Spiritual Growth #18 Al – Ghaflah ( The Heedless )

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The importance of being heedless in the culture of Muslims is discussed, emphasizing the need to be aware of one's heart and not focus on reminder of information. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being honest and treating people with a neutral tone. The speakers provide three main qualities of hustlers, including listening to advice, identifying human qualities as heedless, and being a witness to actions. The speakers also remind people to be aware of their actions and avoid becoming a victim.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah forbearance. First and foremost, I apologize that today we're having our session just a little later than than what we're accustomed to. I encourage all of you to do this from time to time, spend a day and just do nothing except half time with your family. And so I tried to do some of that today. It was easy at first, but eventually I was like, What the heck am I doing? I took the kids out for zip lighting and to do some outdoor activities. I'm not the kind of person that likes to take them to movies or other things. I want them to be active and I want them to interact with their parents and

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other kids. It was a lot of fun and hamdulillah I can't tell you how much pain I'm in right now because that'll be kind of embarrassing. So let's get right to the subject in short, lo Tyler. Today it's all about Allah hoffler Allah hoffler literally the heedless one. And what is heedless, heedless is the person that has lost complete care, or attention to the things that are important around them. So in our case, we are focusing on the instructions of our Creator and the messenger, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam. And so Huff, how it reflects those two, those two sources, those two types of instructions that are important to us. I mean, this is how we live our life. These are the

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choices that we make all revolve around these two places. But unfortunately, there are lots and lots of people, lots and lots of Muslims that just simply disregard and the importance and the value of what the Quran and the Sunnah expect from us and what it teaches us. And so today, I want to help all of you to understand this concept, and just understand what are some of the consequences for somebody that has an attitude of a hoffler within number one, a muffler? Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that there are three main characteristics of the person that is heedless, and it's mentioned several times in the poor end, but I want to bring your attention to one particular verse

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in Surah, two out of Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, I thought Nally Johanna Mecca theorum mean Elgin Newell ins. So we have designed and created the jahannam with a fire and it is placed many of the jinn and people. Okay, fine. So these are the two main inhabitants of the jahannam. What are you guys, we'll be left, the A continues and starts to describe some of the characteristics of the people in the jahannam will will listen to what Allah says, here's number one, Lulu bhulaiyaa tahuna beha, they have hearts, but the hearts don't comprehend anything. Let's just pause here for a minute. So here's your first quality to understand of the one who is heedless to Allah as Dean, is

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that they have a heart that just can't seem to appreciate and value good information in general. So it's not just talking about islamically you know, the poor end and suddenly, but just in general, you know, you'll tell somebody so for example, you'll tell somebody, you know, you can't be a racist, you can't hate somebody or treat them different differently. You can discriminate you can't stereotype, try to give them to this logical, same piece of advice. That's the right thing to do. It's the way that all human beings should live. And they'll look at you and think maybe there's something wrong with you. What do you mean, you can treat certain people based on their gender or

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based on their color differently? And they look at you when you're giving this simple piece of advice. And they think that you're the crazy one. This is a sign of a muffler. This is a sign of heedlessness, what is known to be correct. So put aside religion for a minute even logically, practically as a way of life. It's it's the right thing to be honest, it's the right thing to treat people correctly, to treat people with fairness to not discriminate. Don't be a racist, don't hate somebody don't hate other religions, just because you don't follow it or you don't agree with it. You're not allowed to hate that other religion, because at the end of the day, that's their holiday.

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That's the guidance that they chosen a lot will be the ultimate judge from an Islamic point of view. Sure, there are certain things that we can say about religions, just as much as other religions can do the same about Islam and so on and so forth. But that's besides the point. We're talking about basic standard etiquettes and characteristics that all human beings should have. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that the first quality of these people in the fire is that they had hearts

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That could not see the difference between what was right and wrong. The only thing the only shade of color that they saw was the shade of color that they concentrated on that they wish to see. So if somebody did not fit within their realm or understanding of what is right and wrong, then they were immediately disregarded, they were ignored. You know, I don't need to listen to you, you, whatever you're going to say is going to be totally useless to me. That's the first quality. Now how does this look islamically

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This is when somebody is listening to all the lectures, listening to remind us maybe like this, like they they're genuinely trying to listen to it. But maybe they don't like the speaker. Maybe they you know, this is not the topic that they're interested in. Because they say to himself, I've heard this topic 1000 times, it's boring, I want to move on to something else. These are all signs of heedlessness in the heart, because what you're saying is that you're not focused on the reminder itself, you're concentrating on everything else that isn't important. So your priorities are all mixed up. And so this starts in the heart, though this is the wisdom of how scholars of Tafseer tell

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us about this as the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights first, that the people have dejenne them, it's their hearts that are corrupt, that can't understand the can differentiate between right or wrong. These are hearts that have become insensitive to good information. So that's the first quality. And so it's really important when we talk about tele hoffler it's really important. It's essential for all of us as believers, that we check ourselves that we pay attention to ourselves, we pay attention when somebody is giving us no see her, somebody is giving us some advice. What do we what are we doing when they're talking to us? You know, are we actually listening

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to it for the sake of listening to it? Are we just listening to it because we don't want to be rude? Are we just listening to it for any other reasons, or you genuinely want to learn and understand where this piece of advice is coming from what it means to you, and how you can implement good advice. Because at the end of the day, that's what naziha truly is, is that it's good advice to uplift you to encourage you and to inspire you. That's number one. Here's the second quality mentioned in this a and sorted out off. aligned so until after he tells us localu life, Kahuna beha. What are you eligible sirona BIA. And they have eyes that they can't see. These are people that are

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not physically blind, but they're spiritually blind. They see the help and the truth around them. You go to the massage, did you see what a practicing Muslim is? You see somebody's praying and they're praying a certain way, and they're concentrating and their focus, you hear somebody, you see them listening and sitting with the poor, and you see them going and attending classes attending lectures, you see so much Hillel around you. But at the same time, you don't see it. That's a tragedy. Because this here, it addresses those of us who cannot sit in a lecture, at least we can see higher and halaal and goodness around us. And that could be our data, at least we could see and

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be a witness to that. So yeah, maybe you don't understand the implications of alcohol, maybe you don't understand why it was made, how long, but you see with your own eyes that Muslims, generally speaking are not supposed to do this. I know that, you know, with every single prohibition, there are always some there's always somebody or pockets of people that would break those rules, I get that. But I'm talking generally as a whole, as a community, as followers in this oma, as people that call themselves Muslim. They are the ones when you witness their actions, their choices, their behavior, what they eat, what they drink. Those are things that are supposed to be reminders for

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you. You know, one of the things about scholars

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is that even if you've never sat in any of their classes, when you go on YouTube, and you just type in a scholars name, you can literally be mesmerized by their image. You look at the way they're speaking, you look at the etiquettes, the clap the way that they dress. And if you happen to be in their presence, then you also can listen to their voice take from their knowledge that you observe because why these are the people that are the inheritors of profits. So they're the closest human beings on the planet that are closest to profits. So you can literally just sit there if you don't understand the language that he or she is speaking the scholars speaking in. You can understand

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their actions. And number three, what then we allow your smartphone to be here and they have ears but they can't hear anything. Again, they are spiritually deaf. These are the three main

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qualities of the heedless one mentioned throughout the quarter, and now align so much. So the third one, they have ears, but they're spiritually deaf. So they're hearing all of the good things. They can listen to it, they know the quarter end. But then it's like, I don't want to listen to that right now. It's just like when somebody when they hear a lecture or talk, we're waiting, when you're driving in the car, you know, you put on a CD you played for your kids, and all of them just fall asleep. But if you put on their favorite song, or their favorite music, or their favorite movie, everybody is rubbing their eyes, but they're just listening and or watching and they're going along

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with it. So obviously, you know, there's some problems here. So the point here is, is that you hear it, but at the same time, you don't hear it. Now putting all three of these qualities together. And then we're done in sha Allah, will equal nim Bella, whom Allah, Allah says in the same as these individuals with these qualities are like cattle. But here's the thing about cattle so goats, sheep's cows, etc, right? When you stand beside one of these animals, what do they do? Don't they start to like, shift away and move away. So they see you, or they can hear you. Or they can sense your presence, they know that there's something there. So whether it's another human being or a

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predator or something, they know that the presence of something is there, and it could potentially be a threat to them. So what do they do, they start moving action starts to manifest, they'll run away, they'll move to another corner, or they'll turn around, they'll face you whatever the case is, there's the point is that there's a reaction. But when the human being who is a lawful, the heedless, one, no matter how much you teach them, advise them and show them. There's no movement, to just sit there. Their hearts can hear 1000 lectures, listen to the entire quarter end in the month of Ramadan. But the brother still can't stop lying. You know, the sister still has issues with

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trust, the brother still can't, you know, be honest with people in general can do honest business with anybody. You know, the the this particular Muslim is still struggling with basic a flop and etiquettes. You know, you'll listen to a whole debate about the importance of marriage, and some of the qualities that make marriage successful. So you hear about or you hear about mercy, you hear about passionate love, and you hear about ways of how you can develop some of these qualities. But then you go home and the first thing that you do is you fight with your spouse, because you know, you don't like the food that they prepared, or you come in and the house, you know, His house is

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dirty, or what have you, right? Or he or she is sick, and it turns into a big problem and it continues and then it just escalates from one thing to another, you've lost it. Not even animals do that. And so what Allah is saying,

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after he says all ag he can kill unarmed these people with these qualities are like cattle. vennela continues and says Benham oball actually, they're worse than those animals. Because at least an animal would react when you're around the Listen, they'll hear noises, you can scream if you see a cow, you can clap your hands, you can make some noise and it reacts to you. But all the noise all of the sounds of a yet and Hadeeth and reminders to this human being. Nothing, no movement, the heart is just spiritually dead. And then a look at Larissa which will tell us who these people are with an equal nim Bell who are both hula, hula hoffy Loon. These are the people that are heatless May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala protect us from that, because ultimately the heedless one, their final place, if they choose if they don't work on saving themselves and purifying themselves and they don't work on these qualities to become better than ultimately the jahannam awaits will either be left that's literally what the area is telling us. And another sorta equatorial Valley, NASA he said boom, boom fee of reflecting morality or doing the Day of Judgment, the day of accountability is inching closer and closer and closer to home fee hoffler. But these people are still in the state of heedlessness more, or they'll do it and they repel. Now they're starting, it's not just about being heedless

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anymore. Now they actually started to repel and refuse to listen to good information as a whole. That's a that's just a spiritual tragedy in every way. And so this is all I want to share with you with respect to this quality. The last and final thing is how do we fix it out of the depth and that who was Doa, we understand the problem. So how do we what's the solution? How do we cure this issue of luffa? There's a couple of things that number one is understand what the hustler is which we've done in this short reminder. Number two, ask a lot to protect you

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from it, because it can happen to every one of us. You know, sometimes when somebody is giving us an advice shaytan gets into us gets into our heart, it gets into our mind and tempts us to think, well, this person never studied, like you, or this person, who is he or she, they're younger than me, I can be their father, I can be their mother, I don't need to listen to them, or your own kids. They want to tell you something that they've learned that they've heard from classes or on YouTube, or what have you. And it's good information, ask a lot of soften your heart so that you're able to at least listen and appreciate when good information is given to you. And last but not least, if you

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ever feel like you're somebody that picks and chooses who you listen to, or who you admire, or who you wish to learn from, if you're a, if you're somebody that is very selective of them, as long as you're responsible, that's fine. Well, we're just talking about the person Oh, I don't like the way that he or she sounds, so forget about them. You go to a misdeed, and you look at the hot tub, and you're just like, oh my god, it's gonna be him now. You know, get that up out of you. The moment you start to feel like you're judging someone for the wrong reasons, is your first sign that you have muffler in you, there's an ounce of heedlessness in you, and you can eliminate that. And that's the

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whole point of this reminder that these things can be eliminated. And we can be of people we can be of people that have a sound heart that is willing to understand that when we see the good around us, we appreciate it. And we take it as encouragement and reminders. But when we hear also things that are beneficial to us, we can appreciate those beneficial things. That's where we want to be. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala always and forever takes us there and keeps us there in this world and in the era in sha Allah hota hai Allah, that's all that I want to say with respect to the subject of a muffler. It is a massive, massive subject. But as part of our series of spiritual

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growth, we're trying to improve and strengthen our faith, our love and our commitment with Allah subhanho wa Taala and so paying attention to certain qualities that might be within us is part of that journey. metalline So Joe, give us strength, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from ever being amongst the half even those that are heatless May Allah so it will always continue to improve us and teach us and remind us in whatever way that is pleasing to Him alone. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep you safe and keep you healthy in America and wherever you are. And with that being said, we have only two more reminders for the series in sha Allah. So let's see what is next here.

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Okay, let's do this one, I like it.

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So for tomorrow in sha Allah hotevilla, it is going to be the signs of a more nasioc the size of a hypocrite. And so this is going to be our subject tomorrow in shout low to Allah, again, so much to say on the subject. You know, this is kind of one of those subjects that when you talk about it, your eyes just start to well up and you're just oh, my God, there are so many people that have these qualities. Now, do you go and you become the monastic police and just be like, I think you're a hypocrite, you're a hypocrite. Maybe I'm the hypocrite. What How do you even determine who is a hypocrite? And some of the qualities that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah are very generic. So

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how to use that as a measuring stick or a tool to judge when somebody has those qualities. How do they fall into the state of hypocrisy? How do we title them as a hypocrite? It's one of those areas where unfortunately, a lot of carelessness is involved with this subject. So we're going to take our time with it in sha Allah, so stay tuned for that because the lights are lit at our usual time in sha Allah hoteller which is Akuma level Hydra metal love bless you all. Take care. Selamat alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato