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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu so a couple of days ago, I was living with my current teacher and we're going through Sudan. And then all of a sudden I came to this area and I just could not remember to my life I was like, blank, right? So anyway, she started giving me hints trying to remind me like it's you and it was talking about the Day of Judgment, right? The eye starts with you. So she told me was such a difficult day and our deeds and whatnot. Anyway Hamdulillah I remember the year and what the IRS says was just something that made us both stop and talk about for a little bit, but the way it ended is what I want to really share with you so the IRS has what yo

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Mataji to Quinonez Sima amulet Hiramatsu Darren Juana Hamelech Minsu the word Dulo Anabaena how are they now? Eminem died and we had rockmelon EFSA Allahu Allah O from below that what does this mean? It's a day when every soul will find what it did from good deeds present, and what it did from bad deeds also present and it's going to wish that these these were as far off as possible from like Europe, I just want to disappear right from all the bad things that I did. And then that he says, What are you had zero Kamala when EFSA law warns you about himself? Like don't take my commands lightly? It's not a joke. But the way that I ends is what made me like think like yes, you know, we

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were talking about the intensity of the day and you know how we really have to be mindful of what we do and our actions and how Allah's warning has been, I was like, You know what, you know, establish the beauty of the ending. It's like what Allah says, Will law hold all formulae bad, and Allah is Most gracious with his servants, right? It's just like a little pat on the back. Subhanallah and if you speak Arabic, you're going to know that the word or afar or roof is not really about just being gracious. It has such an intense and beautiful meaning. The word Rafa actually means like it's the utmost level of mercy, the utmost level of Raha And subhanAllah I was telling you yes. Subhanallah

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it's an intense day and Allah's warning us but it ends talking about Allah's utmost mercy Rafa, and it gave me such hope like, yes, we sin, and we are and we make mistakes. But Allah is telling you, if you are in that place right now, if you were making mistakes, if you are sinning, if you are in a position where you feel like you can just, you know, break that cycle, just stop and remember that Allah is off. Don't say there is no point of me, you know, making Toba. Allah is not going to accept me No, Allah is there a ortholite ahead. Right now it's a simplest thing long in the SDF records like your Allah, I, you know, I ask for your forgiveness and please, you know, I'm repenting to you,

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and the minute you just knock on his door, Subhana, Allah to Allah coming to him repenting, you know, Allah loves that Allah says, like, you know, if my this world or this earth was filled with people who did not sin, he would have worked, taking them away and bought a new whole creation that would sin so that he would forgive them. And it's not it's not an invitation for us to kind of like go ahead Oh, come on sin so like, no, no, no, but it's telling you how forgiving Allah subhanho wa Taala is, do not forget you know, give up on Allah subhanaw taala drama and on his rock for such a beautiful meaning.

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Loving yourself record to Blake and then ask Allah that he repents on you so that you can repent along in a you know, Allah minion is adequate to Ballina tend to be, you know, Grant is the ability to repent your beautiful meaning. Always remember that word that Allah subhanho wa Taala Israel woof belie that. Don't ever give up on the last panel to Anna's Rama and put those hands up and ask for forgiveness and inshallah it'll be will accept you because Allah loves to be asked. Allah loves to be asked think to yourself, which one of us as humans likes to be asked even as adults when somebody keeps nagging and nagging you're like oh my god, okay, okay, I'll do it. But Allah loves to be asked

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your Allah, Allah, goofy like that. You know, just put those hands up and pray Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. But it gets