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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having goals and activities to achieve after watching the Bible. They stress the importance of setting goals for one's life and not just giving charity. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being a contributing member of a local machine and community to help people live their dreams.
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Basic Muslims expectations for the dunya. I mean, on one end, okay, so there's two extremes, right? It's like on one end, it's like, you have to have goals, you have to, you can worship Allah through your activity in the dunya, right? Nobody's telling you to go,

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you know, to go live in a forest by yourself and not own anything and not speak to anybody. Right. But then on the on the other side, you know, we have to just, we have to keep things into proportion, we can't go overboard, when it comes to being super ambitious. So because that's not what this student has made for this bed about the afterlife.

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You know, Allah says in the Quran, right? And don't forget your portion of this world. Meaning that, okay, the focus, and the priority is the afterlife. And then you also, after you secure that, you know, you're going, you're going to be involved in the dunya. So I mean, for just the basic Muslim living in North America, I mean, there's certain boxes that you should want to check, you should want to get married to a good spouse, have, you know, good children, you know, righteous children,

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you know, obviously, you want a certain level of housing, you want to have a certain job that you're certain, fairly certain is permissible, you know, in the sight of allowance oughta.

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And really, you know, you just got to, you want to set yourself up in a way where it's not just all going to, to you, right, you're able to give charity regularly, you're able to not just give charity to like consumables, things that are going to like, the machine operations, but but things that are actually going to be sadaqa jariya, for you things that are going to last, you know, you want to be able to build something, I guess that's the, that's the big thing, you want to be able to build something that's going to continue after you die,

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whether that's MSG, or whether that's some sort of youth center, or etc, there's lots of different things out there. So it should all be funneled towards those goals, like your career, you know, your relationships as a part of the dunya as well, you shouldn't, you know, strive to have a solid, decent relationship with your parents or with your relatives and things like that. You should be a contributing member of your local machine and communities try to you know, be a positive influence to your neighbors, and the people who you interact with daily at work and at the grocery store in the gas station, and things like that. And that's that's kind of the basics. You know, and if you're

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able to live that life that I think that you've got, you know, a really, really strong foothold, you know, and you've got a really, really strong argument for insha Allah for your place in gender and you can pass away when you're old, in sha Allah,

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you know, with good hope and Allah Spano Tata that you, you know, that you put in the work

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