Learn To Read Quran- Putting Together Surah 107, Ma’oon Pt. 2

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Peace be upon you around you and may salaam emanate through all that you do the last time we were together for that he can levy do earlier team for that he can levy do earlier team and this is what we covered first ooo be law he Mina shame on you Raji and we this is level one we only took the letters out we squeezed it like a sponge and we only got the letters

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we did this connect Mila Hill ra ma nu Rahim Rafi

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and our ADA levy so if you would do it with me out all at ra a Dan Levy Skippy Allah left that tell the open up your tongue that lovey I tell the you can nibble you you you can that you can do connect and hold the sound of the doll connect and hold the sound of the doll further

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you can be boo and now here is the word bit Dean does this work for you guys bit Dean further Lika the doer Alia team by has a line on the bottom we're going to hold it to the dowel. Bit Dean bit Dean

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I feel like you have the first iron

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out or eight that the only thing that people get lost here is the first two letters. Ira IRA. It's at RA at ra outlaw L or ADA l a levy Can I get a one that that works for you. Or a lady you can zebu beat the I think that everyone gets that.

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Now, five is a letter of the lips. Sometimes we could put in as level to students. You can say Well where does it live? It lives at the lips. Where does that live? It lives at the tip of the tongue at the end of the top teeth than than than zipper. Further Lika calf calf baby calf Lika lezzy can lead the and when I keep asking you to open your tongue I want you to spread your tongue on the roof of your mouth here this whole part and let the fans Danny get

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all of this I'm not doing it sporadically. This whole place open up the tongue don't bunch it up at the front. Further

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lezzy yeah do you do your door only it can this I understand this can be a little complicated. Yeah Douro. So you see that? Yeah, do ya do so can you practice at home and say yes door old but you see how it's in your throat? The iron is in your throat? There it is. So yeah, do ya do earlier the further study

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the do ya do? ya do earlier the

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I'll take a praise of Allah on this iron. For that you can levy your all your team.

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Now let's get it on. Praise of Allah. I'll move on. Yeah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah All right. All right, friends. For the league. Can we do a roll your team? Wow. Alif love ya Allah. Yahoo. Yahoo. Bought Yahoo. I learn and the letter Yeah, is being used as a table. Wallah. Yeah Who do Allah for?

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Me Alif Lam Meem seen gas miss key. Now you can say no, but I don't get it. I don't necessarily see that. So let's bring it to life. Bring the dots and you say it. Why Allah? Yah. Hoo. Wah the Ribbit like a frog. New Lou Lou. Yeah. How do I love

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me miss key. Yeah, with two dots noon.

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One Eye allow

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me miski

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Now please put in your arm it was very carefully though this is where most students make mistakes video will cut.

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Why Allah yah hoo Whoo. Hola, Pa meal, Miss key one whole door hola me miss key. Now where do you hear the sounds connecting themselves? Do you hear Walla Walla yeah hold hold that's definitely a hold. Hello Hola

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mi mi see that Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Isla Barra Mee Mee Mee Mee Miss Miss key in all ye who are bound for level three, level three you'll learn that when seen has a sukoon on top of it. The sound will blow it's a blow letter. Miss Miss blow the sound Miss Skien wanna Now bring me my W's while I hold her home while Elia on

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think froggy will change your life. Home Home, the sound is going to feel here home.

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Sorry, my hands and your way home. The tongue is going to touch. You're used to using this part of your mouth. Okay, you're like da dee doo ZOC ra Jeem LOM it's all up here. blod lives as let your your tongue here your your big teeth. And the tongue comes from here right? Let the tongue fill fill them out. Woof woof work. Let me get a word on that if you know that what I'm talking about what? Your whole boo Isla, Amelie miski buses jacquela and New York. You know what's up? I was on the phone with two for too long with my New York friends. So for those of you like, but what word brother? Any word you want. Froggy. All right, friends. The frog example hasn't left me since Allahu

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Akbar. Oh Kabira it works though. It really does well, I hope or Allah or Amin miskeen. Now do you hear any stretches? Wila Yeah, hold more Hola, la la. Plus two whenever I see this north to south squiggly line. I'm going to plus to Isla Ba mi mi Skene. Can anyone give me a quick level two that we tip on? How what what can I do for dying? If I'm like ball, or if you're kind of you're choked up on your own? You got it. Thank you so much friends. You can lift up that sound of fantastically. I don't know what's the color of lift? Who knows? Green.

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Lift the sound? Alright, Allah Allah. I love

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me. Watch me. Watch.

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Me It says lift. Allah Bara. Me miski miskeen Samira Thank you very much. Then doesn't even family lift don't push you guys gotta look at you guys watching the videos making me all happy. While

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more I

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mean miski In take a one notch up

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while I helped

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me miskeen and now you can do it.

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Far Wow. Yeah, love for ya loon. Love little.

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For whale live little meme. Sod sloughed lamb ya noon far Wow ya love la meme solid lamb yeah noon but you're like wait a minute. I can't do it without the far one dot wow yeah two dots for ya lol lil take your time here that we people lol lil most one clean fairway lowly moose one clean. For wet. Wet, wet, wet, wet wet. What color is wet? God only knows. Okay, let's let's make this work

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far away loose.

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A lady wet, wet,

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fairway loan

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lean, more

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lean fairway lonely most one only now where do you hear a connecting sound far away II connect

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you also can hear a little stretch here far away so go ahead way low Lee this is definitely connect little Li Li Li La la la. Lille Lille more slowly most luckily.

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Now where my W's fall away lol Lille most models one Slovene

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way lowly most one lonely

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lonely so the double accent this is a little advanced, what's going to happen here? Is it for way lon little or what happens in this scenario? We have to identify one of the wounds and it has gone far away literally. So did you get that at home? Yes, there will be a double accent for way learn. But when I'm connecting to the stronger connect and hold, learn cannot connect alarm without Yeah, lowly lowly. Again, just hear me out and your brain will say yeah, lonely. Lonely doesn't mean it's not easy to say for Hawaii Lulu Lille most loyal Swan clean. Same scenario. Open up the tongue when lamb gets a W. Open up that tongue for Hawaii. No little more slight, slight

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number one so that we can move on that work for you

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and we're good to go.

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For way too little mousseline. Alladhina home Alif Lam, Zan, Allah. Deena. Ha, whom a Lavina I known a levena home Alif lasagna noon. I mean, I knew and Adina home on here's the big head of slaw the lamb Alif sticking out of it. Sila sly la de him. Saw Allah de him Sanghoon you see it over there? Were too many too many mirrors Alladhina whom Onsala de him

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da ha meme salatu him sir.

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Who Lavina whom I also want to de Ahimsa

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Okay, so now it's basically just it's blank for you. So what are you going to do? You're going to try your best to now identify by the sound and V yeah with two dots noon and levena

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Whom on noon Salah Tao with to see is solidarity Ahimsa who

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are right.

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And the now Who? Who? On swala D him, sir. Hold on.

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let's keep doing so good. And Lavina Lovina. Whom? V now whom whom I'll

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slog on saw does anyone know off the bat if this is a normal or uncle? Is this Onsala at him normal? Is it normal? IE does your tongue touch? Is it the n in normal? Or is it the n in

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and in normal or the NN? Uncle? Yep, you got it. If you don't know why test relax all as well, or it's all over.

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Your life is destroyed. And you know might as well just stop trying

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whichever path you'd like to pick

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I always like to keep a burn and crash and burn option available. Right? Because when everything goes you should just be like yeah, it's all over it's done burn everything to the ground all of it and as long as that's options there then you're always like I just really did just a bit and then you probably won't be as big and arena home on Salah T Ahimsa who

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now were my W's and learn and

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levy now womb.

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sloth is

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long, so yes, it is uncle. I saw slaw. Lucky him

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on the hem, hem says Hola

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Hola, Xena. Houma, Florida de Ahimsa Hodan

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but one more I got one more I do you got? Do you have it in you? Yes, you do. And let me know who Moran sadati himself who?

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And levena whom you're on? I didn't ask but are you okay? May I continue?

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Yes, everyone's good. All right, because I love the no home miles law. If you didn't understand why it was on slaw. That's okay. You still got to say it that way. I love the now home and it's also a lesson coming up.

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Okay, there we go. And Lenzy now home

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only seen with sukoon is a blow letter for Asuquo. Yeah, I shouldn't family. If you want to just write down a little side note. All of Level three is a study of every letter with sukoon on top of it. If you didn't know that, please tell me because that was that. You know, people then get to see like, Whoa, really? Every letter has something. Yes, it has an intrinsic power as soon as you put silicone on it. So

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let's continue.

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Yes, so there are and there are other blue letters.

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And there are VENA who Nura goon Alif Lam Zan Alladhina ja neuen. Allah Alexina whom ha meme, you draw moon and Marina whom you draw goon. This might be a little bit much to like, how do I know so? And levena

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and levena and Len Vina, whom you all Oh mon Alif Lam Dahlia noon ha Meem Yara Elif Hamza wound noon

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l love the

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home you raw oh Na

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and lovey in a loving home home you all who hold

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a Lavina who mute all what's being held in the sound and learn

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and learn the nun whom whom you will draw Hone so there are no other except Is there a long stretch in this and lengthy now who Muira ah oh

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so yes squiggly line plus for you on

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excuse me a Lavina whom you draw. Oh, why am

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ma rude? Why

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are Wounaan Wow yummy. No nine Wow noon. Why am una and Islam Lam ma O moon

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O Ma boo

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Would ya? Meme no nine Wow noon Alif Lam Meem early fine Wow noon

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that was kind of unnecessary but I felt like I'd go with it

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what? Why Yeah, well I am now Oh, ma una

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if I may ask

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if you all can see the mean when it has to go do you rather do you hear? Why

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do you hear the hum in the sound?

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There you go. Why am oh

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so is it why I'm not oh no no or null. Why I am not Runa

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oh I'm going to circle something for your eyes it will make sense

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plus to a levy now whom you draw your own wire. Oh, plus to my plus to my oh

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they this is if you look at your cheat sheet it's called

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the basic stretch the Oh room Ah oh.

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And that's all he wrote. But I'm Ching Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Juana and Mohammed Salah Glog Navin Allahumma Taco Bell Mina de la with the Quran May God accept what we did want to take a quick peek at what you read but you don't know how to read

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a big right today the market

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ooo beat him in a shape on your Raji

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miss me lie he'll raw manual raw he

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out on

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our A Dan Levy you can be boo be the beat Dean

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or a levy Daddy You can VB will be the

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far far far far far further leak.

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The further he can lead the year do ya do our own door Oriente Walla Walla hood, hello. Hola. Mi Mi miski in faraway lonely lonely for ye lonely little more slowly for ye way lol li most on only

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a levy.

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And let the you know whom. A levy now whom.

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Allah de him Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah construct for two sets for two and LA at the top of the eight La la la la sala Oh or, or some happy Salalah de him, sir Who a Lavina Houma sala de hims who

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and then Dino whom you all owe soon? And Landy now whom you wrong? Whoo, all Ooh, cool. Awesome. You all Oh,

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y m y m

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y m

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Ma, o y Roon

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Salad colada been there.

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Good friends