Unlocking Internal Happiness – Nature’s Key to Mental Health

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with some of the hospitals, they say,

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screen to Sky ratio. So they say that screen to Sky ratio for a teenager to have the internal happiness has to be for every six hours of sky time, they should be allowed half an hour of screen

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when somebody goes into that state, and then they also have something called screen to green ratio.

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So they actually have pavilions and passages where like, like a like a medicine is given. These young people that come the adolescents that come with mental health diseases are asked to walk in certain areas that are curated by psychologist that they know through science that if they see green, it's going to make them happy. And if they are happy, then all the mental health diseases are eventually going to dissipate.

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Allah has told us many many years ago, budget and that to budget in in another ILS like this, if you want to know what is the intrinsic quality of these plans, it is that they provide happiness to you.

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And another word that Allah uses for happiness or for beauty, is not lira, not durata, nine, and another is person these are the different words they all mean happiness, but for every they all mean beauty, but for from specific, individual different angles. Then Allah subhana wa Tada says, After telling you all of these details telling us all of these details, Allah is like who is going to benefit the question is who's going to benefit from all of this? Allah says

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WC on its own on Zika rollin Kalia

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Mooney, Kleber.

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This creation of the sky, the Earth, the mountains, the greenery in this entire process is insight, double zero, but see it all. It is something that is supposed to provide you enlightenment,

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but for whom you are Allah, and it's also a big cry. It's a reminder of Allah is existence, but who is going to heat from this