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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah everyone. Welcome. Today is a really big day and today as you can see, we have a sada with us already Alhamdulillah Rahmani C'mon play sada, how you doing today?

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I'm doing great. Are you? Are you feeling right now? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you stressed? Are you happy?

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Probably a little bit of everything, all everything you just mentioned.

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I see a few 100 people have rushed in and gotten ready with us at 100 a lot for our exciting announcements. I know, of course, we're starting off with your speech or your discussion today. And why can I get what I want, followed by a really exciting launch announcement. I'm sure you some of you have guesses Feel free to drop them in the chat as you're coming in. And of course, introduce yourself, say your salaams let us know where you're coming in from as we warm up, inshallah for today's session with isata it was that I'm super excited for your talk, any gems, any kind of hints that you can give us in terms of what we're going to be talking about? And then while we're

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guessing, well, um, I'll say this, it's gonna be big inshallah. So I know that's a really big clue there, but it's gonna be big in Sha, Allah insha Allah. I'll let you guys kind of pipe into the comments and we'll see what you guys are guessing so far in sha Allah. Welcome to everybody coming in from Facebook, from YouTube. And from the elbridge Press page. Welcome to all of you. We're super excited to have you with us for the exciting announcement today. Take a moment right now if you know friends or family members who'd benefit from just the topic itself and who would be excited with you make sure you tag them in the comments as we warm up and we get started for status talk. It's lovely

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to see the names coming in. Now don't mind me I think it's gonna I'm Welcome to up there we go. Excuse me while it loads sephia Welcome psara, happier Okasha, Masha Allah, a new channel. Good, good, good one. Not not so much NAS moon Fozia humara Welcome. Welcome to all of you who are typing into the chat. We're warming up for just a couple of seconds as we let everyone join because we don't want anybody to miss out. As we start getting, getting getting started officially for the talk. Then you're going to have a SATA talk for about 15 or so minutes and also get warmed up, get ready, get your snacks, anything that you need to sort out make sure you're running out right now.

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And then we'll jump right into it with azada in a few minutes. Oh, new book in Okay, good good guests. But I don't think so close though, and having that a lot of big Honestly, I can tell you having just found out recently, it's probably going to be the highlight of your 2020 I think this is one of the few things that has saved the year and I'm excited especially for those who've been following you sada for like years and years and years and who've been you know, jumping to YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and trying to chase every bit of jam every content that they can find. I think this will be a blessing for them to have this resource and to have this exciting announcement

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so I hopefully I didn't give too much away with that inshallah it's 4:32pm I know in the UK Mashallah you guys are tuning in quite late. It's 930 to four you may Allah reward you for spending that extra time and staying up late for us. And we're so excited to kick off in just a few minutes. With estado Salah, how's your day been going so far overall? Well, actually, it's been really good and hamdullah I had the opportunity of actually attending some virtual conferences. So there's a lot going on this weekend. So I was really happy to be an attendee myself. I got to listen to a really great talk by shake. I'm done.

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I think his his name is he's a he's a professor in Cambridge. I've been hacking Moodle, and he was amazing. Mashallah. So I learned a lot from his talk. So I really enjoyed that. And I'm just, it's just getting to be memorable over here. So we're five hours because I'm on the east coast. You're in Toronto, right. So yeah, so same timezone. But you're I think a lot colder right now has it hasn't snowed yet. Unfortunately, it's been a little blizzard. It's been a little. I don't know where you guys are coming in from I'm sure the tropical peeps are going to rub it in, in just a bit. But Uh hum. The lights been snow tire season. Oh, wow. So this

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time we had an unconventional konar is convention. So it was it was online. But typically, I'm usually in Toronto at this time. Because of the convention. I saw everyone streams, you know, honestly, it's nice to hear. You're just talking that you were learning it listening to lectures and stuff like that. It's nice to hear that our speakers are also students at the same time and have the same kind of passion for elevating their knowledge and consistently upgrading their Deen as well. So that's awesome. I know. We're just a couple seconds and there's so many of you who've joined us Welcome. Welcome.

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Have you joined us since we kicked off? And we're so happy to have you with hamdulillah? For this exciting talk? Why can I get what I want with this other USB image I had followed by an exciting launch announcement. Thank you so much. For those of you who are tuning in, keep typing into the chat, keep sharing, and liking and we are about to get started officially with this data. You can continue to guess in the comments. You won't give it away until we're ready to launch it. But at hamdullah it's ready, it's been prepared. There's been a lot of love, a lot of heart that's been put into it. And we're so excited for you to fall in love with it as much as we have is that I won't

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steal any more of your stage and I'm gonna pass it off to you to jump into the talk. And then I'll be with you in just a few minutes. All right, does that go off here? hafsa salaam alaikum everyone. Thank you for joining out the villa him in a shape on a regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while and he was savage mine. Rubbish rally Sabri westerly Omri wa Hello, Okta, melissani of Hong Kong, it is an honor to be able to virtually connect with all of you from literally various parts of the world that hamdulillah. And it is actually such a blessing that we have this opportunity to speak and to connect, despite the distance that we have between us and some

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of the restrictions that we currently have. So I want to inshallah, jump right in. This is a question I think, pretty much every single one of us has asked at some point in our lives. And this is a question I actually devote an entire chapter to in my book, reclaiming your heart, why can't I get what I want? I think it's a question that, you know, since we were young, at different different sort of stages of our life, we've wondered this, we want to get what we want, right? You know, the heart wants, what the heart wants. And sometimes I think that there are several reasons why we we stumble on this question, I'm going to begin by kind of talking about some some really important

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fundamental definitions. I think that before we can understand these kind of big questions of, you know, why don't things work out the way I want? And, and why do bad things happen to good people? These are really huge questions, which, which, obviously, we can't, you know, talk about and, and, and, and explain fully, you know, in a few minutes, and and it's not, it's something that in order for us to even begin to understand or be begin to, to grasp, we have to have certain definitional fundamentals in place. So there are a few things I want to start with to make sure that we're all on the same page when it comes to these questions. The first is that the definition of good and bad I

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think this is extremely important that we that we clarify what it means. Because to each person, a good thing, you know, one, one event might might be considered good in someone's eyes, and might be considered the worst thing ever in someone else's eyes. And so the definition of good and bad for me, may not be the same as someone else. So now there's sort of a subjective understanding of what's a good thing, and what's a bad thing, but I want to step back and actually look at the objective sort of capital good capital G, and, and bad capital B, you know, that the higher and and the and the opposite of Clyde or something that is that is shutter as as we would we would describe it in

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the court. And so now when we talk about the sort of objective good and bad, that's completely different than these the subjective. So the objective good and bad has a different definition than the subjective good and bad, where I think something is good for me. It may or may not be and you might think it's good for me, or you may think it's bad for me and it may or may not be, but the objective good and bad has a very, very specific definition and that is this anything that brings us closer to our objective, ultimate purpose is good for us capital G. In other words, it is quite quite or the the objective type of fund you know, fundamental goodness, and anything that takes me

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away from my ultimate purpose, my ultimate objective is going to be bad for me for sure. Okay. So, first off, we have these definitions, anything that brings me closer to my objective or my ultimate purpose is good capital G, and anything that takes me away from my ultimate purpose or my ultimate objective is bad, capital B or shut. Now the question is, what is my ultimate purpose? What is it that is my fundamental objective of existence and that is also answered

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Clearly in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala says, we're now haluk to Jinnah. Well, in inelia, Boone, Allah subhanaw taala tells us the objective of our existence. This isn't just the objective of our time on this earth. But the objective of our existence of our creation. Alyssa pannacotta clearly defines as I have not, Allah says, I have not created jinn and human beings for any other purpose. So here, it's important to note that the structure of this area begins with a negation when mahala to Jean Noah ins In other words, a lot is saying that we have not created jinn and human beings for any purpose, right for anything. And then Allah introduces the exception, which is, which

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is which is introduced with the Arabic word Illa. Illa means except, so you're beginning by a negation, which which, which creates a totally clean slate. So there's no other confusion. So there can't be any other, you know, competing objective, right, you have a clean piece of paper. And so it was saying, we have not created human and human beings for any purpose. There is no purpose in that now, the inla except the only one singular purpose, and this structure is used in other places in the court and to give an exceptional type of statement, in order for you to understand that it is only for this, right it can't be any other thing. And and you find that the internet here what is

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the exception here, that we have not created Jenin human beings for any purpose, except a Buddha yet except to worship Allah subhanaw taala to know God, to love God to devote ourselves and our lives to God, what does it mean? What is the Buddha? What does it lead Yabu really mean? And what does it have to do with the question of why can't I get what I want? Well, actually, it has everything to do with that question, because this defines our ultimate purpose. That's why we're here that is our ultimate objective of creation, and therefore, anything that is aiding that objective, anything that is bringing me closer to that purpose is in fact good for me capital G, even when it does not appear

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to be good in my subjective understanding, it is good for me in the in the ultimate sense, because it is bringing me closer to my objective. Now what is mobile data? What does it mean to be asked to Allah subhanaw taala? What does it mean to, to say that I am Abdullah, by the way, this was actually the most, the biggest honor is for us, for the prophets ally send them to be called a Abbott's to be called the slave of God. And this is the biggest honor that we can have as human beings is to is to be a slave of our Creator. Now, the moment you hear the word slave, most people, if they're familiar with history, and with the English language, slave is not typically a very positive term, it's, it's

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very, it's connected with a lot of very negative it's there's a lot of negative connotation to the word slave. Normally, we hear the word slave, we think of someone who is chained up someone who is who is oppressed, someone who is not free, right, that's how we think of slaves. But what is a very, very interesting and ironic, in fact, is that the slave of Allah subhanaw taala is in fact, the one who is the most free. Now that sounds counterintuitive, right? But in fact, when we enslave ourselves to the one Lord, to a law to God, we've actually freed ourselves, the person who is the most free is the one who has enslaved themselves to God most completely. And, and the reason for

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that is that a loss of Hannah Tyler is and Ladd, for example, one of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala is the most just therefore, when I enslave Myself to him, then it allows me to live a life of justice. Unless a panel with eila is a watchmen and Rahim he is the source of all mercy he is He is the Most Merciful and he is the source of all mercy. So when I enslave myself to the Most Merciful, it allows me to live a life of mercy and every attribute of Allah subhanaw taala when I enslave Myself to him, then I am given from the

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attribute every divine attribute is is something all of these beautiful attributes of Allah subhanaw taala are all things that we want things that we crave love, and you know justice, mercy, sufficiency, Allah Subhana, palletized and carefree, we know that every single need that we have as human beings is fulfilled through a loss of panel Tyler, but it all has to do with how much are we able to enslave ourselves to Him. So, when I say that my purpose is to enslave myself to Allah subhanaw taala then what that means is that any event in my life, anything that I am given or anything that is taken, now, this is very deep, because sometimes I am brought closer to Allah, or I

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am brought closer to my purpose through what appears to be deprivation. So sometimes it is by Allah taking from me, that I am actually brought closer to my purpose.

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But this on the outside appears to be something bad. For example, if we look at the example of qarun in the Quran, now, Harun is a man who Allah subhanaw taala blessed with money, he blessed him with so much money, and so much, you know, property he had so much that he owned, that it was actually it was actually difficult for, for the for many people to carry all of his Well, it's his how he he was described in the end as being extremely wealthy. And he was given so much. And he used to walk among the people showing it off, right? Almost like a red carpet type of moment, right? And then he had people yet spectators, people looking at him and saying, oh, wow, look at what he has, we wish we

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had what he has, you know, kind of that type of thing that we see with, you know, the celebrity worship type of culture. And so these people are looking at him, and they're wishing they had what he had. And there was a second group of people. So Allah describes these people, as those who sought this life, the people who desire the life of this world. And then there was a second group of people who Allah subhanaw taala gave knowledge to those people looked at courtroom, and they saw through the glitter. And they advised him to be grateful and to be humble. And his answer to them was in NEMA ot to who Allah eliminated, that indeed, I got all of this from a knowledge in me. He took

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credit for his gifts. And so Allah subhanaw taala continues in the story and tells us what became a cartoon that actually cartoon was destroyed it Allah tells us that he and his house were destroyed. And then we're told that after that, the people who wished that they had what he had, were grateful that they were never given what he was given. So now when we examine this story, and Allah does not ever tell us stories, just to entertain us, Allah tells us stories, because they are lessons for us. When we examine the story, we recognize that sometimes when we get what we want, it isn't good for us. And in the case of quadroon, he had what he wanted, right? He had wealthy at all of these

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possessions. But was it actually good for him, in fact, getting what he wanted turned out to be the cause of his destruction, because it actually ruined him. And for many people, this is what wealth for example does, but not just wealth, but sometimes it's an other gifts of Allah subhanaw taala. So sometimes, Allah subhanaw taala with holes in order to protect us, sometimes Allah does not give us what we want, because he knows that if he gave us what we wanted, it would ruin us. It would destroy us. And Allah knows best. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of Al Baqarah, whassa and Takahashi and we'll have a higher level. It might be that you hate something, and it is good for you, Lhasa

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and to hibou Shea and wahoo a heightened level. And it might be that you love something and it is bad for you. Well, luckily I never went to that Allah moon. And Allah knows and you do not know. This is the essential concept we have to absorb is that a law knows and we do not know. Sometimes we very badly want something, but it is actually harmful for us. I want to just give an analogy to sort of explain this idea. Imagine a child so imagine you have a two year old and the two

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A world sees you cutting with a knife. Okay? And as everyone who's ever interacted with a toddler knows, they want to do everything that they see you do, right? So when the toddler sees you cutting with a knife, what does the toddler want? The toddler in that moment only wants one thing. And that is the knife. And if and that toddler, anyone who's dealt with children knows that when the toddler puts something in their mind that they want that it will be the end of the world unless you give it right. So that toddler wants the knife, that toddler is determined to get the knife, because the toddler thinks that this is what you're doing. And therefore the toddler wants the same. Maybe the

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toddler thinks that this is a toy, it's going to make him or her very happy. So the toddler has their eyes on the knife. Now, the question is this, if you give that toddler what he or she wants, what what's going to happen to the to the child, and everyone knows that if you give a child a knife, no matter how badly they want it, all they're going to do is is hurt themselves, all they're going to do is cut themselves, they can even kill themselves without knowing it. And this is what happens sometimes with a muscle panel data we so badly want the knife was so badly want that thing, whatever that thing is, maybe it's being with a specific person, marrying a specific person having a

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specific job or getting a specific specific position, whatever it is, that we so badly want, and everybody wants different things, right. But sometimes, that thing that we want so badly is a knife. And it is a lustful, panatela, who knows that it is a knife. Whereas from our perspective, we're just like that child, that's what I want. And that's what I want, right? And and it's the heart wants what the heart ones, but for that child, the heart wants the knife. But that does not mean that it is good for the child. And so when we ask this question of why can I get what I want, it's extremely important that we recognize that alumnos and we don't know, there are times when we want

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things that will not be good for us. Now on the other hand, and inshallah I want to wrap up, on the other hand,

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sometimes we really, really hate something, we really hate the way something is working out or the way you know, an a certain outcome that has come to happen, right has has come to be and we don't want it. And sometimes

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a loss of high note Island knows that that is, is good for us. Sometimes, it is bitter medicine, but it is curing us. And you know, you know, right now we're having a lot of debate, for example, about this, this COVID vaccine, right. And without getting into any of this debate, let's just imagine that there was a cure for COVID forget about the vaccine for a second. But imagine that there was a cure. Right? And, and, and the cure, you know, it was 100% effective. You know, it wasn't, it wasn't going to have any any side effects. And it was going to cure you right? Now, if a person is ill. But imagine that I tell you that in order to get that cure, you have to be prick, you have to have a

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needle prick, right? So you're gonna have to endure a certain limited amount of pain. Right? And but that that needle is going to give you the cure to the sickness. So now the question is, what are you going to say? Well, as an adult who understands the full situation, you're going to look at that and say it's worth it, right? You know, this is the cure, it's going to save my life. Yes, I'm going to endure a you know, unlimited amount of pain. But that is medicine that's going to save my life, right? And adults can see that. But now imagine taking a child, no concept of what COVID is no concept of what the cure is no concept of what the medicine is. And now you try to convince that

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child to be to allow you to give them or to to to prick them with a needle to give them that that that medicine. What is the child going to do? The child doesn't understand. So what's the response of the child anger, you know, very, very, very, sort of like,

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aggressively pushing away the needle, right? But what the child doesn't understand is that they are also pushing away the cure. They're also pushing away medicine. And now this is exactly what sometimes happens to us in our lives. Allah subhanaw taala sometimes it gives us things in our lives gives us situations in our lives, experiences in our lives, people. Sometimes it's sometimes the needle

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is a person in your life.

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But within that needle is a medicine within that needle is a cure. And that medicine and that cure actually is making us stronger. It is actually intended to save us, it is not intended to destroy us. So one could say that that child never wanted the needle. The child never wanted the cure, but the cure saved the child. And sometimes you have to give it to the child. And it is your mercy and love for the child that will force that child to get the cure, even if the child doesn't want. Now Allah subhanaw taala is high above any analogy and Alissa panel data has more mercy for us than a mother does for her own child. And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala gives us needles in our lives,

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they come in different forms, they come in forms of things we don't like. Sometimes they come in the form of pain, sometimes they come in the form of loss, sometimes they come in the form of people, that that that that that enter our lives, that become a trial for us. But within the the needle of that situation, is actually a cure, to make us stronger, and to actually allow us to overcome and to come out of that situation stronger and better than we were before. So it's really, if you take a step back, it's about looking at the entire experience in the situation, from the lens of the adult who understands the full picture rather than the lens of the child who only sees the pain we if we

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if we are able to step back, and to look at the big picture of what is our ultimate purpose? And is Allah soprano Dinah giving us the situation to make us stronger and to help us and to save us rather than looking at it as Allah subhanaw taala would depriving us or Allah subhanaw taala or hurting us? And so it really has to do with changing our understanding of who Allah subhanaw taala is and what our ultimate purpose in fact is a cool nicoli Heather was stuck Romani Welcome innovaphone Rahim. subhanak Hello, behandlar cash haddow na, na ILA in the end, I stopped at Aqua to blue lake.

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Zach parasolid. That was like a big heaping bowl of heart food right there. I'll be honest, when I read the topic, I was like, this sounds like kind of like a self centered topic. I wonder how we're going from this. And I think all of you who, who've experienced this so far, now you get it. 100 in law, just like law fair for that, I think I saw that you've kind of built kind of a legacy of helping Muslims who struggle with, you know, the way that we look at our problems and the way that we face them, and especially coming from places of difficulty and trauma, just reconnecting and rebuilding that relationship with a law that ultimately just solves all the problems that have now

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that we have in our lives. So I've had enough for that Jazakallah fair for the amazing talk. I do have a couple of questions for you. Before we kind of tease you guys into the big announcement that's coming up in Sharla. And I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget. But a crucial one that comes to mind immediately is how do we learn to give up that control? Like how do we find that balance of not doing anything and let a law just take care of our lives. I have some friends who are like, you know, I'm not going to do anything. I'm just going to get let alone do everything for me. Oh, and of course, tying our camels and moving ourselves forward and actually contributing to our success. How

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do we find that balance? Really, really important question. So I think I'll begin by asking this question, why do we pray? Why do we fast? Why do we give a cat? And the answer to all of these questions is one thing? Because Allah said so because Allah told us to why do we wear hijab? You know, sometimes we have all these debates of like, what, why hijab? Can I be modest? If I, you know, can I still be modest and not wear hijab? Well, that's actually irrelevant, ultimately, because we wear hijab for the same reason we pray for the same reason we fast. It's because Allah said so. And so really, it goes back to that concept of a Buddha right of, of enslaving myself to a law and

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thereby freeing myself from the slavery to any other thing. That's essentially what Obadiah is. And so, when we look at that, when we look at why is it that we do these things, it's because of our setup. Now, that brings me to the question of, why should I tie my camel right? What does it mean to tie my camel so so the reference comes from a situation where there was a companion, and he was not tying his camel. He told the prophets I send them that the reason he was not tying his camel is because he had trust in a light

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had to work right. So now here the prophets I seldom uses it as a teaching moment and he says a akima whatever can tie your camel and at the same time put your trust in God in Allah subhanaw taala. So what is this mean? What this means in our life is that we, yes, we know that it is a low sensor, it's it's a lot of sense provision in our life. But we are also commanded to go out and seek a job, right? We don't just sit you know, at home on our couch and say a low will send the risk to our door. Can Allah do that? Yes, of course he can. Right. But it is actually part of our warship to go out and seek a job because that's it's part of the commandment of Allah subhana wa tada and His

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messenger that we we take the means is called s bed. ASVAB is the tools the means. And in this case, it would be to go out to seek a job to put out your resume to go and do interviews. That is part of taking the means and it is part of our obligation. Just like we have to pray just like we have to fast part of our obligation is seeking the means is going out and doing our part doing our job. Now I'm just going to quickly give you two examples of that, that we have in our you know, chronic tradition. One of them is example of Musashi is set up when he's standing in front of the Red Sea. And he has the the superpower army coming behind him Pharaoh and in front of him. He has this this

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huge obstacle which is the Red Sea, right? And so at this point, obviously, it looks like he's trapped right philomath or a Gemini, Paula has problems in elementary school, that the people have Moosa said we're going to be overtaken right then he is in are starting to, you know, panic. And then moose I call a killer in my IRA beside him. He said no, by no means, indeed My Lord is with me. And He will guide me through this, he will get me through this. So we know that musala his Salaam had this perfect type of telecon in that situation. But now look what comes next. Allah soprano data tells him to take an action, a loss of final data tells him to strike the C with his staff. And so

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we see here this, this relationship between tawakkol and action, right, the Tilak will and tying the camel that even though he had full trust, he was like No, by no means am I going to be overtaken, but he was still commanded to take an action. And this is part of our Buddha, it's part of our warship. So me I know we're gonna we hear and we obey. Allah said pray, we pray. Allah said fast we pass. Allah says take action. We take action. Allah says, Take the means we take the means. Allah says tie your camel, we must tie our camel. And so it is very important that we understand this is actually part of our worship, to take the means and to take action,

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you know, towards whatever it is that that is our goal. And then the second example quickly that I'll give is an example of hedger. hedger was also in you know, she was in an impossible situation. And she had full trust in a loss of data. But again, she didn't just sit there she didn't just sit and wait for lots of sand water, you know, from the sky or from some other source. She got up and she strove, she ran between Safa and Manuel, and she didn't do it once. She didn't do it twice or three times, or even just five times she did it seven times. This site is even the process itself is called savvy, it means to strive. She strove she didn't sit passively in that state called to what

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good because tawakkul is an act of the heart. It isn't an act of the limbs, see, the heart has to have to look good while the limbs are taking action and striving striking the seat and running between software and mobile.

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Beautifully set us up next question that I have for you is can we ask a lot to not test us with specific things if we're really wanting or striving for one thing? Can we ask you know yeah, a lot just don't test me when it comes to finances just don't ever make that my my struggle make it you know, it's protect me from that aspect or don't test me when it comes to love or when it comes to marriage? Can you actually specify the things you don't want to be tested with? That's kind of a way around?

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Um, yes, and I highly advise it.

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I highly advise such we should we should actually be asking Allah not to test us. It's actually insanity to ever ask for tests and, and I know you're not asking about whether to ask for tests, but I think it's actually quite wise to tell Allah Ya Allah, I am weak. Yeah, Allah helped me Allah do not test me. That is actually the dawn of the lies. So in fact, yes, we should ask Allah subhanaw taala. To make things easy for us. We should ask Allah to save us from tests you should constantly be

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

beseeching a low, we should constantly be seeking the help of Allah subhanaw taala as a beggar, not as someone who thinks they're strong, you know, I got this right. Terrible idea. Terrible idea, because a person who acts as though they can handle anything, is, is asking for tests. And we cannot handle anything we are by definition as human beings created weak, and we need a loss of panel data. And so we should never be arrogant or complacent enough to think I got this on but rather we should be in a state where we say, I don't got this. And yet Allah, please protect me. And yet Allah, please save me and make make it easy. For me. That is the proper humility of a believer. And in

00:40:48--> 00:41:30

fact, if you go and you study, the way that prophets were peace be upon them all. They were all like this, they never had this attitude of I got this, even look at the confidence of the musala his salon when he's standing in front of the Red Sea, and the and the army is coming. Where is his confidence coming from? He doesn't say I got this. He says, Can that enamine Robbie, say it. He says My Lord is with me. And he will get me through this. He doesn't say, I will get you through this. He doesn't say you know, don't worry about it, then yes, I got you. I'll get you through this. I'm really strong. I got my staff. That's not his attitude. His complete attitude is a level get me

00:41:30--> 00:42:10

through this. And this was the attitude of Prophet Mohammed. So I said them when he used to make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. While at a kidney, NFC portal for time, what is he saying? He's saying, Do not leave me to myself, for the blink of an eye. That is humility, that's a human being some alojado send them who recognizes that he needs a lot he's asking about Don't leave me, even for the blink of an eye. That's a really short time, the time it takes to blink. Right? And, and yet, he's saying Do not leave me to myself, even for that amount of time. He didn't have this full. I mean, this is something I'm noticing, you know, especially recently with the new wave of like, of, you

00:42:10--> 00:42:56

know, like gurus and like life coaches, and you know, this, this sort of, there's like this trend of like, You're amazing, and you've got this and like you're unbeatable, and you're unstoppable. And like, No, that's not true, like you are not unstoppable, and you're not unbeatable. And in fact, every single one of us is stoppable and beatable. And it is only by a law and the end The end, the strength that is given to us by a law and the ability that is given to us by Allah, that we can handle anything. And that's the meaning of that will allow quwata illa at a root level, that there is no change on no power, no strength, except by Allah subhanaw taala that is the attitude that we

00:42:56--> 00:43:27

have to have an attitude of dependence on a lot and a realization that we are we are helpless, completely helpless. If left to ourselves, we are helpless without a loss palatinus help. And and Allah subhanaw taala guidance. Beautiful. And the last question that I have is, how do you kind of alleviate the pain of the waiting of not knowing when or how or what's going to happen next? How you will alleviate that? How do you kind of give yourself hope when you're not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

00:43:30--> 00:43:30


00:43:32--> 00:44:17

That's a very that's a very personal question for me, actually. And I and I definitely can relate to that to that concept of of waiting and having to wait when you don't know what's going to happen about things that are very, very important and things that are essential in our lives. And I think that for me personally, it is difficult, it is difficult to wait, it is difficult to be uncertain. It is difficult when you don't know what's going to happen. But I will say that what what personally in my own life gave me solace is the realization of of who is watching out for me while I'm waiting, and who is with me while I'm waiting. Because you know, at the end of the day, it's not the it's not

00:44:17--> 00:44:59

really the cold, that that hurts us. It's not the hunger that hurts us, it's the lack of shelter and the lack of food. So, you know, it isn't the trial itself. But it's it's having that trial without having the provision to protect us during that trial. You know, you think about for example, the the conditions in in Canada right now, you know, it's freezing outside, but but you you're safe, you know, and the reason that you're safe is because you're in your ear inside and you have a working heater. And so it isn't the cold that kills us, but it's having a condition of cold without protection. Without that

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Without that shelter, and so I really, really think it's about finding shelter in Allah subhanaw taala, even while you're in that trial, right, because it's still cold outside, right, it's still freezing outside, but you're inside shelter, if it's raining outside, but you're inside, you don't get wet. And the reason is that you're inside of the shelter. So even while you're going through that time of waiting that time of uncertainty, that time of trial, but as long as you are with a law in that trial, then you are safe, and you are warm, and you are and you are dry. Right? Um, so I think it's really has to do with what is your state? While you're waiting? Are you are you with

00:45:47--> 00:46:33

Allah subhanaw taala. And, and you know, lastly, actually, while I was going through some of my own trials, my husband sent me this area, and it was like, um, it was so comforting, it was something I had, I had found comfort in, you know, at various points in my life. But this area in which Allah subhanaw taala says will spit in the middle, because in Namibia unit in Nicobar unit. So the meaning of this area is, is have patience for the decision of your Lord, For verily you are in our eyes. And it's like, basically, a light is saying, Have patience, while the decision of a light is coming right for the decision of a lion. And recognizing that it's only the decision of the lights, no one

00:46:33--> 00:47:17

else's decision that's going to come to be it's only what Allah wills that's going to Willow Holly, when Allah Emery right, a lot is over powering over his own affairs. It's only Allah Who decides This is an A A from a portion of an ayah from Surah Yusuf, that only a lot is the one who decides. So when Allah says, Have patience, for the decision of a law number one is the is the realization that only a laws decree will come to be. Right. So it's not my decree, it's not yours, it's not your enemies. It's only a lot, right. And second, that while you are waiting, so Allah gives you that that comfort, of have patience, that it's the decision of Allah that's going to come right and have

00:47:17--> 00:47:28

patience for that. And then the second part is that the neck of the Union, that you are in our watchful eye that Allah is watching over you, even while you wait.

00:47:30--> 00:47:35

Man that you everyone else who is listening, you guys are lucky you don't have your cameras on so you can bawl your eyes.

00:47:37--> 00:48:05

That visual is powerful that you're you're inside, you're warm, you're protected by Allah, that's just in comparatively powerful, exactly whatever that is. Um, so how to lie, it's hard to recover from that one. But I did have questions. I know people have been patiently waiting speaking of. So I did have a question. And your test right now is that is to answer this without giving it away for one last opportunity. And then inshallah you can let everyone know what we're talking about at the end of your answer. Okay, and

00:48:06--> 00:48:47

what so this big launch this big announcement that you've been kind of throwing your heart and your soul into for the past? You know, decade Mashallah, um, why is this such a big deal? Why is it kind of bigger than everything that you've ever done? Like almost nearly everything that you've done so far? And who is this metaphor? What is what if you can tell us what it is or how important it is without telling us? Oh, wow, that's a hard one. Okay. Um, why this is so important to me personally, and who I think it's meant for. This is I'll say this, and this is this is a collection of my, essentially my life's work. And I and I say that as a big statement, but but I'll like, I'll explain

00:48:47--> 00:49:00

why I mean, that a lot of my blood, sweat and tears have got into gotten gone into this project. You know, throughout my own personal journey, my own spiritual journey, my own religious journey.

00:49:01--> 00:49:47

I have, I've been through, you know, very painful things sometimes. And, and I've also learned various lessons along the way, sometimes the hard way. not usually the easy way. Unfortunately, that's not my personality. You know, those those kids who like you can tell them, but they won't listen, unless they do it, and they experience it. And then they learn I was one of those kids. And I continue to be one of those people. So it's a lot of experiences that taught me the hard way. And as I was kind of going through these experiences, I wrote and I taught and, and a lot of that work was really blood sweat and tears for me and at a very sort of deep level. Because for me, my work

00:49:47--> 00:50:00

is, is it's very personal. I, I don't, I don't just teach like concepts. Like, like, okay, I learned this concept in a book and I'm going to teach it I I tried to

00:50:00--> 00:50:10

Teach things that I am going through in a sense are sort of like experiential things. Like, when I say something, I try to make it something that is like,

00:50:12--> 00:50:58

like something more real, you know, like something that I've, that I've, that I've really found to be true through experience, not just, you know, kind of read it. So I tried it to teach things at a practical level, not just, you know, conceptually, but how does this apply in our lives? How does this apply in our relationships with with God but also with people. And that's really a big theme in my work. And so as I've sort of been on this journey myself, I've been collecting this work and and it's been a really, really, it's a labor of love, but it's definitely been a very long and sometimes difficult journey. And and now there's this sort of collection and it's it's kind of a very

00:50:58--> 00:51:03

comprehensive project that that we're about to inshallah announce.

00:51:04--> 00:51:49

Alright, so now that you've passed the test, I think we're all at the end of our seats edge of their seats right now. Um, so please tell us what is this collection? What is this amazing launch and project that we are finally officially going to learn about in Charlotte today? Bismillah. Go ahead. Well, so as I mentioned, you know, throughout the years, I've, some of you have been sort of along in some of this journey. But I've, I've had the opportunity to visit various communities around the world, to teach courses on different tours, and classes. And as you know, we've been going through this journey almost 10 years now, that, that that content has been collected. And this is content

00:51:49--> 00:52:31

that hasn't been made available until now. So over the years, over the last several years, go, you know, going on a decade now, each time that I would visit many of these, these countries, and I'd be on these tours, that content was being recorded, but it wasn't being shared just yet it was being collected. And I was kind of like, it's interesting, because, you know, Zaid can can attest to this, I, I was always kind of impatient myself, like, you know, why can't we share this, I want to share this, I want to be able to give people access to it. And you know, it was it was a project it was being built. And, and I wanted to be able to share it, because I truly believe that these are

00:52:31--> 00:53:20

concepts that can save people's lives, you know, literally and and psychologically and spiritually and emotionally, why not because they're my concepts, but because these are things that align His Messenger have told us, and just trying to find a way to take those concepts and apply it to to our practical, everyday life. So I've wanted to make that accessible. And now it finally is accessible. So what we've done is we've just launched a new website called why MTB, and this website is a collection of this work, this, these tours, this this content, these seminars that were not previously available, they're not available anywhere else, this is content that, you know, is not on

00:53:20--> 00:54:07

YouTube, much of it, some of it is content that that literally I've been doing, and collecting of, you know, for for several years. And so it's, it's, it's that on the one hand, where, where it's all in one place, you know, these various tours and seminars that I've done all on in different parts of the world. But then there's another part of this that, that I'm personally really excited about. And I think that makes it really unique versus you know, for example, when you go to YouTube, you get to sort of, it's a one way sort of interaction, right, you get to hear the, the the speaker, but there isn't a lot of interaction back and forth. And I think that that's what really, I'm most excited

00:54:07--> 00:54:56

about is that this is an opportunity that I have now to to interact more with, with with you. And that is that this is going to be a platform where I'll be in sha Allah, you know, interacting live, we'll be having live q&a as many times a month, inshallah, at least once a week I'll be having, you know, this content, where I'll be teaching, almost like, you know, as we kind of go through our journey spiritually, I think that oftentimes we'll like go to an event, we'll hear a lecture we'll read a book, but but it's like, these one time events, you know, we have like a class we go to or we go to a lecture, or we read a cool book, right? But oftentimes, it'll be maybe we get like a high

00:54:56--> 00:55:00

and then we kind of go back to to our everyday life. What what I think

00:55:00--> 00:55:45

is really unique here is that it's an ongoing type of relationship. You know, one thing that's really, really, really, really important is this. In order for us to develop spiritually, we need an ongoing type of pet obeah. Just like with a child, for example, you can't just like raise them for five minutes, right? Or, or even for five months or five years, but it's an ongoing process of development. And it's the same thing spiritually, we need sort of an ongoing process of development. Why? Because human beings are constantly growing, and we're constantly experiencing things in our lives. And so what's really unique here is that it isn't just a one time lecture, okay, we saw the

00:55:45--> 00:56:21

lecture, but it's sort of an ongoing relationship, sort of, like an, like a Holocaust, but it's, it's, it's virtual in the sense that we can connect with people from all over the world. So it gives that access that you wouldn't necessarily otherwise have, because, you know, we can't be in 100 places at once. But this kind of gives you that access to have that ongoing interaction. And, and it's exclusive. So, you know, it's, it's, these are things that that are exclusive to members and, and and people who register so I personally feel like

00:56:22--> 00:57:03

it's, it's, it's very it's a very like deep thing for me just because I've been working on this for so long. And and I've been I you know, I tried my best to give the best I can every time I teach a class or every time I do a seminar or a tour, and now this is an opportunity to give back to give it back to the community inshallah. inshallah and I think Savannah I think this is the the answer to a lot of the eyes that people must have been making in 2020, myself included, so I haven't really left for that. I know a lot of you guys are Mashallah, first of all, some some of you got close with the guesses. So pat yourself on the back. Those of you who got close, I think the closest we had was

00:57:03--> 00:57:07

Yes, in which I had Academy close enough. I think I like that name.

00:57:09--> 00:57:39

Better. Yes. Mashallah. So I know a lot of you have questions you want to figure out, you know, how does this actually practically work? What does this look like? What's gonna happen next? So inshallah, what I'm going to do really quickly right now is to share my screen so that you guys can actually peek into the actual outside of the portal and the inside so you know exactly what you're looking at in sha Allah. So bear with me for one second. And for those of you who are wondering about the link, don't worry, I'm about to share my screen right now. And you'll be able to see what the exact link is, as well, for those who are having trouble with it. So it hadn't been a lot. This

00:57:39--> 00:58:13

is what the website itself looks like. It's Yes, and Mujahid tv.com so you guys can quickly pop over there if you want to follow along with me and see the website for yourselves. inshallah, if you're coming in from a desktop or a device, a mobile device, as you jump right into it, you have a welcome video from a study SME herself. It's a very easy to navigate site, so you won't have a hard time inshallah you have some information about the benefits of the of the membership, the exclusive content that you're going to have here, as well as a lot of the topic, love and marriage, reclaiming your hearts, of course, the title of this book, badass spirituality, mental health, domestic

00:58:13--> 00:58:45

violence and abuse, divorce and separation, and so much more. This is just what you get as soon as you come into the portal. So there's a lot this is just the that where you start off with so you're, it's gonna take you some time to get through all of this content, and then there's going to be more and more monthly content on top of this. And if you have questions and discussions and engagement that you want to have with us about these topics, you will then inshallah be able to do so. So when you look at it, yes, inshallah. So when you when you look at it, it's very easy to come right in. So this is the account itself, I'm going to actually go in because I'm logged in at hamdulillah. And

00:58:45--> 00:59:03

you can see how you can watch the actual modules that are already available for you. So as soon as you sign up for the for the portal, you can actually have access to it if my internet will hopefully insha Allah allow me to do so. If not, it's not letting me show you an exact module de hafsa apparently, um, I think there was so many people who went

00:59:04--> 00:59:50

Yeah, I think that it's the website sort of temporarily crashed, but it's it's I think because there were a lot of people that went all at once Michelle law so that's a good problem. It's a good problem, but inshallah it will be resolved very shortly, but but make sure that inshallah people have the website it is up and running we actually launched it yesterday officially where it was it was active yesterday for those people who had pre registered they were the first to get access and and it is now live hopefully it's now up and running again and shot left handed I mean it's loaded so you guys come down for a second maybe just watch this

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

case yourselves, but it will be inshallah as as we grow the website will be able to handle more and more and more of you Mashallah. But I know there's like a few 1000 of you

01:00:00--> 01:00:34

To access it immediately, so I'm sure it was overwhelmed by all the love. So as you can see, there are a ton of videos per topic that I've just listed out earlier. So the first obviously, is love and marriage but there's so many more and there's going to be so much more added. This is just the content that's already available, there's going to be new and exclusive content for this website specifically, inshallah bio Saudi is mean, as well as future content by guest speakers on a variety of topics. So you have a ton more to look forward to than just what you see, but what you see is going to keep you busy. inshallah, I have just a little a little wee bit of a clip that I selected

01:00:34--> 01:00:50

to, for us to watch and shall actually you can tell I started watching it already. I'm going to show you guys a little bit of it, and then inshallah you'll have a better idea of what to expect in the actual videos. We'll finish off with some questions, you can drop some as well. And we'll wrap up Bismillah. Let's see if you can hear this. Let me know if you have any issues, guys.

01:01:13--> 01:01:26

So if you can shift your focus, you'll shift what looks biggest in your mind. Now, I'm going to give you guys practical tips here of how to do that. Right? Um,

01:01:32--> 01:01:38

problem focused What's missing? Yeah. So when you have a problem,

01:01:39--> 01:02:00

obviously, we have problems in our lives, right? Here's the thing about life. At any given moment, we all have problems. At any given moment, we all have difficulties, you know what else is happening at every given moment, we all also have blessings. And we all also have ease.

01:02:02--> 01:02:38

And not one is but plural, Allah Subhana Allah says, in mallero sleep Alright guys, I could be here forever I could choose spend the rest of the day inshallah I think watching with you guys, but this is just a tiny taste of tiny Def Jam, from the website itself for you guys to benefit from insha Allah, there's so much more for you to uncover and explore. There's tabs on tabs have topics inshallah, and this is just the foundation so I'm so excited for those of you who are jumping in already and have not a few people are mentioning it mentioning that the website is back up. So if you are trying to access it not all at once everyone's one by one, the line is still a lot and and

01:02:38--> 01:03:11

visit yes Mujahid tv.com for this amazing new venture that we saw that has started. So that I know this has been a you mentioned a long time coming. And I know Subhanallah it's it's so universal. So across the board. These are topics and you know, questions that people were even mentioning in the chat, it was funny enough, someone's like, Can you talk about mental health a little bit? And I was like, just wait on one second. So how are you feeling right now? And what are you excited about kind of having your entire community in one place and able to interact directly with students, sometimes you get lost in the whole interwebs with so many students vying for attention so much going on, now

01:03:11--> 01:03:49

you will have an intimate group of students that you can focus yourself on inshallah. So what's your first thing that you're excited about? I think that really is the part that that I find to be really unique is that having that exclusive sort of group of people that you can kind of interact with more than you would, you know, through through a YouTube video, it's, it's an opportunity to really get, you know, give back to have that give and take people as they go through their lives. You know, this is something that I noticed with my own halaqa, you know, my own local halaqa is that, you know, you'll, you'll learn a concept, for example, in that lesson for that day, but then the next week,

01:03:49--> 01:04:27

there's an experience that happened during that week, where now that concept was, was sort of had to be implemented. And then now we question certain things. And so these are not concepts that we just like, learn and repeat. But they're ones that we have to live, right. And, and they become real through experience and through life. And so it's an opportunity to have that give and take, because, you know, I might learn a concept today, right? But then maybe, you know, three months later, or or three years later, it has a completely different meaning because of what's going on in my life. And so that's really, really what I think is really unique is that it's it's sort of an opportunity for

01:04:27--> 01:04:43

people to take that journey alongside you, you know, so that you're not kind of alone in that journey. But you have someone you have not and not just me but that there's a community of other people who are on that same journey with you.

01:04:45--> 01:05:00

So had a lot honestly I'm super excited. I wish I could show you more of it but the website is as much as still overwhelmed by all your love. So inshallah I'm super excited to have everyone on the other side to actually join you guys inside the portal with estada. And to kick us off officially with the the little

01:05:00--> 01:05:36

I hummed a lot. Thank you so much for everyone who's tuned in. I've loved gifting without his books every time I have the opportunity. So I think this is a beautiful way that you can gift and you can share some care before the new year and the timing is perfect at hamdulillah 2020 we needed a little bit of help 2021 year we have a whole new platform a whole series of supports at hims a whole community to look forward to inshallah, going in to Yes, Mujahid tv.com so everyone, check it out, join the family, join the squad, and feel free to chime in once you've gotten a chance to register and to join everyone in and we look forward to having you guys in future lives who said do you want

01:05:36--> 01:06:18

to wrap up with anything before we close off? inshallah? Yes, I have a request actually. And that is for your doula. I want to ask and this is something that I like to start all my classes with my seminars in my in my tours is that is to ask you to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to put benefit and to put Baraka and to put tofi up in this effort, I asked that Allah subhanaw taala will make it beneficial for every single person involved. And to make it a means of allowing us to get closer to our ultimate purpose. And if I can ask everyone in Shell loves listening to just make that dot that Allah subhanaw taala put barakah in it, that Allah subhanaw taala put benefit and tofield in it, and

01:06:18--> 01:06:53

that every person who actually interacts with it can find benefit in it. That's, that's my daughter and I asked you to make that do does that come a level height on and I hope to be able to interact with you further. Beautiful inshallah, this is a recap for those of you who are asking who came in a little bit later, just some basic basic reminders about what the website and what this launch is about. So in hamdulillah Yes, Mujahid tv.com is going to allow you to have exclusive access to over 10 years of content that we saw that has had recorded that is not available on YouTube or or anywhere else online inshallah, you'll have access to an internal community of supports with live

01:06:53--> 01:07:25

q&a and discussions that are exclusively with Bousada over the course of several times, inshallah in a month and at hamdulillah you're going to have this access Unlimited, you're able to, to to come in at any time to access it easily through a mobile device, and to actually take it at your own pace and to keep up with it and hamdulillah with new new content coming up exclusive to you as a member inside the portal I yes which itv.com does that click here for tuning in. If you have any more questions, maybe give us a bit of time to recover from the love and check out the website there's all that information available there as well as well as that little welcome video for massada We

01:07:25--> 01:07:57

look forward to having you on the other side and for having you join our amazing community inshallah online to Zach mytheresa for putting all the blood sweat and tears I know this is such a short little intro to it, but inshallah everyone will appreciate the the actual extent of it inshallah and the portal itself, but may Allah reward you immensely for healing our hearts, our minds and for as long as allowing us to fall in love with Allah subhanaw taala again, and to reset and repair our lives to that process. inshallah We look forward to connecting with you all take care, stay safe, it was out yourself as well. I think I hear a call until in the background, so take care and inshallah

01:07:57--> 01:08:04

we'll see you in the year and inside the portal Bismillah Allahu wa Alaykum wa salam ala hermetica