Master Khushu in 90 Seconds – 08 Spiritual Cleansing

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In this series I share with you 30 tips to revamp your Prayer and Master the state of Khushu’. It requires you to invest in each one and try to implement it from your heart. The more you practice it, the more the pay off.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to muster for short in 90 seconds. Today I want to share with you something you can start your process of course short before you engage in your Salah. And there's something extremely powerful is basically when you make your work for your salon when you rinse, you know parts of your body. This is there's a reason behind it. There's a wisdom behind it. And the prophets of Salaam told us in one Hadith that when you rent when you engage in will do basically the sins that you have committed with your hands with your eyes with your mouth will get rinsed away will be wiped with the water as you're rinsing your organs. And this is a real

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spiritual experience. It's true. It's not just a fantasy world or any imagination This is a reality. So you need to see yourself being cleansed of all of these things as you are making a lot this will heighten your attention and it will get you in the state of a proper control before even you engage in your Salah and you will feel that I'm approaching Salah having cleansed some or maybe all of my sins if I have done my work properly. So next time you make booboo, you engaging will not just be mindful of the sins being washed away and feel the blessings of Allah in this beautiful process and then approach your Salah with a sense of being light skinned in light of sin. You will find this to

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be extremely powerful. Let them