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Salam Alikum Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh it's amazing how many incidents take place in our daily lives through which Allah subhanaw taala tries to subtly teach us something, or make us kind of like focus a little bit and we stop, reflect and contemplate about what's going on. So I always, always, always parked my car inside the garage a couple of days ago, of course, we got, you know, you know, hit by a snowstorm, my car got stuck in the driveway, for whatever reason, Allah subhanaw taala wanted it to get stuck out there. Anyway, two days ago, we did something from the car. So of course, we had to, you know, usually we just open go into the garage and get it but because the car is outside, we

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had to open up the garage door, you know, go get whatever we wanted to get from the garage. On the way back, as we're walking into the garage, we see a little bird literally hopping in front of us next was going into the garage, and hiding under, you know, behind one of the boxes, and Subhanallah, you know, tried to get it out wouldn't leave, it wouldn't fly. So you know, took it inside, I quickly wrapped it in some warm towels, I started reading her and petting it. And it was part of the hello world that in a couple of minutes. It just, you know, returned to Florida passed away, just to make me cry and be miserable for the day anyway. SubhanAllah. But anyway, so by the

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end of the day, the kids and I took it out, you know, we decided to bury it, the kids wanted to name it and whatnot. And, you know, I walk inside and I'm sitting down and I'm thinking to myself, it's amazing how Allah subhanho wa Taala manages our affairs in such a meticulous time, the car gets stuck outside right in the driveway, we need something from the car at that very specific moment, not an hour earlier, not 10 minutes later, because if it was a few minutes later, the bird would have died outside. And then the bird doesn't walk in a minute earlier because it would have just gone and hidden underneath the box and would have died there wouldn't have seen it till later. But

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it literally walked in as we were walking into that we would see it Subhan Allah so that I would take it in, you know, give it its dose of comfort, its Qur'an, and then we would be you know, buried and be reminded of death and the burial and you know, standing outside and reading Quran and making diet and whatnot. And I was like, in our lives so many times, we make the hat and then we wonder like, you're like, I'm 30 years old, I've been making all this money, you know, all this time, and I'm still not married, you know, I have reached this age and I still have not got that promotion. My kids are this and that and they've somehow achieved this and that and we're always worrying about

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the time it's like we're putting a condition when we're making the heart with Allah subhanaw taala about this is what I want and this is what I want it doesn't work that way. Well why doesn't work that way. We make the Doha but the when is in the last panel had to had his hand Yes, you exert your effort, but you have to have your clean you have to have trust and faith in Allah subhanaw taala that he will give you what you want first of all if it's good for you and secondly when he subhanaw taala wants it not when you want it will law he will law he believe me you are not one second earlier or a second later than where you are supposed to be a real as part of Donna wants you to be

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wherever you are in your life right now. If you stand and think and ask yourself like you know, why has this not happened to me or you're asking yourself why has this not happened to me till now? Why am I not able to do this? You are where he subhanaw taala wants you to be you're not really and you're not late it's exactly where he's hundreds Allah wants you to be because Who are you them? And he's the one who kind of manages your affairs and he's not just anybody last 100 palaces what cool nine years ago convener Santa's evil and may yam liquid semi our upside when you return Hi Yemen and may eat or you return may eat MNL Hi, well, may you that barrel and Paseo pollun Allah, the whole F

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aleteia Taco, ask yourself, ask yourself Who is the one who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? And who is the one who has control of your hearing? And you're seeing and who is the one who brings forth life from death and life and death from life? And who is the one who controls and manages all your affairs? They're going to say who? Allah, Allah so why are you questioning the time? Be certain will lie the story just kind of like reassured me the timing, the timing, like law wanted this to happen at this time and want me to go on at this time and whatever it was, it was the timing, his timing Subhanallah to hand up my timing. Whenever you feel in doubts, when you find

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yourself questioning why you're up? Is it not happening for me now? Why you're up? Is this not happening for my child right now or for my pet, whatever it is, remember the story of the bird. Remember how we went out at this time how the car got stuck, how it came in front of us so that we could see it so that we could bury it and be reminded and remind one another? Allah subhanho wa Taala is so generous will lie. Just have your clean, have your pain, have trust in him? He's the one who controls everything. He's the one who has every sauce

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And instead is yours in his hand. So he will inshallah give it to you at the right time, the time that he Subhanallah to Hana sees best for you. We lost hundreds out of all Yanni always grant us the European and the ability to kind of like just hand it over to us 100 dalata schemaless pinata Hana and understanding that things happen on his time, not ours, Amin, amin, Salim Ali Cora whatsoever