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Why the heart breaks

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Yasmin Mogahed

Channel: Yasmin Mogahed

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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See, the heart was created with a very particular nature and for a very particular purpose, when you fail to use any created thing, for the very purpose for which it was created, it breaks. It drowns, it starves, it dies, the heart was created by and for God. The heart was created to know and love God. The heart was created to be given to God to be filled with God. The heart that is given to or filled by any other thing suffers the most painful impoverishment, and death.

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The human heart is like a boat in the ocean of dunya. The boat that allows the oceans water to enter breaks and then drowns the human heart that allows this dunya to enter breaks and drowns, and becomes owned, owned by this life, owned by our gadgets, our Facebook, our jobs, the distractions, the fashion trends, the marketing tools, the money, the power, the status. The heart that is owned by this life, is a prisoner of the worst kind. The heart that is owned by any other master than the master of masters is the weakest of all slaves. That is true oppression, true death, true poverty.