Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #15 Talut and Jalut 2 The Lessons

Mohamad Baajour
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Santa Monica la

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna and finally my lamp Tana. Was it nine min Yahama Rahimi?

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olam American Fe Jimena her though John dramani Mahama agenda for rockin and birdie to follow up on muscle. But agile fina, Shakti and chrome,

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along with Jana Maria called home, Chrome for nicomekl Bucha rasa to come as your Allah give us Baraka in this gathering, and make us from the people who listen and apply and make the words from the heart to the heart and Sharma I mean.

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So, last week, we did the story of Talos and Giroud.

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And we did not have the chance to get the lessons from it. What are what is the moral of the story? How can we benefit from the story, just quickly, I will mention the story for the brothers and sisters will not hear

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many Australian they were being oppressed all over many wars, and they've been losing and.

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And in one of the battles there tabooed the chest was taken away from them. And that was where they get any when they have the chest in any battle. They win usually, and was taken away from them. So

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they came to their Prophet, which is after Musa alayhis salam, and they told him

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about Linna, Milliken,

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Nakata and feasterville Why don't you assign us we cannot take this anymore, this humiliation Why don't you assign us a king so he can fight fights? He said he'll Allah and he assigned them he said, Are you sure you're gonna be able to fight? If Allah prescribed the fighting? They said yes. How can we not fight? Why we have been

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any kicked out of their our homes, and had been abused and tortured. So they promised him that they're going to fight. And when the fighting was prescribed

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from 80,000 Started with 80,000

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the majority is gone. Philokalia little bit left, then Allah subhanaw taala signed, and then called dilute as the king and he asked him to follow him in the battle. And then when they saw Talos, they made excuses, how come he's not rich? How come he's not one of us. And another group left. His sign was he brought

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his sign was the angels will come down with the chest that has tranquillity from Allah subhanaw taala and has some stuff from Musa alayhis salam is somebody they say is closed on his stick. Anyway,

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he came with that same and then the battle is about to start it for them. When they started the battle. He said we're gonna go through a river. Whomsoever drink from the river, he's not, he's not one of us. That means he go back. And whosoever is very thirsty, just take a handful with your hand. And that's no problem. So, again, the majority drank from the river and only very few left. So now look how many times they are decreasing. And then when they saw John Aleut in front of them with all his soldiers, they again get very scared. Let's talk atleta Leona Bucha Neutrogena we cannot handle we are only a few and look at followed and look at all his soldiers. Again, a lot of them left and

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from 80,000 We have 330 330. Left to go and fight the battle. Then, amongst the soldiers of followed there was a young man called the hood. This is our download our Prophet Muhammad Ali salaam, he challenged Giroud and he hit him in the face and he killed Giroud and they were defeated with the help of Allah subhanaw taala fasm womb beating Allah so they beat them with the help of Allah subhanaw taala and then followed after he passed away he assigned the wood as the successor and he was the first king and prophet at the same time. This was the story we discussed last week. And today. I want to ask you first

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what kind of lessons do we learn from the story?

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What kind of lesson did you learn from this story?

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A small thing

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if you have a small thing, you can beat the big thing

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with a few

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and they were able to beat the huge army, right? This is the last lesson, but still you can get sharper controller for that. But what is the start from the beginning? What is the what's the first lesson? Yes.

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Okay, it's there also.

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The first thing we noticed that oppression leads to revolutions.

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Right? They were oppressed.

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They were very oppressed,

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to the level that from killing the prophets and calling the prophets liars, they went to the Prophet to ask him that assign a king so he can go and fight. And we have seen in the recent history, what the depression do in some of our countries, even though it was not that successful, but you know, oppression leads to revolutions.

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Another thing is when they complained, when they complained about pollute, what was the complaint? The complaint was he

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does not have money, and he was a second complaint.

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He is not one of us and here, he doesn't have any status. And Allah subhanaw taala told him these are not

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the criteria for a successful leader.

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And he gave him what did he give him? Two things

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and, and body physical appearance, he gave him knowledge and a physical body that is able to to fight and handle the hardships.

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Another lesson is Subhanallah they this is the habit of Bani Israel Subhanallah through the history, they ask and they ask and require and request and when Allah subhanaw taala give them they keep asking and asking. We saw that story of the Bacara. They asked for a king when the king was here. He did not like the description of the king. Allah subhana wa Tada said he gives you Allah util Wilker when ye SHA, Allah subhanaw taala. Give his bounty give his power give the authority to rule give the NAM give the risk to whoever he wants in who can be a birdie here. Number zero. So yeah, when the lesson from here from this is

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when we ask for something from Allah subhanaw taala. Our job is just to ask and ask sincerely and ask like we described in our dua workshop, as to the bottom of your heart, raise your hands plead, beg,

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and then leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala he knows when is the best time to give you what you asked for or if it is good for you from the in the first place. And when he gives you something, if he gives you because sometimes I think that this is good for me. But Allah Subhana Allah knows it's not good for me. So when I when Allah subhanaw taala provide, I have to be extremely grateful and I have complete trust that whatever he has given me is the best, the best thing for me.

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And Allah subhanaw taala bless one of your brothers, or my sister of Allah subhanaw taala bless one of your sisters with something and you do not have it. We have to be as Muslims. We have to be very happy for our brothers and very happy for our sisters. In year con will have said stay away from envy. Listen to this hadith for so long allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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ala iya como will hazard for internal hazard yet call Al Hasan at Kemah telco Noreen hottub

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stay away from envy, because envy eats up the Hasselblad the good deeds just like the fire eats the brick. Wood Subhanallah it eats up the hasnat Because sometimes

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how come he has a big house? I don't how come his son is a half isn't my son is not how come? They have a new car and we don't how come? How come how come I keep comparing myself to other people. And not only that the hazard is very dangerous. What is the hazard the hazard?

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There are two to two levels, and they both worse than each other one, I hate that my brother got this promotion this year. I hate that. The other one which is worse, not only I hate it, I hope he lose it.

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And not only I hope he knows it, I hope he knows it and I get it.

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This is the worst kind of hustled, when I envy my brother, I cannot take it that I have been. I have a PhD and he just joined the company, and he got a promotion and I don't know this is not Islam.

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Hamdulillah I get very happy for my brother, I get very pleased that he's been promoted, I'm pleased that his son is a half as his, his, his house is big and he's blessed and he's always happy. This is what it's supposed to be supposed to be feeling.

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Allah subhana wa Taala told us that a small group

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was able to beat and defeat a huge group

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when they saw them 313

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Verse 1000s, with all kinds of horses and weapons.

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What does that mean? Yeah, one

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it means

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when you know

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you are on the straight path, when you have complete Eman and trust in Allah subhanaw taala you can achieve anything.

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Allah here when this is the this is the, this is an extremely important lesson. And this is the main lesson of the story. If I have logically, logically does not make any sense, right? 300 people against to 3000 4000 does not make any sense. Logically, if you're going to be losing, you're gonna lose.

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And if you look at the history of the battles in Islam,

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most of the time, if not all the time, the number of the Muslims was a fraction of the enemy. And How come did they win because of the Eman that they had in their hearts. When you have the Imen in your heart,

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that Allah Subhana Allah Allah is with me, Allah is with me. Allah is with the Huck and the Huck always at the end of the day the Huck will prevail, the heart will take will dominate.

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If we have that believe in our hearts for Allah He like they say you can move mountains.

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If someone in the community trying to make a fitna

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to start doing things in the masjid or in the house of well, anywhere, somebody is trying to make a fitna

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and you know that you are on the HAC. Just stay stay firm. You are doing your best. You're fulfilling what Allah subhanaw taala asked you and at the end of the day when Allah He the Huck will prevail. And all these people, Allah subhanaw taala will expose them. No matter in anything in the masjid in at work. Sometimes somebody's is plotting for you to get rid of you. But you know that you're there on time. You're giving whatever

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they asked you to give. Just leave it to Allah. As long as your relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada is good. Don't worry about anything else, like we said, two three weeks ago.

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Fix your relationship with Allah, Allah would fix your relationship with mankind.

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This is the core of our deen is how strong is your inner

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and all these halacha has all the salaat and Gemma, all the fasting or Ramadan, all the Saba card that we give all that Allah He the main

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reason behind it is to strengthen our iman because when the Imam is strong,

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and the Imam is strong,

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and you know that Allah is the curry, who are you going to fear?

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You're not going to fit anyone anymore. You're not going to fit anybody. You're ready to pray anywhere on the street and the airport anywhere. What am I what am I doing wrong?

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You're ready to wear the hijab, my sister anywhere?

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Was Allah. Imagine if someone tells you that

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or imagine that you are so well connected? Then we'll connect it to the

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head of the CIA, head of the FBI or to the President of the United States.

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You and him are like this.

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So you go on you do things you don't worry if anybody bothering you one phone call, right? Because you have connections. So beautiful your connection is with Allah,

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your real connection, real connection is with Allah.

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Don't worry, if I get fired from the job, I know that the result will will never disappoint me. If I'm going through hardship, and he promised me I am with the patient on commerce, I be patient and I will,

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will wait for the for the relief he promised me it's so much give, when we go to fundraising, and they tell you give, he's gonna multiply it no problem.

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You know, subhanAllah I always love it when when I asked brothers, sometimes some people asked me please, whether we need help in this and that.

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If you can ask some brothers in this law, there are so many people around us that you do not know about, they are so Aziz that they will never ask, even though they're going such through such a hardship, they will never ask, maybe they would come to us, you know, and they ask, but to go and ask people, any, they would rather be slaughtered before they do that. Because they have so they have so much under integrity, they

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like they say,

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things have turned around, they were very well off and things happen.

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So when they come and requests from me or from the Imam, and we go and ask people, if you wish, you could help the generous people in the community, but like, it touches my heart so much, when the brother after he gives me the hope whatever it is, it doesn't mean brother, thank you so much for remembering me.

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Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to help somebody.

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This is such a need. This is exactly what what we're supposed to do. If somebody tells you invest in a company or in a organization or whatever,

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funds that will give you 700 times how much you do thank him. So how about if somebody is taking the money and depositing it for you in the akhira when you are looking for a hustler, one Hustler, and then you will see that $50 You have to brother that that $100 If you have the system, you will see there are like I said and said Allah will will will grow it for you until it becomes a mountain mountain

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you know, mountain Subhan Allah. So

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when we have strong Eman and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala then

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those stories are not tales just for fun. They are lessons for us to in every occasion every situation in our life.

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And the last lesson is from this

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we always see

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or we always complain about our leaders in our country's president, they are corrupt, they are this they are that or anywhere you know, we always find complaint or the Muslims are, you know, they're always they mistreat each other in business. They do this they do that. You hear that complaint all the time.

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Start with yourself.

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Start with yourself.

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Allah told us in the Quran, he's not going to change our situation until we change.

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The month of Ramadan is coming. And every single one of us he has some kind of shortcoming whatever it is, he misses visual, he curses he lies he he watched something haram whatever it is, low animals in between you and Allah and we do not expose our sins

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try to fix that.

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Try to fix them but make a list these things I want to really work on and improve on Allah when we always you know, what are the what why do we need to sit down here and listen and and come to the massages and take them so we can take these lessons and implement them in our life.

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Every one of us has an issue.

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Let's start the change with ourselves.

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Like they say in America, if you clean your backyard, every one of us clean their backyard, the whole town will be clean.

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Let's start with myself and stop complaining. Everybody you know pointed

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to somebody else or them, he, they, those and he can't he, the Arab, the Pakistanis, the, you know, you have to be extremely careful.

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When you speak about, let's say, Oh, these Indians, you just you're backbiting a million people have to be very careful. They're going to stand in line to take all your acid and those

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how many billions, be careful. Be very careful when you talk, any word you'd be questioned about?

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So let's start the change with ourselves. Let's start the change with ourselves. Improve, there is always no matter how high you are, in the deen, there is always room for improvement. Always. And the month of training. The month of practice is coming up

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in 10 days or so.

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So let's really struggle and strive to fix ourselves. Forgive forget

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be kind.

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Smile to your brother's MSU smile. What is this everybody's frowning? Let me see your spine. I shall not smile.

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Masha Allah Subhan Allah Allah Sosa Salim Sadler Quran Amina Al maru fishy and do not belittle any kind of maruf even if you see your brother with a smiling face Subhan Allah was eating Hadith yesterday we will be discussing it soon.

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A man came through as soon as I sat down and said yeah rasool Allah

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I will give me some ideas about Annelle Salia so as soon as I said and said

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give sadaqa do this do that. The man kept on telling him I can I can do this I can do that. I can.

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He told him at the end he told him just stay keep your home away from people. This is the best time you could ever do. Don't harm others. That's the best Amman

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the funnel Jana, you will interject

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Subhanallah so

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if we in sha Allah to Allah, make that list and choose one thing and try to work on it and help one another. Be the latter either you will feel the difference in yourself and you will let your family or your children and your wife do the same. And subhanAllah you would have a very peaceful blessing home Bismillah May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah forgive all sins. May Allah unite our hearts. May Allah subhanaw taala keep the eyes of the envious people away from our misogyny and our community. I mean your Alameen wa salam O Allah Allah and Amina Muhammad by early he was suddenly a domain

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