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Good morning it's Friday thank God Salam Alikum everybody I'm sorry it's just been a really long week. I wanted to hop on real quick wish you guys an amazing and inspiring and productive Juwon sha Allah remember Friday is the best of days on it's even Adam Ali Salim was created honored he returned to his Lord Andhra will be the final trumpet. And the shout the say Ha, and Xena Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said increase from your silhouette on me on Joomla because it is presented to me they said you're a solo but how come when you have you know you'll be long gone? He said Allah subhanaw taala prohibited the Earth from decaying the bodies of the prophets. So imagine

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right now long will send you a Selim alberic alakea. Habib er rasool Allah and Angel taking delivering it's either Muhammad Rasool Allah, so when so by name is sending you Salam, and then by name Sina Mohammed sends back the lamps to you. What a beautiful thing so get up recites with the gap, say your salawat and I hope you will be have an amazing and productive and restful and everything else that you want. Weakened Bismillah Salam Alikum

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Sivan Kira Alikum have been a Tolosa Mahalik workman Lillico yoga Sarita Alexandra Meaghan your Rob within Tsushin the Haldimand commandment of the law am Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you holy phocoena Adam of COVID of his Sokka wealthy his say hi

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was Muhammad Ali Salam and naturalism looked at him the Salafi the inhuman Komazawa to Amma never tolerated Ali Ali Salam was also known as a cluster* Allah subhanho wa Taala said no Mohammed Salah Salem Elena are the heavy metallic, said II LMDS but the hatred Waikiki that Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Rasulillah wiki Malaika Huzzah. lawtech we have a solid saying that Muhammad Rasul Allah for an infinity we will have like a Salam. We received them homicides and let me understand Mr. Halleck, then yeah, and then you come in OMO cadets that is related to the Radzinsky that will also take gas was somebody had a signal Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam on sha Allah Arabic

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the corn today and tomorrow Mubaraka we can say we'll be looking at well, I guess I'm sure for a lot of you I need to go inside Aliko listening let's select Polycom