Youssra Kamel Kandil – Allah’s Love to His Servants Part 3 of 5

Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses Subhan's signs of Subhan conversions to Islam, including delaying punishment, expressing love, and being recognized as a good deed. The practical implications of these signs and weight goals are emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding loss of good deeds. The weight and goals of Subhan are also discussed, along with the need for people to suffocate and notice when in need of Him. The segment emphasizes the importance of not overemphasizing actions and words in relation to emotions and comply with laws.
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Do you understand how close he is? Let's talk about $100 signs of tears. The Quranic verses in the Hadith are two assures Allah subhanaw taala is left to us. But what are the signs of this love? Right? A lot of us see what we love God, but it's just, we say, Oh, I'm so close to Allah. And if I asked you to pray to say no, but my heart is full faith and all reality, you aren't doing anything to prove this love. You're just talking. Oh, I love him. I love him. What's the proof of your love? What's What's the thing that you do that it can be felt that says, I really love you? Come on, I really love you. On the other hand, when Allah subhanaw taala talks to us about his love. He's

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practical. He's not just talk like we are. So let's see from his love, firstly, delaying your punishment, so he doesn't punish you straight away because you might repent right? The scholars see that when you send the angel on your left shoulder doesn't record it straight away. Why? Maybe you will repent. As for the angel on your right shoulder, records a good deed as soon as you do it. So delaying the punishment is a practical sign of His love. Last 100 dialysis and circle verse 58.

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Loan you are for the Mega Moolah. Hi John. Hola Hola there. But Lahoma are the language the window. But your Lord is Most Forgiving full of mercy. If he were to call them at once to account for what they have earned, then surely he would have hastened their punishment. Right? You repeat and repeat but he waits on you, because he has hoped that you're going to repent because he loves you. And as the poem says, if he is generous when anger, then how is he when contents and from the signs of His love acceptance of repentance, Kabbalah Toba, Allah subhanaw taala says and sweeping known, verse three refer them to a cobbler toe Shadi de la comme right, who forgive sin accepted repentance.

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Another sign that a good deed is accounted for is 10 of its kind. And as soon as accounted for only as one can you imagine, if you were to talk about what fear or justice then a good deed would be accounted for. It's just one day, and one sin is one sin, right? But no one deed as 10. And then up to 700. of its kind. Isn't that a sign of a lost 100. And it's great love to us. And the biggest practical sign to short the last $100 Love is getting great reward for little deeds, you do something so tiny, and you would you like, so much stuff for it. For example, passing the Day of Arafah Jones the whole past year, and the coming one from since a purifies, one day of fasting

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purifies your whole pasture of sins and the one to come how all I did this whole past year from sins get erased. And not just that, but all I'll do from since the coming year so it's going to be raised one because I fasted one day

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because he loves you. He wants to forgive you. He doesn't want you to go to her fire. Should we feel ashamed? How can we return this gratitude with seeming to avoid losses and we saw this with all this generosity. You see with your lips you like

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to keep it your actions, more fun and the actions approve the stuff but when the last one autolysis He loves us. He asked us to fast one day that will forgive all our sins for two whole years. First thing the day for sure turns your pastors have since the prayers the factors or tones or cleanses what's between them so often Hudson cofrac Medina, like backbiting and slandering only thing that happened between them? Yes, Ramadan Ramadan. Johnson's in between them Friday to Friday consistency in between them performing from camera to camera lenses since what are these Mercy's central Waspinator Hana? What is all this love? Whoever says SubhanAllah 100 times gets rewarded 1000 deeds

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100 equals 1000. Nothing in this worldly judgment or our dealings in life is 100 No 100 equals 101 equals one to two miles per gallon 100 is equivalent to 1000 because He loves you he wants to forgive you. This isn't just just treatment or fear. This is love and mercy. How can we be oblivious of an after all this love? How can all that occupies your head be fashion and what hairstyle in friends and forget me who loves you all this love?

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What resist Subhan Allah will be handy transcend it is Allah by His praises transcend his law about the formidable and by His praises 100 times a day his sins are forgiven, even if there is many as the form caused by the series. The word and hamdulillah or Praise be to Allah fills the scale that will use in fills it with what with good deeds.

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Allah subhanaw taala bestows mercy on the man wakes up in the middle of the night and wakes up his wife and they put together two of us to Allah subhanaw taala. Do you see right towards the little actions, a proof of his love. Whoever says three times in the morning at three times at night, I'm content with Allah subhanaw taala as we would is the Lord with Islam as a religion and with our Master Muhammad, Allah subhanaw taala is peace and blessings be upon him as a prophet and messenger. Allah obligates himself to please. When Allah collateral according to the level of the standard even received the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to be in receipt of what are the whole a lot what are

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your D there are

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a lot of the gates in Sophocles you

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just these things. The look at the morning and night remember it's a scar

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Receiving the name of Allah with his with those names. With his name nothing is harmed on earth nor in the heavens. And he is the old sin, the knowing the old knowing three times in the morning and three times in the evening. Nothing harms him that day. Whoever says I take refuge in Allah subhanaw taala is perfect word from the evil he has created. He is protected from scorpions and snakes bites all the elves that may harm him. Very simply, it's love. It's a matter of love, and matter that we don't comprehend its magnitude, another Hadith, whoever prayed from your prayer when somebody does Allah, Allah subhanaw taala prays for me 10 times so long behind the Yash so if we say Allahumma

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salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad once Allah has mercy on me 10 times 10 mercy from Allah subhanaw taala because you said Allah

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if we say 10 times the reward is 100 times and if we say 100 We get 1000 is like that Subhan Allah, why are people saw movies, it was coming to holla whatever it says in the morning, and in the night, this application that is the key of applications for asking for repentance, Oh Allah, You are my Lord. No one has the right to be worshipped except you. You created me and I'm your servant, and I bite you you're confident and promises as best as I can. I take refuge in You from the evil of what I have committed. I acknowledge your favor upon me and acknowledge my sin. So forgive me, for verily no one can forgive sin except you. Allah interrupt people often wonder how Allah Allah

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How would you become a reverse of what would have been a medic Allah you will accept them effectively for in the home if we couldn't be wherever says that we're in the morning and in the night and dies that day. He is written from the people of heaven. And if he dies at night, he is written from the people of heaven. simple words. I beg you, I beg you, Allah subhanaw taala is telling you telling you this prayer so you may enter Heaven seed every day and you're guaranteed heaven. You have to say the scar the remembrance day and night. Don't forget, I was promising you in the hospital promises. He never goes back.

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So now we have to see the practical proofs of loss Coronavirus love. Now I go back to the one who said that my heart is filled with faith and asking where's your proof?

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It's not becoming of us that Allah subhanaw taala deals with the base of giving, giving us real proof. And all we give Black is what? Talk to us. Where are your actions? Who is your hijab? Boys, your friends, your prayer? Was your charity? Where's your real heart and love for people around you? Where's your proof?

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Listen to more proof of his life. In the last 100 199 glorious things you'll find that the leads that remind us of His mercy are more than that the reminders of his punishment, the most compassionate immerses the forgiving the acceptor of repentance, the partner, the most kind, loving one the patient when the gender is the forbearing all these names don't change how your heart feels towards him. Subhan Allah, does it show you how it's how its meanings, a flop, meanings of trying to get close to sometimes we recite the Quran and we find to have Allah subhanaw taala. These names were mentioned right after each other, that are very close in meaning. And this isn't to emphasize

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that actually each of these names are a sign of love in a different way. For example, in suit would verse 90 was the queen Rob. Rob Welcome to Matobo. In Nairobi Rahim Allah,

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for my Lord is indeed full of mercy and loving kindness. And there's a big difference between the merciful Rahim and the loving one, whether you like the difference between the rich person that feeds the poor person, and the rich person who fit his friend, when he feeds the poor or describes merciful. But when he feeds a friend that he loves, describes it with it. Stop for a minute and think of the meaning of the word L Word. The loving one, when you say so and so is within are loving. It means that every time you see that person, you feel His love and tenderness. So imagine that is this is one of us kind of Danny's name. He wants up to his servants and showers him with his

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sympathy and love. What is love? Let's see more people whose love is that he is the one who asks us to make dua or suffocation to him so that he may fulfill our needs, not his needs to our needs. So it's not that we need from him so that all we need from him, we have to suffocate and notice that and he accepts it. No, he's the one who's asking us when we are the ones who are in need of Him. We'll call it a book on Germany, a scheduler and you vote says Call on me. I will answer your prayer. He's telling you call me please call me I'll answer what you need. Isn't that

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and the Prophet peace be upon him says when the news Abuja ballet. He who doesn't ask Waspinator honey gets angry with him. When the Mr. Olympia Valley asked for his play to Allah put those hands up asking for what you need. He's the only one who's giving you what you need. Not humans, and most peloton is selling you ask me I'll give you what you need.

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When you ask humans for something and they keep insisting they get all upset and tired of you and they try to avoid you. As for most pinata Allah, he's the one who's asking you desperately he tells you ask for me and I love you more. The more you ask for me, the more I love you. One of the followers didn't always used to

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pray and pray and pretty realistic a blatte and keep asking desperately. And it's a I'm not asking desperately to get what I'm asked to get, you know what I'm praying for, but because Allah subhanaw taala loves us desperately, so he is praying or he made supplication so that not because to get what he wants, no, because he wants Allah subhanaw taala to love

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from his proof of love certain numbers 62

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And when you should do the hard work to pursue

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an audit, or who will listen to the soul distressed when he calls and when these suffering and then you're given 30 Either the higher who asks and answers the school. The prophets often themselves truly Allah is more disingenuous. He is embarrassed that if a worshiper raises his hands up to supplicate to him that he would return the empty disappoint, disappointed in a lot of how you carry this fall out the labia de your dog a dog and your dog Mercer from

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las pantallas in both return your hands without accomplishing or giving you what he what you ask for. And this all of this interesting don't believe on this panel.

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More Professors love is it the last panel Johanna reassures you reassurances worshipers you come in is Abby. I'll miss you some verses that show how Allah subhanaw taala reassures as soon as the Anaheim verse 12

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coolamon facility will Hula, hula catabolite nfcu Rama see to God he had inscribed for himself the rule of mercy. So we can work on a verse reverse 185

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You need a little bit more use when are you ready to become a loss. God intends every facility for you who does not want to put you to difficulties and other ones who want to miss out verse 20 sevens will love you need to violate God that wish to turn to you. He wants you to turn to to Surah Nisa, verse 28. To read the law and you have to find God that wish to like to lie to your difficulties, or lost hundreds of other roads under his throat throne. Truly My Mercy preceded my anger in Narayan Murthy, Saba kapa haka, and then on the day of the Battle of 100, and there's a beautiful first and look at this temperance, His mercy and compassion towards his worshipers or his slaves. The

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Companions were returning from the battle of 470 of them were killed and hands me Allah subhanaw taala with peace and was killed, the Prophet peace be upon him was injured and they retired and psychologically there was thrilled. He couldn't believe what the disbelievers did to them. So the verse comes down to suit Allah brown 139 When I tell you

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what ultimate Allah

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what we mean, so loose, not hard, no fool and despair for you to overcome them if you're indeed believers in the system called Pocket Mr. POM.

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Within a year with a will have engineers, if a wound has touched you, be sure a similar wound have touched the others. Such things are very important we give to men and men by turns that God may know those who believe Subhanallah you know when someone Pat someone on the shoulder trying to comfort them, if you got hurt, the others got her to do you see the mercy in the verses? And then Allah subhanaw taala goes on and those days are very unfortunate we give to men and men. So one day it will be for you to when you see the mercy Do you see how the ground is full of compassion Subhan Allah

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and then

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