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But then what happens is that the prophets are seldom said a lot of Tony come.

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And Nassari Subramaniam. He said not praise me excessively like the Christians have praised Rizal Islam excessively. But then he said well can Oulu rather say Abdullah hirafu, the slave of Allah and the Messenger of Allah

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said do not do not go beyond that. Because the minute you go and you give me more view on that, then what happens is that the religion turns into what hero worshipping?

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Regardless of who that hero is, regardless of the accomplishments of that hero, no hero is to be worshipped in Islam.

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No hero is to be worshipped. You go to any Masjid. Do you see any pictures in the masjid?

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We're not supposed to see any pictures in the masjid. Why is that? Because Islam is against hero worshipping. The picture could be there. And the people are not worshipping the picture, but it opens doors. So Islam says even the messengers of Allah do not make a picture of them. Now imagine this upon Allah, that you are an African man or woman living in the United States about 200 years ago. And they have an image of God that is presented to you. And you see that God is a white man, blue eyed man, a blonde man. What do you say to that? Now, this is the image of God that is being given to you. And what this does is that it does one of two things. For the white person. You either

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say, I really look like God.

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Can you imagine you wake up in the morning, and you've got an image of God right there in front of your bed, you wake up and you sit and say, huh, I look like God. So what that does is that it inflates your ego. I look like God, really I look like God. Or then you can say, God looks like me.

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And what that does at that point is that it brings God down it, it degrades God. And that's why it's panela it would have not been right, had that picture being a black man, or a white woman or a black woman, or an Asian looking, that's all irrelevant. Because the idea is this is not how we relate. This is not how we relate to God.

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But at any at any case. So you have God these people of Islam says no priesthood. And that's why for around what he used in the process, also he used people of Dean see brothers and sisters, Dean is supposed to liberate us. Dean is only supposed to enslave us to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the height of liberty, that you are a servant to no one, but to Allah. And really, that's what La ilaha illAllah means that no one is worthy of war of my worship. But Allah one time said that morality manageable, I believe it was manageable. He saw the process.

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So as soon as he saw the profit, what does he do? He goes for sujood he prostrates in front of him. And the Prophet peace upon him says What happened? What are you doing this and said prophet of Allah, I have seen Christians doing this to their priests, as a sign of respect. So he said proud of Allah, you are more worthy of respect than anybody else. So I thought that if they can do to to their people, I said that you have more rights for me to do this to you. What does the process ellipse a good job you keep doing that the process, Olson said no. acts of worship are only befitting to Allah subhanaw taala acts of worship can only be directed to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So Islam says be a person of excellence. You have got to be of those who are able to say no, especially when everybody else around you is guilty of complacency and is guilty of conformity. So the Quran tells us that all the people who had Iza was musala his Salam. Now here is a man that has lived in the what they call they grew up in the in the belly of the beast is growing up in the house of around and then all of a sudden shroud is guilty of all of this, what does most Allah Salam say, I am comfortable where I am. This man may have been bad to other people, but he's being good to me. Let's just go like that. rissalah his alarm goes dim and he goes as soon as he liberate the people

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of Benny. Let them go. So for our knows this and he wants to take him on a guilt trip. And what does he say? You do this? Our lamb neuropathic, afina, walidah, Wallabies, the foenum you know marchesini did I not raise you as a child and you have spent part of your youth with me. Now, don't I or did not I do this to you or this person?

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salicylic say Yes you are right but you know you have got to remember Musashi Sanam looked at him and he says, What is

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a layer and a bathtub and he is wrong. He said, How dare you that you mentioned this as a neuroma as a blessing that you have offered me that you want me to be silence at the expense of the enslavement of all of Bani Israel. So what does that say? You are a very ungrateful man, I raised you and now you're doing this to me, you're very ungrateful. So now what we move in, we try to buy you if we can. If we cannot buy you, then what do we do what we go to the character assassination, we're going to make you look bad. We are going to ruin your reputation out there, we're going to do that. So we are told, like the processor was told, he's a sorcerer. He's a madman. He is a magician. He's being

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taught by other people, what we call weapons of mass destruction, where they distract people. That's why they also say before they use weapons of mass destruction, they have to use weapons of mass destruction. before they start the killing, they have got to promote the propaganda before they allow themselves and relieves them selves of the moral burden of killing innocent people. They have to dehumanize them by what character assassination. So brothers as Islam says that, if we want a liberated world, if we want a free world, then what we want is people of people who have self respect, people have dignity. Now how do you analyze this say, Well, if you want to say whether you

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have high self esteem, or just generally speaking, you want to know about your self esteem is ask yourself, the question is, when you think of yourself, what comes to mind?

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When you think of yourself, what comes to mind? Because that's part of self love, self respect. What do you think of yourself? And many times, my brothers and sisters, what do you think not many times all the time, what you think of yourself is more important than what other people think of you.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted other people to think of him a madman, a magician, a sorcerer, as this or as that. But did that stop him? said that's what you think of me is irrelevant. I do not value myself because you value me. It does not matter who I am to you. But what really matters is who I am to Allah, my creative soprano hautala. And that is again, part of self respect. What do you think of yourself? number one. Number two, ask yourself the question is, what do you think that people think of you?

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What do you think people think of you?

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Now, it's one thing what I think of myself. But then what do I think people think of me? People think I'm silly. People think I am a nobody. People think I am weak. People think I am this. And believe me what they say no, you said this in self in self image psychology, the way you see yourself, determines how other people are going to see you.

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What you think of yourself, is most probably what other people are going to think of you. So the better self respect you have, the better self esteem you have that is going to reflect on how do other people see you as well. And then also, what potentials Do you think you have? And what do you think that you can accomplish? Remember this most alehissalaam was just an individual.

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And by the way, most changes in the world took place, we're lucky because of individuals,

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because of individuals see when we write history, you know, it's it's individuals that usually write the history of nations. So, what happens when you think of India, people will remember Gandhi, people will remember this people will remember that you mentioned another country, and sometimes the whole history of one single country is really attributed to one single man or a group of men and women in different parts of their of their history. So now the question that we have is, and these people have done what they did, because they did not think to themselves, or I am just one or and we see in the era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he instilled this in his companions,

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male and females. One time the process Elam is speaking and he is talking about

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about Turkey. And he said, Costantini or Constantinople. He said that mlj shugenja Amira Amira said that

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I didn't know. He said that there will be a time when a group of my own mom will go through the sea.

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To spread Islam in some other land there was a woman sitting there