4 THINGS that make you a HYPOCRITE

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Join us at Utica murshid for a new series 99 Hadith to revive the heart, we'll be releasing it every week in sha Allah Tada. It's based off of the work of Eman, the Saudi. That's just a global abroad. Today's hadith is a Hadith about hypocrisy. It's very famous Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, for things, that if a person has all of them, then that person is a hypocrite. And if a person has some of them, not all of these characteristics, then that person has in them traits of hypocrisy. They're not a complete hypocrite, but they have traits of hypocrisy, unless they give them up. And he specified what these four things

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are. He says, if they're entrusted with something, either tahmina. Right. con is that he's entrusted with something that he he violates that trust. The second thing, he that had this cabinet that when he speaks, that he lies, well, either I had another and that if he promises to do something that he doesn't come through, he doesn't fulfill that promise. Well either call sama fetcher. And if he disputes then he goes overboard and he transgressors in the way that he disputes for quality is extremely important to understand, especially these days, and the days of in social media influencers and online data, right? Every single one of us should look at ourselves and look at our

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videos and look at what we're doing. And ask ourselves, Am I this person? Are you somebody who, if you're entrusted with someone, or you're entrusted with something that you don't follow through, I can think of myself right now things that I've been entrusted with that I haven't done almost on May Allah forgive me, when you speak, you lie, okay, that lying is a habitual thing that you've become habituated to whether it's to make yourself look good, whether it's to make somebody else look bad, whether you're just not comfortable, whatever it is, or you have a lack of knowledge, and you're put in a position where you're asked to speak on something, and it's outside of your training, it's

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outside of your abilities, but you speak on it anyway. Remember that Arabic to say that, Kevin, it doesn't always imply intention that it has to do with, you know, speaking things that aren't the truth, okay. And so you are regular and habitual in your life. This is a trait of hypocrisy. And you should really check yourself. While you're there, I had a lot of and that when you promise other people things that you don't follow through with those things that it shows that maybe you're a people pleaser, maybe you're somebody who you don't fear Allah subhanaw taala. Enough, it's hard. I understand this, maybe more than most. And this is something that I struggle with. Because, you

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know, I want to make people happy, and I don't want to disappoint people. But in my wanting to not disappoint people, sometimes maybe someone is tempted to tell them what they want to hear, or to promise that they can do something that they can't really fulfill, and they can't really follow through with. And so the prophesy son is educating us here, that we have to struggle in that moment. And that that sort of thing, is a trait of hypocrisy, that if we don't fix it, that we don't say, you know, what, I really can't do that, that really is outside of my scope, I can't really do that thing for you, I'm sorry, you're gonna have to go to somebody else. bitter words, write words that

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are hard to swallow for somebody else, maybe we'll lose friends, maybe we'll lose relationships, but you have to do it, you have to be honest with the last phone to audit first. And you have to have your loyalty to allow someone to audit before your loyalty is to what pleases people. And then the last thing where Hossam federal, that when they dispute when they're engaged with an argument, they transgress, they go overboard. And we've talked previously about the rights that other Muslims have is that a Muslim, a true Muslim, is somebody who other Muslims are safe from their tongues. And so when somebody gets in a dispute with another Muslim, they start to hurl sort of slander at them and

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accused them of things that they didn't do, or things that they didn't say, or to delegitimize them to say that, Oh, you're on the payroll of this person, or this person with no evidence. They're just saying it right. These are things that you know, are are overboard, right, either awesome, federal, this person has transgressed the bounds. We should see discernment in our data, you shouldn't talk to a catheter in the same way that you talk to your Muslim brother, who is someone who, at least from the outward appearance is on the Sunnah. He shouldn't talk to us in deep, somebody who is, you know, they deny the Hadith, for example, or they deny the Sharia or they don't, or they think the

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city is not the best sort of a system of law for humankind, right. This person is is indeed you shouldn't talk to his indique the way that you talk to your Muslim brother who's someone who's part of the Sunnah, sunnah, and you might have disagreement, disagreements with them, or you might differ with them on certain issues. Or maybe they've made a political misjudgment or, or whatever it was, you hope that they had a good intention and they slept, but the differences between you are far fewer than the commonalities that you have. Okay, so we need to be discerning in our data and hold ourselves accountable either. Hossam feathered. This is a trait of hypocrisy. If you find yourself

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every single argumentation and even check your comments. If you're in the comment section of YouTube. You're in the comment section and you're hurling accusations and you're this and you're that we see it with Gender Wars, we see it males to females and

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females to males all men are trash. All women are trash, whatever it is, if you trespass the bounds of what's appropriate when you're in an argument, then know that you have a trait of hypocrisy and you have a disease in your heart. And you should beg Allah subhanaw taala to help you rid this disease from your heart, and we ask a loss found to order to aid us all in ridding us and our hearts from disease.