Allah’s Love to His Servants Part 5 of 5

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of the day and then by the night when the cost on earth and everything is still there beautiful soft times the last panel Tallis for why you didn't swear by the whole night and its darkness. But even such a bullet still and there's a lovely breeze in it's gentle and tender Subhan Allah, he started the sewer by swearing with these tender beautiful times of the day that he created, imagining what was kind of Tallinn last summer he tells them these words. Imagine these words are from Allah subhanaw taala, the Lord of the universe of the prophets, and then you look at him and forever, where do they Pradhan? And what are the kaha did you not find the an orphan give the shelter and

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care and he found the wandering add the guidance and he found the need and he may be dependent? Did you not do all these things for you? That was that was super too hard. But there was not enough? No. He said as well what Superleggera was revealed after that, and I'm not sure what was at the border. And Lady oncologia would have found Anika Decra have we not opened dinehart for the and taken from the diversion which goldeye back and have we not greased Dynein for the till this day after 14 More than 1400 years people have not stopped sub flowing through every part of the earth. Till this day, day and night to come visit your home your rasool Allah, you have not stopped from coming to greet

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you and say Peace be upon you As salam o Allah rasool Allah with a foreigner Nikka dica. Have we not raised the need for the intervalos Usera. In verily along with travel committees in Iran, our students, we see the tenderness and the compassion of the Quran. This was an example of a survey that was

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another example of someone that loves color to analog. And this time it's a woman so it doesn't say that it's like oppresses women or treats them like second class people No. Khadija May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with the Prophets wife. Look at Allah subhanaw taala his love to her when she's dying, he sends to real peace be upon him from the heavens to say, oh Muhammad, Allah subhanaw taala since peace Apocrypha deja vu while you couldn't Khadija Salam P is reading and he's telling you Mohammed give her a good tidings of a promise castle of pearls in heaven. When there is no hustle no awareness of Silla, because it will Jana, Heisler nossob There is no hassles, no

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weirdness, there is no roof upon you after this Khadija, Allah subhanaw taala loves you all this love, guys, Khadija is about to die and ascend and hear these words for suffering a few minutes. So why send Jabril down from having to deliver this message, so that you may know so that you and me would know what extent almost $100 How we honor the servant when he loves him. This message was delivered for us to learn and how know how digital Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with her and her status. And this how the services of who Allah subhanaw taala loves

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to Allah. Allah has 100 Almost 100 tablets assuming he loves you intensely. So who will seek these levels? And look for these examples? How can we be distracted from his love relationship? How can we abstain from it? Why don't we want it what is that we want? What are we looking for in this life, looking loss color to harness love to serve and to have the afterlife and head on our blood and head on died in March in the Battle of hate. And the son jabber team and the disbelievers had exemplified with his body meaning this distorted they cut things in and distorted his body. And he said to the Companions, let me see my father. And they prevented him from looking at him. For his for the for

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his body was destroyed. And they were afraid what would happen to him if he saw his father's body like that. So the Prophet peace be upon him to tell them, not him see his father, Gabby said I looked at my father and what they did, and I kept crying and hiding my face and my sleeves and the prophets on Sunday and said, roof upon him or not. The angels are shading him with their wings. Then he looked at him and said, Good tidings job. Absolutely. So I said good tidings of what your boss will know. He said Allah never spoke to anyone except from behind the barrier. We went to HR, and he spoke to your father with no barrier. And he said to him, My servant, wish for me whatever you

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desire, and he said, Look at the lovely relationship here.

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I wish I could go back to earth again. And I would fight and die for your sake Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said, My servant, I have written upon them that they do not return to it, meaning returning to life. But as for me something else imagine it last minute Allah is the one asked him he's asked me to ask him for something else. He said, Oh Lord, let the people of the world and my friends know of Fort Bliss I'm in so most part of Italia we feel it's it's an honor to serve in verses 169 and 170. From zhu li

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whatever seven the lady no

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longer helping us. Take note of those words thinking God's way is dead. Navy live taught me the love finding their supplements in the presence of the Lord. Had he never met me along the way is that she gonna be letting the Libyan Haku be hidden configure and hopefully will

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be rejoicing the bounty provided by God. And with regard to those left behind who have not yet joined them in their place. The martyr score

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In the fact that on them is no fear, nor have the cause to grief, lovely examples, but even we will have to. But even we will obtain them having some of these beautiful things by learning and how to earn these things. Last $100 is going to talk to each and every one of us in heaven in short, if it was said, that will work, may Allah be pleased with him in this time, it will be said to us in sha Allah, maybe not in this life but in heaven. I am pleased with you. Are you pleased with me? And the northern

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army module was harder to handle it tells you that if he says do you wish for me what you desire like you told up the Lagna head on or he calls you by your name like you called when you look at it in recap, returns you go my servant and enter my heaven imagine the Companions earned these things in this world. So definitely the people who knew him and loved him in this life must see some of this love and heavy chore alone. Do you see how a lot of time to His love has reached what extent with the best of the service what is happening right now during this lecture, as mentioned in the heavy log glorified in Celtic became a super supernumerary angels who wrote about seeking out

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gatherings in which the last 100 to his name was invoked or mentioned. We sit with them, and 40 rings around them, join in what is between them and between the lowest heaven right now. Angels is rounding us for you to the heavens. When the people in the gathering depart. The angels ascended rise up to the heaven. He the Prophet peace be upon him says, then Allah a month a mighty ask them. He is most knowing about them from where have you come? And they say, We have come from some servants of Yours on Earth. They were glorifying you Subhan Allah exalting you, Allahu Akbar. And witnessing that there is no God, but you were praising you and Hamdulillah. And asking fevers of

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you. He says, what do they ask me? They say they asked if you Paradise, he says, And have they seen my paradise? He says no. They say no.

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And they say, oh, Lord, and how would it be if they were just in my paradise? He would have wanted more and more. We see in the US protection of you. He says, from what do they ask protection of me? You see from hellfire or Lord, He says, And have they seen my hellfire? They say, Oh, no, this isn't how would it be where they see this in hellfire, they would have feared a bit more and more. They see and they ask for your forgiveness. He the Prophet peace be upon for love said I have says that he says to the angels I was primatologist to the angels.

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I bear with me they would miss that I have forgiven them who shouldn't come in you could offer to the home and I have bestowed upon them what they have asked for. And I have granted them sanctuary from that what they have asked for protection. What more do you want from us?

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Love to the poor and the needy to us like us. He's our Lord and he's the one who loves us the one who need him. My dear brothers and sisters, Sergio last Hello Tyler. And as the college scholars say, don't give up standing at his door even if you were expelled and don't stop apologizing, even if you were turned away. And if he opens his door to the accepted, enter among them and hold onto your arm to help him and tell him I am poor bestow upon you from your blessings. Even if you go back to what you don't what you don't you don't, don't give up. If you go back again. Don't give up from standing at his door. And if he opens the door for the people who are accepted if you find yourself

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being humbled by him, or the eyes are tearing going among them instead and pray back for his mercy. You find people crying go along with them and ask ALLAH forgive me like a forgiving these people open upon me. Help me grant me these blessings make me feel you and crying like them. We have lost planet Allah grant is his love and the love of those who love and the love of deeds that draws closer to him. Maybe we May we be from the ones that he tells Gibreel and they haven't seen them love them. We be from the ones that he puts acceptance for an earthier, we will be from the ones who come closer to Allah subhanaw taala when it comes to history to us, we will be from those who hear

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with we're with his hearing and see with the scene. We will be from those He tells I'm pleased with you. Are you pleased with three and Aradhana hunk untrodden AB me, me? Me with a lot of malice, even the Muhammad with some of the rallies