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Mohammed bin Talal him, she's sitting there and apostle and praise the people, the company of the people that are going to do this. So she said prophet of Allah, pray for me that I be amongst them.

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She didn't say well good for them. She didn't say it will be nice. She said prophet of Allah, I want you to pray for me that I be amongst that group of people that are going to do this, that they will take the sea and they're going to make the conquest and they're going to spread the deen of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and Tim, in whom you are indeed one of them. And indeed, Omar, I'm going to kill him. She was part of that arm. You have someone like a boo boo, I'm sorry, about you Bill Ansari is is going with the Muslims

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in jihad, and he was 93 years old. So people saw him riding his horse and coming or riding his camel and coming said about you. What are you going? What do you think you're doing? He said, I'm going for jihad. I said, you know, did you check how old you were before you came in here? You are a man 93 years old. You are a burden on the army, the army does not need you.

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And he said I have to accompany this army. And they said, What do you think you are capable of, of giving? Can you fight with a sword? Can you throw See, can you do anything? And he said yes.

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He said I increased the number of the army.

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He said that's my contribution. I just increased your number. Now don't people say, Oh, the number of this army is so big, or the number of the asset I want to just that will be my contribution that I just be increased.

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So they took him and on the way he said, by the way, if I die, make sure you bury me in that land. Do not bury me here, very in that land. So now the thing about you are really, you know, stretching this now you want to join and now you want us to bury you there and they said, Why do you want us to do this? He said because I want to tell Allah that I was a Mujahid dead and alive

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as well. I want to do that I was not even buried here. I was buried over there. But the idea is what that many times to panela we are able to make a difference if we decide that we have the potential we have the ability of making. And that is why Islam says that as a Muslim, you have got to be a person of Isaiah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, les Khurana had to come in.

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He said that net net, let not any of you belittle themselves. So the companions said prophet of Allah, okay, if I hadn't an officer? How do we belittle ourselves? Now, that's a very important question to reflect upon. Now, when you think of humiliation, what do you think of a person who slaps me and I don't do anything about it. A person calls me names, and I go respond, a person spits on my face, and I just take it say that is humiliation. But the process of them said, that is not the case. There is a proverb, Allah, how does one belittle themselves? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, they see the wrong to be wrong, and they don't say anything.

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They see the wrong to be wrong, and they're quiet. Because they feel Oh, I can't speak. Oh, I am not worthy of it. Oh, so what happens is that now they're confirming it and complacency and silence is doing what it is, it is spreading more evil. But why were they silent to begin with? No matter what excuses you give yourself, you know, I was afraid of making a big scene, I was afraid that people were going to think that I am an arrogant person I was afraid or and and the processor says, that is not the case. What really happens that you are just a chicken, you do not have self respect. That's really why you are quiet. You can try to execute yourself anyway, make all the type of

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justifications and explanations and excuses. But the process alone says if you see wrong to be wrong, and you know the wrong to be wrong, and you are quiet when you see then at that point, you are a person that lacks self respect. And that is why you were quiet, no other justification. That's why you were quiet.

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And that's why they say evil will only spread. Evil becomes prevalent. When evil as a strong, not really. The only way that evil become strong is when people of righteousness become quiet.

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That is when evil really dominates. Because nobody stood out there to make a difference.

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Sometimes many times because of what society expects. society expects you to be quiet. Our culture and tradition says that you have got to be quiet then at that point

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Islam respects culture and tradition, as long as it does not collide with the teachings of Islam so long that it goes in parallel with the teachings of Islam. Islam respects that. But the minute it clashes the minute it opposes the minute it collides that, at that point, Islam says, the cultures and the traditions are absolutely of no value. They are absolutely of no value regardless of how many people wanted it, regardless of the number, regardless of anything that is absolutely of no value.

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So what happens is that they say that silence is the worst type of betrayal that we can ever be guilty of, on behalf of those who are exploited when you're just silent when you see it, and you do not say anything about it. That is why the process again would praise people of Azur and he would say, say you do shuhada Hamza, that the best of martyrs is Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then he said, ora Julian, and then said, a man are owned, because the term Rajan in Arabic applies to either a man or a woman.

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What happens that, and this man or woman, they spoke words of truth, in the presence of tyranny in the presence of a tyrant. And as a result, they were killed for that. But see, what happens is that sometimes dying in such a fan in such a fashion takes a lot more courage than dying in the battlefield. Because you come in there and you say, I am not afraid. And do you know why people are not afraid to panela because they remember the majesty of Allah

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was said that one time, one of the believers, one of the tyrants, because Islamic history is also Mashallah we have our fair share of tyrants. So one time he called into alums, to scholars to speak, he wanted to speak to them. You know, when they say that a tyrant says, I want to talk to you, usually people will be shivering, and they will be very afraid. So as they were walking there, the two islands are given advice to one another. So one of them said to the other, now, you listen carefully now, all that courage and bravery that you've been talking about, you leave that behind the door. And when we go to the man, we just say Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Whatever you want, Your

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Majesty, Your Honor, Your Excellency. That's all we're going to say, deal deal. And they shook hands. And they walk in there.

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And the minute they walk in there, the person that said that I was going to be quiet goes on of the halifa. And you are this and you are this, and you are this, and you are this, and the Hollywood was absolutely silent.

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And then he let them go. And then when they walked out, his friend said, Wait a minute. Now, that was not the deal that we had. We thought that we made an agreement that when we go in there all work, we were going to say Yes, sir. No, sir. And now you said all you said What happened to you? He said, you know, as we walked in there, I started remembering the majesty of a law. And I remember that Allah is the Creator. Allah is the result, the Sustainer I remember that it's only Allah that is Amit Allah that takes away life. And they remember that Allah is the ever living. I remember that Allah is a heart The irresistible. I remember. He said, I remembered the majesty of Allah, I had my

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eyes closed. And when I opened my eyes, that halifa looked like a *cat in front of me.

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And he said at that point, I had absolutely no respect for him. Because I became so aware of the majesty of Allah. And that is why brothers and sisters, Allah Subhana Allah gives the formula for what? For the people who are going to have the answer. The very first verses that are revealed to the prophet SAW Selim, he goes in shivering and he goes to her deja de fear only the Fulani Cover me, cover me, then Allah Subhana. Allah says, Yeah, you

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are you who is closed? What does Allah subhanaw taala says, Give him five orders on Sunday.

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Now the term come in Arabic means to stand up. To resist, you'd have actually to use about 29 words in English to give the meaning of, of Get up, erect. Resist, rebel, oppose when people speak, our resistance says

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that's number one. You got to get up.

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And then comes the answer. And then the very first one is what we're back Africa and your Lord, glorify Your Lord magnify consists of Allah what happens is that the more you glorify Allah

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The more you magnify Allah, everybody else becomes a nobody.

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Everybody else becomes very small. They become so little like that halifa has said that everybody else just is reading