Sajid Ahmed Umar – The overwhelming mercy of Allah – don’t lose hope!

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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I happen to be left and then a rough man at work was salat wa salam ala Rasulillah wider Edie or Sotheby's as you may hear a young lady in Arizona who happens to be 112 to noon. Yeah if you understood

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the Hanukkah minutes you are Haider bahala Kamini has Oda in my region and can do what he said with that a lot of money so he welcome in Allah Hi can

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you hear us have any enamel coupon and save either usually

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when we look

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frozen Ali and Nelson are heavy Nikita Buddha was really heavy and you know humble in some low level ID devices are shown

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to have a good level.

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But good Bala, welcome I want to rewind, looking at now, I left up Allah, Allah whatever several million Islam was

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around thing that you said that the letter O servants of Allah and our children have had, we begin praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and seeking His blessings, and we request praises and blessings upon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Mightiness Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessings upon us countless and above these blessings. He says what he will do here but Allah here

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that if you were to try and count and audit the blessings of Allah subhana wa, on you, you will never ever be able to do something from these blessings is this very day that we are living through right now, the day of tomorrow, a day, there is a period known as read in the week of a believer a day that is considered the best day upon which the sunrises as we learned in the reading of the viola one, which is in Sahih Muslim he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the only valid bishops Yama Jumar fee,

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or fee he was in a gender war feel free Germany that was sad. Iloveyou the Jamaat he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the best day upon which the sun rises is the day of Grimoire. On this day, Allah created Adam Aileen Sarah, and on this day Allah entered him into paradise. And on a Friday, Allah removed him from Paradise and becoming of the Hour will only take place or will not happen, except on a Friday. We have also because of the people of paradise when that day arrives, I mean, yeah, so this is a day that is a blessing from the blessings of Allah. And this day is blessing not for the historical facts that I share. But because ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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chose this day, Allah

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Allah, Allah creates what He wants, when he wants how he wants, and he raises in rank. These were any part of his creation over other parts as per his wish, and will make Canada who was here, and no one else had to say in the method, as recognized this day, as expression of they, because Allah chose it is from the mandates of law, in the law, this testimony that there is no one worthy of worship besides one Allah. So this is a blessing because Allah chose this day. And this day is all consists of other blessings such as the blessing of having a final hour in which if I believe he raises his hands, he will not go around. And the scholars have many opinions regarding this day that

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has a detailed discussion in his, in his book, or in many of his writings regarding the views of the scholars regarding this particular hour is our English hour. I was accepted on a Friday, and he considers as closest to that being most correct, or the view that is closest to that being most correct, that you would state that it is the final hour on the day or tomorrow or this period between the hours of prayer and the level of pray. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. So this is a blessing and from the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada is that He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful and is the tirely merciful and the especially mercy and He SubhanaHu Adana is this and he

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was this from ever and he will be this forever to kind of wait for his panel data is perfect from and is perfect for him to carry with and thus also

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pentawards Allah has many names and attributes that fall within the genre of

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the names and attributes of compassion and mercy. And from these names is our Imam, and Rahim, Allah

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and others

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of who, and after one and a half, and then bomb.

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What the what, these are some of the names of compassion and mercy that Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen for himself for himself when that he met them. And Allah subhana wa has the highest and most elevated of examples when it comes to understanding the reality of His Names, and attributes, wherever there is a smell with a person, and also follows a pattern of words, is the most beautiful and most amazing of names and attributes of rough man, this name from the names of Allah subhanho wa taala, that is upon the Arabic state law and Thailand.

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And this name teaches us that Allah subhanho wa Taala is not just merciful, but Entirely Merciful. He has a mercy that nothing from his creation can escape is messy, so vast, nothing can escape it, where it was executed, actually, as opposed to kind of work in his book, he's mercy encompasses everything, there is nothing irrespective of how evil he can be, that escapes the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah reveals events for the province of Allah, why didn't you I sent him to the site to the operation, in which he says, We cannot be alone and then conveyed to them or haven't conveyed to them or 100 There is nothing that has benefited that despite the enmity towards Allah

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and you, except

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that in the end, they still turn to Allah subhana wa FM in their journey, associating partners with Allah, they still call out to Him and are Entirely Merciful, receives the DUA and allows them to act to benefit them, that despite the enmity, they still breathe Allah's air, and eat his food, and drink his drink, and they are afforded financial standard and material well being and health and children and so on and so forth. This is because he to kind of work this out the entire mess.

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And then Allah is our Hey, we especially merciful and there's different translations to these names, but I specifically choose these to help us achieve our understanding in the limited time that we have, right? We especially Merciful, the one who has a mercy that is specific to a group from his creation, and they are the believers, that those who accept Allah as one and accept Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the final messenger or those who accepted Allah as one and died upon the teachings of their prophet, Allah is on Rahim is the Especially Merciful, He has a special mercy for them. And thus the believers, even though they sin, if they pass away upon to heat, the matter

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is of ALLAH SubhanA and went out on the piano, if he will, he will punish them for a little bit, but ultimately enter them into paradise. And if you will, he will forgive them there and then enter them into Paradise because he is a Rahim he has a special message for them. And this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes his load by saying rough man dunya Well,

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there is not a man of this life in the next and the Rahim of this life, annex.

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Allah subhana work either just as he is a man and a Rahim. He is the One Who forgives, when you sit, and for him to say, and you turn back to him, he is a lot. He forgives, but he is also alpha and alpha she has the same root letters as alpha, but its meaning is following intensify. Then allow for and that is why this one is count these as two different names are not just one name, because in case you said and seek forgiveness and fall into sin and seek forgiveness and fall into sin and shame upon comes to you and makes you feel that there's no chance of you being forgiven because you constantly slipping. Allah teaches you that not only is he Aloha for no one who forgives you but he

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the one who perpetually forgives you. He forgives you after forgiving and forgives you after forgiving and forgives you forgiving you it is a name that breeds hope that we should never lose trust and open the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Adana and our ability to redeem ourselves and be forgiven. And as he is afar he is also Allahu Allah for upon the scale of and names in the Arabic language upon the scale denotes a form of occupation.

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If you're a person who sinned for decades, and now you reach the end of your life and you look back at your life and you are regretful and you are sad and GFR knocks your door and tells you that you have no hope of being saved in the hereafter there is no hope to redeem yourself. Allah teaches us that not only is Allah Allah, but he is for his occupation is to forgive you. So what do you have to lose walk through the door and have food irrespective of your past and sincerely seek forgiveness from him and he's kind of where Tana will forgive. We ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla forgive our paths and inspire us to seek forgiveness constantly with the waking of everyday and the sleeping of every

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night BarakAllahu li what that means is Hey, whenever anyone here we heard you say the plane flew to LA to La Ravi machete or Lisa used

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for Star view in the VUCA world to EDI in Canada.

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In Canada who was staring over sterling when the bill has been truly Officina only say it may be low.

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Worship Allah, Allah why they will actually worship Muhammad and sudo some Allah who sent them all about it, or an annual cycle Qian elephant, Allah

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Uyama to Geralyn He Allah too much wasa FC Mecca, Sabal, palm line Nemo, are servants of Allah and of Children of Adam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us of a slave who sins and then regrets and turns to Allah and says, Yeah, I'll be as nice to them without feeling that oh my lord, I have committed a sin forgive me. And Allah Subhana Allah forgives his length, and that that's my fault again into sin. And that's me doesn't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah and he's regretful and turns to Allah and says, to them, when properly that oh my lord, I have sinned Forgive me, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada forgives easily. And then again, for a third type this name falls into sin and sins

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and turns to Allah with hope and says you're big enough to humble for Finley, oh, my lord, I sin. So forgive me.

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what is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada doing previously. We know our example brothers and sisters, it is now with each other. There were a person wrong such once. It's amazing if we forgive, and if they wronged Us twice. It's a miracle. If we forgive

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us three times, there's no hope of forgiveness. It's a war that will transfer generations between the two families. Allah subhana wa. Radha, he turns to his angels. And he announces to His angels, that they witness that the slave of mine is a slave who recognizes that he has a Lord, who is all capable over here, but a lot that is also forgiving and merciful. They want to see that this lady is forgiven from today, despite the deeds of this name. So this is easy for Allah subhanho wa taala. This is easy for Allah Subhana Allah Tadek. And this is a matter of the union of Israel. Imagine the matter of the year, when we read the hadith of Shiva, the Hadith of the card, the card that

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resembles a form of business card, a small card, here's Allah so Allah already teaches us that the person will stand in front of Allah subhana wa.

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And when his deeds are sought, when you've produced 99 files of sin, each file as long as the eye can see, and Allah then asked for his good deeds, and only one small file is produced. And Allah talks, engages his lady and speaks to His Name and ask the slave if the slave has been oppressed, and the slaves as well by haven't been oppressed. That's the nature of the angels, right? Our deeds and the nature of our books we read every Friday night we had an eater learning how to serve our community. So to kind of have that the same will be amazed when they say what is it with this book? It doesn't mean about the small deeds, let alone the big deeds and the scholars have deduced from

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this that Allah will show us our minuses before the major sins, how Allah will protect our standing in front of

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this slave will be in his state, and we can only imagine what's the the person will be on that day. And then Allah subhanahu apana asks for the books to be weighed, and the 99 are placed on the scale. And then the one is placed on the scale. And the state feels that there's absolutely no hope. But when the one is placed on the scale, a card falls out of this book. And then Allah says place the card also on the scale. And what is a small card going to do when one book could not do in front of 99 books and as this card hits the scale, the scale of tips

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towards him being a person from the people of paradise Subhanallah when I get this question that you have in your mind, what was on this? What was on this card that caused the scale to become overwhelmed and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that it was either a bla bla Muhammad Rasul Allah that this person died upon to heat and live believing upon the mandates of this testimony of faith. La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is the reality of Allah and His blessings and his reality as a God who is the Most Merciful, the Thai, the Merciful, the Especially Merciful, and as we see in the Hadith woodsy, in which Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah so Allah says

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that Allah said, you have been added in the womb to the own I believe you have to have one of the

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first off you

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know, sort of admission during the day and during the right but it is Allah forgives you a sense so seek forgiveness from Allah he will forgive you. And he says your dagger Glucokinase summer mustard for three and a half hour when they're also a bad if you're since reached the skies, the surfaces of the skies where we find the high clouds and then you tend to Alassane see, and you sought forgiveness from Allah that often

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I will forgive you a sense for you, and it won't even matter to Allah. This is easy for Allah and Allah doesn't say seek forgiveness. And I will forgive you Allah say seek forgiveness and consider yourself forgiving that when you get up from your spot, you have good hope in Allah that my snakes have been wiped clean. And thus I take you to another name from Allah. And that is the name of a laugh. And we read this name of Allah Allah. Allah Allah in the car who won? Oh, Allah Indeed you are. And what does that mean? It doesn't mean the one who forgives for all the means the one who he faces since when Allah deals with your sin is dealt with perfect. It's not like when you delete your

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sin on Microsoft Windows and it goes into the recycle bin, and someone can find it. Or if you're a bit more advanced, you empty the recycle bin, but it can still be found. Right? Especially with the old hard disks, right? The magnetic platters are the ones that are divided into sectors, right? And somebody might say no, I'm a bit more enhanced. I can format the hackers. Well guess what, you can still retrieve information from a format and patterns. And for the computer specialists who say we can low level format the hardest. That's a good approach. That's a good approach. But there's still data analysts who can analyze the information on the edges of the hard disk, those edges that the

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readwrite hands do not reach. And through that they might just build the profile about you still 100% safe if you knew they were doing it to be nervous. Right. When Allah forgives you a sin he faces it, the ground upon which you did it is made to forget the angels who recorded it are made to forget the ink that noted it is lifted. When you reach apostle cannibal attire on the day of PM. It's as if that was never done in the first place. This is the reality of servants of Allah and children of Adam of your Lord. And I introduce you to our head and our Raheem and all of alpha and alpha and alpha and alpha. And it took a while. But I introduced upon the mandate of this one.

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Because when we leave this master tradition upon will approach you and say mashallah, you had such a good foot. This means you shouldn't worry. Just sit and turn to Allah. And Allah will forgive my brothers and sisters in Islam, I will never tell you that Allah won't forgive. But what I will tell you is while Champon can guarantee you inshallah being forgiven, he cannot guarantee you life after this. He cannot guarantee you life after the sentence if you're not guaranteed the opportunity to seek forgiveness after this. So we should have either been magnets with Allah subhanho data, we shouldn't plan sin, because this is a whole lot of hope, not false hope is a hope of hope, not false

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hope. Do not plan sin. But if you slipped door was open the Mercy of Allah each and every one of us have things that we hate when we confront off and there's a teething period before we can get over it. In that period. We slept and we try and we still don't stop crying. And don't lose hope at the mercy of others. Kind of like that. You have a Steinway piano forgive us for our parents, our spouses, our children, our loved ones and make us a means for the OMA

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