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Yusuf Chambers – London Riots Analysed

If we look at our society today, we clearly see a decline that corresponds with a growing lack of morality or even a common one that we can all accept.

As a society, we are not working together and all the social indicators and statistics that are presented in this talk show that British Society is collapsing around us.

Social indicators like the rise in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD s), vicious dog attacks, gun crime, growing debt, depression, suicide are all pointing in on direction – to destruction. That is unless we as a community make a change.

Yusuf Chambers then looks at the example of Islamic Spain, a multicultural, multi ethnic society that our very own British society is based upon. What is the common denominator that is mission – God, or Allah in Arabic.

Today’s modern society has done away with the God and that ultimate designer and creator has now been subjugated by His creation.

Where is the positive engagement from the Christian and Jewish societies? The statistics show that the Churches and Synagogues are growing emptier year on year.

When are we the Islamic Community in Britain going? Our Mosques are still full but for how long?