The Aamanah (trust) of WhatsApp Groups

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The speaker explains that any gathering or conversation conducted on a platform like WhatsApp or social media is considered a trustworthiness meeting, and that every member of the watsapp group should ensure they meet this Amana status. They emphasize that members of the group should not be divulged or taken out of context, and that everyone should be included in the discussion. The speaker also emphasizes that members of the watsapp group are not the ones who are saying lies and want to be listened to.

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majority So, Bill Amana the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that gatherings, meetings conversations are conducted on the pretext of Amana on the basis of trustworthiness, which basically means that when a person is speaking to you in confidence, when a person is discussing a matter with you, you got to ensure you got to ensure that you afforded him total confidence and you give him the assurity that you will not divulge anything that is discussed between the two of you to any third person. So, no third party will get to know of what has been discussed, because of Amana. This is the basic principle for any conversation, taking this conversation closer,

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if somebody is having a discussion with you on WhatsApp, or on social media, on any media platform, if they are having a private conversation with you, or it's done in a group setting, and it is clearly mentioned that the things discussed here and not to meet and not to be divulged and not to be taken out of context or taken out of this group than it is an Amana for every member of the watsapp group or any other platform to ensure that they fulfill this Amana and the status that was given to them.

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It is said to note that nowadays when we are talking to people over WhatsApp, people screenshot and they forwarded quietly or people for the voice notes or people divulge the key and sensitive things that are discussed in groups or between two individuals and others are involved. Whereas that was not the case. Or that was that should not have been the case in the first place. So remember, a majority is to be Amana. Every gathering every conversation is on the basis of trust. And when you go against your word, you are telling the person that I'm actually fooling you, you I'm telling you that you can believe me and trust me, but in actual fact, I want to do you down and I'm going to

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tell everybody else who does not know about this matter. May Allah protect and help us what I mean