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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the negative impacts of Islam on people's beliefs and behavior, citing evidence of believers and disbelievers. They also touch on the negative consequences of not being a believer and the use of incorrect parables to explain the concept of Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of following standards of normality and behave in a two faced way, including legends like veganism and the need for reform.
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Spin are hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi Hamdan UEFI in Omaha Will you carry on as either or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was a huge Marine. Allah when I lived in federal now in front of him I limped Turner was in early mania Kareem Robicheaux actually surgery, or simply empty or positive melissani of coho coli or visit near ailment or visit near ailment or visit near Alma. Hola, hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, my doctor who Salah wanted you and has either shaved the Sahara. Welcome everyone to another day with introducing Quran.

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And we left off where Allah subhanaw taala said in the Latina Cafaro. So when I lay him under the home, emblem to the room, let me know.

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Those who disbelieve whether you want them or not, it will be the same. There won't be any differences lie aminos. So right before this, Allah subhanaw taala was talking about a group of people who believed and he gave some of the qualities of these believers. So here, Allah talks about three groups, sort of, in fact, there was one group, and then those who they're not here, ALLAH is talking about three groups. So he spoke about those who believe in what they basically do the basic premises of belief. Now, Allah talks about another group group, and these are those who disbelieve in the Lavina Cafaro. So now lay him under town emblem to the room live mean on whether you want or

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not, will make no difference to those who disbelieve as they will carry on not believing whether you want them or you don't want them, it won't make any differences. Now, of course, these are, this is not a general rule, because there is a difference

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for some people, because when you warn some people, they do get affected. But Allah is saying, for those who have been destined to be resurrected as disbelievers, or in other words, those who have chosen disbelieve, and that's what they want to die upon, there's nothing you can do about it, you can try, you can bang your head against the wall, you can do whatever you want, you're not going to be able to convince them, there's no effect that you can have on them. So your job is simply to deliver the message you try. You've given the message. And sometimes people even Concur to the fact that the message is very good. But they don't want to believe. So you can't force people into

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belief. In fact, even if people get forced into belief, technically, they're still not believers, because belief, by its very nature has to be a choice.

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So you can potentially put a gun to someone's head and say, This is what I want you to believe. Yes, he might agree with you, okay, because he wants to save his life. But at the end of the day, he's not really believing because belief is an internal reality. And there's an expression of it. And there are actions that show it but at the end of the day, there is an internal key factor without which a person is not considered a believer. That's the difference between believers. And when I 15, those who are hypocrites, right?

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Allah continues, and he says, hunt them Allah who Allah who will be him. Allah has sealed their hearts, and their ears, why not send to him, and their gazes revealed

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when a home mother wouldn't Halim and there is a severe torment in store for them.

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So there's a number of factors about these disbelievers. Number one, Allah has sealed their hearts and Allah azza wa jal has sealed their Allah has sealed their hearts and their ears as well. Now, one may say again, this is an important question here. If Allah has chosen to seal their hearts, then what's the point of that altogether? But the idea is, this is referring to people who have chosen full willingly and they have decided after every dollar has come to them, the prophet is miss them. Remember that? He's the one who's calling them and Allah is telling the Prophet, look, it's going to make no differences if you try or not. Your job is to deliver the message. They're not

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going to believe it's not talking about every person who's a disbeliever because there are many people who are disbelievers who accept Islam, during the time of the Prophet SAW Selim, and after as well. So Allah has sealed the hearts of those people who have chosen this disbelief and this is very similar to the IRA where Allah Subhana Allah says philam, Zoho as our Allahu Lubell so when they turned away, Allah turned their hearts away as well. So they made a choice firstly, then Allah did this sealing process while at home as well now Veeam and they

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He has a very, very severe torment in store for them as well.

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Now LVM is a severe torment. It's a serious torment. It's a tremendous torment. So it's not talking about necessarily the pain that's going to be caused. That's, that's a side effect. But it's talking about how grand severe great and tremendous it is, meaning there's a lot going to happen. There's a lot that's going to happen when this torment is going to take place. So even that Alabama that greatness, the tremendousness that, that will also make the torment severe as well. When you go to a Grand Place, there's an aura that you're struck by as well, right? So Allah is saying that this will be a very serious torment in a very, very serious place. If you go to some places where people are

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tortured. You know, you can see signs of that. In a lot of museums, even here in Canada, if you go to different museums, they'll have objects that people were taught tortured with in this country. And I've seen it in Montreal and other places. So you look at those things. When you see those objects of torture, it already affects you, you're like, wow, someone could actually be placed in something like this. Right? So there's a level of fear that's casted simply by going to this torment, right? It's LVM. It's serious. Wamena Nasi mania, goon Armineh. Now there's a third group. So there's the believers there are the disbelievers there are also the hypocrites Allah says from

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the people are also those who say, we have believed or some will say we've believed

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in Allah, and we've believed in the final day as well, but they in no way are believers while my home Wiimote meaning they might give you lip service and tell you that we are believers, but deep down inside, they don't actually believe. And there are specific signs that Allah mentioned about these people who are hypocrites, and the hypocrites, there was no such thing as hypocrisy, by the way, in Makkah, why? Because in Mecca, most people were not believers.

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Clearly, or they were believers, clearly, because there is nothing, no benefits that you get out of being a believer, right? Either you are a believer, or you're not, you're not a believer. If you're not a believer, there's a lot of benefits you're going to get in society. If you are a believer, it's going to come at a cost. So nobody wants to hide their disbelief, and express outwardly belief because that's going to come at a cost. And that's going to have, you know, a lot of

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severe consequences that come with it as well. So nobody wanted to be a hypocrite hypocrisy began after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam moved to Medina, and most specifically after the Battle of budder. This is where people started to show signs of hypocrisy, where some people they realized that now Islam is the son of Islam is beginning to shine. Now the reign of Islam is starting. So now, there's a lot of benefits, there's lucrative business deals perhaps that we'll get because of being Muslims, there are consequences for not being Muslims, perhaps there's, you know, physical and maybe even financial consequences, like taxes, or other things. So people started to

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come into Islam at this point, because there were benefits attached to being Muslim. Before that, there was no hypocrisy. Now, because of that, even within Muslim societies, which are largely ruled by people who, who give patronage to practicing Muslims, you will see that everybody's behaving like a good muscle. As soon as that stop stops, some people start to come out of the closet, and they're like, oh, right, hey, jobs begin to come off. And that's happening right now, in many parts of the world. You know, just just just today, right before this particular class, I visited a brother. And he said exactly that. He said that in our country now, hey, jobs are beginning to come off from

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sisters who are friends of my wife from when when they used to be younger, in their days of school, or also, my my friends and their wives, their taking their jobs off, because there was no conviction in the hijab. There was no conviction in faith. It was just a culture. It's just a matter of this is how things are done here. This is how we're going to do it over here. So that basically treats people into hypocrisy because there's privilege that practicing Muslims get when you don't have those same privileges anymore. What's the point of being outwardly Muslim now? Because there are no privileges. In fact, privileged people now in society are the opposite. So this is what happened in

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Medina, but the other way around, when privileges started to come to people who are practicing muslims or muslims or some people they came in

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To face. And that's where the story of hypocrisy began. Now there's very, a very important point over here, hypocrisy is of two types. Number one, there's a new faculty at Accardi, the FOP or hypocrisy which is related to belief. Most of the times when ALLAH is talking in the Quran, that is the type of hypocrisy that's being discussed.

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There is also another type of hypocrisy or any FARC, which is in action and not in belief. So when you see that hadith, which says, the signs of a, of a monastic are three, right? When he speaks, he lies when he's entrusted, he betrays the trust. And so these type of a hadith they're not talking about a monad such that he's out of the fold of Islam, because there are many people who speak and they lie.

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Does that mean the person has become a monarchy? There are many people who are interested, but they cheat. Does that mean the person has become a monastic IE, out of the fold of Islam? Meaning he doesn't have any allegiance to Islam internally in his heart? No, this is called the follow up, or homily. And if our in actions, okay, this can lead to a greater form of mythique, which is a difficult call the hypocrisy in terms of your belief as well, but it is not. And we have to make that distinction because sometimes people start calling one another munafo. Right, because of something like this, the hadith is saying that, but this is an action it's a mistake he's made. The

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Sharia has many names for mistakes, sometimes that name is golfer, and sometimes that golfer is also minor go for that. Are you not disbelief? Sometimes that name is FISP, maliciousness, and that is that can also be major and minor meaning disbelief, and, and no mistake similarly in the FARC. It could be major and minor as well, meaning something that literally takes you out of the fold of Islam, your belief is against the belief of the Muslims, and something that's in Iraq in your action, as well. So those are the two different types of nofap. There are some people they say we believe I'm a Nabila, we believed in Allah and we believed in the Hereafter, but these are the real

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Munna fix. So they're in the Falcon, the Falcon car, do you want my home? Meaning, but they are in no way believers. You heard their own Allah, they attempt to deceive Allah. They can't deceive Allah. So that's why we translate this as they attempt to deceive Allah azza wa jal? Well, we're living in Armano they attempt to deceive Allah and those who believe what we're letting they attempt to deceive Allah and also those who have believed what their own Illa and Fusa home warm is true. But they do not deceive anyone but themselves. Woman Yes, Sharon. But they don't realize they do not realize that they are only disability deceiving themselves. How so? Well, at the end of the day,

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Allah is going to tell the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of the characteristics of the Mona 15 of the hypocrites those who have internally disbelieved

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so they may be able to appearantly deceive people, but Allah's Prophet had a list of people in the Medina who happened to be one, okay, so they can't really deceive the Prophet. They can't really deceive the believers as well. They're only trying to do that. And they don't really realize that it's only apparently that they're doing that, okay. ficolo be him metal

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facade, a Hula, hula mandala, these people they have a sickness or disease in their hearts. There is a disease in their hearts. Now the diseases of the hearts when it comes to spiritual diseases, there are two diseases. One of them is a disease. That is a doubt. And the other is a disease which is a desire. So a doubt in a desire. Those are the two diseases of the heart. There are other diseases of all, but these are the two diseases that end up leading a person to stream. Okay. You have a doubt. So you start to slowly doubt faith. Now whoever has a doubt

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whoever has a doubt, then they have to get clarification for this don't. And the second type of disease is the is the desires or the desires.

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Doubts lead you to disbelieve and so there's a sin in terms of your, your ideology and your belief and your theology. As for desires, they lead you to physical consequences because then people end up following their desires. All of this comes from the heart. You

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And what we mean by the hearts over here is the soul. Okay? It doesn't when you think of the heart, it's almost a metaphor for the soul. And that's why the heart, the soul, the knifes the rule, these words are used interchangeably in the Quran. Of course in every context, they're used in different ways, but these are all words which are used interchangeably in the Quran. So it's not always referring to the physical heart if you understand what I'm saying, okay? But it's a metaphor for the soul and the mind and the, and the direction of the person, as a whole field who will be him muddled in their hearts is a disease for Azada, whom Allah humara Allah, so Allah has increased that disease

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even further. Whenever a person follows his desires. Allah gives that person more room to keep going on those desires. If he makes that choice, Allah gives his slaves choices when people make choices that are wrong, Allah azza wa jal doesn't give them the attention. Similarly, when people turn back to Allah azza wa jal because of something that reminds them within this life of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Then Allah also turns to them as well. There's a hadith of the prophet that whoever comes to me walking, I will come to him running. And then Allah will raise to you if you come to Allah azza wa jal, but then those who turn their hearts away, as the prophet is Allah said in the Quran, for

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the Messiah, when they turned away, Allah also turned their hearts away. When they chose to be diseased in their hearts, Allah increased their hearts have more disease, what to whom other baboon Aleem and these people will have a very, very severe torment, very painful torment, especially these ones because they caused a lot of pain to the believers in Medina. And they caused a lot of pain to believers in every time because these are the sellouts among the Muslims. They're there till today, especially wherever it is lucrative to be Muslim. They're there. You know, sometimes they're bought out by governments to go check what people are saying in Masjid sometimes they're bought out by the

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fact that it's favorable to be Muslims. You know, whatever the case may be people behave in this way for many, many reasons, but they cause a lot of pain and damage to Muslims. So Allah azza wa jal says, well, Aleem, they will have a very severe pain and torment as well be maca and react to the bone because of their lies. There is a disease in their hearts, which Allah has further increased and they will be met with a painful punishment due to their lies.

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What either feel alone, lack of Cebu filler, when it is said to them Do not spread corruption within the land, all who they say in NA mostly Hoon. We are but reformers whenever they're told do not spread corruption on the earth. They reply we are but reformers. So who is telling them this who is saying to them, don't spread corruption within the land?

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You see,

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sometimes the hearts became become awakened as well. Right? So there are people among them who are 15, who at times by being among Muslims, they say to themselves, maybe these people are right, because they're hearing the Quran all the time. They're hearing the Sunnah all the time. They're hearing the message all the time. At one point or another, their hearts get affected as well. So from them when I say 18 are some people who say to other Munna, 15, don't let's stop it, let's cut it out, not to have to fill out do not spread corruption any longer within the earth.

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They go back and they say, Oh no, in no Muslim rune. So you guys are missing the plot. It looks like you've missed the mark at this point, because we are actually the ones who are reforming the world from these crazy Muslims. Were the ones who are fixing the problems within the world. We're not creating their problems in whom home will move soon. Allah says it is undoubtedly the who are the corrupters

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Well, Akela Sharon, but they are unable to perceive they can't perceive it now, could it be possible that they can't perceive Okay, could it be possible that they cannot perceive

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if they recognize Islam to be the truth, then obviously

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it will be in this case that they will be held to account. So what is well actually life alone means what does it mean when we say but they are unable to perceive? Okay.

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The scholars of Tafseer they have a number of answers for this but

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I think one of the most satisfying answers is, let's go back to the problem. The problem is, if they don't even perceive, can they be held to account? You understand what I'm saying? Because you only become held to account if you are if you're able to perceive the truth. So if they don't perceive the truth, as it says, in the eye over here, can they be held to account?

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The answer is

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no. Because they don't perceive. So what exactly is it that they're not perceiving the object is deleted. So what they're not perceiving is that Allah azza wa jal from above the heavens, he tells the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that this person and that person and XYZ and all of these people are wonderful.

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They are disbelievers, they are

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hypocrites. They are evil, they don't believe internally, Allah tells the prophets I said, Linda, so this is what they're not perceiving. They are pretending to be reformers. But what they don't perceive is that Allah is telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that these are the bad apples among your ranks. Were either key, amino, ominous, and whatever it is said to them believe just as others have believed. Believe, just as other people have believed as well, on who they say, I don't mean Oh, come on a sofa. They say should we believe just as the sofa I've believed?

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Just as the fools have believed as well.

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Now, what either Akela home me no camera ominous. What does it mean when Allah says believe just as the people have believed?

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sometimes the Arabs, they would use the word and non US people to refer to a social norm up against which people are going to be held. Okay. And this is something that's there in Arabic culture till today. In fact,

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it's there in every culture that I'm aware of. It's a were there in English. And it's also there in ODU, as well, okay. So till today in parts of Arabia, not everywhere, but in parts of Arabia, they will say something like vegan pneus do as the people do, okay? Why don't you behave like the people? So what does that mean behaving like the people, that means behave like normal people will act? And we say in English as well, why don't you behave like normal people? Right? So who are normal people who set the standards of normal people? There are no specific standards, but you're basically trying to make the person look abnormal. So you use that term. Similarly over here, that when Allah saying

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well, either Phila home, Amin Okemah, ominous, the professor in the side over here, and NASA is there are no particular standards that they're following. But it's, it's that metaphor over why don't you behave and believe, just like that people have believed, and everybody around you is believing in Medina, why don't you also believe as well?

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Kalu and Minakami Amanda sufa, they want to do the opposite? Why don't you behave like normal people, we're not going to behave like fools. We're not going to believe like the fools that believed Allah in humans sufa It is, they will happen to be the fools when Akela moon but they know not. They do not know.

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They are the ones who are truly foolish, but they know not.

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Allah continues. And he says, What either Lockwood Levine, or whenever they encounter people who are believers, they say, Follow Amman. They say We believe

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when they're alone with their devils, they say we are with you. But we are only mocking on the other side. So whenever they're paying to games over here, when they're with believers, they behave in one way. And when they're with their Shariati and their devils they behave in other ways. Now, this is a quality that some people have. But not everyone who has this quality is inherently I'm gonna I go back to my point earlier on, there are two different levels of NIFA sometimes people are to face they behave like this around you in public, but then when they go behind your back, they're behaving a completely different way. So this is a two faced human being. It doesn't mean the person is a

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disbeliever. And here inherently, but it is a quality from the qualities of NIFA to behave in a two faced way. So when they meet those who believe God Who am and now they say we are believers just like all of you as well, what either Hello Isla Shayateen him and when

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They are alone with their Devils on who they say in Morocco we are with you, but we are only mocking we are only mocking or simply mocking Allah who says he will be him Allah He ends up mocking them back. Well yeah motorhome for you to reality him and he gives them the opportunity to go further in their transgression. Yeah I'm a Hoon and this is where we'll stop. As I said today we wanted to keep it light because of the council meeting today. And Insha Allah, Allah Allah will carry on our lesson from next week tomorrow I'll be here for slightly higher body so I hope to see all of you there tomorrow insha Allah because Allah hunting for listening, or Salah Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in

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or early he was so happy as you're marrying