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10 day care and challenge day number nine we are in the final stretch the last couple of days. Those who stick around this late you guys are the real MVP as you guys are the heroes of this experience and it may Allah reward you an extra amount for your consistency every anytime you finish something from beginning to end and you stay there as a dedicated student I know the reward is is multiplied today I'm going to double check with it I'm with sandwich versus recovering. I know we got a little bit of a mix up here from the resource booklet that we had and from the portal so inshallah he'll bring that up and we will drop that there for you guys in the chat. We have a special guest and

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handling now with us as well. Oh, you're gonna come back to read right when I start saying Oh, it'd be lovely. I think Sam was speaking to young young guests on his end Alhamdulillah.

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And I think he has some good company for today's challenge. I won't spoil it for him when it comes to them what I'm with Elizabeth, and welcome as we have a special guest today we have one of our superheroes, who are one of our TAs brother Adam Rahim. And to be honest, the ground revolution ta community is one of like the most elite Karanvir centers I've ever kind of come in contact with and some of them mashallah should be charging like big bucks on their own just to teach private students but mashallah they have committed themselves to the Quran revolution student audience, which is a reminder for you guys as well. I've mentioned previously had had another ground revolution semester

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or this summer or for May onwards Alhamdulillah has finally opened for registration. So make sure that if you guys want to continue this journey and surely you want to invest in your own garage journey, please head over to Grand revolution.com And make sure you get that registration in before the semester closes, we only open for short periods of time for a few weeks at a time. And then it closes for three or four months because then everything is focused on those students who registered on their on progression and their journey and all that kind of stuff. So that is kind of the model for QR. So if you want to make sure that you don't miss this door and this opportunity make sure

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that you do submit your registration and do that in time and then they will ease you into the process there's no rush inshallah things will start closer to me. However, at least you'll have your spots saved because there's limited seating available. Yes, yesterday session was very intensive hon Allah. I'm glad that you were able to catch up with it on YouTube brother Dinesh, and I'm looking forward to these final two sessions. This final stretch that we have of the program. It's always bittersweet as we start thinking about you know the ending ah three i Welcome welcome. Welcome from Ethiopia. Masha Allah, who registered, that's awesome. But yes, it's a little bittersweet, but it's

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also amazing Alhamdulillah we can celebrate that we have committed this eight days is not it's not sure what kind of time to spend daily with the Quran, with an online community and stay consistent with it. And I hope that you guys have benefited I'm really I'm finding changes in my re citation. I'm enjoying my experience so much more because I've really focused on making sure that whenever there was on recited unless I had some important tasks that I was doing, I was always resetting along with it, and I hope that you guys have been as well. So that's what we're talking about registration for cron revolution, which has just opened Alhamdulillah anyways, I don't want to take

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too much time. Sorry. I've been rambling a little bit. I see him I'm with Sam is with us. I know he has some special guests with him and hamdulillah so as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Imam was Sam, how are you doing today? Wow. Lee Kumar, salaam warahmatullahi. wabarakatuh Hafsa. I'm doing well. And I am home. I'm back in Dallas. So it just feels good to be back. I think you unmuted my mic at the perfect. Are you guys coming back in right now?

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Yelling over the mic. So

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they're both looking at me because they're thinking of no but I was telling them what I was saying before. So on hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I am doing well. I am back at home. Back in Dallas rather. And I'm amped for today's the names of Allah subhanaw taala. In in what some folks consider the most impactful section of the Quran.

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Yes. And we are very I'm so I'm ready for today. Awesome. sighs we are raring to go. Mm hmm. Sam. So let's jump in day number nine the second last day of the 10 day care and challenge Bismillah I'll let you take it away. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Here are Bill Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Nabil Karim.

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All Praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa taala, who created us and made us so we could praise Him. But in that whole conversation, Allah azza wa jal

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could have left us with. There is a God. He's so great. You can't say his name. So my request on the eighth or ninth today, more than that, we need more than recitation more than what brother my voice is not good. What do you Yes, I saw it as soon as i Mr. Bones moved. So did you. What do you think the one thing I think is the most

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most impactful for your recitation.

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Guess but do you think it

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Barcalounger become the greatest thing friends is an awareness and so if we could write an axiom for our AFSA ninth day, tomorrow is the last day. Okay, so friends on the left, right and axiom live in your joints

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not in your organs.

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Male Female, think about this. Live in your joints

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not in your organs whether that's your gut, your chest, your physical body parts all overrated

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only thing

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that we know that will last in you live in your joints

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not in your Oregon so gentleman stop walking around with a gut hanging out that's not a bone and stop feeling like you are your genitalia or your intimate parts these are all flesh doll gold bugs are going to eat it anyway. And ah live in your bones. They are genderless they're powerful. And to me, they are what are going to store the best of my good deeds because my salah is stored where friends all along. But you want to believe this all this flash can be stored in the hard drives solid state hard drive, which is me. And if you want to know something more important than all the bones in your body. Thank you very much the one bone structure which will be how do you identify

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someone when they passed away?

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dental records right friends teeth? Thank you absolutely Irene. So with a posture of dignity or zubi law he Mina che Plon you Raji today, would you and again it you have to be here for nine days to be able to pick this up. Everyone in the world is focused on what the core on has to say. But there are two missing components. Yes, you want what the Quran has to say. There are two components.

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And I use this word and no one likes it. So I'm gonna say it as a proverb as a metaphor. Who's the author of the Quran? Don't answer you know it. And then who is the messenger of that Quran? Mr. Bones is asking because he walked off your back to leaning Islam.

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Think of your body parts in your joints. So number one, a nine nine in the chatbox if

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I want to get to know the author of the Quran, the revealer the reciter the original speaker of the Quran

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in Allah ma slobby Dean, I want to know that Allah now number two, we want to know the messenger who sent that information. Please do use SallAllahu ala Muhammad Mustafa do you send salawat and the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam beyond being some FedEx guy? Is he just some postal man who can oh yeah, God had a message for you. Or is Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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are part and parcel of the text we have today. Absolutely. And I can show that to you.

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In the way we know how he recited so today

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I know you know this section bring a beginner's ear to the greatest section of the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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excuse me, that was me.

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The greatest names of Allah subhanaw taala in succession are found in Surah Hirscher surah number 59. I would invite you all are odo bIllahi min ash shaytani. R rajim. To in join join me so that we can read the names of Allah subhanaw taala I would like you to get comfortable and first off if you can open surah harsher if it's possible. Let's see if we can get a receptor for Surah hasher and I would like you to hear from lions deli else hub or not anyone else?

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Foods Jen?

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Else Hello? Jen Landy who Moodle VA II do.

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So today surah number 59 is slowly but surely popping up on our screen is

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Number 22 is where we'll start if I have a recital of Quran available for us see if I can find it at dinner yes I believe I have it just one moment since you're half so my screen is super Tana 250 font so I can't see anything but I believe sister half so I have selected over cider and I will have that risk cider recite to us

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I will be lucky ministry Banyule Raji

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if you can you are able to see

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things you can stamp if you're able to see

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are you able to recite that verse that's on the screen right now are all Dobby lightning in a shape all over again? Is that are you able to see that so? Yes, I'm gonna move it

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I would like you to read this.

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Yes, and then this is the front of me. Thanks. Cool Allahu leggi Isla her in there who I only one la Evie were showerhead who are wrong man or Rahim

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who was who lady last year

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who are many do Salah Moon more Minami on more Haney as easily jump bedroom Bucha cat bear. So by law here I'm your Sreekumar

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law Holly pool barrier Musa where law Hu s

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l her snare? You said b You said be hula hula Massa Shama.

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Bahu Allah Aziz will hecky him

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Allahumma taka Berman Tilawat Al Quran ready to be law here Abba we're Bill Islami Dena will be Mohammed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam let us take iron number 22 One more time

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you're for a long

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time people

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will last and you owe the biller a big I was glad that I can start to say

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this give me an album that now like sale

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she said

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oh 5321

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Nina shaper and you're watching lawful lady let you know

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who I am anymore. Why EB was *head who was married or he was mommy thank you so much.

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I get it. Okay, can we do it from here Jenna if you wanted to come We Should we try it from here at the end Can I call you and we'll do it again. I find excellent.

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Does aka Allahu lado Jezza Yes, I'm gonna I'm gonna recite you want to jump stand up here. Okay, just one more time. Can you read this verse to us? Will love well let me let

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me tell you do sell em Minalima Hayneedle allies easily just barely moved second beer. So Bear had a lot here man you Sreekumar

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who Allahu La Jolla Bari or Musa aware level Esma a snare? You said the hula hoop Matthew semma words you will

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realize ease will help me thank you Rick Ross. Zack Allah who

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are visiting guest

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savvycard last word. The reciter today does talk Allahu

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Wa alaykum wa salaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh this is some boy we found on the road to recite Quran was not exactly true. Oh do we lie him in a che bond yield Raji who along with the

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who are animal ye be your Shahada? Who are Rockman Oh Rahim

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Malik doses.

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Mo Minalima HeyMy are as easily jab

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barrel machaca bear

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who Allah who led the

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ILA Lagu al Malik who could do so Salamone? More menial more how you may know Lars Ezel jab bow, Aziz do job role moto cab b l Mata cab their alma mater camper. So Baja Allah here I'm Ma usually Kuhn who Allahu Allah will your father equally bad your Musa aware now lovable Esma listener you said the rule of

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law who allows you to hacky

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Sokolov without being somebody that he likes students I don't know 99 students I don't know who Allah will call it cold berry almost saw with Level A smile who's now you said the hula hula math is somehow it was odd Wahoo azizul Hakeem

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now Do you acknowledge

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you Do you acknowledge that your Lord has 99 names and more

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and that Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah, Allah has also narrated to us that there are over 256 Names of Allah.

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So just to nip this thank you so much, everyone for the little extra time to nip this in the bud. Suhail, Hafsa Zion daanish. Next time someone says 99, names dots all week, Hadith.

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Sorry, it's Ramadan, choice words not allowed to come to my mind. Brands, the narration that says

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99 Names of Allah, whoever takes it to memory, that's not the weak. The weak part is there is no one list Pokeyman trainer, there's no one list of 99 names. Thus, you traverse the earth and gotta catch them all. Each one of the names of Allah that you interact with. So when my kids and I Yes, we know a specific list of 99 but my kids know, hey, there's other names out there. I have names on my list that Papa doesn't have. So are you willing today on the 99th day of Grand Challenge, willing to say I'm ready to collect my 99 That's my que si for you. That's my Quran challenge for you. I'm going to ask you to That's it just make the intention now. I learned breathing and breath work I learned

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posture and something enormous that I learned in Quran challenge I have to make a list of my Gods names. And I need to know my god intimately. Today friends speaking of that intimate relationship, God, family and after your family members, who do you spend the most time with your coworkers, the people you work with? employees, managers, directors, you meet a whole bunch of other people but if truly you meet your co workers 100 Much more than family. Yeah, more than family I don't have I got it on the dot. I meet these folks on a daily basis.

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Okay, friends, you're gonna excuse this for a moment

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is anyone trying to be an expert in lip reading right now.

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And the blue lota there's a blue one, you see it?

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I friends, there are only certain problems in the world, which are related to a lota and I must alleviate that problem. I will be with you in all of 33 seconds. I just have to hand something to someone less than 30 seconds. Inshallah I don't rush it too much. I think that's one of the things that you can't rush.

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This is real life guys. And if you guys are in the QR universe, you've seen every background situation that's ever happened and Hamdulillah I mean, thank you so much friends

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on everything. Great. reciters have to use the restroom as well. Thank you very much. I was wondering because I heard the conversation as we were talking about the names of Allah and I was like

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lota all I can think is a

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everyone is ok and all situations have been cleared. Oh see little sister to the rescue friends. Let's jump on it. One of the people I spend time with on a daily basis is one of the teachers who teaches with me at Quran revolution. Brother Adam. Adam, thank you so much for the little extra. I wanted to have you on about seven minutes earlier. But all sorts of waterworks are needed. Adam, we'd love to have you join us today so that we can start a conversation friends of brother Adam joining Quran revolution. Not at the very beginning. I said Ahmad Aiken rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh how's it going? Alright, come sit down delay about $200 Let us a little bit of a sore throat Subhan

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Allah Subhan Allah, maybe because you're sitting in the grass, it's all

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looks like this background is taken off half of my body. I was about to say I was like this a very pious background and man has shorter.

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But it's just

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hamdulillah Adam Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Alright, from Silla, still able to catch on and I really believe that the best way for our introduction is after Gron revolution began, how many years into the program? Did you join us?

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I joined in I believe it was 2020. Yes. Okay. When he told you, you joined at the beginning of the baraka

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Baraka years, so, as we will refer to affectionately forever the the. We're all hung over on Corona. So Alhamdulillah we were just starting out there. Adam came and joined us. So Adam, you joined our workforce completely virtual, like there wasn't this. Everyone else was like, Oh, we've met these people. We work with them for several years. Adam, can you tell us a word on how you came into the Quran revolution fold because it was through family. So I would love to hear your your version on that. Yeah, so honestly, you know, when I heard about Quran revolution, I kind of knew about it for years, but it's kind of like buried in my brain. I met you maybe when I was a teenager, and maybe I

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was probably like, 1415, you came to Florida. And imagine in Ocoee. Right. And you came there and you had a TED week session over there. That was the first time that's the first time I ever met you. And I completely forgot about you after after we after that meeting. Right? Yeah. And then when Hawaii Florida with that. There was a huge storm during that time. Yes, I remember. Yes. Mashallah. Yeah, yeah, so my dad, he works for Clearlake Islamic center where he will leave as soon as the Imam over there, Houston, and Houston and Houston, Texas. Yeah, so I'm originally from New York. I've been around I was born and raised in New York, moved to Florida when I was 10, while my parents

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moved to Florida was 10. And then I came to Texas, I believe I was like 24. So I've only been since 2019.

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Hamdallah. And then that's when I, my dad started working for Clearlake Islamic center, and then Imam will leave as soon as one who actually introduced me to this position here through his wife, such as the SME, and then everything just started rolling from there from there. I have taken one step back for my nostalgia, because how do you get to Florida? When were you in a coma? Because that's from Orlando friends, we're going it's 50 minutes south into, like, you get to live with some alligators. Yes. How do you get to a cohee? Well, I say alanda it's really a small town called Claremont, right? Most people don't really know, but Claremont. Claremont is maybe like 15 minutes

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from Ocoee. Okay. Yeah. And you were just there visiting was, I usually go to, I used to live in Florida, okay. in Claremont Hamdulillah. My, my parents moved down, we're a 10. So that's where I went to school and things like that in Florida High School and things like that. And so that message was raised to Mr. Teske here Subhan Allah, I'm sorry, friends. You're now getting a GoPro camera in the middle of 10 years of my travels. So so when I went to a covey, this wasn't a weekend course it was a 10 day class. So I lived there. Just I know for him it might be I met this guy, but my whole life, I was sleeping in the masajid or wherever I was given a place. And for someone to bring up

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those 10 day courses. It's where the Quran revolution curriculum was born, going Masjid to Masjid, setting up the chairs by yourself. And then eventually, five years of teaching on the road. masajid said, would you come and spend the whole summer with us and do programs so excuse me to rewind but now we're in Houston. And that's where I heard your name. Sheikh Walid bus unis.

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spouse, or we should say, Jasmine Sheikh well leads spouse, she said, there's someone great. And I think that's where Sheikh will leave. What was the introduction to you? Like, hey, there's a Quran program, you should go teach there or what was the intro to you? Yeah, basically, there's like this opening this grant program, you sign up for it. Okay. And then once you once you did get on the other side, what were the first few things that surprised you? Or what were the first three things you noticed when you shifted into Gron? Revolution, or shifted into Khurana was one of the major things I've seen is, you know, we do teach tradition, that sense that the students obviously read in

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a traditional manner, but our program, the way we put it forward does not really traditional, right. So from that aspect of it, it was it was new for me, you know, learning all the new, the new terminology that we have here specific the Quran revolution and things like that. So that was the biggest thing that caught my eye was the formatting of our teaching, formatting. And I think that is a different that it's a different approach where it's like going to a medical school and the doctor points at his stomach and says, my belly, this will be referring to as tummy for the next four years, right. It's our own terminology. It's our own way. Adam, there's really a lot that I would

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love to share about our journey about our time, but something you do very well is recite and read. And Alhamdulillah. Maybe that came out, you recite and read and listen to others and help them fix their recitation. I would like to recite with you a bit and then almost transition over Adam if you're available. Why don't we like 15 minutes turn it into a QR see? Yeah.

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Sounds great. Right there. Dinesh Bukhari and Australia's they're waiting to recite over there, and other people are trying their best to sit up. If you can see it slowly as the conversation gets better at them, like as our conversation gets more interesting, you see the body slowly turn into Netflix. Like oh, so bam, wham bam, we're going to read some Quran if you're down without a frown open your sternum open the part of your body which is that

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if I only had two bones next infant

00:27:23--> 00:27:26

this friends is your sternum Bismillah

00:27:27--> 00:27:40

and I would like you to lift the sternum. Just lift that really basic part here so that your dad you can feel it Allahumma Vietnam in and Mr. Bones has come out of his skin.

00:27:42--> 00:27:43

Thank you

00:27:45--> 00:28:07

Adam, if we could do some basic curate for the first time reading back and forth it'd be fantastic. I'll read if you could read after me was to be like him in our shade on your Raji Ruby. II mean, as she won your Raji who along who led the La

00:28:08--> 00:28:14

ilaha illa. Who, who Allah who led the

00:28:16--> 00:28:40

ILA, in who? Alright, need movie B was Shahada. I will avoid a viewer shahada who are raw mine old Rahim who well Ross Manuel Rafi who are long who lovey lie e LL.

00:28:41--> 00:28:41


00:28:43--> 00:28:47

Who, who else love would levy

00:28:50--> 00:29:07

who? Ali movie viewer shahada Shahadat the who are Rockman Rahim al Malik who could do su Salam on me no more HeyMy no la-z dual jab bow.

00:29:08--> 00:29:12

Nanny equal could do so Salah mean.

00:29:14--> 00:29:15

busines wouldn't jump.

00:29:17--> 00:29:47

As easily jump ba rune moto Kabiru Suba ha No law and is easy when Jeff bell will be able to sue the handheld wall. Su Baja no longer here by your Shikun su the HANA wha here I am. You shriek

00:29:48--> 00:29:53

walawe Who Allahu Allah wholebody almost always

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

who Allahu Han inputed baggie with La hula

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

SMA hos na level sma

00:30:06--> 00:30:12

husana user B Hulagu math is Ma T while

00:30:13--> 00:31:03

you said b hula hula is word je wel l Wahoo Allah xizhou Hakeem Wahoo allow Aziz will hacky Malama taka Ballymena Allahumma taka Berman na Tilawat Al Quran Jazak Allahu khairan de zaak Allahu khairan. Adam, I appreciate it. Adam, on the 30th minute we like to do a DUA. Is there a supplication you have in any language that you would like to make for yourself and more importantly, for all of our attendees for moving for czar head, for each person out there in the world? Do you have a supplication on that 30th minute is? Sure no problem that isn't a challenge. So it's not really a supplication per se. But we ask a lot from time to ask us to attain that forgiveness as

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mentioned in the Hadith, regarding those who pass the Ramadan, those who stand and specific those who stand in the 20 in the lead to coddle

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hoping for the reward, having faith in that reward, all the previous sins will be forgiven. That's what we hope for, isn't it? I believe that for myself and for all students and all the Muslims in general. I mean, I will take that DUA and if we can double down on all those who are being oppressed are proud of course, I mean, if if and I'm gonna stick my don't say I mean to my dua, I would like to be a tool to ending the oppression as opposed to being a DUA. Oh, I hope Wissam stops healing Suhail. No, I hope I'm the one who stops with some like, I want to go I mean, I mean, so that's my dua. You guys keep praying for the oppressed folks.

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May I take some of their oppression olam Amin, Aloma Amin. So yes, friends. That is a it's a touchy topic. It's it touches you on the inside. So please remember the recitation of the Quran is a gift that we have, and more importantly, something we can do for people. Can the Uighur Muslims or the grandmother who's getting punched in the kidneys with the end of a ar 15 rifle? Can she read Gron? No.

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That would say yes. After her belly gets unsolved she can but we can read for her. Well if the person is in some type of jail we can do it for them.

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break my fast dedicate Absolutely. Thank you so much friends who break your fast either I would love to I want to pass the mic. I want to create that QR see energy. Friends in Quran revolution we have throughout the week. I think we have six different one hour programs called Quran reading circles. So just like this with this group, much smaller, you jump in and people start reciting Allahumma Amin and may Allah give you a McLaren f1 in the hereafter. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever prayed to raka in the masjid Fajr and then stayed there and read Quran and then made their morning prayer there. Allah would give them a

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red camel. May Allah give you a red camel in the hereafter. Thank you and from Jana Cherie. May Allah give you a Lamborghini Waldo so that you can go fast in paradise

00:33:47--> 00:33:59

the GTR and tries to beat the GTR but we'll never be able to beat the GTR because we are McLaren fans for life. But but will but will we have started a war here. Excuse me. Brands

00:34:01--> 00:34:45

Yes, and the Bugatti is going to win the whole war. I mean, yes, Jana brands before tyranny. Before am I am overthrown. Let's move around. Adam. Let's go and find some folks. Friends. I know there are a lot of you who who recite well and you want to recite well in front of all of us. I'm looking for those of us who don't think we can do it. So I'm going to ask sister Nadia, if you can pop your mic, give me a moment also bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim SR Nadia, are you able to say the phrase by looking at it can anyone place a PDF or a link to is the other and I will bring it up on my screen.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

How many of us with a 00 going to be painful. How many of us nine days into Quran challenge don't have a picture of how to bIllahi min ash shaytaan energy and we Oh

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:34

search and you're just reading out of your head so I'm not really sure why you disliked me so much. Can you go ahead and get yourself friends? Get yourself a picture of STR the Ruby lie he mean a shame on you Raji There we go, sister Nadia, when you're ready, you can join us move Dinesh if you're available friend. If you can open your mic. Brother daanish is going to read first. So we'll ask Brother Dinesh if you're available. Can you say Ruth do belie

00:35:35--> 00:35:41

belay? Mina Sri born in Raji

00:35:42--> 00:35:47

who Allahu La de la ilaha illa who

00:35:49--> 00:35:51

who will learn it

00:35:54--> 00:35:54


00:35:57--> 00:35:59

Ollie, he

00:36:01--> 00:36:04

was sure that the EU will run

00:36:06--> 00:36:10

he barkcloth V comm Dhanesh Thank you very much.

00:36:12--> 00:36:21

Yes, thank you very much Dinesh. I appreciate it. Nadia, would you please say Oui, Lucha Mina shaytani R rajim.

00:36:22--> 00:36:34

rubella him and I shaitana Rajiv se who are long who loves the La Isla ha II love whoo

00:36:35--> 00:36:41

hoo. Hola. Hola. The NA Isla is

00:36:42--> 00:36:50

excellent. Nadia. We're gonna stop here. HART I want you to confidently say tell me obey the law.

00:36:52--> 00:37:03

So be there now. Good. Good. Now use your tongue for law. or No? Who? Long?

00:37:05--> 00:37:13

Long. That's it. That's it. Lizzie LA. Isla

00:37:15--> 00:37:18

lezzy No, Ill

00:37:20--> 00:37:35

now help me out on this one. Is this one going to be law or this one is going to be la la. Can you say up now? Can you say apna? Apna. In the same ledger? Can you say La La up? Nah, la la.

00:37:37--> 00:37:46

La La. I know. It feels weird. My God just try it. La Isla EO.

00:37:48--> 00:37:49


00:37:51--> 00:38:18

who you went? You went La ilaha illa keep all three up. I want La la la. And you say La ilaha illa who? na e il Lucha who? Baraka la Feeco Nadia well done I'm the friends and n in the chat box. If you could hear it and in the chat box if you were here.

00:38:19--> 00:38:21

Um, can you say

00:38:22--> 00:38:22


00:38:24--> 00:38:27

Thank you. Excuse me? Yes. Great job. Both can say Lala.

00:38:31--> 00:38:40

We're gonna get on the next one. Excellent job don't get the job. Thank you very much sister. Now the barkcloth V come great job there appreciate it.

00:38:41--> 00:38:53

ihrem and family if you could pop your mic for a moment. I will be logging into shaytani R Jeem. And moonbeam we're going to recite Aram Can you say ooo be la he?

00:38:54--> 00:39:10

Although he there's a lot of tension, dear. I just want you to let it go. Can you talk to me and say uh, Susie It's my friend. Can you say a Susie or Susie that much energy no more than that. Or who?

00:39:11--> 00:39:59

Although Billahi lahaie militia he got tight again. Just say Billahi lahaie Excellent. Just keep talking to me say Mina shaytani R Rajim was kita T Mina shaytani R Rajim una shaytani rejean Perfect se are also Bill bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Not the Himalayas shaytani Raji Iran that is your reciting voice the other one is I'm never going to be enough to be am I wrong? Am I wrong here on the other voices may know who you are we so don't do that. Don't do that. You sound fantastic the way you are friends. How many of us are na not Arab enough? Right and that's gonna go

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

For the rest of your life era, just forget it. Thank you. That was not Arab enough either. So would you please

00:40:08--> 00:40:10

okay that would that works for you

00:40:11--> 00:40:20

Mubin and family would you say Aaron just hang on for a second movie and can you say our Hulu bIllahi min ash shaytaan on your regime

00:40:22--> 00:40:23

Wallick Messiah.

00:40:24--> 00:40:39

Will Jimenez che Tony ready? How close was that to what I said? So can you try it now? Wallach Muslim my way. Who bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim.

00:40:40--> 00:41:02

Also bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim I'm sorry. Mubin This is more correct than the first sentence hold one moment ihrem Do you see Do you hear Mubin Did you feel that like kind of talking voice Ihram give me one more time. Ooo bIllahi min ash shaytani Rajiv

00:41:03--> 00:41:26

Dube let him in a shade on your regime. Okay, excellent from Ireland is going to save us here. I want you to pucker your lips because you can't see everyone together. Rules Do you got to push your lips forward? Rule zoo bIllahi min ash che borneol regime? One more time. Ooh Zhu.

00:41:28--> 00:41:29


00:41:30--> 00:41:59

Li Min ash shaytani R shaitana regime go ahead and if you looked at it meme Khasra man and friends this is all why the reason why I say to look if I said meme with a line on the bottom would it be mana shade on a redeem or Me? Me? Me mesh? Exactly. So but this is not on you SR Aram it can you agree that you haven't seen how the biller printed? Like not often do you do where would you see it printed?

00:42:01--> 00:42:18

Nowhere and I still have my bone to pick here. Why isn't it in any Gron or them? I'm sorry, I got carried away with teaching there but I had them How come there's no there's no is the other in any grant? Like could you put it on the inside cover? I don't know. So

00:42:19--> 00:42:39

I'm going to stop here and I'm going to turn it over. So that Zahid if you're able to please Can you recite brother? Brother Adam, you can listen to his STR thank you so much Ireland for sharing this brother. Would you recite aloud now? I will be live ministry Banerji

00:42:41--> 00:42:56

who will be he mean a shame on you Raji No not you brother Adam. Have the brother recite now brother Adam have the that was really good friend. That was excellent job on that sounds like a teacher do it again.

00:42:59--> 00:43:05

So I'm gonna wave Assam Yes, but I was teasing you because you read so well. You sounded like a teacher. Can you say it again?

00:43:06--> 00:43:11

Although below him in a show you pour on your Raji

00:43:12--> 00:43:18

who are law who led the ILA Ha, hoo

00:43:19--> 00:43:30

hoo, will love the ILA in who? Ali moolah. EB was shahada de who are raw Manu Rahim.

00:43:31--> 00:43:38

Ali immortal AB wash had the one raw. Nah, no. Rahim. Where do you live brother?

00:43:39--> 00:43:42

I'm in San Diego. We will read well who do you read with

00:43:44--> 00:43:49

different teachers? You just fell out of the sky reading like this. How can you read like this?

00:43:52--> 00:44:13

I mean, I guess I learned that from Sheikh Abdullah from Dallas. There you go. The Quran world is a small world you can't get very far. Yes. And you can hear his voice in you barkcloth he can well done very well. Now remember me from ombre actually. Yes. I see your face Allah.

00:44:14--> 00:44:21

Great to see you. Sorry to throw you up there on the screen. Yes, we When did we do umara together?

00:44:23--> 00:44:35

A couple of years back. It was a few years dobro like we were yeah few years. Seven or eight plane. There was one incident I remember we were on a plane I think somebody mistaken that says brothers remember

00:44:37--> 00:44:54

Sivanna law. I was sitting next to brothers I had and brothers I had maybe that is the case. Alhamdulillah some Al Hamdulillah. Zion did your Umrah group. Did someone from the group ride their bicycle from Houston to Washington or something like that? Do you remember?

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

No, I don't remember the last maybe I think there was someone in our

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

group who rode their bicycle, like 1000 miles or some hundreds of kilometers, that have you read well, please continue studying, may Allah increase your ability and xiety You went to Omaha? Can you make dua for everybody here who did not get to go Fromer?

00:45:16--> 00:46:00

Insha Allah may Allah accept everyone to make them read insha Allah and hygiene as well Allahumma Amin Allah um I mean that that dua might get accepted mugger might dua for their posture. I don't know. It's still stuck in the heavens is still stuck in that heaven. Angels are like what do we do with this? Then they look at your then they look at your posture and they're like, hey, so friends, I don't know what to say. Brother Adam, I'm going to turn it over to you do you see a face or a name that we can pick so that you can recite with them? This is really about him. Brother Ibrahim artists. You got it always be like me to shaytani R Jeem. Yeah, Adam if you're able to unclick his

00:46:00--> 00:46:10

mic I am looking for it right now. He's on muted right now go ahead without looking if you can't really see either as well. I'm not able to share it on the screen. Can you share it again? On the screen? Yes sir. Yes sir. bissman Go for it.

00:46:12--> 00:46:17

Brother please go ahead and I'm on April why they can Salam Allen Allen welcome.

00:46:19--> 00:46:20

Go ahead and Allah

00:46:21--> 00:46:22

will do

00:46:23--> 00:46:34

our although he mean shame on you lucky in God, I want you to pull your elbows back, putting your chin down. Bring your chin down one more time.

00:46:35--> 00:46:39

Ooh, doo doo are also

00:46:40--> 00:46:41


00:46:42--> 00:47:11

him in a shave gone in launching. I like it a lot. But I want you to talk to me say our will do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Now on Broadway, and also in Lehi. Mina shaytani logy I'm sorry friend this is so much clearer. This please continue brother Adam. I'll allow him to reach you go ahead brother. Can you read this verse to brother Adam

00:47:13--> 00:47:16

who Oh who led the hill

00:47:17--> 00:47:19

in in

00:47:20--> 00:47:23

a rally Mukai be washed ahead

00:47:29--> 00:47:30

are him

00:47:32--> 00:47:33

one more time please? walmartone

00:47:35--> 00:47:37

hula hula NaVi

00:47:39--> 00:47:39


00:47:41--> 00:48:06

who are rarely more local AB was sure had more mana Hain very good job I sent a very good I actually I agree with you man which I'm completely when you spoke it it was sounded so much clearer. It wasn't very nasally maybe try practicing a little when you're reading just just instead of trying to recite what that beautiful voice obviously a long back a very beautiful voice on Daddy. Just try saying it out. You know it becomes much clearer business.

00:48:07--> 00:48:24

Timing friends. Thank you so much for the read. Friends how many of us are trying to make another voice to recite? Dinesh Aram don't we all do this? Right? So hell, it's like I have to talk. Now I have to retake around. It's like whoa, whoa.

00:48:25--> 00:48:50

What in God's name just happened there? Because we went higher right? And we all feel like if I needs allies, it'll get better. But my friends I'm sorry we did this growing up hamdulillah Yoruba land I mean, it sounds it sounds nice in your nose but then it's you can't read long that way. I would love to get another reciter

00:48:51--> 00:48:59

a you you me can you if you're from Indonesia if you're available. Can you say this verse to es Salaam steel you say

00:49:04--> 00:49:05


00:49:06--> 00:49:19

he MENA shale or near Adi I'm going to grab the shape and say shape on versus Shaya. That's his bad cousin T

00:49:20--> 00:49:33

shape on shape. Like this? Yes. As opposed to share Yeah, you want to go like Hooray che che che and I start offer Yes, please.

00:49:34--> 00:49:42

All do bIllahi min ash che Mina Shire Borneo Radi

00:49:46--> 00:49:47

Allahu Allahu alayhi.

00:49:48--> 00:49:51

Who will love who Levy

00:49:55--> 00:49:56


00:50:00--> 00:50:17

Riley moles yes yes are LeBron Riley Malloy? B was Cher heard who are wash man or Rafi? Excellent. Sister, what have you said to me? Can you say?

00:50:18--> 00:50:31

Allah is One? Can you say Allah is One? Allah is One Who Allahu Allah de la ilaha illa who?

00:50:32--> 00:51:02

Who will love will levy La ilaha illa ah, that is a big shift for me brother Adam. That's what I'm seeing here, sister. It's a great Muhaddith great that weed, but if not, but I encourage you to speak out you're like you're on the radio, you're talking and today's news. Who Allahu Allah de la ilaha illa who polymodal baby wash shahada de who are Rahmani Raheem, can you practice that inshallah?

00:51:03--> 00:51:06

Okay, so, okay, I try

00:51:07--> 00:51:36

it like I'm talking. Yes. Yes. Like that. Just like, Okay, let me try. Who I love will love you de la ilaha illa who are limo lovely. We were sure heard for man, Rafi. I want to buy it. Whatever you're selling. I want to buy it. That was excellent. It's clean. It's crisp. SR from and it's yes. And it's not going up and down. So from here slowly, we're going to take off. Thank you very much. How do i pronounce your name?

00:51:37--> 00:52:16

Are you me? Are you me? Thank you so much. A Salam aleikum. Wa Alaikum salam Barak, la vie, Come brother Suhail, if you're available, pop that mic and if you can give me a rule do Billahi like you're stomping your feet when you speak? Who are Uzu bIllahi min. Ash Shea bar Neil Raji Paulo bill. Him in a straight on you're watching Do you want me to do like you? I like me a lot. I want you to do it like this. Do it like you

00:52:18--> 00:52:32

do bIllahi min. Ash shaytaan you're watching. I'm sorry, Teacher bias, but it's perfect. Like one more time just like that. And I'll turn you over to brother Adam. Oh, do B

00:52:34--> 00:52:39

bIllahi min ash shaytaan. Your Waje.

00:52:40--> 00:53:09

Adam, very nice. So beautiful. Just one small point is a regime. Regime G. Raji Raji, my comments they tend to say is absolutely. Suhail. Do you want to go to the generic Jana? It's like the Amazon knockoff of paradise. You want to go with the company of the profit? This is what I want to be. Absolutely, yes. That's not funny. You are right. Jana is one hour.

00:53:10--> 00:53:12

That would say Amazon is not good.

00:53:14--> 00:53:37

Yes. Suhail, 100% 100 Allah. Just hit the the jajaja Jana jajaja Jana otherwise, great job, Doc Allahu Kaito Jessa. I'm going to take a moment here, brother, Adam, a word from you friend, as someone who has read with over five 600 students. Um, those are actual numbers from your submissions.

00:53:38--> 00:53:40

Adam, a word for the for the teaching student.

00:53:41--> 00:54:18

For the student from the teacher. Great, very good. So as usual, this little handle also to us that we always advise students to, you know, don't look at other reciters don't look at other people with deer don't worry about what you're doing. You know, if you if you beat the bar, someone else, then you don't really have much growth to make. But if you look at yourself, how to improve yourself, then you have a lot of room for growth. But if you make someone else your goal, then I don't think that really is going to work out too well for you. You want to make sure that you have your own Quranic voice, it just hasn't said very good job. And most importantly, realistic goals for

00:54:18--> 00:54:50

ourselves. You know, just like any other field of Quran is a science just like any of the studies you know, we don't go study or read a book in medicals to become a medical student, you know, overnight. It's a lifelong journey. You know, even myself, I'm still on a journey. I'm sure you met with Sam self is still on a journey. So it's a lifelong journey. So you want to set realistic goal. Just sit back, take your time, isn't it just the main thing you know, it's about quality over quantity, trying to cram everything into one spot. You know, I know this isn't that specifically related to Quran revolution. But you know, as students, you'll see, we have four levels in our year

00:54:50--> 00:55:00

one program, you know, sometimes we have students in our level one program, you know, they start off with Elif bietet, and they want a woman that reading like a student in level four, you know, but no, you're in level one right?

00:55:00--> 00:55:03

should just take your stick each thing was its own step isn't like data.

00:55:04--> 00:55:38

This is the biggest advice I have for the students. What do you think? I fully agree with you. And if I could, if I could bring myself to join your thought, if everyone today, Adam recorded themselves, they would have a baseline. There you go. Very good record. So even if your baseline and my baseline was a seven year old with some I recorded myself, reciting, and I have that I have a seven year old recording, that was my bass, da da da Vila.

00:55:39--> 00:55:40

And I have

00:55:43--> 00:56:10

and my counterpart is much better at seven Alhamdulillah. And so he's Alhamdulillah. So, but, Adam, I recorded myself from a very early age in high school, I was one of the only kids who would record himself and then play it back. Everyone just thought it was really stuck up. I was like, that's such a harsh thing to say. But it's like nope, I really think it makes the base it gives them the opportunity.

00:56:12--> 00:56:13

Yeah, completely agree with you.

00:56:14--> 00:56:50

And it gives them the opportunity to improve their reading as a child or as an adult. Adam, it is a prevalent privilege having you here today. I'd love to invite if you're having dinner Alhamdulillah Do you have any things? Oh Brother is asking about your hammer Kamala brothers asking about ijazah friends, if we understand your hammer Kamala if we know what ijazah is Quran revolution will prepare you to for ijazah. But if Quran revolution issue that in Jazza, you should be a little wary.

00:56:52--> 00:57:00

What is an ijazah? Thank you that was Sharif. And ijazah is the final certification and it doesn't have to do solely on recitation.

00:57:01--> 00:57:05

It has to do with your character. Yes, for example.

00:57:07--> 00:57:57

It's a download when I when I finished reciting the whole grant to my teacher who lives in Egypt, he started calling my Masjid where I go in New York and saying does with Psalm go for Fajr that my ijazah says the first words it's actually on the table right outside, the first words of your ijazah hit our eye, and then it'll say your teacher's name in sound mind and know that the character of Wissam armature Eve, son of grandson of their character is his character is such that he could be called the middle Quran, a servant qaddoum Call them is like a servant of the Quran. So friends, it it's more, it's more so we could prepare you for any Daza. But I would and I could issue you and

00:57:57--> 00:57:59

ijazah. But that's after.

00:58:01--> 00:58:08

Yeah, that's after you get to some level that would you have to be right, you have to grow to a level and then you can sit for that.

00:58:10--> 00:58:16

Yes, Alhamdulillah you have to be able to do a pistol squat or at least trying. We'll talk about that later on.

00:58:18--> 00:58:58

Brother Adam, we will conclude. Do you have anything going on that you want to plug friend? Anything that you have coming up? There's a new semester of grand revolution that you'll be teaching in May? Is there anything that you would like to promote or anything that you want to almost throw it into fantasy right now? Of course. So well, my main gig is really with QR Candela. So basically, I will say those students who plan to register in the new semester register now, because you have an opportunity to sit in, in this current semester, obviously not as a student per se, and you know, doing assignments or getting feedback and things like that. But you can join some of our live

00:58:58--> 00:59:21

classes, you know, you could benefit that way, especially the qf C's of economics, I mentioned, we have at least six courses in the week. You know, you can join those courses you can come in, and we always we always give new students opportunities to participate and to recite, so I say sign up now. Allahu Akbar. Thank you. Thank you friends. I couldn't ask for more because classes will brand new semesters classes will start in May,

00:59:22--> 00:59:41

I think may 16 afterwards. But as sister Irene pointed out, Quran revolution class just started one minute ago. And so for some folks, they will go their Jazak Allahu quedo does as it is a conclusion. We are on our conclusion.

00:59:42--> 00:59:59

Adam, thank you very much. And for everyone. I looked away from the camera. I was all over the place. Yes. Because real life happens. And I have a child on a leg. That always happens in my course as well. So my my daughter's, you know, year and a half 100

01:00:00--> 01:00:05

That's so every time I close the door and I'm gonna go teach, she'd just bang the door open and just comes right in barges right in.

01:00:07--> 01:00:17

And, Adam, do you have to apologize to the cloud? I'm so sorry. My kids making noise? No. Oh, no, no, that was understanding, you know, thank you.

01:00:18--> 01:00:56

Yeah, no, no, please go ahead. Yeah. You know, sometimes some, some people tend to think, you know, we have to teach, obviously, we hold the level of professionalism, but we are human beings. At the end of the day, you know, things happen in real life. So, I think this is the most raw and organic form of teaching right here. Allama. Zina, man, thank you so much, friends, for sharing the moments with us. Thank you dilute Sharif. Thank you, Jana Sharif, for being with us today. And even their mom said, Are you sure it may disturb? And I said that's the whole point. You were all waiting for everything to become perfect. And then I'll read Quran and float in the sky.

01:00:57--> 01:01:04

And you can't because you can't make a comment without some comment coming from them, which is great.

01:01:06--> 01:01:46

You can't make a comment unless you have a purpose. So I'm gonna grab this mic as every word I say I have my my speaker on underneath the table. Does aka la Heron sister Hafsa we had an amazing day together. Tomorrow. sister Sarah, from up north in Mississauga will be joining us half either, will be joining us tomorrow. Sister Hafsa. Zack love her in a very organic, natural class today. I said I want Eagle Rock Metal law. But it can withstand a lot of hand with a lot of North and Mississauga. It's interesting. I'm going to be Mississauga and shuttler today exactly. Well look over there Adam actually before you go if you aren't gone if you're not teaching a class just now if I can still

01:01:46--> 01:01:55

leave for just a second and man was Sam I'll let you go you've got your hands and your legs. Just want to say salaam real quick so that would sell em Wiley calm as you

01:01:58--> 01:02:03

do like you're very good. Masha Allah, the future and revolution in shot.

01:02:04--> 01:02:33

Brother Adam, just before you go. So I know some people are super familiar or really comfortable. They know what's going on around revolution is of course the sponsor of the 10 Nikkor. And challenge. And I know we've danced around and we explain a little bit of the concept. But if you were to dumb it down for someone who's never heard of what's going on, could you give us a quick little intro into what to expect? If someone's just been attending the 10 day Grand Challenge, they've been benefiting, they've been enjoying this journey? Is there anything that you can share just in terms of what the start off process looks like for grand revolution? Right? Of course, the

01:02:33--> 01:03:08

first step is to register. So if you maybe can post the link for registering in the in the chatbox Inshallah, so the first step students is to register, obviously, you know, you're going to receive an email and things like that with the information. So the cp n revolution program is all app based, right? At least you know, you can do it from your phone from your tablet, you can join some of the classes through your laptop, you know, through the Zoom link, because obviously, we use Zoom. But as far as the program itself is all app based. No, it's we have a beautiful app Hamdulillah you know, everything is done through there. You can join your live classes through there, you see your

01:03:08--> 01:03:31

lessons, you watch your videos, you do your submissions, you get your feedback, you communicate with your TA, you can get customer service, tech support, everything is all packed into the app. So that's from the logistics point of view, those things were asking as in some student asking about like, is it mandatory? Start from level one? So not necessarily, no, we do have an assessment. So you're gonna be assessed, we have a TAS that do the first assessment, they're gonna listen to your citation and see,

01:03:32--> 01:04:08

see what level best suits you. And we always obviously start off in year one, you're either gonna be placed in levels one through four, most students generally are placed in what levels one through three, very rarely would have a student placed and placed directly into level four. And level four is a pretty advanced level course you know, you're learning a lot about your you've learned all the tech lead rules and things like that. Level one is a bit very basic course, for someone who has no beginning or for someone who does have a beginning, but they haven't learned everything or they want like to revamp what they've learned, you know, maybe just confirm solidifies in the words, you start

01:04:08--> 01:04:42

there. So by the end, you start level one, and it's better. At the end, you're able to open the most half business to Allah and read, you know, you learn all the basic rules. Now come level two, those of you who are going to place into level two, you're going to focus more on sound sound, you're going to learn where all the letters come from, and how to correctly pronounce and articulate their sounds. That's level two. Those of you who placed into level three, you're going to learn all of the touch weeds rules, you know, pertaining to, you know, all those want to know about we always have students asking about we have something called bounce for those of you who are not familiar with our

01:04:42--> 01:05:00

curriculum, alkaline or your EBI, and things like that. And level four is more focused on really fine tuning the citation taking every citation to the next level work on the characteristics of the letters and things like that. So yes, Khurana evolution does have a memorization course but it will be but that

01:05:00--> 01:05:19

Some more in the year two, so you've must complete your one program. And then you can move into year two. And that seemed like I said, you have to start from level one. If you do have a background, obviously you take the assessment, perhaps you place into level three, level four, you complete those and if you if your Tacs are to be fifth fit, we invite you to year two, where you do start memorizing year one is four semesters.

01:05:20--> 01:05:56

There's a brother sister Hydra, it's four semesters. So four levels specifically, perfect MSC Hannah is asking, Does each of the year level have four semesters to complete? So it's a total of four semesters? So you can finish the entire four levels? I would say because we have we have a summer semester we have about three semesters in one year in one calendar year. So I guess you can finish it in a year and a half the entire four semesters isn't perfect awesomesauce does that go up there? I know. There's just so many questions. And a lot of we've been like this. We've mentioned grad revolution. I know some people are familiar with it, but it's helps to kind of have that breakdown

01:05:56--> 01:06:27

to have a lot of those questions answered. So I hope that helps you guys out and we've been asking does that go okay, brother, Adam, for being here and for being a great support and panel for today's session. We're excited and Chatelet to jump in hopefully some of you get a chance to have brother Adam as your TA in Grand revolution and continue that journey with him as well. For now just like mellifera we are closing off on day number nine of the 10 day grand challenge with Imam Hassan Sharif tomorrow is going to be the final day day number 10 Don't miss it. Join us live inshallah we'll see you there. Same time, same place at 1pm PST bailiff Berg on your time and your about that

01:06:27--> 01:06:39

tonight. For those of you especially you're starting the last 10 Nights tonight. Keep us in your eyes myself in the QR family brother and brother, even with Sam and his family in Sharla. And we'll see you tomorrow for now a salam Wa aleikum wa rahmatullah wa