Challenged by Christians on Violence in Islam

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To establish the truth and come to common terms that Allah says in the book here, so we are here for the truth.

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We're here for the truth. Yeah. So we can come to common terms. Yeah. In an agreement regarding the worship of God Almighty alone. Yes. So I'm not here to win an argument, brownie points, or whatever it may be. Are you looking for the truth? Yes, I'm looking for the truth. Yes, I believe the Bible that you hold in your hand is corrupted, and has been changed. If I show you that this is the case. Are you here ready to at least read the Quran and reject the Quran? And I don't like okay, what did you read from the Quran? And what did you take from it? I read

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Christians and Jews should not be your friends. That's one. Secondly, you're supposed to fight us in

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2009 and before the Great fast insert two, I think 256 or so there's no confusion.

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I said their truth.

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So because of that, secondly, it says God cannot have a son.

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cannot come to the end. Okay. And because of that, what the Bible says, I believe it. Okay. 100% with my heart and everything, and even if I have to die, I will not deny it. Okay. You said that I said you did you read the Quran? You said you read it and you didn't like it?

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Okay, how

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can I can ask me? How is it that when I asked you to read the Quran, every single chapter, except one says, I was one of the most Merciful, the most just the very merciful? How is it that you have missed the whole message of the Quran according to one good, and all you have done is read versus evil

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and kill.

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So how is it that you

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feel that you read the Quran and the only thing that you took from the Quran is a contradiction and a verse telling us to kill you? So from the entire Quran bisogna read? No, I also realize that Satan can go to war words in our lives. No prophet ever,

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read in the Quran

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to speak

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and we reveal to abrogate that.

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Let me just quickly clarify two or three different points and then I'll leave it to you again. The first point the first point is the point you made about sort of Bukhara which is chapter number two. And you said that in the Quran, it says that it says that you got to fight the disbelievers innocent. Oh no question religion. Okay, so what you're referring to chapter two, verse 256, where it says, la Roja tiene cada Naruto la familia? trovato.

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Lamb Kasama Lucha. He said, there's no compulsion in religion, that truth has been made clear from falsehood. Now, that's one verse. And that's in the context of general principle that we as Muslims are not allowed to compel someone to be anonymous, to compel someone to be a Muslim if they don't agree with us. Now, the second thing you said as soon as the Toba chapter number nine, verse number 29. It talks about fighting the Christians and the Jews. Now it does say fight the machine or fight and the Jews and the Christians until they pages Yeah, and yet in Iran until they're paid the GCF, which is attacks and they do so. They do so so

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subordinate way Yeah.

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Now you have to understand,

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we have to understand this is of us, which we do except in the context of war between Muslims and non Muslims. We believe that if someone comes to our land or tries to fight us physically, there what we attempt to do as a state and this only applies to state relations. That state has the right to defend itself. Excuse me.

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Let me tell you what the context is. Excuse me.

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Miss Miss. Miss Miss, I'll tell you what the context is. And in Islam, there are two kinds of verses, verses which are called on.

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Now listen, there's a hadith that is even more general than this as a hadith narrated by m Lama, which is an unknown hottie who says, hold on.

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Let me finish.

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Let me finish. Let me finish my point.

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Excuse me, excuse me.

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Let me just finish my point. What I'm saying is everything is contextual.

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All right, listen. So there's no way by Norma she's a hottie, which is

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actually so strong. It says that the Prophet Muhammad listen to this violent, violent, he says, I know, it seems like I'm going against the Muslims here. But it says a very violent, it says almost two and

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a half a Chateau La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu taala. So I, the prophet said, I have been commanded to fight the people until they say,

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No, now listen to this. Someone might read this. I think what's going on here.

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So every scholar agrees that this is not referring to all the people because it will refer to Muslims as well. And that's an Arabic means all people. Now when we talk about Christians and Jews, and the Quran, when it talks about finding them, it doesn't talk about the procedures, it talks about those aggressive combatants that have come into way

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aggressive combat, so

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you need to understand that. Yeah, go ahead and

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it's unfortunate

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that there will be no income from

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there was not that

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there was

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no money from the agreement.

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Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So he said,

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should I do my taxes? Yeah.

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Tell me one thing. My question to you, I'm the only

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one question to you. That's true that what you're saying is completely correct. I don't disagree with you, my friend. We believe that if there are Christians and Jews gonna live in an Islamic governance, they would have to pay taxes. Now tell me one country in the world where that's not the case. Yeah. Might you see that?

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in UK, yeah.

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We can say, okay, that is

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percent Christian country, we can say that the Muslim.

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back taxes is universal.

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does not discriminate.

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That's not discrimination on

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religion, religion.

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My friend to do

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that, because what you're saying is not right. Yeah. We believe as Muslims, we believe we have to pay taxes in the form of what he calls a cat. Okay, it's a form of taxes. So if it was a governance, they'd have to pay, they'd have to pay taxes and formals Okay. No, it wouldn't because they care when it comes to Christians and Jews.

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In the Quran, he says, you get

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the jizya. He says, let them pick.

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Before we started, you said we're here for the truth.

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We have a problem with the Quran because he says kill people.

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I need to ask you a question.

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You're telling me I read the Quran and the only thing that you meant

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on you

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Exactly you know why cuz you went to the financial problems

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let me show you You're killing yet

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because of

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you right now I have to get the Bible

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is Jesus the same god there's an Old Testament. Yeah, yeah okay in First Samuel chapter 15 verse 23 says go to the Medicaid

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oh my god

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can we move somewhere else?

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Madam, can you please?

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Madam, madam,

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Madam, madam,

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please, please. Respect Jesus.

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Mother, I respect you,

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Speaker. Madam, can I speak me?

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Are you gonna need me to speak?

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Allow me to speak. Even he is even.

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Can you allow us to speak?

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Now you said you reject the Quran, you said, you read it. When you read it the first time you open is 929 about not only that, you didn't

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You're right. You're right.

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You're right. I'm sure the next chapter of your book was about killing.

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I said if you're gonna reject

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the point he's making.

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He's making.

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I made a point against this. I'm a Christian. Yeah, yeah.

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He's not bringing back to you. Yeah. In the Scripture.

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Same claim. Yes. He's seen that as a hypocritical point.

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I'm going to

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you talking about this Christian guy. Now? You said

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you said you're rejecting the Quran. When a mentor waste the battlefield when the enemies are coming to you.

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If you're coming to kill me, I'm gonna kill you.

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And he will do the same.

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So give me that. Now, if that's the case, Jesus

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can you allow me to speak

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morning I know

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the Bible

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is gonna give you a class. Everyone's gonna have two minutes.

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Can I

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can I speak?

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Jesus is the same God in the Old Testament. Yes. Okay.

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Okay, so he's the same as the Old Testament. And you will never ever find it in the Quran or Hadith these commandments. Go to the Amalekites.

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Men, okay men who say you know, it happens men.

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Men kill men, women.

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Children kill the baby

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Show me a place.

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God commanded Moses to go and wipe all those people out.

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And the reason is they have a committed abomination on the line. Our mission to the point is waiting for a long time that he has to bring judgment upon. Now, and that was one time, it happens. And it's not a common that every Christian or every Jew should be always looking for a place to go and kill or to go and look for somebody to kill. It was a timeless judgment done in the Quran.

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by those who do not believe in the will of Allah

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and the Jews.

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In regards I'm talking about the ethics of Islam, in Islam, no way would you find the

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time of the Prophet. Did you ever order the killing of women, children, babies or donkeys? How about two minutes?

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Is it the Prophet that says or is it God that says

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sorry? No, it comes from God.

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Gentlemen, so you are questioning God's wisdom.

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Your premise is that the reason why you don't believe in the Quran

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He's so nice in the Bible, so how can you defend it in the Bible?

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Bye bye, Jesus. Yes, one sec. Yes.

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Yeah, and also, I'll just give you a New Testament as well. Luke chapter 19 verse 27. Yeah, my enemies. Do not allow me to reign over them. Bring them in, give them a kiss. Does he say?

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Jesus say Give him a kiss. Bring them here.

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Do that.

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Did you do

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your shooting never killed anyone.

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A single place

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no babies or donkeys.

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with me