Yassir Fazaga – Alcohol – The Mother Of All Evils

Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The World Cup is being held in Qatar, where alcohol is a hub for soccer and football. college students consume more alcohol than soda and milk combined, creating a "feel good" atmosphere. The World Cup is a war between groups, with alcohol being the worst, and drugs being the worst. A woman on the hook for mental health and drug addiction is on the hook, and the APA has issued a statement recommending people to avoid drinking alcohol until the first trimester of the baby's development. The segment discusses the negative impact of alcohol on people's mental health and community, including the idea that people should not be accused of consuming alcohol and the success of her own hula business. She talks about her desire to encourage parents to take their children to college and pray for their children.
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Salam Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraful Ambia. It will authorial mursaleen Shaffir and Moses maybe you know Habibollah Bill Alameen Muhammad in Salawat Robbie was Allahu Allahu Allah Allah who also have been hooked up in a thought hearing in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad who want to start you know who want to start a funeral home and a study where not only we love Him and should already on fusino say Dr. Molina Maria de la la medulla OMA yo lil fella hottie Allahu eyeshadow Allah Illa Allah Allahu la sharika one no Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Agha who are also low.

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In US dollar al Hadith Nikita Bula Lucha al hadI had you Mohammed in Salallahu Alaihe Salam, in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah we were witnessed that no one is worthy of worship but Allah And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger. The best of speech is a book of Allah. The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah Subhana Allah makers amongst those who listen to the best of speech in the book of Allah and follow His commandments. And may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who come to know the best of ways the way of Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam and make us amongst his followers Allah mean Allah Who mean Allah I mean,

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you have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam O Allah here called Rabona Jalla wa Ala you are Latina, Ermanno in number Himuro well my zero well ensemble, well as salaam, Reggie Suman, Amelie shaytani, Fujitani, boo, la la come to flew home along with

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the Quran,

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dresses the believers

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or you believe most surely,

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paying tribute to idols, division by Arrow lottery games of luck. These are nothing but the Crafty work of shaitan the devil fetch Tinubu keep away from it, la la come to the Hoon, so that you may prosper.

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As you all know, the World Cup is going on nowadays. Remember that the World Cup soccer World Cup that is Football World Cup, this is the most watched event on planet Earth.

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And you will lead the most watched event is the UEFA soccer competition. European clubs competing against each other. Second Annual most watched event is the Super Bowl, a little under 100 million people. But then the event that comes up and is watched exclusively the most in the world, is the Soccer World Cup, estimated about two and a half to 3 billion people on planet Earth, watch the World Cup.

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You also know that nowadays the World Cup is being held in Qatar and part of the rules and regulations that came up is that Qatar did not allow the selling of alcohol in the stadiums during the game can buy alcohol but not during the game. Not inside the stadium. There was an uproar, because supposedly part of the culture for many of the people who enjoy soccer or football is that as you're watching the game, you've got to be drinking. As if, if you're not drinking, then watching the game is not fun. There was a lot of criticism or you couldn't do that. That's not fair. You're imposing your beliefs on us and what have you.

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They did not get the alcohol in the stadium. And people started watching the game.

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And as the games started going on, people started realizing something.

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The same people that were against the banning of alcohol in the stadium are now praising the experience and they're saying, You know what? That was actually good.

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So what happened? You got three types of people.

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Number one was families. Family said we absolutely loved the game, because the absence of alcohol created a family friendly atmosphere.

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So people said it was fun taking my kids and watch these games in the absence of alcohol.

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Number two

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who said you know what? This World Cup was so much fun, because for the first time I actually attended and I watched a soccer game and

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I was not sexually harassed.

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The absence of alcohol made it so comfortable that it was a women friendly atmosphere.

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Third type of people,

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British man, soccer fan.

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He's spoken he said, you know, he said I attended the games.

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And I saw Senegalese people from Senegal having fun. I saw the Saudis having fun. I saw the Moroccans having fun, and none of them were drinking. Now it is making me evaluate my own drinking

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is beautiful man.

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So remember that Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, the Quran has this very uncompromising position when it comes to alcohol. Yeah, are you

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are you who believe listen to this, in AMA, surely Indeed, most positively. I'll hum Rue well may zero well Ensembl Well, Islam registo minimally shaytaan

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sa Oh, who believe remember this. Be sure that intoxicants gang gambling, dedication to idols the work of lottery and divisions by arrows said these are all but the craft work of the devil. Veggie Danny boo keep away from it. See, the Quran never directly says don't drink.

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Well, I never said that. The Quran never said Do not drink. The Quran said something more powerful than don't drink he said don't even come near a vegetarian he boo. You are Allah Jiang boo Allah jump up on one side and alcohol is on the other side. You don't come near these things.

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What Raquel hombre tele trabajar que for Yes, Alfie Junoon. In Monopol.

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You're looking to some of this, this this is the statistics. regarding alcohol.

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Just learn that college students consume more alcohol

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than what than than soda juice milk combined.

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Did you hear that? College students consume more alcohol than soda, milk and juice combined.

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And they say that in the life of college students, the first six weeks are the most difficult. And that is when these kids are most vulnerable. What happens so there is no parental supervision. All of the sudden, there is a lot of societal pressure. These are college kids. Now, everybody's doing it. So they feel pressured that they're going to do this. Their time is not structured, trying to find out where my classes are when my class is out. When do I study when do I do that? said they're not finding this. So as a result in the life of a college student, the first six weeks are the most difficult and that is when the kids are most vulnerable.

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Speak about the consequences of alcohol and what's going on. As one doctor put it treatment of alcoholism. He said that alcoholics have not left any part of the hospital that they have not visited

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because of the impact that it has on you. So in our deen

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in our beliefs, the Quran puts this this big, huge psychological war barrier between us and alcohol, where we are taught, not only don't drink it, don't deliver it. You can sell it, you can consume it, you cannot advertise for it. You cannot be in the vicinity where alcohol is consumed. And to put this in the most beautiful summary fashion the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, who you're among Cabarrus

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it is the mother of all evil is alcohol. The Mother of All Evil law, there was a study that was done. They wanted to see of all the drugs out there. Which one is absolutely the worst, including that list with heroin. Ecstasy, you just name it everything cocaine it was on that list, including alcohol. Believe it or not, alcohol is a drug legally as you can buy it from the store. Yes. But the fact is, alcohol is a type of drugs. They did their studies. And absolutely number one, they said that the worst one is alcohol. That will wait a minute, how can that be? You telling me that alcohol does more damage than heroin and cocaine and ecstasy? And the answer is a pause

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A TV? Yes. The way they did it is they had 10 different categories. Impact on the body impact on the family impact economy, impact on society impact on this. And that said the as some of these drugs are more harmful immediately to the body than alcohol is. But when you tally up all 10 areas, no drug beats alcohol. So they concluded and they said, the worst type of drug is alcohol.

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Recently, the APA, American Pediatric Association, they issued a statement because you know, you take the alcoholic beverage and there is a warning there that says if you are pregnant, planning to be pregnant, you know, drink in moderation, reconsider drinking. So the APA just put out a statement saying that there is no amount of alcohol that we can say is safe

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to denote amount of alcohol, that is safe, they say, because unfortunately, the only preventable mental retardation, your mental retardation is a serious illness. mellowest pantalla save us all your Alameen are talking about the only preventable mental retardation is fetal alcohol syndrome.

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And that is a woman who's pregnant, consuming alcohol, especially in the first trimester. Women sometimes don't know that they are pregnant. So they keep drinking, and your liver can only process so much alcohol. And if it is unable to do so it is being channeled immediately to the children to the fetus. Some of these fetus, you know the first trimester that's like the most vital organs are being formed the brains that they start developing, the only the only preventable mental retardation is caused by alcohol, it could have been prevented if people did not consume alcohol.

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What I've learned from this is what we take for granted can be a source of help to so many people out there, taking pride in your deen

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taking pride in what you believe in and not giving in, you all can do what you want. But as far as I am concerned, this is where I stand, no compromise when it comes to this.

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And when people see this in you Wallahi they appreciate you. And you also bring a beautiful that with your dean, since I was come to the message and she wants to, you know, take her Shahada. She wants to become Muslim. I asked her what's going on. She said, You know, it was Christmas time and Christmas time is coming upon us now. So it was Christmas time. And our company has this, you know, towards the end of the year, they give out gifts. And everybody's looking forward to the gifts that they get from the company. But there was one Muslim man who kept walking around and asking the employees, if I get the champagne, I don't want to touch it. You can have it and I will take your

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gift, whatever it is, said that the champagne was the most expensive gift that everybody was looking forward to. And here is this man walking around letting people know that if he gets the champagne, he is willing to exchange that champion for whatever gift you get. And she looked at him and she said, You've got to be you kidding me? So I'm not kidding you. So no matter what I get if if you get the champagne, you will take my gift. He said I will take your gift no matter what it is. She said I started Why are you doing this? The I am. I am a Muslim? And he said What does that mean? Explains and then he says that as Muslims, we don't do that. So what did she do? She said, Man, I love this

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religion. Never heard of it before. But I can tell you as a child who had a father who happened to be alcoholic, I appreciate your religion. Do some investigation. loves it. And now she is she's doing this.

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Now comes a bit of a sad reality. But Allah I promise you it comes from a place of love. While law he it comes from a place of love 21 law he a Holcomb hada al Kalam Hogben YT Rahman

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one Olivia will come

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go and talk to people our brothers

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whose main business is selling alcohol

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in the gas stations, liquors stores, grocery stores in Allah either Hello mache and hug Rama Salman

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if Allah for pizza

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This thing, Allah forbids all types of transactions regarding that product.

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Alcohol destroys societies.

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I make it a point, driving poor neighborhoods, you see a lot of liquor stores, lots of gas stations full of alcohol. That is where it's being given to poor people under the premise that alcohol numbs the pain, which is a lie by the way, say it may numb the pain temporarily like marijuana, you smoke marijuana, it will take that anxiety away from you in 510 minutes, the anxiety goes away, but when it comes back, it will come back with more intensity. When you drink Supposedly, the pain goes away 10 poorly, but when it comes back, it comes back with more intensity. So what do you do? You have to drink more, you have to smoke more, either more in quantity or more in frequency. The sad part is we

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as Muslims sometimes we are facilitating for this to take place.

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will lie unacceptable will lie unacceptable. We say this not as a form of condemnation, but we're coming from a place of love ugly Walla Walla Hilah, heavy BS Ms. Matterhorn of Ghana Mina, we invite this man.

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If we don't say this to our own,

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and you don't hear it here, where else are you going to hear it?

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There is a lot of money in alcohol. We're talking about a lot of money in alcohol. Waste we understand that. Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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maraca Abdon che and Lilla Illa award the hula hula hiraman Samba Allah rasool Allah, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a person willingly knowingly intentionally leaves gives away abandons something for the sake of Allah, Allah will compensate him with something better than that which he abandoned or left.

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Better does not mean more money somewhere else. Better may mean Baraka, Vladik Baraka athlete, Baraka haddock, birth of your hola Karthik, both of dummy rock. You see, the baraka say?

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Something better does not mean that Allah says that you leave this I'll give you more money somewhere else that may happen and May it happen to you your brother mean, but that is not better. See better sometimes means clearer, conscious, better, sometimes blessed family

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better sometimes their notion that what you are bringing home is actually halal.

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You're gonna put a price on this.

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So as we celebrate what is going on in Qatar and people are appreciating the deen because of where we stand regarding alcohol. We cannot be locally guilty of this.

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Alcohol destroys families man. It destroys neighborhoods 2016 Black America spent $4 billion on liquor. But that's a very poor community all you mean, spending $4 billion on liquor I said, that's exactly what happens. And people will tell you, man, the most money you make is in poor black neighborhoods. We can be guilty of this man. We cannot be the people that participate in the destruction of that community. Because we want to make money

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the violation of our deem

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us gun and we'll have your paternal father

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of course, was one of the one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he owned a garden of grapes. We grew grapes. gull further, aha Rafi is up three.

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But he was late in harvesting the grapes you know getting it down. It got too old for Karla hula Mahi la yesterday he had so he said to one of his work as he said nobody's going to buy this. So the young boy said it for your hoodie and Yasu hombre is that I know this Jewish man in Medina because Jewish people lived in Medina. He said that he takes it and he makes alcohol of it. He will buy it for Al Assad sachet who Anna in bear to enter the lemon Arif and who Yasu hombre was that said that the worst type of people I would be if I knew that the grapes

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If the person is buying from me, are going to be used to have alcohol made out of it. Why is that? Because, you know, our dean is so beautiful, you know, it helps us deal with this double standards. The dean doesn't say, Don't drink it, but you can sell it to people who drink it. The Dean says, Don't drink it, don't sell it, don't deliver it, don't advertise for it, do not facilitate for anything that has to do with the making of alcohol, do not you cannot be part of it in any way, shape, or manner.

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What happens is that you be up on the cliff Shala I conclude with this brother is very excited. And, and he wants to come to the masjid and take and take the shahada

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and is really excited about it and and you know, talking to the Imam when somebody you know, the Imam is explaining the do's and the don'ts of Islam and you know, the idea of alcohol comes up and this person happens to be working as a delivery man, he delivers products to, to, to different groceries, when somebody passed by, and demand coming to take his Shahada. He said, Oh, is he a Muslim?

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And the Imam said, yeah, yeah, he's one of our, you know, good members here in the community. And the delivery man said, This guy is a Muslim. He said, Yeah. He said, of all the deliveries that I make. He is the recipient of most alcohol in this city. You know what, I don't want to become a Muslim.

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And he walked out of the Masjid. He walked out of the Masjid.

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How are you telling me that you Muslims are so against it? Yet the biggest recipient of alcohol in our own city is a Muslim.

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We can take pride in what happened in other Wallahi These are beautiful. These are beautiful things to watch, man. When these girls are saying that man, I'm loving every part of this because for the first time, I'm not being sexually harassed. When you've got fathers and mothers just feeling so at ease and saying the absence of alcohol made it a friendly, family friendly atmosphere. Now you take pride in these things, when people are saying some of these women who attended the World Cup now are pushing for legislations in the Premier League in England, which is notoriously known for people consuming alcohol in football games. Now they're saying we want alcohol banned in our own countries

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in our own stadiums. That's beautiful. That's beautiful.

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But then again, locally, we cannot be guilty of this. So if you happen to be this brother,

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if you happen to be the sister that is involved in this type of business, either here or b2b Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Houma to Bala him, Allah Mara Hiren, Yoruba alanine, if you happen to be this person, may Allah subhanaw taala provide better for you Europa Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala accept and accept your repentance Europa aalameen But we cannot we cannot be guilty of this. A whole Alejandra was tortured Allah Allah Allah confessed of Rahu in the whole of

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Hamdu lillahi Wa Kafa salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. Mustafa, what Allah will be

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part of why we, you know, talk about these topics is we want to make sure that as parents, that we do our due diligence in talking to our children about these topics, especially our kids who are going to college, about to go to college, we talk to them, you bring this up. You know, today I just heard in the hot water, that college students drink more alcohol than they do juice, milk and soda combined. My son, my daughter, I would never, I don't start the conversation, but your expectations about what you want to see. We want to make sure that we pass these values to our children, persuasively,

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persuasively because remember, you're not going to be the policeman and the police woman when they leave. We don't know what they do. In fact, one of the factors was this idea of the lack of parental supervision. Now they're all by themselves, the societal pressure that is being placed on them. So we want to come from a place of understanding a place

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have appreciation to the, to the pressure that they're going through and have these types of conversations with our, with our kids. We want to reach out to our brothers and sisters who may be involved in this type of activities, not to condemn them, but to encourage our brothers and sisters, that no this is not something that we want to be something that we want to be involved in. May Allah Subhana Allah keep us away from all kinds of evil and keep all kinds of evil away from us. Yara Paralia so insha Allah right after the hot work, we are going to answer the prayers we're going to have a Janaza prayer. The mother of our brother Pharrell passed away May Allah Subhana Allah bless

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her soul, and bless the souls of all of our loved ones who are a beloved I mean, and just to make sure that we have a good timing, what we want to do is that we want to pray and then immediately have the Janaza prayers just because of the weather, maybe rain, maybe not rain, but inshallah if you can hold on to your sunnah so that inshallah we can have the janazah prayers. If any of us or our loved ones are going through difficult times and Allah subhanaw taala ease our pain. If any of us or our loved ones are not feeling well may Allah Subhana Allah grant us a full and speedy recovery. If any of our loved ones have passed away melas hunt Allah bless their souls. Allah who

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made Nick awful when Kareem went to Hipple alpha for unknown Allahumma Filon as an Obama was still an ru burner aka cerana say you know what often abroad Robina Tina dunya Hassan has an internal cleaner either not about the law in the law help mobile adolescent later when her and fascia it will mocha will look into the karoun vertical Allah has curriculum which kuruva me he has it commodity Kulai Akbar Allahu Allah Mata snot own nothing solo

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