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Salam anakata has lubricator How are you doing? I want to share with you a story that just happened to me. I think this week I think it was last week I can't remember but Subhanallah it's just you gotta listen and you're going to know what I'm talking about. So my current teacher, she she's from Egypt, and I live on the east coast of the states. So anyway, she always likes to share with me like you know, stories they encourage me to push me You know, I have this convert, you know, student mashallah is repeating each add on how many times and this and that just always trying to kind of like push me and tell me like, you know, pull your act together. So anyway, um, I think it was last

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week, she was talking with me and she's like, you know, I have this convert student who just converted to Islam. She doesn't have anybody. She doesn't know who's Muslim in her family. She doesn't have a community she doesn't know about a masjid. She knows nothing all by herself. And she's in the States as like, Oh, so cool. Give her my phone number you know, give me your contact number if she wants and I'll reach out to her you know, she's local here. Be more than happy to help them whatever way I can. Jani anyway. So turns out the sister she's talking about is all the way in the West Coast. Right? If you guys know your geography, America, North America is huge, right? It's

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like a whole continent by itself. It's a big part of the continent. So I'm all the way on the East Coast. The sisters all the way on the West Coast. My teacher is in Egypt, right? Africa, totally different halfway across the, you know, the ocean. So anyway, so anyway, so you know, she took my phone number we started you know, communicating and whatnot. And then while I was talking with her, like, you know, just doing this, whatever, I'm not really thinking, and then Subhanallah she's telling me no, you know, I made so much dua to Allah subhanaw taala. And no, my daughter's coming through and hit me so hard. I was like, Ya Allah, do you realize what's happening here? This sister

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in the West Coast of America made dua, right, that she gets help, you know, whatever it is, you know, tutorials about, you know, just finding a community how to pray whatever it is. And because she had such sincere and a philosophy, the law Subhana, which Allah Allah accepted her job, and sent her the help down from Egypt, like, like, can you imagine, like, she's on the West Coast? Teachers in Egypt, I'm an East Coast. Also Kiara along, I was like, Subhanak, it'll when you have that loss, when you have that, you know, How could our Quran Allah subhanaw taala. We have such trust and faith in Him subhanho wa taala. When you know that he's Semia, he is all hearing and that he actually

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hears your da, and that he is Majeed that he actually responds to your da, look at the results. Look at the beauty of this, like, I called my teacher and I was like, Do you realize what just happened? You know what she told me? And she was like, no, what, what are you talking about? I was like, this lady is like, in the middle of nowhere, and she may die. And then Allah, you know, accepted or Doha, through you in Egypt, like Subhana Kianna. Like, what beauty is this? So many times, we kind of like give up, we kind of like make Doha just as a, it's a motion. We don't even think about it. We're just like, we're making it up because you have to make, but do you really have that? You're keen

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that trust that? You know, you're 100% sure that Allah subhanaw taala says to God, that He will respond to your heart, do you have that true Hakata background and that you really, really like really, really like, rely on him and know that if Allah subhanaw taala wants it, and it's good for you that it will happen, right? We just like that, you know, we like that trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala don't ever undermine any small action, right? You don't know who you could be helping. But also also Also, do not give up on making too hot will lie he will lie Allah is semi and Allah is my job and Allah is so generous and so kind and so Kareem and he has the treasures of the heavens and

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the earth level. Was there any similarity? Well, you know, and he loves to be asked so how can you not put your hands and ask and have that sincerity have that you know a clause in your heart and watch the way he makes things happen and move out from West Coast of America? The Hound the aid comes from all the way across the ocean from Africa from Egypt Subhana Cara, Mia las Pano italiana grant you and give you the risk of making Doha because that in itself is a sustenance May Allah Europe Allah Madonna da you have a Please grant us the ability to make to heart and you're up Europe, grant us the laws and the sincerity. I mean, I'm in Europa Island Soleimani Cora has a label

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it gets