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The speaker talks about how they learned to memorize the Quran through a drop and how it made them feel like they were memorizing it every day. They also mention a person who made a comment about wanting to memorize the Quran more, but stopped and focused on their own life instead.

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When I was younger, I made art to Allah subhanaw taala when I was like 11 years old that ALLAH blessed me to memorize the Quran in two years or less, and two years after I made that door actually exactly two years after I made that door I had memorized the Quran so I learned this lesson I used to share this story with people and

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and for many years I tell people you know, Ramadan is coming along do like I did last nights of Ramadan make the same guy every day. But then what happened was, I was telling people about this amazing drop that happened to me and it manifested became part of my life, but I just stopped.

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I like I would tell other people but I wouldn't make dog more myself.