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Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The importance of belief in action in Islam is emphasized, with the title of The Force of God being a reference. The title of the book negating the Prophet's claim that actions are not enough to justify a belief. The importance of belief in actions is emphasized, with the title of The Force of God being a statement of belief.
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Shaytan rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful, always is due to Allah and made his peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I begin by greeting my brothers and sisters saying a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Made the peace, the blessings and the mercy of Allah be upon all of you, and welcome to this part of our program, faith in action. And to begin with, it's always good to be with you, and always appreciative that you have welcomed us in your homes, and that you decided to share part of your day with us. And we pray to Allah that these

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minutes that we spent together, are informative, and are enlightening and light hearted, as well. So inshallah our topic in these episodes will be on faith in action. In other words, it is not enough to just have faith, but that faith must also be elucidated in what we do, as well. And just a quick introduction here, please remember the following, that Islam is a set of beliefs. And these beliefs must be demonstrated they must manifest themselves in the form of actions, and these actions are rituals. Now, these rituals in themselves, yes, they are important, but they must also impact the character of the individual. And that character of the individual is expressed in the actions of

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that individual. So again, a set of beliefs demonstrated and rituals impacting the character demonstrated in the in the action, and Subhana Allah and that is why sometimes the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would refer to Islam as any of these four steps, be it your belief, be the rituals, be the character or be the actions through out the Quran, even though we are invited to believe. But the invitation does not stop there. We are invited to believe and then immediately follow that belief by action, it must be demonstrated in action. For example, in over at least 120 places in the Quran, Allah invites and Allah informs us in the levena armano why Moodle slowly had

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those who believe and they act righteous deeds on the loose soil he had over 80 times. This word Salah had is mentioned in lemon, Amana, Camila Sol Han except he the one or she who believes and then they do righteous deeds. So it's not only about just having to believe, but we must also couple that belief with action. For example, towards the end of the Quran, we read ismaila Rahman Rahim Al Asad in in Santa Fe host inland letting me know what amilo solly had, by the token of time, man is indeed in loss, except those, Allah said, Amen. They believe and then what I'm going to slowly hurt, and they act righteous deeds, what was or will help it, whatever, so be sober, and they engage with

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each other in the mutual teaching of truth, and they engage in each other in the mutual conciliation of patience and consistency and perseverance. The point is what the point is that every time the Quran invites people to believe, along with that invitation comes an emphasis on action, we must act upon what we believe in. Sometimes even when the Quran invites us to say, we are invited after what we say also we are invited to action in a living in rural buena, LA, those who say, are verily indeed those who say, Allah is our Lord, but it does not stop there. You can just accept Allah and say, Oh Allah, you are my Lord, and that is the end of it. But rather the Quran goes on to say, in a

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levy Nakamura bonala so messed up on those who say Our Lord is Allah, and then they lived an upright life. So again, the point is an invitation to face, but that faith must implement itself in action. That is throughout the Quran, even the messengers of Allah, they came to people who is different

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requirement and that is Amazon will either add in a home holder on a

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chameleon in a row, and to the people of add, we send their brother in hood. And he said to them, all my people worship Allah for you have no deity that is worthy of worship, but him subhanho wa Taala. So here we see again both components. The first one is worship that is Amell. And then the second one is Eamon and that is La Ilaha Illa. Who, that you have no other deity besides besides him. What are some of the homes Allah Sala, and the same is repeated was the people of the mode, we sent their brother in Salah, and again with the same message, and schreib Elisa Lam said to his people the same and so did Ibrahim and Luth and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and invitation

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to Eman. And then as well as an invitation to you must put that faith into action. So Islam is not just a set of beliefs. It is not just a set of rituals, but there must also be coupled with action as well. Now here's what's even more interesting than this. Islam does not just say act, but Islam requires the best of actions. Allah The Harlequin Mota will hire Talia blue as an umbrella at the very beginning of surah, and milk the Dominion surah number 67. A light explains the purpose of life and he said and let me holla call moto will hire It is he who created death and life Why? Lia blue, so that you may be tested in what you ask. Or you come as an umbrella, which one of you had the best

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of deeds, not just the most, not just good deeds, no, but rather, it's an invitation to the best of deeds. So the belief must be illustrated, it must manifest itself, not just in actions. But now we are also required in the best of actions. And it is on the basis of these actions that we will be held accountable in the hereafter Allah Subhana Allah says, What unlacing insanity in the wellness area Julio for Euro Suma yuja will just

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say that indeed to man, there will be no more than what he strive for in this life. And then that struggle, that effort of his will be considered in the hereafter. And then men will be compensated for his effort in this life in the here in the year after. So again, this is an invitation that we take our faith, and that we put it into action. And like we said, in Islam, Subhana Allah, it is not just enough to acknowledge, let's say, the existence of God, acknowledging the existence of God only does not make one a believer. That's not it. The people in the pagans of mockery acknowledge that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the creator, whether insult Omen halaqa, somehow what you will rely upon

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law, and if you were to ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they would readily and happily say, It is Allah who created them. So they did not fail. In that part, they acknowledged Allah subhanho wa Taala, they failed in the action aspect of it, they either did not manifest their faith into action, or that action was devoted to somebody other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And at that point, they are guilty of shirk. So it's not about that. But rather, in Islam, we say, we must acknowledge the existence of Allah. And then we must get to no loss of Hannah was to Allah, we must know him and develop a personal relationship with him a relationship that should impact our life

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positively? And how do we know that our lives have been impacted positively by us knowing more about our Creator, we see this in our actions. And that is why it is beautifully said that the best interpreters of a man's thought are his actions. You can't really tell what is in my head. You can't really tell what is in my heart, but the only way that I can express and give you an idea of what it is that I am thinking, what it is that I am feeling, you will see it expressed in my actions. And that is why they say that a man's actions are the index of a book. Now in the index of a book, what do we find? There is an index either the beginning or the end of the book. And that index is the

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reminder of what is most

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Remarkable in that in that book, similarly, a man's actions are the index of his life telling us what is really remarkable about that man. And throughout the Quran the Quran would tell us about people who have made claims like this woman a nassima yaku Amman, Nebula billyoh mil l theory Rama, whom we mean and of people are those who say we believe in Allah, we believe in the Day of Judgment, or in the last day, woman hormone meaning, but they believe not. So the Quran is negating their claim, you're saying that you believe, but the Quran is saying that even though they saved, but it's not there, and it is not real. So the question is What happened? Why did the Quran negate this about

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them? Simply because that belief was either not followed by action, or that belief was followed by actions that negated the necessities or what is necessitated by that belief? And inshallah we're going to hold on to this thought we're going to take a short break and we will come back in a while. Please do not go away and we'll see you soon in sha Allah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful once again, a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato, who made a peace, the blessings and the mercy of Allah be upon all of you. And thank you for joining us again, in these set of episodes, where we are discussing faith in action. If you have just joined us, we've been talking about the importance of actions in Islam. Now, the most common word that is used in the Quran is the word of ml. Literally, the word ml means to do to carry out a task to carry out a job to carry out any type of work, the general theme for it or the Amel. So a person may be engaged in whatever it is Amel, but that really

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does not tell us a person is busy. That's really all it says. But it does not tell us what that person is visualise. So the core and brings what we call another adjective to qualify, what type of animal does the Quran appreciate? And what type of animal is the Quran looking for? So it says, a man with

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a solid hat. It's not enough just to act. But even that action must be an action that is solid and righteous action. So the invitation here is not only to action, because everybody does something, we all have an effort we all put our energy somewhere. So the Quran says, Put that energy in an animal that is considered to be animal that is solid, or righteous deed. And even within the righteous deeds the Quran qualifies in by saying, again, a Yukon is an AMA. And the word hassane, or essence is a superlative form in the Arabic language, meaning that it is not just to do that, which is good, but rather you have got to do that which is us and that which is even best, it is better than what

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is good is what is best, as we have indicated in Surah, cellml, Dominion surah number 67. In one of many places, in the Quran, also we find the word isin been mentioned even in particular deeds, for example, polar bear the akula II Essen and informed my servants, that when they speak, they don't just say the good words, but rather they say that which is a son of words, the best of worlds, the point remains, and that is, it must be the belief that must manifest itself in action. And SubhanAllah. Even we human beings, sometimes we do not like to just take people's claims for granted at face value. We say show me I want to see that in your actions. You mean what you just said, beat

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I love you and say show me I am serious. We won't say show me I can do it. We want to say show me. Likewise when you say that, I believe then we will also be asked, show us what did you do? And that is why Subhanallah even in the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Yes, he did emphasize that people should believe, but many times he would talk about the consequences of that belief and the consequences of the beliefs or in actions. So for example, he's Allahu Allah.

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Sallam would say to me, he is not truly a believer, let me know how you can help him a Boolean of see that none of you truly believes, unless he loves for his fellow brother, that which he loves for himself. And here what we see is this, that we see that there is a claim of belief. But then the process lm is asking that this belief must be qualified in action. And he is demonstrating and telling us one of these actions is just loving goodness for those who are around you. Another example would be the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, say, les Semin, he is not one of us, the community of the believers, he or she who sleeps with a full belly, their neighbor sleeps with an

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empty belly, they are aware of it, and then what happens? They do not do anything about it. So again, here is that claim that is made all I care about people, I want goodness for people, or you know what, I'm a very sensitive person when it comes to the misfortunes of those who are around me. But then again, the question comes in, and what actions have you taken to demonstrate this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, if you made that claim, and you actually went to bed with a full belly, your neighbor goes to bed with an empty belly. And there was something that you could have done to that person and you did not do, you cannot really make that claim. That claim of

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yours becomes an invalid claim. It's invalid. And even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would take it as far as calling it cover this belief. Metallica, sala de Vaca, For whosoever abandons Salah prayers, he has or she has this believed. Why is that because that is a demonstration. That is a manifestation of that belief. So it is not enough to just say that I believe and some of us have a tendency to say this to say, Look hamdulillah I have a good heart. Mashallah, if you have a good heart, may Allah bless you even more and more and give you better heart than the one that you have enhance it for you, and make it more beautiful and more shiny and more clean and more pureora

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parliament, but you cannot really rely on this and say I have a good heart. And that is the end of it. No, we want to see the goodness of that heart manifesting and expressing itself in action. And that is why this dean of ours my brothers and sisters, is really what we call it is a dean of an it is a dean of work, good work, not just any type of work, righteous work, if you believe put this into action, and again the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and even in the Quran as we have said in Surah Al Baqarah wamena nassima yopu Amma Nebula and of people are those who say we believe in Allah and that they have judgment, but they believe not, or at the very beginning of sort of human

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effort on the hypocrites, is a jackal munafo, when the hypocrites come to you or Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they will say in the shadow under karasuma, that we bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Nicola rasuluh. And indeed, Allah knows that you are His Messenger. And then Allah says, And Allah is fully aware that in the moon as your cleaner luck as a boon, that the hypocrites are lying, lying in what? Lying in the claim that they just made, because their belief did not really match their actions. In fact, their actions were very contrary to their beliefs. And that is why, even though they said Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, that was not

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believed. Give even a better example, about the example of shape on the devil, Satan. As we know, he acknowledged a lot. He acknowledged the ability of Allah subhanaw taala acknowledged Allah as his creator, what was his problem then? His problem was lack of action. And it was a very specific action that we call in compliance. He would not comply. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands all those who were present, to prostrate to this new creation, Adam alayhis salam, it said that they all prostrated all the angels that are present they postulated except a belief in a belief, a belief refused. When he is asked at least Why have you refused? He said, How can I? one who's created out

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of fire, prostrate one was created out of mud or clay. And at that point, Allah subhanho wa Taala informs he believes that he is regime he's been kicked out of the mercy of Allah

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Law nibblies makes this very remarkable plea, he says cannot be unruly Isla Yomi, vassal, he said, Oh my Lord, give me despite, or delay me, until the Day of Resurrection. And here is the acknowledgement, oh my lord, he acknowledged Allah as being his Lord, he acknowledged that there is a day of you as soon resurrection. And he acknowledged that Allah Subhana, Allah has the ability to actually give him that respect. So you would say that the man believes or this creation, believes, knows the day of judgment, knows the Lord and knows that the Lord is capable. But we do not say that he believes, why, because he is a man or his belief is does the did not match itself with action,

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that a man needed to be coupled with action, and at least was lacking in that action, specifically, the action of compliance. It said that a group of Jewish men came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wasallam in Medina, and they said, you know, Mohammed, at that point, they're not Muslims. They said, Muhammad, you know, you claim to be a messenger of God, and you claim and you speak about musala, Salam COVID, Moses said, you know, Moses had some signs, what were the signs of Moses, and remember, this type of knowledge was not available at that point, only People of the Book knew this. And even within the People of the Book, only specific people within the People of the Book knew

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this. So the process and the mentioned all the science of Moses, very eloquently and explicitly, they were so impressed, they get up, they kiss his forehead, they kiss his hands, in the Arab culture, that is a sign of utmost respect. So the Messenger of Allah then reminds them of their very needed consequence of what they just said. They said to him, in the color Rasulullah. They said, Indeed, you are the Messenger of Allah. So he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, then you methylated Debbie Rooney, why don't you follow me? Because that would be the very natural step that you would take. You kiss the man's forehead, and you kiss his hands, it means that you do believe. Then they

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said, No, no, no, no, we can do that. We are afraid of what our people might do to us. So here is this belief that they had, they demonstrated it in the casing of the forehead and the casing of the hand. But then again, they were lacking in the needed action, to demonstrate their belief. So inshallah we've been talking about not only actions, but righteous actions, not only righteous actions, but the best amongst the righteous actions. And this is what we're talking about your son, it's about doing what is best, in the best of manners, in the best of times. So it's the combination of doing what is right, doing it in the right way, and doing it in the right time. Then a person has

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had the components of a son and May Allah Subhana Allah facilitate for us all good actions, so that we may be drawn closer and closer to him. And with this, we come to the conclusion of this part of our episode. thank you as always for joining us and until we meet next time, inshallah we say so long and Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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