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chance to gain me

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and we spend on you.

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Oh yes. Lara Manor haven hamdulillah welcome back and we do apologize that we started a bit late. Some lack of communication between Egypt and Dubai, something that we are here and we are talking about given Christians and of course we don't have to step left Actually, I was just told that we have two minutes so some of the law I believe that

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we're gonna we're gonna have to to really come come back with a with another, you know, episode this follow this. But we have a smile from Dubai on the line. So Salaam Alaikum Salaam? Yes.

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I was checking on your website for the TV. Yes. And I couldn't find your program to sponsor. I like your program. It's time to please a lot. So I want to sponsor your program. Okay. How do I go about Yeah, if you go to my to my page or the time to be Zilla page, you will find there's there's a picture of brother is my book actually. Okay and if you click on that it will take you to go found me which is a GoFundMe which is a website basically that you subscribe to. And they basically they have a way for a payment and you know, it's basically to raise funds for you. Okay, good inshallah. I hope I hope that this is my my first call to you and I hope there'll be many brothers and sisters

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calling you for the same program inshallah but if you want to leave your contact with the guys behind the show, I mean, I can contact you personally we can obviously Yeah, just yeah, just stay on the line and we'll take your number and I can contact you personally because I obviously you're in Dubai I live close to here as well. So okay, good. Good. inshallah. inshallah. Exactly.

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That's very nice.

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I know that Mashallah a lot of people are watching the show. And you know, who the TV has brought over here and really, in the English language, you know, you see the shows Dr. Mohamed Salah, all the other shows your show, Mashallah, there's just a lot of people learning how to read is definitely, definitely a light in every home. Yeah. Because, you know, these days, it is difficult sometimes to go certain places, especially for women, you know, women who A lot of times, you know, it's not that easy to move around to travel to seek knowledge, right through in martial law, or that you guys can't come up with al Qaeda.

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Tajweed you know, now you saw I mean, so many things. Right? We have x Muslim. Right, we have a few more minutes. So let's, let me ask you now, just in the few minutes left, two minutes, some advice to the viewers? And, of course, definitely, I'm going to have you come back and shut off. The next few shows, I think, a few pieces of advice I give to myself and to the viewers shall first and foremost, list down the names of the Christians, especially that you're talking about whom you know, okay, whether it's your neighbor, or your colleague, or your classmate, or whoever it is, whom, you know, first of all, list down the name and devise a plan, okay, a devise a plan, whom to approach

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and how, and when, as soon as possible. And, and some of the things that we talked about, and then they can go to, you know, there's so many things online as well, they can have stuff, which is very, very, you know, beautiful, I think the best book, they can in terms of the book they can give to is the brief Illustrated Guide for understanding Islam that's available, you know, in every publisher. So I think if they list down the names, they devise a plan and act upon the plan with with the things that we talked about you being very effective sender, having a good process using the maximum tools and giving the receiver the beautiful message of Islam. I think you're done with it in Sharla.

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And in the end in Amala, Kabbalah violin, Serbian, also planetarium is just, you just tell people to take any, you know, care of the rescue the whole lot, not forgetting, you know, the mindset that we talked about. inshallah, when you get engaged, there is a lot of burqa in your life as a whole and we have experienced this and the one thing is, you know, to end with that when you start doing dour, it just it snowballs. I mean, just opportunities just start off at you just you can't leave it but on the opposite when you leave it then you find it harder and harder to do it. She's like well hair, color hair on inshallah. It was great show. I will definitely definitely have you back. I guess it's

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my ob next show. Maybe we'll have him to host your shala and speak about this because I really want to now do have an extra shows about the people who believe in their scriptures and I know you're, you're good in comparative religion, and it's important it is important because of us.

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I did meet the Christians from the gem from Yemen and he did you know have really really good discussions though. And the Quran refutes a lot of the problems in their scriptures upon Allah so it is important type so we are out of time for today hold the TV alive in every home a time to please Allah make sure you check out our website make sure you check out the Facebook page make sure you donate and make sure you share and like and I want to see hopefully when I go home at times because a lot of pages gone past you know 10,000 likes and so on and shares and and check out Mohammed's videos and Facebook page, you'll find it on YouTube, a lot of good good, you know, techniques and

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different martial law. Very useful information for you. And so a lot much more beneficial than watching some you know, other things that you know, I mean YouTube is just whenever you open it's like just like in your face I am the lead Zack maheshtala we'll see you next time a time to be solid does your brother give our money Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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a chance to gain

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spend on you

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know sending

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good deeds are opportunities sparkling bright and true. Raising you in the sight of Allah and adonia for you so rush to