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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses the second plot hatched by the wife of Azeez to seduce Yusuf AS.

The second attempt was a brazen and open plot. The news of the beauty of Yusuf AS spread through the town and all the women were very keen to catch a glimpse of him. The sins of spreading rumours and gossiping by the women of the incident that had transpired resulted from lack of piety as they were idol worshippers.

The wife of Azeez felt humiliated when she heard the news spreading and she wanted the women to see Yusuf AS. So, she prepares a huge banquet for them and invites her friends circle. This is her conniving plot done purposely to lure the women. She then calls Yusuf AS on the pretext of helping her out. When the women saw him, they could not praise his beauty enough and cut their hands losing track of reality because of the beholding beauty of Yusuf AS. They could not control their lust and emotions for the handsome Yusuf AS.

Listen intently to discover how the wife of Azeez openly declares her plan of seducing Yusuf AS failing which, she would throw Yusuf AS into prison for non- compliance.


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Salaam walakum wa, Allahu Allah cattle. And welcome to another episode of our exciting series towards understanding sudo use of this is your host. So in our previous episode, we had discussed the temptations that the wife of Aziz tried to seduce use of Allah His salon with and she failed, and not only did she fail, but the news of this failure spread in the city and community. And so other women were anxious to see this person that the wife of Aziz tried to tempt. And so the wife advisees, set up a second plot a second temptation, and that will be the episode of today. So inshallah tada join us local the

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. We're still on the story of use of alayhis salaam. And the we were at a stage where we're talking about the attempted seductions of the wife of Aziz. Now there were actually two attempts at seduction, the first of them we already discussed. And to summarize, the first of them was when she physically locked all of the doors, she closed all of the chambers of her house, and then she attempted to seduce use of Allah hasulam. After having dressed up after having basically given all of the excuses that possibly could have existed, she got rid of them, but use of it his salon remained firm. And he turned to Allah subhana wa Tada, and their

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master, his own master and her husband caught them while she was trying to seduce use of it his system, and he basically overlooked it. And we said this was a mistake on his part, rather than believer when he when he finds a mistake, he needs to make sure it doesn't recur again. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the true Muslim, the believer is never stung from the same hole twice. You don't do the same mistake over again. So once there was one mistake that happened, as we said, it was of wisdom, that the master take precautions that this doesn't happen again. But the master did not do so. And so the seduction and temptation continued, and there was a round two

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and that was what we're going to talk about in today's episode. Now what was this round two. The second attempt was done on a much more brazen scale, much more open attempt. And this was when the other women began gossiping about the honor of the wife of Aziz. And generally speaking, this is something that every society is plagued with gossipers and gossip tellers. And this is why in our religion, we are discouraged to speak about something that doesn't matter to us. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Men hosting Islam in Mali Turku melayani, of the perfection of a person's religion and Islam is that he leaves what doesn't concern him, don't talk about something that is of

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no concern to you. And as we said, if you see a sin, not a crime, a sin between a person and Allah Subhana without a private sin, you see somebody smoking, you see somebody drinking, you see somebody with a woman he should not be with, it's none of your business to go spread it to people. Rather, it is your business to correct him or her directly. You should go to him and say, This is not something that's permissible, you're not allowed to do it. But it's not your business to go spread it to other people. It's not your job or your responsibility to go expose him in public, if you do so, this is a problem and sin on your part. When you catch somebody doing something wrong, that is a personal sin.

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If it's a public sin, somebody's stealing money. Now another person's wealth is involved, okay, somebody harming another person. Of course, this cannot remain quiet. When you do a crime against humanity, then this cannot remain quiet. But when you find somebody doing a personal sin, this is not your business to go and expose. And of course, there is a very beautiful incident from the CEO of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we don't have time to go into all the details of, but it is basically the story of the slander of eyeshadow, the Allahu italiana some of the evil hypocrites began saying things that disparage the character of our mother actually lo Anna.

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completely false lies, blatant fact.

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vacations have the most heinous and evil nature. Allah subhanho wa Taala reprimanded not just the people who started the lie, but those who spread it as well. Allah reprimanded them, why did you spread it around? Even not just fabricated that's a sin than spreading it around is another sin. And Allah said, Why didn't you when you heard something like this? You say, so panic, I had a breakdown, and I'll leave this is a clear crime and sin. And we should not talk about this. Why did you have to speak about it? So we learned from this incident also of the benefits of so the use of the sins and the problems of spreading rumors, whether those rumors are true or false. Now, realize what the

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other women had said, was completely factual. There was nothing wrong with it per se. There's nothing incorrect about it. But the point is, they still said it for no reason, there was no benefit. Rather, there was nothing but harm. And this is a factor that separates the true believer from the weak believer, when you find somebody talking about every fiasco in the community, every single escapade, every single negative issue, wanting to be the center of attention, then know that this person has the disease in his or her heart, know that this person has a lack of taqwa a lack of true faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because if they had that faith, they would control their

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tongues and not spread evil in the community. So these women, obviously they are now idol worshipers that know that there is no Muslim and all of Egypt except for use of this is a land of idolatries. This is a land where people are worshipping other men and other icons. So there is no concept of piety. So this news spreads in the community, and the women began gossiping. And we mentioned last time, one of the famous scholars of Islam claimed, he emphasized 10 different ways how these women disparaged and how they criticize the wife of Aziz very eloquently, even summarized for us how these women made fun of and ridiculed the wife of Aziz. And so the wife of Aziz felt very miffed. She felt

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very humiliated, and she wanted to get back at them. So what did you do? Allah subhana wa, tada tells us, that's for them to send me I'd be McLean, when she heard of their plot, and what was their plot to see this life and to be exposed to him who is this person that has caused so much distress and so much havoc in the family of Aziz, let us see who he is. This was their plot, and she knew it, not because they said it, but because she is a woman. And she knows how they think. So she wanted to give them what they wanted. She wanted to hand over to them exactly what they wanted. And that was to see use of alayhis salam. So she prepares a banquet and a feast, and she invites all of the noble

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ladies. Now remember, she's a noble lady herself. She is a dignitary she is a the wife of one of the ministers. So her circle of friends will be the elite of the kingdom will be the the cream of the crop of Egypt. So she invites her circle of friends, and she prepares a magnificent feast while they come and they eat and they talk. And then she prepares for them couches, what are thetic Luna Taka, so they sit back on these couches, they recline on these couches, and then she sends for the desert. And the desert in the in those days and as I said in some cultures is still is that this is that the primary desert. The desert in those days was sweet fruits, such as oranges and apples. So she

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distributes these fruits. And then she gives the knife to every one of them to cut open these fruits in order to basically eat this dessert. And all of this is plotted and planned. Look at her devious mind. Look at her cunning thought she knows exactly what is going to happen because she purposely does this thing. And she purposely waits for this particular point in time. Wait until she says we'll call it 118 she calls use of under the guise of basically helping them serve. Remember Yousuf is still a slave. Remember he is still a servant in the household. So she calls him exactly at the time that she knows that it is the most the most susceptible for susceptible for their own desires

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after they've eaten and they have reclined on the couches and the fruits are in their hand and use of comes out. Allah azza wa jal describes it for a cabal now, when they saw him, when they saw this man come out, they couldn't believe what they saw. And they made him very, very big they praised him for so for example, they would have said how handsome he is how great of a man he is. walk upon the idea hoonah and they cut their own hands as the fruit is in it and they are cutting it in their minds. They lose track of reality, and the knife goes much more than it should and they cut their own hand walk upon an idea who

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Welcome to hash ID law and they said Praise be to God marhaba Bashara this cannot be a human being in Hazzard Illa Malecon Karim, this must be a noble Angel. Notice here, their blood is testifying to the handsomeness of use of, it's not just that they are verbally praising him, their blood is screaming out how beautiful and how handsome and how full of life and energy use of Allah His setup is. And remember we said that use of Allah His Salaam was blessed with beauty. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that use the valley, his setup has been given half of all beauty. So it is as if all of mankind has half of beauty distributed amongst themselves. And this

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one person use the valley his setup is given half of all of beauty. And he's so handsome was he that they could not even control their emotions and desires, their lust just splurged out from them. And realize these are married women for the most part, they are wives of dignitaries and ministers. And generally speaking, women of such caliber are able to control their emotions much more also realize, married women, generally speaking, do not and are not as flirtatious or not as open about their feelings as single women are. Yet despite this fact, the suddenness of use of appearance and the extreme handsomeness that he displayed, it was as if the shining moon came out in front of them, and

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they could not even control themselves, and they literally begin salivating. And they're cutting their own hands, and they're saying, this cannot be a human being mahadasha. They're denying it. It's not possible somebody as handsome as him as a human in has a lamella can carry him. This must be a noble Angel. Now, here's an interesting point. These people weren't Muslims. How do they know about angels? They didn't know about it. The nobody taught them the six pillars of faith. Their response is, there are certain fundamentals of religion that are common to all of mankind. Anybody who believes if a god believes, for example, that we have a soul, a room. Now this room is not

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something science proves science doesn't talk about it. Yet all of mankind believes we have a spirit. Pretty much most religions believe in some type of hereafter or resurrection or afterlife. And yet it is not just in our religion, it is in all religions. Similarly, the concept of angels because it is a concept that all the religions came with, even the pagan religions took it into them their beliefs and they incorporated in the ranks. And they also knew that angels are handsome creatures of Allah, and such as the general rule that the angels are the most handsome of the creation except for a few exceptions. For example, those angels that are meant to punish, obviously

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Allah azza wa jal made them to look very scary. Otherwise, generally speaking, angels are the most handsome of the creation of Allah Subhana Allah This is proven in a number of hadith of them as the Hadith famous hadith of gibreel, in which herbal hop describes jabril coming in, and the shape of very perfect and handsome man, and of them also the Prophet system, said that when God comes to me, he comes in the form of a certain companion by the name of Dahlia and Kelby and this companion was known to be the most handsome of the companions. So jabril would take on his image, the image of the hare, when he came to the prophet SAW the love it he was Selim. So basically, they testify as I

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said, not just with their tongues, but with their own blood, of the handsomeness of use of and they say, this person cannot be a human being rather This is a noble Angel. And this is exactly what the wife of ISIS was waiting for. Exactly for this point. And so she says this is what you were blaming me for how could you get angry at me this you you have seen him once? And this was your reaction? What do you think my reaction will be when I see him day in and day out for years and years and years? We have to take a short break at this very poignant pause inshallah to Allah when we come back we'll continue the story from there Stay with us. Look on the Ghana de casa de Maria.

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Santa Monica Welcome back. So we were right in the middle of the story, where use of alayhis salaam walks out and the power of His beauty dazzles the woman to such an extent that they explain how should allow him or her the Bashara. How should the law has one of two meanings it could mean that how exalted is a law meaning how

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Perfect is a lie that he has created someone like this. Or it could also mean God forbid or We seek refuge in Allah, meaning that they are saying that this is something that just by looking at it, we are getting evil temptations Hashem Maha Bashara. This cannot be a man in hand the Illa mela Kareem, this must be a noble Angel. And as we said, the wife of ICS responds back godfather the Kunal adidam Tony fee. She said, this is the very one for that equation. This is the very one that all of you were getting angry and criticizing me about. So she knows exactly when to bring use of in. And she knows that now that they have shown their own infatuation with use of now that they have shown how

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use has affected them when they have just seen him once. It is as if she is saying, what do you think my feelings are going to be? How do you think my passions and lust are going to be when I'm living with him? When he is my servant? When he's with me day in and day out? When I've been with him for so many years? How do you think I can control myself? When you can't even control yourself for one second, and you physically cut yourself? How do you think my heart is being cut every time when I look at him? So she says this is the very one that you were criticizing me for for that he couldn't actually don't turn any feet? And then she says,

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what are what two NFC she admits? She's not even denying it. Look at the level of lust that she has you. She's not even saying you misunderstood. There was some no, yes, I was the one who tempted him, I was the one who did it one other way to who I never see. And then to add to the beauty. She says, first out some he refused me. And this is something very strange, that by adding this, she is in fact adding to the beauty of use of house. So we all know that there's an outer beauty. And this outer beauty is what all of this cosmetic industry is about and all of these plastic surgery and everybody wants to look the best, the most handsome or the most beautiful physically. But you see,

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there is another beauty as well. And that is the inner beauty, the beauty of piety of chest fullness, the beauty of chastity, and this beauty is even more attractive and powerful than the outer beauty. This is because the inner soul, no matter how filthy It is, it is attracted to purity and innocence. And this is why something very strange you find the evil people, even Muslims or otherwise, that are not really practicing Islam, they might live lives of filth, might live sensuous lives going after every single possible temptation, and doing every crime in the book before marriage. Then when it comes time to get married, the man will say oh, I must find a righteous and

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pious wife. He himself has been the worst of the worst, the scum of the scum, doing everything that a man wants to do. But now he wants a wife, he will not choose the very women he might have slept with for 15 years. And this is the case called around the world that when you meet a woman of righteousness and character of purity, all of a sudden you're attracted to her in a much more way than you would be at a physical level. And of course in our religion, we look at the inner beauty much more than the ultra beauty and that is why Allah subhana wa tada says, a believer to the Taino for Ebola to play but that the pure men, the righteous men are for pure women, and pure women are

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for pure men, one sabetha, to look obedient and the evil are those that are filthy men, or for those who are evil or impure women. So the inner purity, the inner beauty is what should attract us more than the outer beauty. And so by adding this as well, the wife of Aziz is saying, not only is his outward nature, beautiful, but he himself inwardly he has that innocence, and that purity that makes basically it's even driving her more wild and more crazy. And then she says, when he lemmya file, Guru, and if he doesn't do as I commanded him, and what I'm commanding him to do this, she says, that if he doesn't do so, then I am going to punish him. And then he will be punished by throwing

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him into prison, what a akuna minal solvating. And he will be of those who are humiliated. Remember, this is the wife of a minister. So she has connections, she has political clout to do things that other women would not be able to do. So now in public, she announces her evil intentions. Look at the depths of her of her depravity, look at how loose she is to publicly announce, I want to do this with this man. If he doesn't do it, I'm going to punish him. And brothers and sisters, this is what I have said over and over again. Don't be surprised when you see somebody lose their mind when their passions take over. Verily, the passions can only be controlled by a more powerful passion and that

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is the passion to reach the

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pleasure of Allah. And when you don't have that passion than the desires of men, the basic instincts of animals, they will be those which rise up into you. The only thing that keeps them in check is the fear and the pleasure of Allah. And this is something that obviously the wife of Aziz was deprived of. So she publicly announces, this is what I want to do. Some of the scholars say, not just that, but the other women also desired him. It was as if an entire room full of beautiful women is tempting him. An entire room full wants to do evil with him. And yet, he openly says, All are besieged in a Habu in a maroon and eating. This is one of the most powerful verses in the entire

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surah. One of the most emphatic verses that truly summarizes the essence of the entire sutra, the purpose of revealing the sutra, one of the primary primary morals and lessons of the sutra, he said, Oh, my Lord, the prison is more pleasing to Me than that which they call me to. He didn't even verbalize it because of his vulgarity. He merely hinted at it. The prison which he verbalized is more beloved to me, than that which they called me to. He didn't even want to say the bad word, then that which they call me to, and then he seeks refuge in Allah. What does Rifai Nikita Hoon, and unless you divert their plot from me, I'll spoil a hinder, I will lean towards them. We're committed

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Javelin and be from those who are ignorant and foolish. Notice use Valley his setup seeks refuge from even leaning towards them, he doesn't even want to, to go close to that. Forget falling into it. And this is exactly the terminology of the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What Takara bozena Don't come close to fornication. Allah doesn't say that has no don't indicate Alexei la hora bozena, don't even come close to fornication, don't even get to the doors of fornication. And this is exactly the feeling of use of it his sin. And he says, if you don't avert my desires, I will lean towards the possible means to basically be attracted to that not even fall into it, to be

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attracted to it. And I will be from those who are of the johannine. This is a powerful verse for a number of reasons. Firstly,

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use of Allah His being tempted by a roomful of beautiful women. Remember, these are all wives of ministers and women of power. And generally speaking, when you have that much power amongst the men, you will marry the most beautiful and the most elite women. So this will be if you like the most beautiful and elite women of the entire city, they have gathered here, and all of them one after the other are lusting after this one man. But who does he turn to? How can you get rid of this plot? They threaten him with punishment, they threaten him with prison, what does he do, he turns to the only source that can possibly avert this crime and this evil, and he says, Oh Allah, you are the one

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that has to avert this feeling for me, you are the one that has to help me conquer it. And this is the whole point brothers and sisters, the only way to conquer this passion is by turning to Allah, there is no other way that you can overcome these feelings. It is the help of a lot and a lot alone, that will able that will enable you to overcome these animal instincts. So he says, oh, Allah, the prison is more beloved to me than that which they call me to. And this shows us that what they were calling him to, would be worse than prison. Why? Because what they're calling him to leads to a place that is worse than prison. And that place is called jahannam. They're calling him to a place

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that is worse than this physical world prison that we have. And that is why the professor's and beautifully summarized it when he said, This world is like a prison for the believer, and a agenda for the disbeliever. Why, because in the Hereafter, the world will the hereafter will become agenda for the believer and the prison for the disbeliever. Hence, this world might be like a prison in some sense, it is because we're restricted, we cannot do as we please. But when we live in a prison in this world, this metaphorical prison of the produce of the perimeters of a law, this living in this prison will allow us to experience the gender of the hereafter. And that is why one of the

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famous scholars of Islam, perhaps the greatest scholar, that medieval Islam, produced by the name of shapeless, not even taymiyah. He said, there is a prison in this world. Excuse me, he said, there is a garden agenda in this world. If you don't enter the agenda of this world, you will be deprived of the agenda of the hereafter. And he said that gender is the worship of Allah. If you enter that gender, you will enter the agenda of the hereafter. And in another instance, the same scholar she was entertained

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He was set sent to prison by the evil authorities of his time and such as the way of the of the scholar that he faces the wrath of the evil people. So the government of the time threw him into prison. So he said, a very beautiful statement. He said, my heaven and hell, my agenda and now is inside of my heart, what can my enemies do to harm me, but the heaven and hell the pleasure and pain that I feel is inside my heart, if they throw me into prison, to me, this is time to worship a lot alone, without the distractions of this world. If they execute me, then To me, this is more to them. And if they banished me from the land, then to me I am traveling as a traveler and other lands and

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enjoying the sightseeing and tourism of other lands. What can my enemies do to me? imprisonment, torture, death, banishment, whatever they do, my agenda and now is within my heart. So Yusuf Alayhi Salam says, oh, Allah prison is more relevant to me than that which they call me to. If you don't swerve me away from this I will fall into their trap, and I will be of the Jah healing

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of the jehlen. What does it mean to be of the johannine it means that you are where you are falling into a sin without being conscious of a lot. Everyone who disobeyed a law does so in the state of Johanna in the state of ignorance, everyone who disobeyed Allah does so while he is not thinking rationally, he does so irrationally as a giant. So Allah says, Allah responded to his call, after he had called out to Allah and averted their plans. Indeed, Allah hears everything and knows everything. Whenever you call Allah, Allah is hearing you and knowing you. And Allah says even after they saw all of these signs, they still decided to punish him by throwing him into prison, and they

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did so for a while for a number of years. This brings us to the conclusion of this segment of the story, inshallah tada in our next episode, we will continue off from here and talk about what happens to Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam in the depths of prison. Hope to see you next time until then, as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh