keep doing that keep doing that until that person will became slave to their desire trap that they feel I cannot resist. I can't get out of that cycle of doom anymore.

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Allah, what are the today in how are you didn't like and Sevilla and do not follow your desire, Allah says or they will lead you astray from Allah zwei Absolutely. That's why Allah Subhana Allah says there is no worse no one worse then woman above lumen Manitoba ahuriri, houda min Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah said, and who could be more straight, then those who follow their desires with no guidance from Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah How are shaniqua Amma

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could know whom your innovation how they are me alittle bustle

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he said al Hauer and Lana Lana means blindness and Howard is following the desires. He said if you just by following the desires I'm blindness is the same. This one will not will enable you to see with your eyes and the other one will not allow you to see with your heart and with your soul.

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what goes on in them how far you can within a team and you know the law and

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The cousin of the process on said what I fear the most for you is two things. boondall ml with Tibetan Hauer for in Nepal and ml Yun Silla Hara. We're in nativa and Hauer, Yun SIL how

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he said, I worry the most from two things, told anamod were you think that you will live so long, you still have so much time in your life.

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And for anyone here who thinks himself will live long, you're wrong. Death does not differentiate between healthy and sick, young and old. And if you want to figure that out yourself, go visit the cemetery. See how many young people there? Go visit the hospitals. Ask doctors are plenty of them here.

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when death comes, it comes.

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He said, The long life the long hope in life that will basically licky forget about the other because he think this is the main thing is this dunya to fulfill your desire in this dunya in this life, and you forget about the next and Ill How are following the desires. It will block you from seeing the truth or want to follow what is correct.

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Well, then you can call for the liberty of many, many Tebow

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is stuck whether he had an Katahdin humare, the tofield when you follow your desires, you're away from the guidance and the help of Allah subhana wa, and hazardously somebody told him what's the best form of jihad, karma avamar Jihad karlen to jahar work. The best time of fighting is to fight your own desires is to struggle against it. What did that get what Abraham Allah I heard once scheffel Islam my teacher have been Tamia. He was told by a man either Hannah Raja roofie naka de de la jolla and if you rush the habit fitball Katha, Carla Sara Bahama, Huma arafat and knocked out nesea policia Islam. waka Valley Come on hon. Allah Hillel

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a man told them to me Yeah, he's a businessman. So he told me you know what, I noticed anyone cheat in trade, the trade of silver and gold cheek any he will bring copper and he make it mix it as if it is gold, you know, he cheat in the weight of the gold silver chain and their business. He said that person, Allah Subhana Allah well made him end up losing the ability to differentiate between real gold and physical gold, fake gold, real silver, he will lose the ability to do that, because he cheated a lot. Even Timmy or him, Allah said the same thing when the scholar do the same. When a scholar cheat when a scholar know what the truth and he will tell you what, against the truth, for

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whatever desired for whatever reason, Allah will make those scholars lose their lm as well. Number two area when a person constantly showing up, when you don't do things for Allah. When you do things for your parents, when you do things for your friends, when you do things for society, when you do things for your spouse, when you do things to impress people around you. When the heart is watching people the more than watching Allah that's the heart what Allah Subhana Allah will leave it

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unto its own

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that's dangerous that's scary. And unfortunately living in a society today where people's judgement is more important that what Allah says

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what people think of you is more important than what Allah think of you

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that's the heart was filled with react filled with with free from a class that's what a lot

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of sincerity.

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The third one,

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the curveball who wrote a jab enough's. The third reason where Allah subhanaw taala leave the person to his own. When the person is arrogant, when the person is arrogant, and think of himself that he's perfect. I don't need anyone. I don't need any help. Either. I'm just correct.

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You know, when I look down upon others, you have a linear model that tells me sallallahu Sallam said that so Monica with an iPhone Juliet, with an iPhone kuffaar out with an iPhone diraja three things will destroy you. Three things will save you three things will erase your sins, and three things will elevate your status in general. And the point from the Hadith, the three things that will destroy you sure.

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When you sustain Gee, you love the wolf more than money more than anything, then you will follow that desire, the love for money. Well, how am whatever and you follow your desire wherever your desire takes you you go well and job will model even FC

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And the third one when you see yourself perfect

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you know

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when you think that you Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, nothing wrong with you.

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And that leads you to when you think you're perfect. Anything you do you try to justify it. Anything you do you try to convince yourself that it's correct, and it is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And that's why you never change. That's why you never grow. That's why you never able to be a better person.

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And you're only allowed and also said a tow vehicle or euro car it was in hornak Cairo Corinne. Well Apple, how you refer him? Well, Adam, hi, Ronnie Roth. One hour shatter Asha domina.

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And, you know, the Alliance said, the guidance of Allah is the best

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guide that you can ever have. Good manners is the best thing to have it in your company. You need to be always in the basically seen with good manners and lot intellect. Common Sense, is the best things to have in your life. And manners is the best things to inherit and to leave behind Yanni your children will always talk about how you know well mannered you are and you will take from your parents and from your people, your good manners, and he said that nothing can be more worrying he will lead for the person to be

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abandoned and hated.

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And unsuccessful. Like an urge being arrogant.

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As apparently any one of the thing that I love what lasagna himolla said Is it can mean sliding up to re many candles will be the light will go away because of the wind. But also so many knowledge and so many acts of warships and so many righteous will be a why because of their arrogance because you think yourself I'm better than other just because I pray just because I did this this because I did that and that's why I've been headed hate me said sometimes arrogance, a slight illuma Minh whom sometimes even scholars, people have knowledge Yanni and that apply to scholars of Sharia and scholars and other area sometimes because you have a very high degree, very successful a specialist

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an area and you think yourself you know it all. If you it's great thing to be great knowledge in certain area. You're the greatest physician I've ever you're the greatest businessman ever. You're the best one in trade, whatever it is your area.

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But if you think that by doing that, you just nothing better than me. That's where you start declining.

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That's where you start getting to the bottom. Because that anyone who knows what's knowledge is he knows that the more you learn, the more you'll realize that you have so much to learn. There's so much more to get and to gain.

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Then he said fell General ennemi he that

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he better lilla how for men for our upwaltham in an early millimeter camber, one average in module if you have a scholar or a person of knowledge and a righteous act or an actor like an aesthetic and person who worship Allah subhanaw taala but the arrogance, and why do you have an average Muslim who doesn't have knowledge or doesn't do much active worship, but they are humble, but they always see that they need the aid and the help from Allah those people more better much better than the person with the knowledge and the person with Eva. They are filled with arrogance.

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Last one would end with

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constantly making sense

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since take you away from Allah Subhana Allah that's why we call it repentance which are reduced to repent you need to come back because sin drift you away. Just underestimate the power of sin don't drift very very far.

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So it became hard for you to go like I don't know if you guys like swimming or not. But if you go swim, and Mashallah you excited, you know? And, you know, I love for example, I'm a diverse I love diving, when there is a current because it's the lazy dive, they just drop you and the current will drift you take you you just do like this, you just stand up and the water will take you all the way or they both pick you up from the other side that you do nothing but you draft But imagine if you have to do a death draft but you have to go back to the shore

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or you swim

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Then you have to go against the current. Are you boating you kayaking or you know are you canoeing and you have to go against now the dread to go back that's hard that's a sin when the drift with the sin far away because the desire to make things easy and the lazy swim levy draft but when you come back the farther you are the harder to go back

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Don't let them since take you and drift you away.

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Why not take who can Nadine and more

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for sanghoon hula can move fast and

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don't be like those home forgot Allah. So he made them forget themselves.

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It is they who are truly rebellious for sound. Now last panel data and yasumoto Yeah, communism will hop on. Hold msma Mustafa Romani hola como esta

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hamdulillah del slotzo salaam Amina

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Mohammed Al Hassan Rahim Allah who died in 505 Hijri said the curse, the curse of Allah Allah

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by the way is not just your face will turn to be dark or change or or your wealth will go less ality Latin Elisa toward infinity went to an auction.

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In Atlanta, the true meaning of curse, a lot a whole gem in them in la carta famously

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the true meaning of curse that you do a sin. Then next you do another one similar to it or worse. You just go from one one problem to another from one cent to another from one cent to another from one cent or another. Allah saved you so many times, but you go to another kind of sin. That's the true curse.

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Because sin and keep Elana curse it means

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big put your Atlanta heater got a bad as you're away from something. So the more you do these things, the more you're away from Allah subhana wa tada

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Yeah, my brother and sisters, this concept is is a big concept to talk about. It has so many manifestations. Sometimes a grant comes in way less than that. 100 can sometimes comes when Allah subhanaw taala let you focus on less important things and miss the most important things. And so the nine can be when Allah Subhana Allah, you know, make you always hang out with the wrong crowd.

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We're all crammed the just wrong crowd that keep you, you know, doing more and more of their own things. You know, that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah make you around people who will not remind you, who will not push you to do it. It is a good thing when people push you towards goodness.

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Is it your parents, it's your spouse, it is your community, to your mom, it is your friends, that's a blessing.

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Don't a band that take advantage of them. It's among the heartland that you've abandoned and lifted by las panatela when you find yourself that you know what you don't care for that Dean unless that's terrifying. And the key to turn things around is to start taking actions towards Allah. Trying to do more and beg Allah ask Allah make the

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only blood to kill nealon fc Tata in another column in Dhaka in the Bissell salon todos this beautiful da y'all don't let me rely on myself even if it is you know like a split second. Or like for you like a blink of an eye for the shortlist and don't ever look me rely on myself be always there for me aid me and guide me make sure when you pray sort of in fact you have a dinner set up I'm sticking it comes really from your heart You're up guide me You're up Give me that guidance and open my heart to accept the deen of Allah Spanner

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and that's the way to inshallah surgeon to give you the view and I choose this topic today because I'm Amman is coming and I want every one of us when this Ramadan comes to be one of the it is the best moment ever in my life. Milan is up and coming Sofia we have the shadow of Kadeem Ophelia him and assure you are a young had 10 ammo to haul then under subpoena without alarm off and then led into alarm off and then I went to dinner when I was watching the reaction. I'm equally shocked. I've been featured in the cantus Simeon earline Allah Haemophilia in Omaha Tina allamani about you know my heart you know Allah who fogliano Hakuna Allah, you know, a young alumni community hennelly can

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harmonically phobic. IgM and celiac enzymatic Galahad Mr. Knew it he went on a dime and I'll tell you what, though 50 other Gerardo Ekrem Allah here for you

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For Korra and muslimeen or Schumer washer burbano culinary Allah Mohammed Tana Allah Maha Medina Allah Muhammad Donna y de la linea, the general economic Kula hedeman

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Baraka, Allah whom and I to him in a public Allahu Allah cannatech in emphysema perfetta anyone in Delhi can certainly follow vana eropa article magnetic was a young man of eco Rubina rubeola you know as wodgina other than Matt hatin our head on the other jelajah econ Allah who may are here for you along my other journey with econ not fit not on fitness you will help me been an SEO Angela your econ Allah whom I demand in medico, I'm Nicola harco arfi ethic once it Eileen also heathcare Angelica admin indicated Antonio econ wishes minchie aka Ohio sakana, Allah homophone Heather without for another with another robot what father now I mean, I have the Chaos Engine on your Econ,

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or suddenly the Hamas element and avianna Mohammed Omar Hassan Kuma