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don't want to worry about I care too. I am so excited to be here with you today, as we celebrate the first 10 days of the blessed month off the Hijjah these days are very, very special and Allah subhanho wa Taala swears by them and soon it will fetch in the Quran. Now who knows which Islamic month is the month of the hijab?

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That's right is the 12 month and in it is Eid? Yes. Insha Allah Are you guys all excited to celebrate in sha Allah? Only couple more days and I hate it's going to be right around the corner where we celebrate and we sacrifice the sheep and give it sneak right to those who are in need. Do you guys know why we do that? So let me tell you, I will take you back to a very, very long time ago. And I would love to share with you the story of Sydnor Ibrahim and his sin, which was the main reason why every year we sacrifice a little lamb life is so I'm sure all of you guys know that first was saying that Adam allihies Salaam and then his son, sheep Allahi Salaam and from his offspring,

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Kim saved in threes and then said no, no, and then say, you know, a hoot and then said no salah, and all of a sudden they wouldn't say that they were all the offsprings of the son of Satan know who his name was Sam. And then later on found that offspring came home. So you've met Ibrahim alayhis salam. So what is the story of Sydney Ibrahim alayhis. Salam. So you've Abraham lived in a city called Babel in Iraq? Do you guys know your geography? Well, so this is Africa, and this is Saudi Arabia. Iraq is right over here, or Iraq, as some people call it in English. So say that Ibrahim lived in Baghdad and with his family and his father, Azhar, and he grew up and you found that everybody in

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that town or in that city of Babel, used to worship stone gods. And he just couldn't understand how can someone worship something that does not hear that cannot speak and that you made with your own hands? And so he started talking to his father, oh, yeah, fit like my dad, how can you worship that which does not speak or does not understand? And he said, How could you not desire to worship the, you know, the gods of my father's and my forefathers? If you don't stop your Ibrahim, I will kill you. I will send you to

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see that Abraham Ali's son and he was 16 years old at that time, very young man. He threatened and he said, If you do not stop, I will demolish destroy all of these what? All of these young gods and they've never even thought and thought, how can I solve this problem? How am I going to tackle it? And he thought to himself, if he could get rid of the source, which is what the idols, maybe the people will listen to him. But how was he going to do that? There was always somebody with the idol, somebody worshiping them, somebody you know, carving them, somebody putting food for them. And that was their, what their tradition, they would make food, put it in front of the stone Gods leave it

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for them. And then they would come back later, take the food and eat it thinking that the gods would have blessed it. Till one day, it was their day of celebration or their eighth, right? And they were all heading out. They used to head out the city and celebrate and rejoice and whatnot. And before they left, they would what put the food in front of the gods. And then when they were done with their celebration at the end of the day, they would come back to what to collect the food. So they told the Brahim come on let's go. And Satan Ibrahim told them. He looked at the stars and said, Oh, I feel that today I am going to be sick. And he stayed behind. And he went and he destroyed all the

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stone Gods except for Kavita home, the biggest one of them the big head. And he took the tool with which he destroyed all of these stone gods and he put it around his neck. The day passed by and the people came back. And they were shocked. Who did this to our stone gods. One of them remembered the threat of Satan Abraham Mani Salaam. And they said Bring him here. And they started asking him, yeah, Abraham, did you do this to our stone gods? And he said, Why don't you ask the biggest one of them. And they were silent for a moment and they said, how can we ask that which does not speak or hear?

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Mic drop? Right? Like hello? Doesn't that make sense to you? And so for a minute these took their thinking and it made a lot of sense to them. But then Subhan Allah, they indulged more

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into their oppression. And they said, we are going to kill you. Yeah, Ibrahim for doing this. And they gathered all outside the city of bourbon in an empty land, surrounded it with rocks, and they asked everybody to bring as much wood as they could. And they started building the biggest fire you could possibly imagine. And then the tides evening, Rahim Ali Salam, and they put him on a catapult and right into the fire.

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At the moment, some narrations in the Hadith say that Allah subhana wa Tada sent Angel Jibreel and asked him Yeah, Ibrahim, do you have any need? And Sydney Ibrahim said Do I have any need from YouTube read? No, I don't. But do I have any need from Allah? Yes, I do. I need his aid. And even in another narration it says that the angel afraid wants to take permission from Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring down the rain and put out the fire. But before all of that happened, Allah subhanho wa Taala willed and told the fire to be barren that was an M and Allah Ibrahim, cool and peaceful upon Ibrahim, not just cold but peaceful in the sense that maybe it would have been too cold to the

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point that it would harm Satan Abraham Subhan Allah and nothing touched Satan Ibrahim, the fire that burns right anybody we see fire we know it will burn us don't even try to attempt this at home. But we know that it burns us Allah told it don't burn Ibrahim and listened to last time. And with that, the only thing that burned for the roads that tied him at the people watch this with their own eyes. The fire went out. So hidden Abraham came out, I'm touched. And you would think they would believe in Him. They would believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. But none of them believe except that you'd know Ruth had a salon. Now at that time, there was a very strong and powerful king that ruled all

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the lands. And his name was num roots, right? Num root heard about the boy who survived from the fire and came out unharmed. And so he called him and said they brought him on to him and he told him, Tell me about your God. And Satan Ibrahim told him what that my lord or my Arab what your he our lady you hear when you meet right? He's the one who brings people to life and he causes them to die. And so no root said well, I can cause people to die or bring them to life. And he ordered that his guards bring two people that were sentenced what to death. And he ordered that one of them would be sentenced to death and the other one be set free. He said See, I cause one to live and the other

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to die. And Satan Abraham said that's not what I went my lord what Yeti for what mine Allah in Allah yeah activation signal Masha activity on the Lord. My Lord brings the sun from the east, bring it from the west. And of course he couldn't do anything because only Allah subhanaw taala could do that. And then the Lord told him to leave. And so you'd net Ibrahim alayhis. Salam took Cigna loose, and they left and they headed were upwards towards sham or Philistine. And at that time he had married to denote sobre la has Salaam. And time went by they traveled they went to Egypt. And also they had trouble there with the king of Egypt. And as they were leaving, they were gifted what a

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servant. And her name was certina Hajah, Ali Hassan, they took hodgen and they decided to return back again to Sham or Philistine the area over there. And while they were there sit in a Hajah or sorry, sitting outside and felt Thevenin Brahim was almost 86 years old, and he didn't have any children. And she realized that she could not have children. And so she asked him to marry certina Hajah so that he could have a child. And so it was they got married and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him his first son. So you'd notice nine allihies sent him at the age of 86. Imagine how dear he must have been to him Subhan Allah after a while Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered the Ibrahim to take

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certina hajat and his little newborn baby smile and take them to an area called Mecca. And Mecca, which is Saudi Arabia is not like what we see now with all the fancy hotels, those of you have gone there and the beautiful haram and the Kaaba, it was a barren, empty, deserted land, no water, no life, no people nothing. And he left them there and he started walking away. And hydro started seeing you're going to leave me and my baby here your son. And he didn't reply. And then she realized and she said, was this the command for mobile subhanho wa taala. And so you know, Brahim said yes. She said, if it's a command from ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala then Allah subhanho wa Taala Len

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yada yada, he will not let us down he will take care of us. And Ibraheem Alehissalaam left and their food supply started diminishing until babies

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I started crying and the mother the heart of the mother felt so much pain she started running from one mountain and are walking from one mountain to the other, trying to look Is there anybody around who could help my baby any food and water. And every time she came down the valley, she would hear her baby she would start running and that's why if any of you guys have been to Hajj or Umrah in between the mountains of Safa and Marwa, there is an area that they have, what kind of like, marked with green light, that's where certain a hotshot ran did that one and the men usually what run a little bit faster in that area, were imitating or walking in the footsteps of certain alhaja and to

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show you the mercy that the mother had, and on the seventh lap, she heard something and she said, something like, be quiet. And she ran back to her baby, and lo and behold, there was a water spring running from underneath the feet of babies night and he's Salam. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down Angel Jibreel from heaven, and he struck the ground with his win and out came zamzam that we drink from till this day. So Tina Hauser started quickly digging for the little for the spring. And she started surrounding it right with rocks and trying to keep it contained. Telling you Xin means in we gather, gather, collect and save the Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says if it were not for something,

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a hardship, till you know, putting or gathering the water around and keeping it in a well, it would have been a river of zamzam. Now, at that time, there was a big problem that happened all the way in the south in Yemen. They used to have a dam called the dam off, and it broke down, the land flooded and people from Yemen or the Arabs, who were the original Arabs started leaving now from them was a tribe called the tribe of Judah Han. And they started heading north because they were traitors. And they knew if they got to Sham or to, you know, the upper area there, they would be saved, they would be watered, there'll be land and so on. And so you know, and so on, so forth. But underway, they

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realize something very strange. They saw in the middle of the desert birds circling and bird circling meant there was life. And so they sent a messenger. And there they found a water well, and they found who Haji Ali has Salaam and baby smile. Now they were very decent people. They did not read or kidnap people or any of that stuff. So they went and they asked her Would you allow us to stay here and drink and live over here? She said no problem, but you have to pay me for the water. And so it was just as the unit Ibrahim was leaving and he made dua asking Allah to bring people to his offspring. Allah drove the people of Jerome towards the certina Hodge and ismail Ali, who was

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salam and ismail grew up amongst the people of majority of the people of Judah. And he learned from them Arabic the first half of it, and he became so eloquent that he even became better than them. And later on Satan is male married from the people of Jerusalem. And from his offspring. All his children are called Dadaab Al Mustafa, like the Arab eyes. Arabs did not really for the Arabs, but they married from the Arabs and they were kind of like gave us the Arab and Musab now so you'd neighbor him on a salaam used to come and visit See you next night and 100 Multiple times a year. One time when he was visiting him he had a very strange dream. He saw in his dream that he was

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slaughtering or sacrificing his only son that he had after 86 years of waiting is nylon of his Salaam. And he knew that any dream that a prophet sees is vision. It was a command or watching from Allah. And he went to a smile and he told him Yeah, it's my I saw in my dream that I was slaughtering you. Ponder math that I see what should I do you see how he's asking his son? And saying that he smiled obedience and told him Yeah, apathy my dad, if this is what Allah commanded you in sha Allah, you will find me from those who are patient. You see how humble Satan is Niall is that he said, Oh, I'm going to be just brave and patient on the boss pan and we're to handwheels I

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will be patient and they both totally submitted to Allah subhana wa to Han is such a big test. And he really went to head to slaughter his son, but again, as Allah subhanho wa Taala did not or didn't let the fire burns in Abraham. He made the knife not cut the unit it's made Ali his salon because they bought a slim and these are merely to Allah subhanho wa taala. And as they did that, they didn't they brought him back behind him and he found a sheep just like My sheep hear My cuddles and the little babies here that was sent down from Jana instead to sacrifice instead of say Yuna is nylon and he Salam Subhana wa sometimes ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala tests us by seeing if we would let

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things go for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and when we really prove to Abbas tanowitz Allah our sincerity and it doesn't have to be something this a you know, physical, it could be something or a habit that we struggle with, when we really submit to Allah subhana wa

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Allah, Allah rewards in such a way and look at their award till this year, many 1000s and 1000s of years later on, we still celebrate the same way so even Abraham Allah is surrounded, and every year we sacrifice a lamb to what to prove to Allah subhanho wa Taala our sincerity, and we go and perform Hajj every year right on the Day of Arafah, the ninth of the hedger, we run between the sufferer and the murderer like certina Hydra, Allah has Salam, to show how important it is to follow in the footsteps of our mother and how it was basically showing the wrath of the mother. And we go to Mecca, just like saying the Ibrahim and to prove that it's the dua of Satan Ibrahim A father and to

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understand the importance of mothers and fathers in our lives. In sha Allah, He doesn't a couple of days. May you all y'all have an amazing aid, and May we all be able to sacrifice and give in the secret or for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that which is dear to our heart to prove in subhanaw taala that we have truly submitted to him in sha Allah, I wish you all have an amazing, amazing night and you have lovely lamps too. But not this one. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh