The Hidden Mercy

Youssra Kamel Kandil


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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh today I want to share with you the concept or the idea of a last panel to Hannah's His mercy,

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almost every day or every other day, or whatever it is, we face calamities and trials in our life, whether it's from people close to us, people far from us, whether it's sustenance, or health, or children or wealth, whatever it is, and we fail to remember, or we fail to see that this calamity is always wrapped up in something that is just miraculous. Something called that of Allah subhanaw taala

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things might seem or appear to us that there's evil in them what we're going through, but believe me, there's always everything that happens to us, is what wrapped up in Los pilots at his mercy. Now, I was this past convention that I was at, while we're in the convention, right? And was like, you know, hundreds of people in there that, you know, martial law, they're coming seeking knowledge and all these shapes and Imams, and then the moderator goes up on the, on the stage and he asks, is there a doctor in here, there's a sister that is very sick and we need someone, you know, everybody was very upset and disturbed and I was thinking to myself Subhanallah the sisters coming like two

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days before Ramadan coming to the convention, you know, probably trying to you know, have that spiritual boost before Ramadan and, And subhanAllah this happened to her and then emergency you know, ambulance came and took her response was very upset, like, I felt like Subhanallah this could have been any of us, you know, and then we went into the prayer room next to the next to the convention room or the the conference from that was taking place. And you have all these people, hundreds of people and all these emails and the shakes and you know, you know, another non behind your idea and you know, they're, they're good people you're robbing shallow this what we think at

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least, and the DUA that the Imam made for the sister, And subhanAllah it hit me so hard. Yes, this sister went away in an ambulance car. But there are a lot of Allah subhanaw taala that all these people that don't even know her, coming together after Salam, and making true to her for her, all the Imams and the chefs and all the people attending the convention. That is a Rama. Her calamity wrapped up in utter Hamas. Subhanak Yadav, Allah subhanaw taala says what Cata the Hannah and FC her Rama, he wrote or prescribed or ordained upon himself, what's Rama, Mercy. Think of the story of Satan and Mussolini. Suleiman could ask for the boat and ask for the boy and ask for the wall.

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They're all calamities, but they will all wrapped up in the realm of Allah subhanaw taala he knows and he sees what we don't see and what we don't know.

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The next time something that happens to you see hamdulillah and try to think of the Rama that might be hidden in this calamity or this test that you're being put through. Right? Your Allah help us here Allah to be able to see that and to understand that and to have the reader and acceptance of whatever he subhanaw taala has willed for us. Santa Monica Rahmatullah your barakato