Increase And Decrease Of Emaan Faith

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Marina mejor de La da da da da da da foreshadow La la la la sharika worship Allah Nana Vienna was eternal Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh are certain will be happy to be in a sorority machine or whatever. Whether you're a llama he begins he or she Rajamouli some of our car a while he was off maybe he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira America for industrial howdy Chiquita. Bula hytera

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Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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to Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata mahna mahna mahna

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alima Muslim Rahim Allah tala collectionneurs Sahil darbuka rhodiola one was on smoking and he came across a companion by the name of humbler or your loved one. And when Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah on the street, when he looked at him, and he saw the way that his facial expression was, he realized immediately that there was something wrong, that humbled your loved one, the way that he was acting the way that he looked, there was something wrong with him. And so the prophet SAW Abu Bakr rhodiola

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be one of the greatest companions of our Prophet salaallah alayhi wasallam. And the companions were people who when they saw the federal brothers and sisters in distress, they wouldn't just walk by it, they would go and they would ask, and they would inquire and they would offer their help, and they would give advice. So better Viola harmony Swan Bala. He said, What's wrong? Oh, humble, and humble. A lot of the a lot one we played and he said, Natha Hamada humbler, has committed hypocrisy. This is a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that he has committed hypocrisy. So buckle up your loved one said to him, why orphan Bala? What has made you what has

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caused you to commit hypocrisy? so humble are the one who replied and he said, when I am in the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I feel that my email is extremely strong. It is extremely high. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about death. And he speaks about your karma. And he speaks about gender and now paradise and how fire as if we can see them in front of our eyes. And my email is extremely strong, I feel that I am connected to Allah. But then I leave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I leave his company. And I go back to my family, to my wife and my children. I go back to my job and my business. And I go back to the dunya our normal

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daily routine, normal, everyday life. And so then I feel that my email that was strong, becomes weak, that Amanda was high, goes low. And so I feel because of the structure in state that I commit hypocrisy, Abubakar rhodiola, one of the greatest Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the most beloved of companions to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he heard this from humble and he said, By Allah, I feel exactly the same way that you feel humble Allah, what you experience I experience. So let us go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and mentioned this to him. So the two of them Abubakar on hands on when to seek the profits on the long run, he

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will sell them and as they were approaching the profits on a low rd, he will sell them the profits on the lower and he will send them looked at humbler and he too could see that there was something distressing him something perturbing and something that wasn't right. And so he said something along with it, he will send them what's wrong or handwara. And hamdulillah said naffaa, humble Allah, or messenger of Allah, I have committed hypocrisy.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, Why, what has caused you to commit hypocrisy, and again, humble of your loved one went through that same description of how his Eman increases and decreases how it goes from high to low. He said O Messenger of Allah when I'm in your company, and you speak about death and Yama, Yama, Jen and now I feel my email extremely strong. But then I go back to my family. I go back to my wife and my children my job and the Eman becomes law. So big

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Because of this, I feel that I have committed hypocrisy. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, 200 Allah, and he said to Abu Bakr, and by extension, He then said to me and you, he said 100 Allah, if your Eman was always so strong as it is when you are in my company, then the angels of a love themselves would descend from the heavens to the earth, and they would come and they would greet you and shake your hands. They would greet you in your house, or they would reach you on your mattress, and they would reach you when you're walking the streets. While I can Johann Bara, Sarah tomasa bro hawala. Remember that there is a time for this. And there was a time for that. The

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spiritual hub is about profits on the long run, and he will send them in which the profits on the lower end he will send them acknowledges an issue that all of us face every single one of us sitting here today, we go through exactly the same experience, the same emotions that held a lot of your loved one who went through and if people like harmala, and people like Abubakar have

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felt this type of fluctuating state of Eman, then what about me and you? It is a fact that demand increases and decreases. It is part of our belief and our attitude that we believe that Eman increases and decreases Allah describes in the Eman as being something which increases so therefore by default, they can also decrease. And we know this even from a logical point of view. If one of us was to go to Saudi Arabia to Mecca and Medina go and make the law for ammo for Hajj and you're praying in Mecca and Medina. That type of imagine that you feel the atmosphere that you're in how connected you feel to Allah is different from the way that you are when you're at work. When you're

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at university, when you're at school, when you're with your family and so on and so forth. In the month of Ramadan, we find that people because of the month that they're in the virtues, the Blissett nature of the month, they increase in their a bother to Allah, they increase in the worship, the increase in the man presser as the trumpet of lead is blown. As soon as people finish them until Ramadan, we find that all of their ibadah stops all of that act of worship all of that prayer and fasting, reciting the war and charity all comes to an end. And so imagine increases and decreases. And that's why the profits on the lower end he will sell them from his mercy, from his gentleness

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from his wisdom he acknowledge this fact that there will be times for this and times for that times when your Eman is strong times when it goes weak. So therefore, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the question isn't whether your Eman will increase or decrease? The question isn't whether sometimes you will feel that you are more connected to Allah than other times. But the real question that we need to focus on the real problem that we need a solution for is how when we are in times of low demand and times when our email is decreasing. How do we build our email? Again? How do we increase our Eman? How do we boost our email in those times, because when your email is low, and you

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feel disconnected from Allah and shared bond and his whisperings overcoming you, and whatever other situations that you may be dealing with are overpowering you that is the time of danger, that is when shade bond can overcome you. That is when you lose the will to Allah that is when you start to sin and disobey Allah that is the time of danger. So therefore, how do you overcome that lull, that period, that low period when your Eman is decreasing? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to us many, many ways in which we can increase our demand. And in fact, every type of good deed, every type of act of worship, every type of goodness is a way of increasing your Eman. If a

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person was to go and make a home run every week or every month, that would increase the demand for another person was to memorize the whole on with a reverse that you memorize your demand increases every act of goodness will lead to an increase in E man. But what I want to focus on today, as one of the solutions to this problem is what the prophet SAW Allah What are they he was sitting them said to us in another beautiful Hadith, and that is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in what is collected by the Muslim minister here and narrated by nomadic robiola, one that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Salah

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he was a man, three things, if you have them when you find them, then you will taste the sweetness of Eman And I'm focusing on this hadith because the three things that the prophet SAW Allah Allah He will send them all mentioned to us.

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In this howdy don't take from you any type of physical activity, nor do they take from you any type of financial strain, nor do they take from you any type of memorization or for you to travel to one place or another. All of these things that the profits are lower and he will send them will mention our actions of the heart, things that you can do between yourself and Allah, things that you need to change internally. Yet the reward of them is so great, the virtue of them is so great that with them you will taste the sweetness of a man. And yes, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, there is a sweet taste to demand. And that's why shareholders don't even look at me or akima Hello Darla would

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see that just as there is a gender a garden, a power dies in the next life, there is also a gender in this life. And in order for you to enter the gender of the next life, you must first enter into the gender of this life. What is the gender of this life? It is to be able to taste the sweetness of the man to enjoy worshiping Allah too long to meet a loss of Hannah hautala to look forward to prostrating and placing your head on the ground because you know that in that prostration you come closer to Allah than in any other position, that longing, that enjoyment, that sweetness, that is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had, and that is why even though a lot forgave him for

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all of his sins, he would still worship Allah the way that he would worship him. That's why people like Abu Bakar and Armand on earth man and it even though they will devotee Jenna, they will still worship Allah still perform good deeds still increase in the acts of worship. Why? Because they tasted the sweetness of a man. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he describes a man in Oregon, he describes it as a goodly tree, a tree that is beneficial. And one of the greatest benefits of a tree is the sweet fruit that it gives the fruit that has a sweetness to the way that it tastes. Allah says in the Koran, and I'm Tara key for durable low, methyl and Kelly Martin Blakey

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about kashia Ratan Eva.

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sama to to cola cola Hainan begins near obeah a loss of sports for you a parable an example of the goodly word. What is that good word? It is the essence of Eman La ilaha illAllah that is the only word. The example of that word is like the good tree, that his roots are deep in the ground. And its branches which up to the skies. Allah says then to do Kula Hakuna Hainan begins in europea tree gives up its fruit in every single season. That is the benefit of that tree. You don't have to wait just for the autumn, or the summer or the spring to take that fruit. It is a seasonal stream, a tree that gives up its food every single season of the year, every single month whenever you want it, you

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take from it. And that is what a man should do for you. That is what he meant to be that when you feel low in a man, you know that to increase it you can take and pluck from the fruit of the tree of a man whenever and wherever you need it. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to us these three things. Now I don't have much time to go into detail all of them and to go through a single one of these three points would be a hook but if not more in and of itself, but I will give you a brief glimpse, just so that inshallah we can be more attune to these three things. But then each and every single one of us after this football needs to go back and reflect and

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ponder, contemplate over what the prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam is saying to us. Because from the beauty of Islam, from the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada is not a large, doesn't just mention a problem to us, doesn't just depict for us an issue that we may face without giving the solution. Often, in the problems that we face in our lives. People give us problems. They always mentioned problems, but very few people come up with solutions, but a large religion has never given us a text. never mention a calamity or a problem, except that with it, you have it solution. So this is the solution to this problem. The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam said three things that if you

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do them, you will taste the sweetness of Eman. Number one akuna la hora, soooooo la massima Houma that Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are more beloved to you than anything and everything else, that Allah and His Prophet SAW Allah Allah He will send them are more beloved to you than anything and everything else. Now this seems like a very common sense type of issue. There's not a single Muslim that you will go to except that he will

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Make this claim that I love Allah, that I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that I love them more than my family and my children or my spouse, or my parents, and everything and everyone else. But the reality is not in the speech of the team. The reality is in the action, in the way that we see, the way that we ourselves are before we look at anyone else, the way our worship is of Allah, the way that we dress and act as Muslims, the way that we speak the way our character is the way that we perform an act as ambassadors of Islam, that shows clearly for everyone, but before everyone else for you and me, ourselves, to know whether Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam are more beloved to us than anything and everything else. Because if they were more beloved to us than anything and everything else, then every time we had a verse of the Quran that told us to do something, or prohibited us from something, or we either had either ordered us to do something or stay away from something, then we will just submit to it. We just act and we'd submit, no ifs, no buts, no questions, no maybes, no perhaps we would just admit, just as the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a verse of the Quran was recited, or when the commandment came from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, it didn't make sense to them, it was implausible in

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their minds, that they would delay it. When the verse of hijab was revealed, Aaron shall have the right hand has says that the women would go and take from their long shorts and they would rip up pieces of cloth to put them over their head. Didn't say wait till tomorrow, we'll go and find a tailor go and find some type of clothing, go and look at some type of designs and colors. Immediately. When the verse of the Quran was revealed about alcohol and receiving medical the loved one says that the streets of Medina were flowing with wine, because everyone was just spinning at the line was tomorrow go and find a safe place to go and deposit this maybe I can sell it to maybe I

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can use some use it for some other reason. Or perhaps I misunderstood or I didn't hear. When the verse came the table was changing from Jerusalem to Makkah, in the middle attain there were people who were playing. And when they heard that verse being recited in the prayer, the change from Jerusalem to Makkah, didn't say perhaps we misheard. We'll finish the prayer, go check with the processor alum, come back, we know immediately submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is what a lot of that is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying, that's point number one. That is what we gain from the lives of the companions, that they will submit to Allah Subhana

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Allah to Allah. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was speaking about his oma, he acknowledged that it would be difficult. It is difficult to always perform every action on Islam, because people around you may dislike it, people around you may frown, or look down upon you. People may come and people may look at your appearance and look at you in a funny way. People when the way that you pray to a large village, they may see things and do things. But that is the challenge. That is the test. That is the testament of your love for Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's why the profits on the low end he was sending them was once with his

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companions in a graveyard. And he said to him, oh, he said out loud. He said to the companions, that I longed to meet my brothers. I longed to meet my brothers. They said, O Messenger of Allah, are we not your brothers? We're right here. We're standing here. Are we not your brothers? He said, No, you are my companions. My brothers are those people who will come after me after I have died. And they have not seen me nor did they speak to me, nor did they hear from me, but they will believe in me and they will follow me. That is the description of being above of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you didn't hear him, didn't speak to him, didn't see him, didn't sit with him, didn't

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shake his hand, didn't have any interaction with him, yet you still believe in Him, and you still follow his way some Allah it will sell them. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam acknowledged knowledge that that would be extremely difficult, because he went on and he said, for one of those people, his brothers to hold on to this religion would be like holding on to red hot coals. And it is difficult if you were to take a red hot coal and place it in the palm of your hand, then it would be extremely painful. And your natural desire or inclination would be to let go because the pain is unbearable, but the test is to continue to hold on. And this is obviously a

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metaphorical example. that not every single action in Islam is what your desires want, is what your soul would like to do. No one wants to wake up in the morning and wake up at 5:43am difficult for a person to do. No one wants to make a door with cold water because

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Cuz the boilers taking too long, and it's not heating up the water, no one wants to fast 1718 hours in the long hot summer because that's when the month of Ramadan comes. No one wants to be with three 4 million Hajaj pilgrims in Sydney in a single place making the off everyone's pushing and shoving. It's difficult, but you sacrifice for that love that you have for Allah and for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when you have that, then you begin to taste the sweetness of Eman. The second point of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in this Hadith, and you hit Balmoral law you have bought in law, the law that you love someone and you only love them for the

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sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala often we have friendships. Everyone here has people that they consider to be friends and acquaintances, relatives, family, we all have relationships, but how many of them are only for the sake of Allah? No dunya no business no fun, not because they will he buy blood and you're stuck with them, not because you need their money. So you're being nice to them. So you can open your business, not because you just happen to grow up with them, or they live next door to you and they your neighbors, so you're polite to them, know, your friendship with them. Your relationship with them is only for the sake of Allah. And that is the relationship that benefits you

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in this life and it will benefit you on normal piano and that's why Allah subhana wa tada Allah says in the Quran, Allah Yama is embarrassed only back then I don't jump in there on the Day of Judgment, even the best of friends, they will be enemies one to another, except for the people of taqwa, except for those people who are piety, except for those people who their relationship was based upon that love for Allah and that love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's why the prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam informed us on that man was traveling to another village, only to meet a brother of his for the sake of Allah. So Allah sent to that man, an angel in the form of a

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man. And that angel in the form of a man said to him, where are you going? I'm going to the village to meet a brother of mine. He said, Is it because you have a business dealing? You need some money? Or maybe he owes you money? The man said, No, he said, perhaps because a marriage you want to get married to someone there? He wants to get married someone from your family? He said, No. He said, perhaps there's some other business donor related issue. He said, No. Then Justin, why are you going? He said only because I love him for the sake of Allah. So the angel said, know that I am an angel that Allah sent to you. And Allah says that just as you love your brother for the sake of

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Allah, then Allah also loves you. That is the virtue and the beauty of loving someone only for the sake of Allah. And when you have that friendship and that relationship, that person won't be shy, they won't hold back when they see that your Eman is weak and it's low, they will hold back when they see that you're sinning and disobeying Allah, they won't hold back when they see that you're not fulfilling your obligations to Allah subhana wa Tada. They will remind you, and they won't care whether you get upset or embarrassed, they will advise you because they love you for the sake of Allah. It's not just your friendship that thereafter it's not your money or some type of other

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worthy benefit. It is for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala barakallahu li whether it was soon when apparently we Murphy human hikma, Apollo Max marone was

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in the hotel.

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Smaller, he was

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he was a woman welder seldom at the Sleeman kathira mouth. The third point that the prophets of Allah He will seldom mentioned is the research on the LaGuardia He will send them an

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Now, that a person should dislike that they should return to go for after Mars which will save them from it, just as they should, despite that, a lot of throw them into the fire of help. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah has bestowed upon us so many blessings, so many blessings, that if we were to try to count and enumerate them, we would fall way short, for way of tomorrow. Why? Because there are so many blessings of Allah. And before you look around you before you look at the universal equation of Allah, if you were to only look at yourself, and the blessings that Allah has placed within your own body, that enough would be sufficient in showing you

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how great and vast the favors and waste of Allah upon us. We can't even enumerate the blessings in our own body. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a man will come on yo piano, and that man will say, this man in the dunya All he did was worship Allah

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From the moment that he reached out of hold on to the moment he died, all he did was worship Allah. So he will come in. And he will say, Oh Allah, on this day, I want to be rewarded according to my actions, not because of your mercy, a whole life of worship, I want to be rewarded in accordance to my actions. So Allah will take that lifetime of worship and rabada and place it on one side of the scale, and in the opposite side of the scale or lower piece, or one of the blessings that he bestowed upon that man. And when the scale is available, things are placed on the scale, it will be seen, the whole lifetime of worship was only equal to half the blessing of eyesight, solely was

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equal to before hearing and speaking and touching, and every other blessing, only equal to have the blessing of eyesight, the fact that you can see and you don't even need to think about sin. You don't even have to consciously program yourself to see what you've seen from the moment that you're born, until probably the moment that you will die is such a great blessing that our lifetime of worship will not equated. So the man when he will see this, he will say, Oh Allah, I want your mercy I want your mercy. So Allah will enter him into Jenna through His mercy subhana wa Tada. That is the blessings that Allah has placed upon us, when you realize that you acknowledge that blessing of

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Allah, and all of those favors of a lot but the greatest of which is that Allah guided you to Islam, to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah guide you to the Quran, and to the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you recognize and acknowledge that blessing, that will be a sign of your Eman that will allow you to taste the sweetness of a man that will put in for you things into perspective that will give you a vision and goal in your life. It will show you what you need to do in this dunya. To know that and to remember to consciously be aware of the fact that is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is informing this out. So my dear brothers and sisters in

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Islam, these are three simple things in the sense that they don't require any money. They don't require to travel they don't require any physical exertion on your part. But they're also extremely difficult because they require a loss upon avatar lead to favor us with His blessings subhana wa tada even though they seem simple in the way that we say them, to achieve them, to to get our hearts to, to attract knowledge and embrace these concepts. It is extremely difficult, requires a lot of striving requires you to fight against your desires and the whispers of shapen. But it is a start, when you begin to acknowledge these three things, and you work towards them. That a lot is profits

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and a lot while he was selling them a more beloved to you than anything and everything else, that you love someone and you only love them for the sake of Allah. And then you dislike to leave this religion just as you dislike to be thrown in the fire will count as the loss of Hannah without tada with his most beautiful names. And his most lofty attributes that he gives us the ability to increasingly man that he makes us from amongst those people who are constantly close to him subhana wa Taala and that he gives us the ability to love Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and make them more beloved to us than anything else, that he makes us have those people around us we

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only love them for the sake of Allah and that Allah gives us the ability to acknowledge his blessings and to recognize his favors. And then Allah subhana wa tada enters a small into June in July a mobile app they will tell you that

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it will tell you about the

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