Divine Doses #06 The Devils Deception Exposed

Mohammad Elshinawy


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The speaker discusses the use of shayGeneration in Islam, stating that shay pat is a powerful tool to prevent future evil. The speaker emphasizes the importance of supporting the funding of Islam, as it is crucial for everyone to contribute. The segment ends with a call to support the content and encourage viewers to visit the website.

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in Surah, Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us a threat that shaitan made about the human race to warn us about it. Allah says that shaytaan said through mela atatiana hoomin benei ad him woman called for him. I'm going to come at them from in front of them and from behind them one Amen him launch him at him and I'm going to come at them from their rights and from their left's film that you do a thorough home, check it in and you're gonna see most of them you will find them to never be grateful, most of them will never be grateful to you, oh Allah. And so shaytaan is basically saying here I'm going to come at them every direction, I'm going to be relentless, I will

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not rest till I lead the Children of Adam astray. But but Allah, may Allah was still mercy on him the great tag very the student of NSF, Anu Malik, the companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he caught something phenomenal in this verse, actually something that's not in this verse. He said, Oh, son of Adam shape on it did not mention that he would come after you from above, because he knew you get it. Right, left front back every direction. But he didn't come from above. He said, Because he knew that he would not be able to come between the servants meaning the believing servant, and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. Isn't that just powerful shaytaan knows

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that he will never be able to come between you and the mercy of Allah. So you must never stop knowing that you see that shaytaan Strick to get you to not believe in Allah's mercy and how great it is. He'll come at you first before the sin until your sin is so tiny no big deal and tempt you and drive you and provoke you to commit the sin. Then when you commit the sin He harasses you and tells you that Allah's Mercy is so tiny. Basically, he flips the script on you and tells your sin is so big, you're pathetic, you're worthless, you're a loser, you can never be encompassed in Allah's mercy. Because the only way for you to get disqualified from Allah's Mercy is for you to stop

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believing that Allah has the most merciful and stop seeking His mercy through genuine repentance, by virtue of or based on that belief of yours. And so Shavon knows that his only attempt shaitan knows he cannot in reality come between the believing servant and Allah. So you make sure you never stop knowing that. So I'm going to give everyone we hope you enjoyed this content as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you, due to the current circumstances with the fact that we're all virtual. It's extremely important and vital that you support our funding. You can find the actual places that you would need to donate in our description here. If you look at all the different platforms that

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