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Omar Suleiman
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the faith revival. So I've got two narrations from the Prophet peace be upon him today about two very special companions. And I want us to try to visualize what the prophet sallallahu wasallam is saying, there's a very important companion in our history, but the name of unmodern iasa May Allah be pleased with him, whose parents were actually the first martyrs of Islam. They were persecuted in Mecca, killed in Mecca in the very early stages of the dour and a model of the allow anyone to witness that Ahmad would live a long life and the prophets lysozyme had a particular love for this young man. So the prophets lie Selim

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said Molly Amar, Eman and Isla Musashi. He said that a modest heart overflows with he man, it literally if you could imagine the way that the vessel is right, that means the water is coming over the top. So Subhanallah for some of us, faith goes in faith comes out. Faith, you know, is constantly boiling in the heart, but a modest heart is overflowing with a man. Now what makes that particularly interesting with our model the law is that when he was being tortured along with his parents, I modeled the law on who cursed the prophets lie Selim, under that intense persecution, they were telling him, you know, curse the prophets lie Selim. And he, he buckled to the pressure

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and he cursed him out. He has lots of Islam, though he didn't want to. And he felt extremely bad about it. And the prophets lie. Some did not know about that. But he knew that Ahmad was very depressed because of the way that he was carrying himself. So he went to a model the law and he said, what is it that make that's making you so sad? He said to the Prophet slice on the outside of LA, I cursed you. The prophets lie Selim said, Did you curse me with your tongue or with your heart? Meaning Was this something that happened just externally? Or did you also mean it internally, and he said, we'll learn how to messenger of a lie, swear by a lie was just with the tongue just to escape

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that persecution and the profits license. And I do for if they do it to you again, then do it again. He understood that our model was under intense pressure. But where was the faith of among the faith of Amar was in the regret that he felt after he did the the faith of Ahmad was in the intense love that he felt for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this shows us that your Eman can never be too much. It just has to be consistent. And sometimes Eman is something that's very deep in the chest of the person, not for people to see. The other narration is about honorable Cotabato the law and the prophets lie Selim says I saw the people around me and he said everyone was wearing a

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garment. Some people had this garment and it would you know, you can imagine the shirt it would stop at their chest midway through for some people would stop at their waist, some people at their thighs, some people out there knees and so on. He said that then all model the Allahu taala and who walked in front of me. And Ahmad was wearing the shirts that that covered his entire body and was even dragging on the ground. So they said to the Prophet slicin them, what did you interpret that as a messenger of Allah, He said a Deen the religion, the faith of Amato they allow time to handle. So how long was like this garment this long, dragging phobe compared to everybody else that was shown

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to the profit slice them in that dream. And the scholars here mentioned a few things number one the profit slice that I'm used to frequently see dreams about arm up. And this was alluding to his leadership, his future leadership and establishing him in that. Number two, all models ability to implement implement, implement faith, externally, was like this long garment that was so well defined compared to everyone else. So it was not necessarily just the dean itself. It was the implementation of the dean that will be allowed tonight who had as an another dream the prophets lie some had he had Amato the Allahu anhu.

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drawing from a well Abubakar drew from the well before Alma. But he had some weakness almost a drew from it and drew from it with much more strength and gave water to everyone around. And that was not that Ahmed has more Deen than abubaker but that is implementation is execution. At that falafel level, he would have more the ability to do more. But from a faith perspective. The way that the prophets licensees, a dean this garment is that it protects the body from harm. And just as it protects the body from harm in this world and the next protects from hellfire. The garment of a man is supposed to guard the heart. It's the implementation of a non the execution of the man on the

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outside. And so here's an assignment for introspection for you. If you could quantify your eemaan

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In the heart, and you know, in the form of this, this, this vessel with water, and in a garment then how would you do so? How long would your shirt have been in the dream of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam? meaning how well are you executing that command, and protecting it from harm, because that's what the garment does, it protects, Alma protected his emaan Alma did not allow anything, even the doubtful matters to creep into his ear man, because he wanted to always keep it protected. Amar had the overflowing hearts of a man. And if a person is able to match those two, where they have an overflowing heart of email, but then they protect that email and with that garment with the

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dean, then they would meet a loss of Hannah Montana, with a heart full of emails. So if you could quantify your email, if you could think where it is my heart fall, and what would my garment be? If I was in the dream of the profit slice and I'm that day, then that is that is plenty for introspection and reflection. The main question you need to ask yourself from this is how much am I doing to guard that eemaan to protect it from anything that would ruin it. And we see that in almost all the law in his case, he gained a reputation for being a man who would always distinguish between truth and falsehood and always protect his faith. May Allah allow our hearts to be filled with the

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man and allow our implementation of the deen to be as profound as the implementation of our motto the Allahu Allah, I mean, see you next time in sha Allah and I want to live in a castle.

Episode 9: What does it mean to have a heart that overflows with faith, or a garment of Iman?

Ramadan 2017

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