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Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the morality of certain culture groups and the importance of having a superiority complex. It also touches on the idea of celebrating diversity among oneself and not feeling like one another. The speakers emphasize the need for self-consciousness in Islam and discuss the use of different culture principles. They stress the importance of social and political values and acknowledge that individuals should act upon their behavior to improve their self-esteem.
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deduced at that point, they're put in their proper place says you got water, Baka Kabir Raja hijo, you got to shun all evil right now, OCR because you've got to cleanse your heart. Well Rebecca Foster, and it takes patience. These are the formulas of making a change.

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And this is the very first thing that all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam all Muslims after Mohammed Salah Salem, if you want to be something, then these, this is the formula implementation of these five things. Now for some reason, there is this inferiority complex that is going on amongst certain cultures, where people think that nothing is good, only if it comes from a white man. Nothing is valuable, unless it was invented in Europe. No product is good, unless it was made in this particular place. Believe me, we're lucky. This is not about racism. This is not about racism, we're just talking about really what is going on.

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And what happens is that we hold some people so superior, not on the basis of accomplishments, not on the basis of skills, only on the basis of ethnicity, racial background, on the basis of nationality, on the basis of citizenship. And that is the true meaning of inferiority complex. When you lack self respect, and you consider somebody else to be superior to morally superior through on the basis of nothing but the color of their skin, or their geographical location, where they came from. And at that point, what you have done is that you have just said, I'm defeated.

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such kind of a behavior, Allah Subhana Allah is not befitting to any human being, let alone you be Muslim or not Muslim. So brothers and sisters, part of having self respect is that there ought to be no inferiority complex. That is why the Quran constantly says, you will be able all of you came from Adam.

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No exceptions. Every single job and mode that is living day to day, man or woman, rich or poor, young are all black or white said you all came from Adam. They're not made from anything that I did that that I was made off.

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They absolutely all no superiority to me, as far as origin is concerned. Now, how do we express this, this self pity, or inferiority complex is that we look up to them, and we just die to be like them. We will start eating the food that they eat, even though we hate it. But it makes you look good when you eat spaghetti. I don't know how to use the fourth. But you know what makes you look white. So we're going to have a spaghetti.

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It's not our food, but we're going to eat it. Not that we like it. If you like it, Mashallah, please enjoy it. But what happens is that I am dying to be like them.

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They have a joke about people.

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They don't even listen to their music, they listen to classical music, when they have people over. And they are praying that the people leave so they can turn this lousy music off. But nobody wants to do that. Because at this point, it's making them look good.

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They start dressing like them. They start talking like them, you know that Subhanallah in South Korea, nowadays, said that the most common surgery that is taking place is to remove some of the limbs underneath your tongue. Why is that? Because people want to speak with the American accent, and they have a problem with the art. So how do you do this have a surgery done to you?

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Now that's very despicable.

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That is a disgrace, that you have absolutely no respect for your own traditions. Absolutely no respect for your own customs. You are just dying to be like them.

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Were many times what makes our lives so not meaningful is that when we live, not for ourselves, when we live to impress and be like other people.

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And at that point, you may have a life. But it is not you who is living it. Somebody else is living it for you.

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You are not living the life that you want. You are living a life that somebody else wants. You are not living a life that you think is good. You are living a life that somebody else has decided that it's good. So at that point, it's your body, but it's not your spirit. It's not your attitude. It's none of that. So Islam says let's celebrate our diversity amongst us as the Europeans and the Africans and the agents and this and that. Some says, Let us recognize this. These biological differences men and women are biological realities, or ethnic

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Ethnic, we call these ethnic differences that are amongst us, let's get together and celebrate them, celebrate them, not feel that you are subjugated by them or that you are to be dominated by them, but self respect does not go hand in hand as far as inferiority is come is self inferiority is concerned. So brothers and sisters, we do not put ourselves down, and we do not put other people down. Because by the end of the day, we are all holders of human dignity and integrity. We do not put women down because they are women that is sad and silly. And some of us Muslims, the Muslim brothers are guilty of male chauvinism where for the mere fact that we are men, we believe that we

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are automatically superior to women. And that people will be quoting Hadees and ayah, Allah Jalla kawaman, Allah Nisa that men are superior over women, and then we just take it where say, yes, some men are better than some women, but who decided that you are better than them?

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Because there are many women out there that are better than the zillion of men that are out there. But the question is that this what we call our on, we're just infatuated with ourselves, self praise syndrome that we are involved in. So Islam says that that is all

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irrelevant in the process.

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Very, very quickly. One thing I forgot to mention, I just looked at my notes, and that is how do you improve yourself? your self esteem? Or your self respect? How do you improve that? So if somebody says I like it, or somebody says that I have very little of it? How do you improve that? The Quran says Amarillo solly, had Lavina armor knew what Angular Sally had. You've got to have principles, values that you live by. And this is the implementation of these values. Now, brothers, when we help people, don't you go to bed and you're just feeling very happy that Allah has provided you with an opportunity to make a difference today. So what happens is that self respect is not something that

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we can just have, because simply we decided that to have, so somebody says, I am going to go home today, and I'm going to eat me a whole sandwich of self respect. And I would wake up with a big belly of self respect to that's not how it works. You cannot get it that way. It's a process. And the way you get that is by what is by acting upon it. So Allah Subhana Allah says in Allah Xena, Armand huami, lasala, hottie Ola ecohome herbaria. And these those who believe, and they acted righteous deeds, Allah says, indeed these kinds of people,

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Allah ecohome, Hiram Berea, they are the best of humanity.

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But did Allah say that they are the best of humanity because they said, We are the best of humanity. No, Allah said they are the best of humanity because they acted on the best principles that were given to humanity. You all follow that? You are good, not because that because you say that I am good, you are good because you are implementing good principles and who is better to give good principles than Allah subhanaw taala also Finally, the same way that we are guilty of male chauvinism. as Muslims, we are also imitating the Jew. Sometimes people think that we imitate other people simply by the way we look or the way they dress or the way you grow your wheat. That is part

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of imitation. But didn't you who would say we are the best of people? We are the most favorite of people, don't we Muslims say this today, not on the basis of what we have accomplished, not on the basis of what we have contributed to humanity, but on the basis of what because we are Muslim because Allah said so.

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Allah subhanaw taala said Quantum hydromet intercollegiate leanness and that's where we stop. You are the best nation that was erected for mankind. hamdulillah I'm a Muslim, I am part of this. does Allah Allah, Allah does not lie. I am a Muslim, didn't Allah in the Quran that the Muslims are the best of people, therefore I am the best of people

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without fulfilling the conditions of what makes you to be of the best of people. See, Allah is not racist brothers and sisters. And sometimes the impression that we have about Allah is that we make a racist deity of Allah, the same way that they are, who'd have made a racist deity of Allah. How did they say Allah favors us because we are yahood

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the same way that we say now Allah favors us because we are Muslims. Allah would favor you because you have lived up to the teachings of Islam. And at that point, we would say the more you do have it, that will increase your self respect and it will also increase in your in your humbleness.

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inshallah, it's almost time for

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Solid right now. So, with this I come to a conclusion how to allow our alum was a

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