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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of serving God Almighty, which is a combination of personal growth and respecting others. They emphasize the need for individuals to find their happiness and serve God Almighty in a sustainable way. The concept of serving God Almighty is central to achieving optimal happiness, and is linked to personal growth and satisfaction. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reading the Quran and not interpreting it as a message.
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So, you know, there's this holy city like you're saying, and there's you go and you go pilgrimage, right, you go to this you go visit this place Mecca. Right. That's right.

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There's another one right because of him as well I think. Medina. Medina, yeah. So Mecca. Medina. That's right.

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You go there for the pilgrimage, but I heard that apparently like, like, people are asked like, Well, you wouldn't be allowed there for some reason, like only Muslims are allowed there. Like why, like, why? How can I walk on? You know, well,

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that's not You're not unique to Makkah and Medina? Because there are many places actually on earth that if you don't have or fulfilled the criteria, or have the right visa, you can't go there as well.

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This place is like the Pentagon? Oh, places near close to the Vatican. Yes, there are certain places, which if you don't fulfill a certain criteria, you can't go there. Okay, happens to be with, you know, Maccha, that

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only Muslims are allowed in that sacred city.

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So it's not discriminatory, in a sense that this is something unique under the Muslims are, you know, keeping people away from you know, non Muslims from seeing this place. It's just because Muslims deem it to be very sacred, very holy, a very precious place

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that Muslims are only they are the only ones allowed to enter that. But it's not unique. Because there are many places on Earth, which person doesn't have the right. It could be a security issue. It could be political issues. And it could be religious reasons, as well as certain holy shrines

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which are in India, for example, that if you're not from a certain caste, and so on, and so forth, you wouldn't be allowed in there as well.

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You guys don't believe in like, obviously, worshipping shrines and stuff, right? That's right. It's,

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there's no such thing as idol worship. There's no such thing as worshiping people, since just believing in the you know, the unseen God to us, the unseen creator. See, that's where I'm confused. Because, obviously, in one of the in one of those cities, I think it's Mecca. Yeah. Have the, the black kind of buildings that everyone kind of goes.

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They serve the blacks, the blacks, isn't that isn't that they, like assume people bowing to it, and like videos and stuff. Is that not like worshiping it? Yeah, yeah, that's a common misunderstanding.

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You have a very important concept in Islam. And that is that Muslims should be unified, and that they should be together. And just as Muslims that we pray together, we have a congregational prayer, that they will go to the mosque and they pray at the same time. And they pray, as you know, in lines together, the black box that you see, which is called the Kaaba, is not something that we actually worship. In fact, it it represents one of the if not the first place of worship on Earth, which the Prophet Abraham and his son, Ismail that they built, they reestablished the foundations. So Muslims don't actually pray to it. But it's a place where we can direct our worship. Okay, so it's a

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directional thing, as opposed to actually worshiping it. We don't actually worship and we worship, by the command of God Almighty, by the command of Allah, we are commanded to pray in that one direction. So everyone's kind of doing it together kind of thing. Not everyone's Exactly, exactly fulfilling that kind of congregational unity kind of principle, I can understand how that would work. You never know one day if changes in your life, you might go there one day.

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You never know, I guess, to be honest.

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Okay, to understand it just to see and understand

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about appreciate, you know, you're asking questions, because many people, they, they don't ask questions, they don't ask things about the purpose of their life, or what they're doing or where they're going. They're just willing to just just go through the motions as it were, he lives 50 6070 years. So it's everyone's got that struggle as well in life, you know, I mean, so it'd be nice to actually know, but an outcome just for like, just for your own purview, right? To see what could you know, what your outcome could be, in order to do things right, I suppose. You know, everybody's looking for happiness. Yeah. Looks for happiness, then. Isn't that not? Because I mean, like, from

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what I understand, as from what you've kind of explained, like, the purpose of a Muslim is to submit to God, like you were saying, like, submit to Allah. Submit to his wall, basically. So like, isn't that separate to kind of happiness? Like, I mean, isn't that like a separate purpose kind of thing? Like, why is the only one purpose? Why can't we have floats? I mean, what might be happiness and yours be?

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This good question. Next thing is when we're talking about achieving happiness, you can achieve happiness in many different ways. Now, I'm not saying or you know, Islam doesn't say that the only way that you can achieve happiness is to worship God Almighty. That is the most that is central to everything, that worshiping God Almighty is the center or the the only way of achieving eternal

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and sustainable happiness. There may be other things are the other things that you can do, which also will make you happy. It's not, for example, you find Muslims that you only go to the mosque. And that's all you can do. And that's the only place that you can find happiness. And Muslims can have fun. Because then you can go to a theme park, you can have time with your family, you can do many, many things, which also will make you happy, because you know that God blessed you with these things. So it's an internal happiness. It's an unhappiness that doesn't cost any money. It's a kind of an internal happiness that you find in the heart, which

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you can only find with God Almighty.

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And that way you find wherever you are on earth, you will always have that happiness.

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Yeah, it's like week's happiness comes in, like so many forms as well, like you said, like, it's crazy. But how would you mean, obviously, in your perspective, your life here right now? Yeah. Right? What's your kind of I mean, it used to give you a life of meaning. And said, Well, I'm here to do this kind of thing. What would you say? Because I mean, this is your like, this is your job. But then how are you kind of like, like, obviously, like you said, you're serving?

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Well, you know, I come across lots of different characters, and lots of different stories and situations. And if I have the opportunity to deliver, even if it's a small message, and have a column, a conversation like this, to talk about the purpose of life, to speak about, to speak about Islam, to clarify the true picture of what Islam really is, then that's why I can serve God Almighty. You know, I offer that I have my president and the mosque, I'm able to make the pilgrimage. When there's one month a year, I'm able to fast, okay, I can, you know, earn a living to serve my you know, to help my family, all of that is serving God. So it's not just you know, prayers

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and prayers and prayers and fasting and sacrificing. No, serving God Almighty means being good to your family. Serving God means being good and respecting other people. All of this is serving God Almighty. So it comes in so many different ways. So then, how do you know that God is serving God? Like who told you this? Like, understand the Prophet Muhammad, like spread this message? But like, where are you finding this stuff? Because obviously, that was a long time ago. So sure. So we have the Quran, and we have the example of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which teaches us that serving God Almighty comes in different ways and shapes and forms. So for example, the Prophet

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Muhammad told us spending on your family is serving God Almighty, you know, being good and looking after the week. That's also serving God Almighty, just as going on a pilgrimage, just as going to the mosque to pray that serving God Almighty. So you know, if I'm able to meet and come across people and serve people help people from get to A to B, that's also serving God. So it's not just you know, what people just think worshipping God has to be in a place of worship, I can be out in the street, and I can be helping people serving people and at the same time with my intention, I can be rewarded for that. By Allah.

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It's gonna say, because obviously, everything you do is it's kind of by like Islam and by the Quran by because the Quran is the most, most recent testament, I think that's the case, how would you possibly can? How would you take the most recent testament and use the knowledge rather than go for an older Testament or a Bible, you know, like a home Bible, for example?

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Yeah, something older, that would be more maybe scripted from before that time when the Quran was maybe. Okay. There's a couple of important points there. Number one, is that the Quran came to confirm all the other previous messages, it didn't come to say that all of these are fake. And all of these never existed. But the Quran comes to reaffirm that the revelation that was given to Moses and to Jesus and to David and to Solomon, all of these prophets, prophets that existed before we are to believe in all of them, and that you cannot be a Muslim unless you accept and believe in them and all of them. However, there has some distortion occurred in these previous revelations, like the

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Injeel, the Gospels and the torah, the torah, there are some changes have occurred in that that the message has been changed somehow. So the Quran came to as a final revelation, a final testament to mankind to remind us, this is what it is all about. Now, did the Quran simply copy those stories? There's a book actually I read not long ago, it's got 101. And there's more than that 101 differences in that what you find it in the Quran, and the other, the other scriptures. So for example, the story of Abraham, okay. It is in from a Christian dome kind of belief that it is Isaac, who was going to be sacrificed by his father. Islam says no, it was this my child was his other son.

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So Islam came to correct all of these beliefs that were previously forgotten or distorted in previous religions. So he wasn't just, you know, just written down and copied.

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From previous,

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previous scripture that was found that you find lots and lots of differences. So it's a false notion to say that Islam simply copied, it's not the case at all. And the more you read, the more you will find that Islam came to correct. That original belief that was given from one generation to the next from one project to the next. I was going to ask when he's talking about, you know, Heaven and Hell kind of thing, like life and death, or life after death, like how do you determine like, where you go, like, how do you, if you if you're a good person, you think you're a good person? And you think you're going to heaven? But you end up any other way? How do you determine like, obviously, if

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you're determined with the scales like this was talking about, but how do you say, Yeah, I'll that goes into the good part that goes into the bad part, I'm going here or there. Yep. Yeah. How do you really determine, you know, Islam, you know, Allah defines for us what is good and what's bad. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him what defined for us what is good, and what is bad, and that will never change? What is good 1400 years ago, is good. Now. It's not like, for example, you get a new prime minister, or you get a new president, people change laws, you know, 20 or 30 years ago, that was deemed bad and evil, and now it's good. So we have guidance that's fixed. So we know forever,

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this will always be good. So I know these good deeds that I do, and try to fulfill in my life, that will go on my heavy scale of good deeds, and that was deemed bad and evil. If I do that, then then they'll go on the other side of the of the scale, and may weigh down the other side. So we have a clear understanding of what is good and what is bad. So we don't have confusion concerning these matters. This is one of the great things that I found in Islam.

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The confusion is sometimes confusing. So I know little bits and bobs about free friends. It's not like I think one of my friends told me that I think every verse other than Ephesus, right, but every verse of the Quran has 1000 meanings, or something of a sort.

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We believe that the Quran is the word of God. And it is limitless in terms of its meanings and benefits and wisdoms from it. So you find it's an eternal message. It's not a message that was only, you know, suitable for 1000 years ago, because it is the literal speech of God Almighty, it will always be relevant, and you will always find benefit. So whenever I open the Quran, I always find there's a benefit for them for my situation, or gives me an advice or something that I need. It's an eternal message. Because we know it's from God Almighty.

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Sorry, it's sometimes hard to determine the flight you get individuals that look at the same book and go, this means that someone else goes No actually this means that it's important it's important that when we when we start to interpret or understand the Quran, that is not done by anybody

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has to be done by learned to scholars has to be done by the people who have studied the religion. Otherwise, you know, people will start picking up the Quran interpreting it as they like. And as you know, that the people you know, holding the Quran making false interpretations and creating a lot of mischief. You know, say in the name of Islam, and it's not from Islam, so you only take from knowledgeable people. That's very, very important. Okay.

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We're just gonna arrive at your destination here. So it's taken so long. was a pleasure to meet you lads. Yeah, nice.

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Thanks. So you never know. We may see each other again.

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