Who are the Real Salaf

Haitham al-Haddad


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We see some people sometimes are focusing too much on refuting others. Yeah. And they claim that this is manhood to fissara. See, I remember

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that I read the similar question to our chefs have been debri Rahima. Whole long time. Yeah. And she hasn't been Djibouti.

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At that time, this is your off. This is Salafi. This is not Salafi. This is Yanni manhood yourself, etc. So the chef became bit

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agitated. And he said, We all wish to be full of myself asylum.

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He said to be for myself asylum is not by refuting this and that is why you reflect is why you bother.

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Yes, by the way, how to deal with others, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We have limited the understanding of a set of my dear brothers and sisters to a very, very narrow perspective.

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And then we said that this is a setup