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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying true to one's beliefs and not the need to drink drugs to numb their demons. They also talk about the success of their own life, including their own success in finding a job and helping others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being true to one's beliefs and not the need to drink drugs to numb their demons.
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For certain individuals and you want guidance for them, you know, you, you want the best for humanity. Right? And that's real love. So if you were to hang out now with somebody whose life is just he talks about openly about, you know, doing drugs and testified a couple days ago that you had done just about every kind of drug there was by age 13 or 14 right 1515 And you've

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you found that drugs are the only way to numb your pain. Right?

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They've always been a medicine from a yes numbing agent. And you said yesterday that in fact, I think you said you take drugs to numb the demons right?

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I don't know that I should to numb the demons but I have, well, if I did say demons drinking, and you would sometimes drink whiskey in the mornings, too, right?

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During this time period

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you know, I mean, isn't happy hour anytime?

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And that cocaine that those white lines those are cocaine, cocaine, right?

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I will assume Yeah. And that's that's your cocaine that you kept in that box that says Property of JD with a skull and crossbones, isn't it? Well, the beautiful composition of the photograph would suggest that certainly, and he's, he's going through so much now, Mr. Johnny Dept, right? What is that the kind of like when we look back at your life, you know, what you were, you know, going through that wildness and you think now if he just did what you were doing, like connecting it with the prayer, just putting your head down on the ground, you know, you know, beseeching help from the creator the heavens in the earth, you know, you think this would help you know, if you can get some

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of what you got now, you know that prices give that money can't buy but you can get it for free. What would you say to someone if you're hanging out with someone like Johnny Depp, and he's going through you see what he's going through right now. It was a mess. It was a wreck. I was

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shaking, and I just didn't understand why.

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And then I looked down and

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realize that the the tip of my finger had been severed.

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I was looking directly at

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my bones. Cigarette

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this is after the finger had

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gone away.

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And she stabbed it out in my in my face and on my cheek didn't

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hit you across the face in a proper slot. But I was hitting you. We're not punching you. You're not punched. Don't tell me what it feels like to be punched. You know, even a lot of fights been around a long time. No.

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Because you didn't get punched you got hit. I'm sorry, I hit you like this. But I did not punch you. I did not deck you. I was hitting you. I don't know what the motion of my actual hand was. But you're fine. I did not hurt you and enough punch you I was hitting you. So

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I did start a physical fight is because yes, you did. You did the right thing, the big thing that you know you're admirable. Well, you know, it's funny, because what led me to Islam, besides meeting, you know, the influential of the few influential people in my life, that helped me learn and step into

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to Islam was, you know, trying to help myself. I read many, many self help books, you know, read so many.

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But, you know, some a Tony Robbins. Oh, everything, everything, everything. I've read about 30 books, I'd say when I was going through my struggles, but then when I found Islam, I was like, somewhat alone like this caters for all of those books in one, you know. So for me, I would say in terms of the struggles that we have in the dunya the Crip demand is the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him, you know, whether it is you know, like, for example, Salah, you talk about salah

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you know, I'm a bit of a deep thinker, so when I think about salah, I think about five times and I put it in the context of the self help book because, you know, not everyone for us when we're talking it's easy because humbly, you know, our point of reference is what Allah subhanaw taala in the guidance that we have, but when you're talking to a non believer or someone that doesn't know Islam,

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I always try and put it into that context where I was when I was a little bit lost or searching for something because Subhanallah how we've been created. We all want to belong. You're searching for something, you know, they say midlife

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courses, whatever it is, you come to a point, everyone comes to a point where they're like, What is this will? What is this dunya The only thing in this life is certain is dead. So why am I actually here, you know, but just that point solar five times a day, I will say five times a day, I strive to pray with my heart, not just my limbs. And when you're doing that, when you're in the most vulnerable position, you can be hit, and so you're

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beautiful, you know,

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in that position,

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naturally, you're in and you're doing it with the sincerity in your heart, naturally, you're grateful for whatever you have, you know, it might be just that little date that you get to have during, during Ramadan, and in a glass of water. Subhanallah they lose, they taste like the, the best food you've ever had, as you know, you know, so, for me,

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being in social, making Salomaa I'm grateful. I'm grateful for everything, you know, I'm grateful for the wealth others given me, you know, because it's allowed me to help my close ones, it's allowed me to live a life that and affect people in the way that I would love to affect people would say, I think humbly for the, for the blessings of my children, you know, that to be to be anyone can be anyone, you know, a lot of people can be parents. But it takes time and effort and persistence to be a great parent, oh, good parent, you know, so, you know, just things like that, like, I sit in it. And those are the things that you think of wood that I when I was reading about reading the self

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help books was, you know, you should implement a bit of,

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you know,

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contemplate during the day or think about things that show you the gratitude aspect of life. We take all of those boxes. We took a lot of these things when we prayed for and we do it five times a day, you know?

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So, that's the things I would probably say to Johnny Depp is

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you know,

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keep an open mind

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and just have a read, you know, just just have a read over