Sulaimaan Ravat – Stories Of the Prophets – Nooh (AS) Part 1

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The two brothers Adam and Abby lost their father and used their names in court, leading to the loss of their father and negative consequences. The segment discusses the history of the murder of a woman named Harbin and the negative consequences of their actions. The transcript describes a disturbing trend of people not being aware of the negative impact of their actions on the planet and the resulting consequences, with the trend seen in various countries. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the teachings of Islam and not reading the message to avoid confusion.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Salam ala rasulillah karimabad.

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Yesterday, we commence the discussion on the story of herbal and carbon we spoke about in English as they say Abel and Cain. We mentioned that their story is referred to in the six Jews of the Quranic remains surah Tamara, we are lots of other COVID Allah says what do I lay him never Ebony Adam or bill happ a lotta Baraka with Allah tells us sort of loss of Allah Allah He will tell them that narrate to them the story of the two sons of Adam, in truth. So the names are not mentioned have been in Carville, but the story is made reference to. And in a nutshell, we explained yesterday, the one wanted to marry the sister that he was born with, and that was not permissible. And the dispute

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broke out and other monies salatu salam said, Make an offering to Allah. And in those times, whoever's offering was consumed by fire from the heavens. That was an indication that the offering was accepted by Allah, how bill came with a good fat ram that he had purchased and he brought it and he made it as an offering. On the other hand, car bill came with a few cheap crops. And it was hobbyists offering that was consumed by the fire, meaning that he was in the right car bill that got consumed by rage, and by his jealousy and resentment started to build in him to the point that he said, luck to learn luck, I'm going to kill you. And his brother tried to reason with him that there

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is nothing to get all worked up about. Allah has accepted my offering because I am on the right in this issue. It's clear this is the principle I'm supposed to marry your sister and you're supposed to marry my sister. So if you want to be aggressive, so be it I'm not going to retaliate in an aggressive way. However, Carville his rage it got the better of him and he killed his own brother. They after he did not know what to do with the body and Allah says forbartha la hora, you have had to fill out all the urea okay for you worry. So he, Allah then sent a crew and the crew started packing onto the ground and making a hole and some duration say that there was a dead crew and then

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the the crew that made the hole, push the dead crew into the hole. And that is when people got the idea of burning his brother hobble. So that was the first death on planet earth of a human. It was the first murder and it was also the first burial. And I also explained yesterday that every murder that will be committed up to the end of time, the equivalent sin will be given to Carville because he initiated this hideous practice on planet Earth. Where did it take place? There are narrations that indicate these a mountain in Damascus. It's called Jebel kasun. It's in the northern part of Damascus. And until I've been there, I went on to the top of the mountain as well. And they show you

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a grave and they say that that is the grave of harville. And they say it is on the top of that mountain that our bill had killed Harbin. Allah knows best but the undulations to that particular effect. So the lesson that we learn from the whole story of family history was from primary revolves around jealousy. The police was jealous of other money Salatu Salam kaabil was jealous of harben and jealousy drives you to the most heinous of crimes to the worst of crimes. You You can be blease was in the heavens worshipping align that company of the angels. But when his jealousy got the better of him, it clouded his entire sense of reason his entire sense of thinking the same with Tarbell is the

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son of a nebby. It's pretty clear cut what the issue is. But because he wanted what he could not have, he became jealous over his brother because his brother was going to have what he desired to have. And these are the melodies that are still prevalent today. We desire what is not decreed for us but is decreed for someone else. We want what Allah does not want us to have, but Allah in His wisdom has chosen for somebody else to have. And we create all sorts of justifications, and we create all sorts of reasonings and we create a rationale in our minds, to try and justify why we are right in doing what we do. But in reality, then we perpetrate the worst of crimes. So that brings us

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to the end of the story of Adam and Abby, you know, AlLahi salatu salam, we now move on to the story of no AlLahi Salatu was Salam. No Haile Salam was the first messenger on Earth. Adam Ali Salam got his Nobu in the heavens. But the first person to get his Naboo on Earth was know how to his salatu salam, the scholars right there was approximately a gap of 1056 years between the creation of Adam Allah His Salatu was Salam and the birth of Noah had a Serato serum. No Holly Salaam is mentioned extensively in the Quran 43 times a lot about a COVID Allah makes mention of the story of no honey salam, and in the 29th Jews of the Quran, an entire Surah An entire chapter is delicate

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To the story of know how to extract was from now, after Adam Elise ROM and his son she's a long time had lapsed on planet earth, and people had slowly but surely drifted away from tawheed they had drifted away

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from belief in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So, by the time Nohara his salatu salam was granted Ebola. People did not even know what was the hate. They were in the main worshipping idols, men made idols.

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And this is when I left the bar code item granted Nevada to know Hani salatu salam, and Allah sent no honey Salaam to his own people will occur our new Han Isla comi we will see that this is a recurring system of Allah. Allah sent Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the entire universe but first and foremost to the parish, Allah in many instances, almost in all instances, a nebby comes from the people. So it's not a stranger who's coming from outside, someone whom you don't know, someone whose profile is ambiguous, someone whose background has a question mark over it. People from within the own ranks were sent his MBA was ratusan so the same with Nordstrom Wanaka no

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hon illa pomi. Allah says, We sent no to his own people, for levita fee him and for Senate in Illa, from Siena Allah, Allah sees he preached to them 1000 minus 50 1000 minus 50 950 years 950 years, he made a vow. He called them to Allah, tala he called them to believe in the oneness of Allah. But in the main they refuse to listen to know how to use Serato serum. We know the scholars have written that they made all sorts of excuses knock or sell nano hannula pomi for cariaco marabu de la medikament Allah He said, Oh my people worship Allah, Allah alone. There is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah in me. atharva la kumada borjomi Nadeem I fear the punishment of a very severe

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de Paula como la Serbia Allah Allah very compassionately the MDR Eva salatu salam used to preach to the people that we are not misguided we are not fools, because the leaders and the hierarchy and the effluent of the time is to tell them you are fools. Look at this. You want us to believe in one Allah you want us to give up the diabetes that our forefathers used to worship? So very compassionately he would say Laserbeak Allah Allah, I am not misguided I'm not a fool. What are kidney Rasulullah Pillai the mean? I am the messenger of Allah mean obelisco come to be my duty is to convey to you the message of Allah wa onsala calm and I am giving you sincere and genuine advice.

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lm amin Allah he murdered on the moon. And I know about a love that which you did not know. That's why I'm warning you. And that's why I'm trying to bring you onto the straight path. And the reason that the Quran goes through these stories is because the same kind of trends are prevalent today as well.

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There will be several hahaha he was Solomon said, Islam or horiba when Islam came to Arabia, people found it very strange, very strange. The Arab leaders used to say what is this worshiping one Allah? What is this you prostrate you put your head on the ground? What is this very strange, what's the Yoda? horiba. And then it'll be a fun lesson. The time will come when people will look at the teachings of Islam and they will deem it to be very strange. And we live in a world today already, where people look at the teachings of Islam and they see it as chauvinist steak. They see it as patriarchal. They see it as orthodox they see it as very violent, very, there's very that and they

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think that they are on the path of reason on the path of logic on the birth on the part that makes sense. But in reality, it's the other way around. And no Annie salatu salam responded to the various complaints into the various issues that he's people brought forth. The one thing that they always held against him the one thing that they always held against him, they said, Man, Baraka, Illa Bashara, Mithra know what makes you so special. You came from amongst us, you know, now, sometimes we also say, Who are you? You were a light Tiki you grew up in front of us. Now today you want to preach to us today? You want to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Now Allah says in the

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verses that we recited tonight, that Mama Mama and nurse, a, you know, Buddha, when guidance came to the Quraysh The only thing stopping them from accepting the message of Allah they said, a bath Allahu Bashar on Rasulullah that Allah sent a human is an Abbe, soulless to respond so beautifully coloca and a fill out of them.

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mela catonian una mattina in in that has de la de minister Emma Emma Cara Sora if they were angels living on the earth, then we will send an angel is gonna be, but they are humans living on the earth. So we sent a human SNMP because the angel doesn't sleep. Angel doesn't get married. Angel doesn't get tired. Angel doesn't eat Angel doesn't drink Angel doesn't have emotions and Angel doesn't have sentiments. So how will the angel be a role model for you? You objecting then why was a man why was a human centered and maybe you wanted an angel to come. But if the angel came it would not be practical for you. Allah sent them maybe a human from amongst you, someone you knew somebody

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you can recognize, so that you can follow you can practically follow the example of interview. This is the system of Allah. Allah doesn't only send down to theory, Allah sends down the human to practically show you how to implement the theory. The Arabs knew Arabic. Allah could have just revealed the Koran and Angel could have come and lifted at the Kaaba, the Harrods could have already been practiced upon it. But that's not how the system of law works. You have kita boleh you have revelation, but then you have Richard hula, you have the men of Allah who show you how to understand the revelation and how to implement the revelation. And the same exists up to today the Quran is

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there, but the men of the Quran or the the Ahmadiyya the scholars today, to lead the way to show how to interpret the teachings of the Quran. So they had this objection against no holy salam, that Maha Illa Bashara Miss Dora, man Baraka elaborate on this letter, that you are human like us, you came from us now look all accom all of a sudden, you are given position. You see, again, it comes to this aspect of jealousy. You know the Jews. Interestingly, the Jews, they came to Medina centuries before Mr. Medina was born, they were oppressed, they were oppressed, in the regions where they will live in. And in the Torah, the prediction was there that the final Nabhi will come from Medina. So

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already centuries before Nabi sallallahu Sallam came, they went to Medina. And when a person used to be on his dying bed from amongst the Jews, he's will see it to his children would be, don't leave Medina stay in Medina because the final messenger will come from Medina. And like that It continued for generations. But when the incident came, they refuse to accept him. Why? Because they expected the last Nabhi to come from their lineage from the lineage of his heart Elisa ROM and the last Nabhi came from the lineage of the cousins, the Adams smiley Sonam. That jealousy prevented them from accepting the prophethood of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam deep down they knew he was the final Nabhi

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they knew the signs even before Nabi sallallahu, wasallam came to planet earth. They knew what were the signs in the description of Medina of the nebby everything because they had studied the Torah, they were the people of the book. So same in the time of noorani salam, because they felt a how he became an abbey and we have got a higher social standing than him. So man or Kayla Mashallah mithuna, woman arakata baka illan Lavina, whom, Ravi Luna, by Dr. Ravi, this was the second part, they said no, the people who follow you are the lower class people in society, and they are the people who don't know better. They're not clever enough. They're not smart enough. So look, the

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intelligentsia are not following you, the professors and the educated people of the time they not following you. It's all the second class people who don't know better, who are naive. They are following you. So why must we listen to you? You see, this is the mistake that they made and humanity continues to make. They didn't look at the message. They started looking at class differentiation. They started looking at who's who and who's following. They didn't look at what was right. They were more focused on who was bringing them the right message, and they pride their arrogance and their jealousy prevented them. This is the recurring lesson. May Allah grant us the

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understanding, some kind of law here.

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