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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Imagine if one day you wake up and you hear the news that you've inherited a lot of money, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, all your dreams are going to come true. No more troubles no more debt, no more worries about where I'm going to pay my mortgage or my rent or pay my kids tuition, all your dreams and all your problems solved.

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Great right now dunya right, this is a lot of wealth, but in dunya now, try to imagine with me, if someone comes and tells you, you can inherit genital filters. Yes, just like I said, you can inherit janitor for DOS, you can actually inherit what? Paradise? How? Look with me, it's certain what we know. Right? When Allah subhanaw taala says what kind of lateral movement minimun truly the believers what have achieved success, right? They've become successful how and Ladino homefree Salah team has shown those who would have kashua they feel a loss pantallas presence in their salah. Right? Well, Lina homewards and law we maharrey Don't those who don't talk too much about things

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that we shouldn't be talking about right there. Keep away from the dunya and the things that we shouldn't be what kind of like, dragged into and distracted by right? Whatever it is. We're living in a homeless Academy for those who are what doing or giving there's a cat right? When Latina home the Fuji and half don't Ilana as well to him, oh man Melaka Amen over in a vitamin. Basically those who keep what their purity and their chastity and only what kind of like protect themselves and keep themselves for what their spouses okay. And that is go on. And then Allah subhanaw taala says what as well, were levena homeless, do you more mn at him Ramadan? Sorry, what are the normally mn at moi

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team around those who keep their promises and their words, right? And when somebody entrust them upon something, they take good care of it. Right? And then what will Latina home Hannah Salawat team, your half you don't those who kind of preserve their prayers you don't delete to the last minutes. You always make sure you're praying you're prepared for prayer, right? Simple things, right? They're very simple things that you can actually try to implement. Why? Because in the following a Allah subhanaw taala says what Allah Iike whom will wear a throne.

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Those are what they inherited is the inheritors of what Allah and levena urethral for those homefree holy Don't ya Allah, those who inherited for those, right, those who inherited for those guys to understand what I'm saying, when we hear that we inherited some some worldly matter, we're excited but inheriting paradise, right? And not just that homefree her Holly Dune, they're going to be in there for eternity forever. Look at certain Wounaan look at the first nine areas and look at what are the things that Allah subhanaw taala is telling you and try to apply them in your life. Subhan Allah, I read this so many times, but this past Ramadan, somehow I don't know what happened. I was

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reading and all of a sudden, like a light just turned on. Like I've never heard it before. And subhanAllah it's very important that when you read that you're not I know, we're always trying to get a lot of rewards, especially when it's Ramadan. We want to read as much as we can, but try to contemplate and sometimes Allah subhanaw taala gives us that fed from him. It's like you driving down the street a million times. And then somebody all of a sudden you see the store and you're like how did I not see the store before? I've driven past here so many times, the same thing with Qur'an sometimes read the source so many times but at one point Allah subhanaw taala what opens me to that

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path and that light and you start to comprehend things read sorting what we don't see what the things are preserving your prayer praying on time giving us a care keeping away from low and things that distract us from an accurate and that in sha Allah era. You're going to be from the inheritance or inheritors of Gen nuthall third dose was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh