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smilla Maduro him

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and then hamdu lillahi lado en esta you know when I stuck through

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when I wrote the B la Himanshu roti and phocoena woman St. Louis Atlanta Nina, Mayor de la hufa moved in Lola warming do Devin

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de la Whoa.

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What a shadow and ilaha illallah wa sallahu wa shadow Mohammed in Abu rasuluh salvato la he was sent him a while he

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bowed in the halo Canon cunnamulla he will haven houda houda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we shall move to ha wakulla Desert in Baton wakulla baton balada Temecula polariton polarity now

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the brothers decided to deal with the book of chattel Islam.

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Eman and Majid Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab rattler to light Anna nuwakot

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Ellis Islam in Islam, the nullifiers of Ellis that

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is not too long. And although the pages of the book are short, nonetheless, the information the benefit of those few pages are being especially during the time that really were right now. So we're going to deal with in channelised region, dealing with the metal, the book, those things that nullify LS lab.

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As we mentioned, book was authored by Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab rattler, Renata loi, he tonali. And in our explanation of his book keytab tauheed. We gave details about when he was born and what happened in those issues like that. So we're not going to repeat that talked about what it is and what it implies to call people will hobbies and other venues, you can go back and refer to that in the explanation of keytab tauheed. But what we will do is have a little introduction Before explaining the nuwakot Avella slang, because the issue is a serious issue. And we have people go overboard in the issue of putting people outside of Ellis land based upon what was mentioned in the

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book. So some people who have that takfiri min Hydra mentality, some Muslims due to being extremely angry at what's going on. They judge people and put them outside of the stand because of some of the things that are mentioned in this book of the 10 nullifies and that's not always fair. We have to deal with that. In the introduction as it relates to Mohammed bin Abdullah have bright little lady Thailand in the book is called the shape level Islam the Imam in the masjid did when I mentioned about these three nicknames or these about something in the way of what the phoca have of Islam mentioned, it is important for us to understand it so we can always remain balanced as it relates to

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personalities, and Eman when you hear you read that a scholar has been called an Amanda Foucault hava Islam. They say there are two meanings imply when someone is described as an A man as 100 of them to have was described. And that is that general meaning the good and positive meaning. The man is the person who was an island. He's a scholar, who was recive, and he has knowledge and his Sabbath and he doesn't have any innovation, like an email, an email me sharing an email, manic and emem sufian tholian people like that they are memes. And then there is the meaning of an image that is located or is restricted. You can't take away from the fact that the person was prolific in some

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aspect of Al Islam, he was the man of Hades and emammal tafsir using the Lamb of filk when he may have some kind of innovation in him, and then innovation should not be glorified. And he shouldn't be given that title understood to be the other Amen. And that's what we have like those people that are lemma described as an email and I can imagine even hedger, even even Hajime show Canyon, so UT people like that they agree scholars in his name, you can't take away from what they did. But there are some issues there.

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How many people will have was an email with knowledge, and he didn't have that innovation. He was calling to the sun in his environment. And as a result of that, his book still resonate with people who want puro and Sam. Also from his

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AlkaViva shekel Islam, Allah, Allah mobile Islam had a laugh about calling people shaken Islam. Some of them said this is something that we shouldn't do this and innovation. And the people from the first three generations, they didn't do it. And it was something good to it and it was beneficial. They would have preceded us to it. I boubakeur in those people with him with one Why are they him? They were the most educated and knowledgeable people of the language of the religion. So when it came to describing people describing each other, they were the most equipped and capable and able to do something they didn't do that no one called Abu Bakar shaken Islam. So if there is Shabbat Islam

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is Abu Bakr Al Sadiq. But those companions may Allah be pleased with them. They didn't say that. Solo scholars said we shouldn't use that type of nickname. Other scholars said if people in the latter times used it and you found that the person was being called shapely, slim. He is in fact any man who has knowledge,

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no innovation, then it's okay to call him Schaefer Islam. But again, these Okabe nicknames their problem and Eman and Khomeini and the man Khomeini. How could that person be an Imam in Islam? She hold Islam in Islam, Ayatollah Khomeini. How's that possible? So we have to be careful. This amendment al Islam and they're heavy in his books, lm and nuvola. He wrote any code a lot of the realm of the past shareholder slang shareholder slang. So don't think that Khalid Abdul Wahab, even with Tamia are the only two people were known as shaker the slang. But that's what's most popular with many of the people doing the latter time. So the point is, it's not a big thing. Some of the

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evil Islam were against the usage of that description, shared Islam, thoroughly and magette did and is really important and rejected, which means the revival, the new renewal, they called how many of them do have a budget during the mother's time, and the Romans since that time, and he renewed what

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the renewal of the religion meaning that Ellis land, it gets weak, as the Prophet mentioned. So a lot of what he was sending me prophesies that I was slammed is going to get weaker and weaker and weaker as time went on. And that allies would yell will send someone from this oma who will renew and revive the religion for this woman. That's an authentic idea. In the Lucha bath, we have in oma adequately rats me at the center, main new J. Amara Dini, Allah is going to send at the beginning of every century, someone who's going to revive this oma some of the elements of Islam. They mentioned Who were some of them who just didn't have his own food and food and food and food and, but we don't

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know the number of them. Another issue is, and Majid did doesn't have to be someone famous and big, and he wrote many big books and he did a lot of stuff. You can be rejected. In your own right. Some of us come from places where our parents were born, where Islam is weak is not Islam, that the profit broad sell a lot when you sell it. You go to Cameroon, you go to Nigeria, you go to different parts of Africa, you go to the airport, you go to different parts of Pakistan, different parts of Somalia, you go to different parts of the Muslim world, and the Islam of those people is not what the prophet sallallaahu was sent him to superstition, magic, ignorance, all kinds of nonsense. You

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go back to your people, you start spreading Islam, through books through writing through talking by helping whatever the adult was happens to be. You can be rejected in your own right. So Sharon, Islam, Mohammed Abdul Wahab,

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Ali wasn't rejected, because they're in Arabia, where he was born and where he was raised. Those people started worshipping all kinds of craziness.

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That venom, that animosity that that I doubt that people from this oma who makes *, and they worship graves, and they love dead people and all that kind of stuff. They took him as an enemy, as people like that continue to take us down with animosity. So he was no doubt a Majid did in Ellis land.

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This book acquainting the wocket of Al Islam, the number of islands as well, as Sam is talking about an issue that is critical and understand and that is the issue of a tech fear.

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book is about a tech field.

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And that's why I told you, many of these young brothers here in the UK, in the West in America, but here particularly some of these extreme groups, that we heard them talking, going on rooms for an example those types of brothers who are now not around anymore because that downward doesn't make any sense.

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It doesn't go with the walker with your reality, nor is it academically based.

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But that's not a win offer. We have young people coming up. And they're on that way of thinking and existing. That thing about making tech fear of people, and excommunicating, Muslims and Islam and doing it based on some of the things that this book has mentioned. So before talking about the 10 nuwakot, that he mentioned, the 10 nullifies, we have to touch upon this issue of attack fear. It's my humble opinion. Before teaching no aka devil Islam, people should be well versed in the issue of attack fear, the issue of the fee is a serious issue than the Walker, this man is talking about a ridden apostate motive dead. As it relates to the issue of a past state in the tech field. This

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issue is knowledge based in our religion. It's not based upon your Hawa, it's not based upon your anger, because I have a problem with this person. And we have animosity between us, I make two feet of him, because he's doing something. He's doing something that I perceive as being a computer from the Tibet here, and it is and is bad. And my radar, my radar for slam machine, makes me make take fear of him, my desires, stuff like that. So we find this issue of a rudder being dealt with different books in Ellis van, and the books are fit in all of them. And that hip, there is the chapter of eridan. So the nema fukada slang, they came and started talking about when does a person

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become a Moodle? And everything you need to know about a red light is based on your how're people sitting here and greenlink msgid. And we're just simple people, easy people, small beginning students of knowledge. We haven't memorized we haven't done a lot of work. And yet, I'm going to put my foot in the arena of excommunicating every ama bucket and z that disagrees with me from this religion. It's not right. Is Aurora is volume. So bad thing. So Kabira from the Quebec, it creates confusion.

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The books of Hadith and Amanda Bukhari has a chat in his book Kitab read

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all of the Hadith and read the knowledge. That's the point in the books of LRP, that the assault of other snap, all of those books, talk about the issue of impermissibility and make it tick fear of Muslims. So the point here, one is, this book is dealing with a serious issue. Don't be those people who go to the extremes in your religion, don't be of the people were too soft hearted to kind, any and everything that you do in the world doesn't put you outside of Islam, the people who have a job, do whatever you want to do whatever you want to do you Okay, you have the man of jabril McHale and the NBA so the water wave soleimani Don't be like that. And don't be like the other extreme people,

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judgmental people go against the text of the Quran, the Sunni that are clear, that came to protect the lives the blood of the Muslims, the religion of the Muslims, the huruma of the Muslims excommunicate people question Islam said, Whoever did this thing, this coffin outside of Islam? No, and we'll come to that inshallah.

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as relates to the issue of a tick, fear, the issue of a deed things want to mention concerning time that we're living in right now check the slide is a magette did he made a deed of the religion he renewed it, but there are some that we have to know when it comes to with Digi deed, when it comes to renewing this religion. What does that mean? 2018 2020 2025 attach deed because we hear a lot of people calling to attach deed attach deed has some rules and regulations like number one, there is no renewal of what is known as them will sell them at an LS land be assumed of Ellis land, no one can come and try to renew something that is just in the religion and is known by necessity from the

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foundations and the basics of the religion, like a tawheed. We have the people want to make to God than that though he meaning meaning all religions, okay, we have Muslims who are saying that we're all brothers. When the universal brotherhood that allies agenda has created us being sons of Adam. So we can't say that you're holding Assad or anyone else or non Muslims, that stage D that no, you're changing the soul of the religion, this is not something permissible. People are calling to well Hurriya, where person is free to think, to do what he wants to do. And he says that that's the deed we're living in a time you should be able to

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They can say what you want to do whatever it happens to be. No, we can't do that. That's not the deen of Allah. That's not what the deed is meant by someone being a majestic, or the tragedy that's acceptable can't be like that the soul of the religion, there is no room for them to be tampered with. Another very important critical issue as it relates to the rules and regulations of it is a person's attempt to make a tidge deed can be in conflict with the religion of Allah, Islam can make th D and you will conflict with the religion and finger trying to renew for an example, for an example. There is a Muslim girl who has decided to take off her hijab, so her other Muslim Sisters

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now and this has gone viral recent last few days, they're going to give our party because she has the right she has the right to leave her job. She wants to leave her job. No, that goes against the religion. A woman being the man being the villain, the Salah goes Giza we can make that kind of take deed. It's not accepted in the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. To God like that is crazy. A person thinks now he has the right to leave Islam, leave Islam, come in a pasty and then use the Koran to say that for men, Shia Feldman, women share for the UK for anyone who wants let them believe. And anyone who wants them disbelieve. Allah gave you the freedom. Allah gave you the

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freedom lakra has been cut the baby in a rush to Monterrey Allah said there is no compulsion in the religion. The man read tonight the eye of the Quran, Allah Subhana Medina said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Enter to clonus. I mean, Mohammed Are you going to force the people until they become believers. So those Muslim stand up in these different personalities in the UK today, and different institutions like Quilliam,

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like these radio programs, lbs, where these personalities are coming with some real outrageous concepts and unless that so there is no take deed, we want to get down with a lot, we're going to get in the way of hip hop, we want to get down a lot, we're going to change the relay. And that's what's taking place right now, in the UK, newest land, newest land. And if someone tries to come to teach the community, the religion of Ellis land, the government, the massage it the forward thinking demands, the liberal personalities from Ellis land, they look at you as a bean person, shed did No, no touch deed in that.

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Lastly, honey from those issues is that the touch deed and the renewal has to be in accordance to obviously what the setup of the school what they brought, people are introducing the Dean of Eliza gel, those things that if they were good, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions would have proceeded as to it. And this is the whole issue about how the Muslims are going to be saved you as an individual that is going around on whatever's going on around you. Just stick to the way of what those campaigns were doing and saying, you're going to be okay in those waves of confusion. So touch D, the Hylian has his smartphone and has this proper understanding, and it has

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his proper acceptance. But what we have going on today is dangerous. Those of you who are not married shala you stay in this country stay here, your children are going to be a group of people that their Islam is not going to be able to be identified 10 1520 years from now, if the Muslims continue to do what we're doing.

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As we raise the issue of a tech fear, one niche of a tech field, just gotta mention very quickly in a lot can be mentioned. But we want to mention very quickly, just three very important principles as a racer to fear because connected to this book, then nullifies Avella slam when we read these things and you start seeing people within these 10 things don't go and apply to feed on these people.

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Our Braille we relatives who are making mistakes left, right and center and what they believe and what they say the abundance and other than that shoe fees and other than that, what they're saying even people claim to be on the Sunnah, going overboard and personalities. So we're going to say you are now Muslim. No, no few principles. First of all, is this is really extremely important. Keep this in front of your eyes for the duration of the dose and for the duration of your life as it relates to the issue of a fear.

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And that is anyone who came into Ellis Island with your team. He goes

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Outside of Islam only with the team, he does not go outside of Islam based upon speculation based upon anger based upon half truths. guesswork here say he came into Islam. I know this man was born and raised as Muslim. His name is Mohammed Abdullah. Al is smiley is his name. His mother's father, everything about him is Islamic. But he did this. He did that he did this. He was a king. He was a prince. He was a robber. He was a criminal. He made mistakes here and there. But based upon that atrocity that he committed, he's not excommunicated from this religion based upon you just looking at what happened and taking the text from the Quran and Sunnah and saying, This man is outside of

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Islam is not permissible or not permissible. Anybody who comes into Islam with your clean, he goes outside of Islam with your cane. So person saying, I'm a Muslim, I don't wear hijab. And what are these brothers who go on the roof, that type of mentality,

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the roof people,

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He will say to that sister, you know, Muslim, and she says, I'm a Muslim.

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And it's men and suddenly you're not a Muslim. That mentality says that to her.

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Why not a Muslim, because he insists the keys of who goes to gentlemen the Hellfire rock mobilizer, he believes in his hands. So we have the incentive and won't go too far into this. But from what supports that is what happened. And the famous identical silent Crusade, when he was fighting that man and one with the other companions, and the non Muslim was going to kill somebody, Simon got the best of them and killed them. But before killing them, the man said, I shadow in La ilaha illa Allah, and even do the second part of this shot and someone stabbed them. And the man died. And they told the Prophet about what happened. So a lot of what he was saying. And then he became angry and

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said, Oussama, you cooked him and it said, La Ilaha Illa. He said, jasola man was trying to kill me. And the Prophet x and three times becoming more and more stern with him. You killed the man is?

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He said, la li la la. You heard it? Did you? He said that? He said, Yes. He said, You killed them. After that. He said he was trying to kill me. And the Prophet just kept saying that kept saying it. Simon said I wish I had braces slam right there at that particular moment. Because I'm so so small, made a big mistake. One of the narration said that when Simon say yada, so law is stuff for the law. He asked a lot of me, forgive me. The Prophet didn't ask Allah to forgive him. He kept saying you killed the man after you say la ilaha illa. The man came into Islam with the team. But he's trying to kill me. And I will say to you brothers, what would you do? If you're fighting individually? He's

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really trying to get you not fight and kill you. And in self defense, you kill him. What are you going to do? What are you going to do when you get a chance to kill him? I tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do the same thing that Osama did, rather than align the same exact thing. If I didn't know about this, Heidi. Now I know about this, Heidi. So I can't just essentially go against what the prophet said don't do sallallahu Sallam but naturally you're going to do it. You will deal with him.

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That's a tremendous lesson from our religion. Anyone who comes into Islam with yaqeen he goes outside of Islam with European Prophet sallallahu Sallam allowed the monastic King hypocrites to come into the MSG to make Jihad with to go on trips with them to be around him to come into his house knowing full well they were Malacca keen.

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Also, a whiny concerning this issue is that Ethan and macdaddy rhodiola similar to Salah macdaddy, Isa jasola, what happened? What would you have to say about a man if I was fighting him? And that man, he cut my arm off? While we were fighting? He cut my arm off. And then he ran in went behind the tree. And then I chased him behind a tree, and then I killed him. What's your opinion about that? When I went to kill him, he said, I said the one that I meant to be left. I believe in Allah and I killed them. What would you have to say?

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He said, he said I meant to be there. You heard that? You're keen? He said, yeah. He said and then you killed him. He said, and I killed him after.

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Can you imagine your hand is chopped off? And the blood is coming down and you don't have an arm? And he's fighting this guy he chopped your hand off and he ran off and you got a chance to get them What do you want to do and your home is chopped off.

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Brother Mohammed told the man saw the love when he was sending them.

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If you kill him, you will be like he was before you killed them make a careful because the Prophet says of a lot. He was sending them economy a he can be

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any Muslim who says he was awesome Brother, you can you do? You can hear anybody who says that to his brother. That word is going to be on one

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them, either he really is a Jew, he became a Jew really is a Catholic. So it goes on him. But if you said that out of anger, said that out of your desire, you gave a hokum that's based upon your hero as based upon finance, coming back to you. So if you were to do that, you will be like he was before you killed him now Muslim.

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And he will be like, you act, you killed him. I mean, you're Muslim, because man was a Muslim, so whiny anybody who comes into this religion with your team, it's not your job to put them outside the religion, except with the appeal.

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The other issue about a tech fear is that anybody who says this, she had the team know that she had the team says I shadow in La ilaha illAllah, WA, Shadow, Mohammed de rasulillah, then he is a Muslim. And what is apparent to us is a Muslim. Some of us have this problem, where if a white person became a Muslim, for example,

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or a person who used to be in the army used to be a police officer, he becomes a Muslim. And we think because he used to be in the police or something or he's white, we think he's from the CIA's from the FBI automatically. And that's not right. He made the note with the Shahada. He's a Muslim. He made a mistake here and there. That's your job to make the career of him because you're not responsible for what's in his chest. As the Prophet said to sama sama when he was saying that Osama Did you open up the man's chest to see if he said it with sincerity or not? It's not your job. Your job your responsibility is to deal with people based upon what you see. The Prophet mentioned some a

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lot, why don't you send them a milk carton a nice hi Tasha de la ilaha illallah wa no Mohammed Abu

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Musab the cat with a file that is a mini de la, la la la la the happiness lamb where he served in Malawi, as I've been saying, to find the people until they be a witness that lie the law which people now Muslims should keep my job when he was sent some a lady was sending me one of his responsibilities was spread the dour, not just sit comfortably and just chill out and relax with his companions. He was sent to spread this down and to find those people into they make the show had their team meet the salon gives us a car. If they do that. Then the blowing the love their blood, their world, their lives and money is sacred. Three can no one take their money, the halifa can come

00:27:48--> 00:28:33

to take your money, the man can come and take your money. No one can just come in take your money is harangue shores, except by the hack of the slam, you kill someone, you're gonna get killed law of retribution, you do a crime, then you're going to have to pay the money for the crime that you did and so forth. So on. So that's a dilemma fit that if you see a person saying that she had the team, and he made the news with that we're not responsible for that other stuff and digging deep into that other stuff. Man, I'm in a biLlahi what Kapha Bhima be really laggy for hermit Li and wild. Oh, what the Moto 11

00:28:35--> 00:28:47

anyone who believes in Allah, and he disbelieves in other than Allah than is blending his money is haram upon me, except by the heart of Islam. Men, Salah sanathana was stuck in our

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back and Muslim who were fundamental law. He was the material Sula. Any Muslim who prays the prayer that we pray, you see him praying, he faces the Qibla that we face, you see him doing that? He is that the behind that we eat, he's a Muslim. He has the rights that the Muslims have, and they have rights that he has. It's not your job. It's not your job. So the king, he's praying in the prophets messages, or he's praying as hard. Or he's praying here. He's praying there, wherever he's praying that people love a tequila people. Hello. They say that's a manufactured pray. He's not sincere. He's not a real Muslim. You see the guy praying, he's making the law. It's not your business. What

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

you're saying may be true, it may not be true, but these rules are not passed on people based upon me B is based upon your kin, your kin. That's point one is that the hokum of a tech fear and calling people non Muslims is a hokum Shut up. It's a ruling from Allah slyke will do

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

Like a Juma is like an homage ombre can do it any way you want to do it. We make took fear of whoever Alon is messaging me to figure out some of the love why he was sending them. Whether it's based upon a description was or whether it's based upon the timing, a specific individual, a lion is messenger, sallallahu alayhi Salaam, they may take fear of this person by this description, so we don't hesitate. Like the Yahoo then the nesara there are some Muslims who are sitting there saying you don't know what's in his heart.

00:30:37--> 00:30:38

He's a gentleman

00:30:39--> 00:30:42

talking about noise in his heart. He got a Jewish thing on his head.

00:30:43--> 00:31:32

Got across his neck. Why are you gonna put in the religion doesn't belong in the religion. It's not hatred, not racism. Allah His Messenger gave a worse care for a lady in a car. lunala hypothetical. filata they have disbelieved. Those people say that Allah is one of three he said, money. Allow me to fear of the who Denman nosara right now some of my people in America from the American Muslim mission just came from San Diego in December. I couldn't believe it. They're still grappling, grappling, grappling and wrestling over either you're holding the nesara in the NA. People were teaching saying no, they're not in the nod. Unbelievable. No, there's a what's a description that a

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lot of describe the mushrikeen anyone who's not a Muslim, he is a non Muslim in the deen and delight Islam, the religion with the laws of Islam. That's it. Well, man, you're telling rival Islam Idina and flanked by the men who are here at Minerva class any, anyone who chooses other than Ellis lamb is not going to be accepted from him and he's going to be from those who are losers. So everyone who's not a Muslim is a non Muslim, and it's not okay for a Muslim to be in doubt about that. To be hesitant about that was description, or specific people we make takfeer of a lab. We make tech fear of Abu Gen. We make tech fear of around, we make tech fear of the people with from make tech fear of

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blease, we make tech fear of Ibrahim's father sallallahu it was sending them we make took fear of Prophet Mohammed, his mother and his father sallallahu alayhi. Wa it was sending them it is a hokum, Shadow he, if Allah said someone was a Catholic, or the Prophet, some of the love, why do you send them says someone was a casket? And that's it, we say that. But the last point and the last principle of tech theater I want to mention today. And that is, although

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this description of a tech fear is there, it does not necessitate that a specific person is a catheter other than who a lot is messages set. So we go to the fourth point, and this is the last one. Anyone, anyone? These things that we're going to mention about the nullifiers? Although these nullifiers they say a person is outside of Islam, who does this? He does that he does this does that not I'm assuming it does not necessitate any person specifically, for most Muslims can say that. Don't say that. Because as we're going to deal with down the line inshallah, there are certain preventive things that have to be absent and certain conditions that have to be present, before I

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can say this person is a Kaffir, based upon this nullifier. Number six, there are certain conditions that have to be present in him. He had knowledge of what he was saying. He knew what he was saying. He intended what he was saying. And there are certain preventive measures that have to be absent, because if one of them is present, then it doesn't count on Put tick fear on him. I don't put the feeling. So there is introduction very brief, acquainting to scratching the surface in shallow lives region. And we'll begin the explanation of the book. So those of you who don't have the book, get the book, because we will be dealing with a number of principles along the way that you guys should,

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I believe, write down and the last item, Heather was a low selling robotic and an abena, where it was Holly as Maureen was said on Monday. Kumara Tula Bearcat