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The Hadith is a significant and important title in Islam, with various versions and references used. The "has" sign is key in relation to the "has been" sign, and the Day of Judgment is a significant event. The speakers discuss various interpretations of the title, including the belief that children will be punished and the need for a better understanding of the process. The conversation also touches on the negative consequences of disrespecting children and parents, as well as the collapse of family values.

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I just want to share with you some some reflections as I mentioned in the hotbar today, today, the hotbar

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earlier was the hadith of Gibreel, La Silla,

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very foundational, Pivotal, essential Hadith.

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And basically, the summary of the hadith is and by the way, the hadith is related, there are different versions of the Hadith by multiple companions, the two most famous are the narration of love and that of Abu Hurayrah will be loaded with some, you know, variations in the wordings, right.

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So, the most popular is the one collected by Imam Muslim and Buhari

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was already the one by Imam Muslim on the authority of formidable Hatha. So basically, the Hadith tells us what we learned from the hadith is that Omar said we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah so Allah why didn't you send them one day

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when a man appeared, being a man who you do some Allahu Allah send them a man appeared, you know, an amount of said describes a man he said, A man with very

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very clean, clean white garments.

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Dark hair

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and clean as well. well groomed.

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No signs of what.

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No signs.

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He's not dusty. He's not disheveled, well groomed, everything is clean. But strangely, he said library for whom in that I had none of us was able to recognize him. No one knows him. So a total stranger.

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Right? He's not anyone's guest. It doesn't look like he's someone that was traveling.

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It's just someone that just popped out out of. And you know, in those days, they they're very close knit small community. Everybody knew everyone.

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And when a stranger came into town, it was very obvious. I mean, people knew of it.

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So and then, to their astonishment, the man actually walks up to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and the prophesy Salam doesn't seem to be alarmed or disturbed by him. Right? So the problem is LM allows it, you know, the man walks up to the prophet and he sits in front of the prophesies and then placing his own knees against the knees of the Promise of Allah. Listen. So he sits like the way we sit with somebody. Great to see him. Okay? So he sits, he says, just like the way you're sitting right now, right? Just like that, with his knees attached to or touching the knees of the prophets, Allah salah, very intimate, very close. And the Prophet has said it doesn't say anything. And now

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that's a How about looking? What? Well, the idea here a lot of committee, and he placed his own hands on his own lap or his sorry, on his knees. Right? He puts like we do at the head, sir. And this is the way as a student who sit in front of a teacher today.

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And then he started questioning the prophets, Allah, Allah, they said, you know, the famous the three questions. So he asked him about Islam.

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And then the President told me about the pillars of Islam, right, shahada and salon. And when he finished, the man said to him, so that you spoke the truth? I don't want to say even that, who is Allah Who so therefore, we were shocked, or we were surprised that I mean, what is this? This is very strange. He asked him, and then he told you know, he affirmed what he said, like he knew what he was talking about. So now Yanni, this conversation between this mysterious man and the Messenger of Allah Azza. Salaam had the Companions, full attention, everyone is listening, and watching whoever was present that day.

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Then he asked him about Eman and the prophets, Allah sent them responded by saying it is to believe you know, in Allah taught me to be like omega t. What could you be? He was really he right? When he told me that he will be retiring.

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And then he asked me about SN.

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And the messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said to him that Sn is too untapped with Allah can Nikita off in the Quinta. Rafi no Iraq is to worship Allah, as if you see Allah and though you don't see Allah Subhana Allah or if you don't see Allah, which is the case, then you know that Allah Subhana Allah sees you watches you. So you behave in a fashion of someone who's being monitored,

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and closely watched. Then he asked him and this is the point that we want to reflect on tonight. Then he said to him,

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tell me about the hour, meaning the Day of Judgment. So the messenger said to the man Melmoth are unhappy, I'm gonna say

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Right, the person who's being questioned does not know any more or any better than than the person who's asking the question.

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And one narration it says that the man asked the process. Tell me about the signs of the Day of Judgment. In another narration, it says of the prophets, I send them himself offered. He said, what I can I would rather tell you about its signs, I don't know when it's the Day of Judgment is going to be, but I will tell you about some of the signs of the Day of Judgment. And the Prophet chose to tell him to signs and these two signs are related to us in different again with different variations in the in the, in the narrations, and this is what I wanted to reflect on. So he said to him, and tell you that I'm a total better ha. So let's really what it means is, a woman or a slave woman,

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will give birth to her own mistress. And another narration to her master. In another narration, which seems to be the weakest to her husband, or her boss.

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A woman will give birth to her own boss or husband.

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What until HuFa tell ra tell Alitalia Asha is A power union.

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And you shall see you will see

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barefooted naked.

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Poor and broken dependent.

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competing in building high rise buildings,

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who's going to build the longest, or the biggest or the tallest building? You're going to see this?

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And then

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the man got up and left, disappear.

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Right? And then the Prophet SAW Selim later he asked them, Do you know who it is? They said, No. So the problem is that I'm told them that he informed them that that was Gibreel

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came to teach you the matters of your religion. So now, the mysterious part that I didn't comment on in the hotel was what?

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These two signs of the Day of Judgment, if you if you look at the signs of the Day of Judgment, if you bring the Hadith that talks about the the signs of the Day of Judgment, the events that precede the Day of Judgment, they they're they, they suggest that there will be utter chaos

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and disorder.

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Right, and anarchy, and collapse of

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Civic societies and systems and all of that.

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Heritage, you know, there will be a lot of killing and death where the person doesn't know why they were, why they're killing and the victim doesn't know why they're killed. Right, the process of and another Hadith said people will behave like wild animals, or wild donkeys.

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Right. That's what it suggests. So when I looked at these two signs of the peninsula mentioned in this hadith, let's begin with the second sign. The second sign everybody is saying that we're seeing it we have seen it, we're seeing it, we continue to see it, which is what

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that the disheveled barefooted, right Bedouins or

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owner, you know, shepherds are going to become so wealthy.

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So much so that they're going to compete in building high rise buildings. Right? Have we seen this? Okay, so there is almost agreement amongst a lot of people that this has happened, and it will continue to happen. Who has the tallest building in the world? Competition between different capitals? of people 50 years ago?

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They didn't have any of these resources, Hala?

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And it wasn't like a gradual development and gradual. No, no, it was all of a sudden the wealth just came pouring actually came gushing out of the ground, literally, and they became wealthy, they didn't know don't know what to do with it. So you have all these structures and all these buildings happening and I'm not being like sarcastic or anything but Subhan Allah. This is this, by the way, a hadith in this particular portion of the Hadith and other similar a hadith are from the proofs of prophet hood.

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Because the prophets, Allah made predictions, or he told us these are prophecies that are coming true,

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right, literally, where the profit center was talking about, it's actually happening. The hadith has been there in the books for for a long time.

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Right? This hadith was not invented recently. SubhanAllah.

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So this is something that some of our scholars used to talk about and say, Will this ever happen?

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Right, and they saw it happen right before their eyes. They did not know some of our scholars some of the people that I am

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myself caught. I myself Yanni met, right there like when will this happen? They used to say this and they saw it happen unfold right before their eyes, they live through it Subhanallah right. So um, I saw that some of them would look at these buildings and say sadaqa Rasul Allah, the Messenger of Allah spoke the truth. These were people who used to 10 point travel on the backs of camels.

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Right? They lived long enough to see themselves traveling in fast vehicles and airplanes and these high rise buildings. So this happened. Now, the first sign the promises and the mentioned, that's the one that we need to discuss and reflect upon. And the scholars have different interpretations. In my opinion, most of these interpretations

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are not contradicting one interpretation, classical interpretation of Imam unknown, and I think it would be hard,

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you know, says that there will be

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they'll have probably Sorry, I'll have Bobby and no, we and others, they said that the Islamic world is going to become so vast, there will be a lot of wars. And there will be a lot of people taken, you know, as prisoners of war, and a lot of women will be enslaved. And then these women are going to give birth to

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right children of their masters who will be like their own masters.

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But this is something though it is the opinion of many scholars or the majority of the scholars. It is something that Ibn Hajr Rahim Allah has came later found to be to be inaccurate. He said, Wait a minute, there's something something that is not, you know, he said, this cannot be 100, again, said that this cannot be that the intent of the province was held up, because this was present at the time, right? During the time of the sahaba. They used to take

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prisoners, right. And they used to have slavery. So he said, This doesn't seem to be what's what's so strange about it. This said, because the profit center when he talks about the Day of Judgment, he's talking about things that will happen in the future.

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Now, so there are other interpretations that were given.

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Some scholars said no, this means that, you know, in Islam, and Islam, I'm talking about classical rulings in the books of

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right, who bear children,

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they actually their status changes. So they're no longer considered to be slaved on by their masters, they become what is known as Mahato, OLED, they become they become mothers of their masters children, and their status changes. And when the owner when the master dies, they are automatically free.

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Because they cannot be inherited by their own children. Parents are not owned by their children under the Islamic system, right? So.

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So some scholars said, there will be chaos and Islamic principles are not going to be observed.

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Right? that children are going to actually defy this rule and inherit their parents, or their mothers.

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And their going to treat them like slaves.

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Now, most of these opinions were set at a time where they did not imagine that will that there will come a time when there will be no slavery.

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It was a global system.

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Right? Now, if this is where the promises and the meant I find this to be.

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You know, amazing.

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Right? Because the process that I'm taught, he's talking about something that will happen before the Day of Judgment, as if I'm saying as if I'm not, you know, as if the province of Salem knew that slavery will come to cease will come to an end, there will be no slavery. And then

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the systems

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that actually outlawed slavery, right now, internationally. Now, slavery is not the systems that outlawed, slavery will collapse.

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And things are going to go back to what the way they used to be.

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And if you look at the Hadees that talk about I know she first of all, the I think did something about signs of judgment, right. Did he talk about money and all of that, if you examine these rewired narrations, they suggest like we're going to go back to riding horses when I say we, you know, we may not be around when this happens, but that human

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If he's going to go back

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to the way things used to be,

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if that's really what the process element, right, and unfortunately, unfortunately, I'm saying unfortunately, because it's the one of the day of the signs of the Day of Judgment, we're not seeking for this to happen, slavery may come back again. And it may come back again in worse forms when I had the villa right. So, this is one interpretation, but there is another very interesting interpretation. And even higher, and other scholars seem to actually support this. And this is the one that we really need to take, take,

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take a close look at

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they said, there will be an inversion in the role

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or in the social order,

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where children are going to become so rebellion against their parents,

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treating their parents like their own slaves.

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Things will be flipped upside down. social order is going to change.

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Right? Mothers

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will be raising their own masters are mistresses.

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Children, boys and girls who will treat them like their own slaves.

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Are we witnessing this? I was looking at some studies that show, right? How parents,

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how do you see some parents treating their kids like their what? Their royalties?

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Raising spoiled? brats, yes.

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Even higher, and other scholars said that they didn't say they're going to be raised, but they said there will be rebellion, children are going to rebel against their parents authority. So they said this hadith, the statement of profit made was not literal, but rather a metaphor. Now the prophet sent him was saying a time will come where children are going to treat their own parents like, like they are their own slaves.

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And this is happening by the way.

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Yeah. And there are actually parents whose philosophy is treat them like kings and queens. They even say that.

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They even say things that they take it from some

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far like Eastern cultures.

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But Eastern culture suggests that you should do that with your children when they are very little. When they're under five, we treat them like, like what royalty is he spoiled. But some parents cannot stop themselves.

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And we live in a time where children employ their parents literally employ their parents, their parents are working for them. They're wealthier than their parents. They're in control of their parents livelihood.

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We see this happening, right? influencers and different people. I personally know some cases of children who have made more wealth than their own parents, by being on social media and monetizing their social media accounts and their Tik Tok and they're right, and now their parents are working for them, managing their enterprise, and the children lost their *. And then there are some parents actually who actually submit to their children's.

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As a matter of fact, some modern, you know, day thinkers are saying, because parents are having children at a, at an older age, and they're having a set, you know, they're having one or two.

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Right? And the old days, I mean, people would have by the time someone told me by the time, some parents were 30, they had all of their eight and 10 children.

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Right? You don't you have the energy, but you have very little amount of time left for each child. Children would entertain each other and socialize with one another and learn from one another. It toughen them up and they will be competing to serve their parents.

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Right when the father comes home, what happens when you have five or seven or or eight children? Everybody if they want to get your attention, they're going to be at you what your service running, you want water, you're gonna have what?

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Multiple people competing to go and get it for you. Right, but that's not the case. Now.

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You have parents basically alternating taking shifts to baby as foil and serve their children.

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Right, this is what is happening. And this is causing an inversion or reversal in the roles. You You see it's very now common. I put by the way my blood boils when I see this when I see children yelling at their parents or teenagers yelling at their parents worse than that adults who have children. They have their own children yelling at their elderly parents.

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My Blood literally boils. When I see this,

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I will read all the law and one time he saw a boy walking with his father, I think next to him or in front of him. So he said, Hey, young man, who is this person with you this this older person, he said, This is my father, he said,

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then if it's your father never walk in front of him, should always walk behind them.

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And never call him by his name, and never sit before he sits down.

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Right. So there was, so as if this hadith is telling us this is going to change this one interpretation, this is going to change, and parents are going to be seeking the pleasure of their children, right? And children are going to rebel against their parents and bossing them around.

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And this is happening, there are other interpretations as well. That could be true, Allahu Allah, I don't want to,

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to say anything controversial, but I personally am very alarmed by some of the things that are happening, you know, such as, for instance,

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this whole surrogacy, people going to, you know, people bearing children that are not their own, because there's one version of the Hadith, where it says that a slave woman will give birth to her own boss or husband.

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This is happening,

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right? So it's not something that we look forward to, or something that we want to experience or anything, but these are the signs of the Day of Judgment.

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And, and a believer is not someone that actually seeks the for the signs to occur and happen. They happen on their own. We're not catalysts that want to see these things happening. As a matter of fact, we're supposed to resist for something like this to happen, especially if it means this, you know, last interpretation that is given that children are going to be rebelling against their children, their parents, were supposed to care for our children, but at the end of the day, and also raise them to be obedient to slaves of Allah subhanho wa taala. But it's very important that they, they grow to be fine men and women who respects their parents and appreciate their parents. Right,

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and serve their parents shouldn't be the other way around. Below how they will love to other animals SallAllahu ala Sayidina, Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira Yes.

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No, it doesn't specify it doesn't say Muslim, Muslim only. Yeah, this is happening across the board. You by the way, even if you look at studies and research, it shows how things are changing, even here in America, how children used to behave, and how children used to basically work so hard to meet their parents expectations. Things are changing now. Laws are being put in place, things are changing, where as you can imagine this there's so much emphasis on not abusing the children and, and taking care of their needs and not to not judge them and not Yeti. If you look at the Quran, how many? Where do you find in the Quran, Allah telling the parents take care of your children take care

00:23:18--> 00:23:22

of your children. It's very rare. It doesn't come into Hadith a lot. Why?

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Because who needs that if they have love, the parents love their children. And they have this natural right inclination and natural drive to take care of their children and do what is best for their children. This was this was the you know, this was the norm. Children, on the other hand needed to be reminded not to neglect their parents, especially when they need them the most, because that was what it was what was common, that is still common, and it's even more common. And what is not common is parents what used to not be common was parents abusing their children. So when we saw that government has to put basically laws in place to protect children.

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Right. This is part of the collapse of social norms, and the collapse of family values. This is what happens when Zina becomes so prevalent and widespread. This is what happens when morality becomes becomes becomes normal. And it's normalized this is what happens. Collapse of family family values that is going to lead to this. Right. So

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so the Hello Dakota 11